Top 21 Wedding Invitation Card Designs – Latest & Trendy

The year 2020 has succeeded in striking off all the grand wedding plans from our lists, by deducting every element of grandeur from the wedding scene and making you cut down on your choicest personal bits, this year has been a complete nightmare. However, that one remarkably unique thing about your big day that you can change with all your personalization fantasies and the majestic extravagance is your wedding invitation card.

As the first teaser of your wedding shenanigans, a wedding invite unveils the first peek of your wedding aesthetics. This one works exactly like the ‘first impression.’ You either make it or break it. Your wedding invite serves a tremendous amount of purpose than just being a printed or digital bid.

A lot of input goes into planning and generating these pretty ‘save-the-dates.’ Ranging from design aesthetics, colour palettes, language tone, font variations, and sizes to the decision of opting from the vast array of invite mediums to select from, every aspect of an invite is super important rendering its uniquely important role in your celebrations.

With a sizeable number of standard invitation templates and many exclusively creative alternatives to select from, you must coordinate your wedding invitation aesthetics blow-by-blow.

To add a delightful treat to your wedding planning, we have fished out some of the most eccentrically gorgeous wedding invitation designs that are entirely going to satiate all your wedding stationery dreams.

Here are the latest wedding card designs

Design: Customizing Creativity

1. The Acrylic Craft

These stunning bright invitations are bound to leave your guests anticipating everything about your wedding precisely from the moment they receive this creative piece of art. Whether it’s about those painted florals or the dreamy calligraphy, this oh-so-modern invite design can be personalized and gorgeously customized in every unique way possible.

Design: Artistically Wired 

2. The Eco-friendly Efforts

Weddings are an easy way to get carried away by the ‘too much’ of everything; however, the plantable seed-based paper might not dominate the beauty part of the invitation but adds a lot of eco-friendly and pocket-friendly essence to your wedding. Oh, and what’s better than an invite that your guests can plant as a forever memory with themselves.

Image: Pinterest

3. The Vellum Charm

Entirely captivating medium to get your message across, this limpid invite style ushers a mellow modern vibe that is hard to miss. You can couple this up with a variety of stationery choices like colored inks, beautiful ornamentation, wax seals, and different other themes to incorporate the magic of your wedding into this invite without going extra.

Design: Polka Dot Paper

4. The Chalkboard Smoothness

A simple black-slate look invitation with the wedding information written upon, this minimal and easy invite design is one of the fascinating wedding trends. The crisp black background has an impressive capability to highlight the outshining text without demanding much attention. You can make different versions of this invite using multiple stationary items as a simple hack for creating a canvas for the chalkboard look.

Design: Puneet Gupta Invitations

5. Of Pretty Venue Illustrations

If your wedding venue is the biggest showstopper of your saga, then what’s better than to illustrate its aesthetics beautifully? After all, you need to lure your invitees with tempting offerings and an attractive location that surpasses everything else. This one attracts the best indulgence for destination weddings.

Design: Momental Designs

6. The Bottled-Up Message

This one goes well for a beachy affair. A minimal one-print invite tugged up in a bottle that your guests can keep and cherish for a long time is a great idea to conserve the essence of your wedding in people’s lives. You can also engrave your nuptials into the bottle for a magnifying effect.

Design: Amazon 

7. The Caricatured Love

If you’re that couple who cannot opt for a regular route, this invite design is your perfect escape to a fun-filled ride of creativity. Caricatured portraits conveying the couple’s love story/ journey is a unique way of inviting them to your big day. This one is becoming a raging trend amongst digital invites.

Design: Shailly Gajjar 

8. The Fine Laser-Cuts

Laser cuts are and have always been a priority choice amongst the couples-to-be. With their extensive possibility of being customized into several trends, this invite design embraces the best aesthetics of your wedding. From prettiest monograms, unique shapes/ patterns, and elegant envelope styles, every bit of laser cut invitations summons bewitching attention.

Design: Artistically Wired

9. The Puzzled Fun

Here’s an entertaining way of inviting your loved ones to the biggest day of your life. An overseas trend that rapidly caught attention within the Indian to-be-weds who seek utility over wastage. Based on their ‘first impression’ account, this amusingly fun wedding invite ensures a permanent place in your guest’s cupboard.

Design: Flying Elephant Designs

10. The Postcard Love

A wedding invitation cloaked in the ethereal charm of an adventurous postcard is what exactly resides in a traveler couple’s heart. For the love of escapade and hearty locations, a postcard conveys priceless emotions than any other printed piece of information. This one precisely lets your guests taste a spoonful of your joyous celebrations to come.

Design: Itccha Talreja Designs

11. Of Gleeful Boarding Passes

This gorgeous invitation style binges on the theme of your wedding. Besides including the necessary details about your wedding, you can also incorporate varied quirky elements, like a destination map using multiple fonts, colours, and graphics to this style of the invite. This one righteously imparts an appealing effect on your invitees.

