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Top 15 Wedding Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Invest in your hair; it’s the crown you never take off!

It is right. Woman’s beauty starts with her hair. Moreover, it symbolizes more about a woman’s existence, pride, freedom, a symbol of happiness, and whatnot. Our happy picture starts with our healthy hair. They flow as the wind blows, and here you go.

We women live our hair. We try every possible thing to make them shiny. Sometimes things go crazy when you have thinner hair, but they can also look good with proper care and guide. And especially it’s a wedding; the bride should look glowing and happy with her hair.

Now don’t worry about your wedding hairstyles, with this proper guide, we will present you with a complete manual of different wedding hairstyles for thin hair, that enhances your overall look. Don’t worry, girl, with this article, we have your back.

Best Wedding Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Hairstyle 1: Gorgeous wavy hairstyle

Image: Tanya Ghavri Instagram

Having thinner hair doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment on them. Just add a little wave and let them down. Waves not only makes your hair look thicker but also goes with almost every theme. The only thing it needs is a little serum, ceramic, or regular hair curlers or wavers and some hair ornaments to decorate your hair. Follow the following steps:

1. Wash them up and dry.

2. Comb to avoid any unnecessary tangles

3. With the help of ceramic waver, take a little bunch of hair and roll it up.

4. After a few seconds, leave them and start with another bunch

5. Roll up to the length to want your waves.

6. Keep going until the last strand is curled

7. Apply some serum for softness.

8. Make side partitions or mid ones according to your choice and decorate with floral clips or bands or pins.

Hairstyle 2: Beautiful twisted upholds

Hair & Makeup: Pooja Khurana Beauty Instagram

Another twist for your hair that not only looks stylish but also makes your hair look voluminous. Twists add volume to your strands, and bun or braid makes them look good and comfortable. It is one of the most suited wedding hairstyles for thin hair.

Things you need: A roller or curler, pins and clips (with ornate), hairband (rubber band), serum, hair spray, comb, hairdryer (optional)

Steps to follow:

· Wash and dry your hair. Remember to condition them well.

· Comb to avoid any tangle

· Apply serum.

· Curl them up with the help of a curler.

· Start from the tip and finish around the scalp.

· Disclaimer: If you don’t know to use a curler, take the help of professionals.

· Curl your hair by taking small Bunch at a time in the curler

· After finishing them start to make a bun

· Start with creating a ponytail.

· Part your hanging length into two

· Roll them or twist together.

· Bind them up

· Remember to leave the strands on the front

· Use floral pins or other ornamental/fancy pins for upholding and decorating them.

· Use a hair spray for finishing.

Hairstyles 3: The Light Puff with a Side Bun

Photo: Makeup Artist Amrit Kaur ‘s Instagram

Puffs look old fashioned yet can be helpful for your big days. You can make them with ponytails, buns, or even open hair. Just a little touch of perfection and the day would be yours.

Things you need: Hair Bands, pins, hair serum and sprayer, floral pins

· Wash and dry your hair

· Comb them well

· Apply hair serum

· Take the front side hair and make a light puff.

· Hold it with the help of clips

· Make a side bun from the back.

· Decorate them well with proper ornate pins and clips

· Spray the hair sprayer all over your hairstyle, and your hair is ready

Hairstyle 4: Twisty Half-Ups

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Alia Bhatt’s Instagram

One of the most natural wedding hairstyles for thin hair; this style goes well with almost any theme and party. Easier to make than other ones, you should try this style, if you won’t panic and hassle-free makeover.

Things you need: Hair serum and sprays, Waver or curler, rubber bands, floral other designer hair pins/clips.

· Wash your hair and dry

· Comb them up

· Curl them all with the help of a ceramic curler

· Apply serum

· Take your sideways hair from both sides of the front part

· Twist together and bind with the help of small rubber band

· Apply hair spray all over the hair

Decorate them with the help of flowers and decorated clips/ pins. You can even use a small gajra to decorate. 

Hairstyle 5: Curly Loose Bun

Buns look trendy and can also make you look stylish if mended up perfectly. A loose bun can suit you with any adopted theme wear either a western gown or Indian bridal sarees and lehengas. A loose bun makes your hair look thicker than the usual volume. So it will be an excellent option for the wedding hairstyle for thin hair. Let’s get started with the following necessary steps:

· Wash and dry your hair. Remember to condition them well up.

· Comb them well

· Apply serum

· Curl them up in a loose ponytail with hair-rising over the knot

· Make an uphold without tightly tying your hair

· Decorate them with florals

· Finally use a hairspray

Always remember to tie your hair firmly enough to fall and leave the front strands. It makes them look good. 

Hairstyle 6: Messy, textured buns

Photo: Jhanvi Kapoor Instagram

Messy is the new cool. Plus perfect hairstyle for thin hair. Messy hair not only makes you look trendy but also adds volume to your hair. It is a rough and smooth hairstyle that trends with every age and occasion.

· Wash and dry your hair

· Comb them up

· Curl and curl and curl with the help of a curler or waver

· Apply serum

· Tie your up knots in the manner you like

· Do remember to mess your hair within twists.

· Always use pins to uphold them.

· Apply the spray

· Decorate with florals or other ornate

This messy bun not only saves you but also adds stars to your beauty. Messy is the new boon you can say for your hair. So just go and try them with any style and dress of your choice.

Hairstyle 7: Two braids with a Curly Bun

Photo: Pinterest

If your hair consists of more elements of decoration, it adds sophistication along with a voluminous look. A two-sided braid joining your bun looks elegant when you hit the aisle. Moreover, the curls and waves of the bun add texture to the whole style. For waves, you can either use a curler or waver. Furthermore, you can redesign your hair in the form of ringlets.