Design: Akanksha Negi

12. The Dainty Fold-Out

Fold-outs are a super creative element to add to your wedding invitations and improvise its regular appearance by multi-folds. It unfolds a beautiful elucidation of the couple’s togetherness with different yet unique play-around colors, fonts, and designs. An invitation like this would grab those extra minutes of attention.

Photo: Pinterest 

13. The All-Text Magic

While your guests would be expecting an extravagantly fun invite, you can surprise them by focusing on a simple, text-heavy invite. It traces back to the times when there was no knowledge of graphics, colors, and fonts; it’s the text used to play the lead for every wedding invite. The central idea is to embrace every bit of chosen text and play around its formation, fonts, and backdrop and create a perfect balance for the text.

Design: Inksedge

14. The Intended Humour

Selecting the right kind of humor for a wedding invite is a significant responsibility to handle. Puns that match your invitee’s sensibilities without going overboard are the trick that needs to pull uptight. This invitation style has become one of the coolest trends that every millennial couple wants to opt for.

Photo: Times Now

15. The Pretty Pop-Ups

Popping elements have always been a recurring trend amongst the invites. But one thing that has been continuously evolving about this invite design is how every other couple is opting for brand new styles of quirk coupled in these pop-ups. These invites can be anything ranging from couple caricatures, text, shapes, graphics, etc. You just need to make a wise pick for your style of a pop-up invitation.

Design: SCD Balaji

16. The Flapping Joy

Lending a lively aura to your wedding card, multiple flaps in a single card with different pieces of information to be revealed rather than separate inserts is an excellent idea to attract complete engagement. One primary way is to do similar-looking multiple flaps, or you can add an extra chic factor by inserting varied flaps in different sizes and shapes. The choice is yours.

Design: Customizing Creativity

17. The Watercolour Charm

One of the subtle-looking wedding invitations, this one lets you add different watercolor palettes to a plain white/ black background while adding a whimsical glam to your invite. Subtle brush strokes dipped in pastel/ vibrant/ dark colour palettes infuse dainty yet a passionate feel. However, make sure these hues match your wedding cues.

Design: Create A Flutter

18. The Ideal DIY’s

DIY’s allow you to add detailed personalization to the invite while preserving an emotional essence for your gala. Using materials like personally collected flowers, leftover cloth material/ lace, and eco-friendly inks and paper contributes to the ecology. It allows the bride and groom to reserve a forever place in people’s hearts.

Design: Vine Weddings

19. The One That’s Nature-Inspired

Nature has an ethereal vibe of its own, and you can capture this essence as a part of your wedding invite. Caricatured drawings or hand paintings illustrating the beauty of everything related from nature to birds can easily convey your happy feelings. However, this invite trend might be more suitable for an off-location outdoor wedding theme.

Design: Fiddleheads & Finery

20. Of Glamorous Boxes

Majorly suitable for ultra-cosmo wedding themes, boxed invitations boast of royal extravagance. Slightly heavy on the pockets, this wow-factor wedding stationery is sure to woo your guests with its extraordinary packaging traits.

Design: Turmeric Ink

21. The Hand-Craft

Embroidered wedding invite designs can be time-clumsy, but they close to emotions and save a lot on your pocket. With umpteen time and patience, the best of this invitation style can be achieved and treasured by your guests.

Design: Pink Whistle Man

22. The Digital ‘Save-The-Dates’

While stuck in a pandemic-hit year where weddings are carried out digitally, why not emphasize the benefits of ‘E-Invites’? Narrowing down to all possible economic costs while expanding the span of creativity and cutting down on any wastage, a virtual wedding invite is the new revolutionary wedding trend that every couple wants to opt for.

Photo: Pinterest


Wedding invite designs can be as intricate as possible and can be as minimal as possible. You must take into account what sets the right mood for your big day. Weddings demand precise alignment of each element and invite being the first-made connection with your guests; they must translate the couple’s personalities sharply.

With the observed sizeable number of weddings that happen every year, your celebrations are more like a dignified responsibility to maintain and manage effectively. Since invites are the first inclination to be sent out to your guests, they must be carried out timely and with detailed efficacy. You need to lend enough time to your guests to decide between attending your celebrations, making necessary bookings, and managing other essential tasks.

You must remember to select those elements for your invitation that personify the essence of your celebrations. Choose your words knowingly, pick the rightly disposed of fonts and sizes, personalize your color palettes, and triple-check every aspect before sending out your ‘save-the-dates.’

Lastly, this is your special day, and you must carry out the idea of wedding invitations as an ‘etiquette’ rather than a ‘custom.’ After all, you only get to curate your wedding invitation just once, so why not ace it?

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