Just twist your hair with the help of a curler. Build the plaits on both sides by using front side hair and join them back with a pin’s help. Curl up your bun’s tip in the form of a ringlet or small circles. Don’t forget to use a serum. Tie up your bun using hairpins. You can either twist your hair to make a bun or use a ponytail style. Remember to keep messy. It looks cool plus trendy. Always remember to let your few strands down from the front. You can also use hairspray.

Hairstyle 8: A Jumbo Braid Updo

It is easier to walk in style with a braid. Thick hair has thicker braids. But you can use your thin hair to make a jumbo and lacier bun that is also easier to walk with. Just pin up your side braid’s ends and pull out the few strands to make it look lacier. Tip-up your Braid horizontally. It would look like a new style to continue with.

· Wash and dry your hair

· Condition them well

· Apply serum

· If you want a wavy texture, you can curl them a bit. (Optional)

· Build downside plaits by dividing your hair into three and binding them together up to the tip.

· Tie up your Braid horizontally with the help of a pin

· Make sure to tie it a little slant

· Pull out the strands to make it a bit lose and lacy

· Pin up a few ornaments like pearl clips or pins and even florals to decorate.

· Remember not to do anything over

· Spray over the hair spray

Match your style with elegant earrings. It will give your style a complementary look.

Hairstyle 9: Romantic Braided Updo 

Photo: KRISTIN ESS Instagram

Loose buns with waves are the safest ways to make your hair look thick and trendy. No one wants to make their hair look flat and that too on your special day. Style your hair with loose fish locks locked up in a bun. Never forget to let loose a few front tendrils.

· As usual clean up your hair for removing dust and oil

· Condition them well

· Apply serum

· Tie up a few fronts by twisting and turning them. Join both sides with twists with a rubber band.

· You can plait your hair in a fishtail braid.

· Tie it up with the help of a pin

· Decorate with florals or pins

· Spray the hair spray

In between air trapped within the strands makes your hair look bulkier and cumbersome than the natural volume. 

Hairstyle 10: The Side Braid with Curls

Hairstylist: Ritika Kadam Instagram

The side braids are the most natural styles to go safe with your hair, especially when it’s your big day. This chic style adds volume and is easier to make and carry. You can use any material to decorate your hair. There’s no need to buy new curlers and wavers when you can curl them up at your home quickly. Moreover, it is not much that messier, either like a bun. A side braid will always help as a safe style when you have no style or method idea to carry.

· Wash and dry your hair. Remember to condition it up

· Comb your hair

· Apply serum

· Curl them up with the help of wavers, curlers, or any other method.

· Part your hair in three bunches. Tie and plait each Bunch consecutively from either of the sides

· You can also use a fishtail braid for a side braid.

· Pull out a few strands to make it look lacier.

· Apply the spray and pin-up the florals

Hairstyle 11: The Curly Braided Ponytail

Hairstylist: Aarushi Oswal Instagram

Ponytails are more natural to make. And look gorgeous when carried out with the right outfit. Adding curls down to your hair saves them from looking at any flat. Moreover, sometimes a teased pony also looks suitable for the event. 

· Wash and dry your hair. Condition it well

· Curl them up or add waves

· Apply serum

· Plait up the front hair in the form of a braid. Braid your hair to make them look like a front frown.

· Pin your Braid back.

· Start making a ponytail.

· Collect all of the hair and tie them back

· Take a strand from your pony and wrap it around the rubber band

· Apply hair spray

· Decorate properly

Hairstyle 12: Soft waves and front crowned Braid

Photo: Alia Bhatt’s Instagram

A soft hairstyle looks perfect for your hair on your big day. Just wave em up and texture with the help of a front crown Braid. Tie behind the braided crown, and your hair is ready.

· Comb your hair thoroughly after proper washing and conditioning

· Apply hair serum

· Wave and wave them

· Start braiding your hair from the side front. It should look like a braided headband

· Tie the crown tip back with the help of a pin

· Decorate your hair with flowers

· Apply hair spray

· Now rock the aisle with your style.

Hairstyle 13: Teased buns

Teased buns make your hair gaps filled with the air. It makes your hair look thicker, voluminous, and bulky. Moreover tying them all with few messy twists makes them look cool and trendy.

· Clean your hair and apply serum

· Add a few waves

· Tie them back. All of them

· Let a few front tendrils to stay loose

· Twist the in-between hair to make them look messy.

· Spray and go

Hairstyle 14: Open hair with twists

Decor: Luxaffairs; Photo: Simply Sweet Photography

It is the easiest hairstyle of all. Just twist your hair strands and let them loose. Set them free. Use hair clips or other floral pins to tie a few strands or to decorate them. Use flowers or jewel accessories (optional).

Open hair gives you the best look with your gown.

15. The 60s Style Bun Hairstyle

60s style is also a trendy style to go on. Lifted at the front, and tied back with a ribbon or a pin, this chic bun will help you look classy yet fresh with a messy bun. Just apply the serum, hold your hair, tie your bun, and rock the floor.

Remember to lift your mid hair at the head just like the 60s style. Don’t forget to add flowers. Vintage flowers would be suitable for this hairstyle.


On your big day, try to add a glimmer on the floor with style and confidence. Hair adds to your charm, but your confidence marks your beauty. Moreover, try to follow a few haircuts before the wedding. Consult a hairdresser or a saloon if you are not sure about your style.

Edited & Published By Team WomenXO