21 Latest & Trending Varmala Designs For Your Wedding Day

Acclaimed as one of the most essential and loved accessories in Indian weddings, the Varmala is also known as Jaimalas. It signifies the beginning of a new life chapter for the bride and the groom. These beautiful adornments are no more of the essential Indian wedding garlands. The bride and groom wear them around the neck. 

These wedding varmalas have come along a long way of evolution. Now they are available in gobs of designs and patterns right from tightly woven Thai ones to the ones with exotic blooms or even blingy, bejeweled ones. A varmala design is often neglected during weddings thinking it would not make any difference; however, the truth is that your varmala design would accentuate your whole wedding look as well as all your wedding photographs. Why not pick the best, then?

Image: IntoCandid Photography

Listed below are some of the best varmala designs picked by us to take inspirations from and completely turn around your wedding day look. Browse through and select the one you’ll wear on your D-day.

Latest and Trending Varmala Designs

A Varmala is one of those many elements of your wedding celebration that you would always remember. It would also grab the most attention, of course, after your wedding attire. Many times the varmala design is neglected by couples thinking that people would not notice it. However, nowadays, all the new aged brides and groom have been seen sporting trendy and classy varmala designs. 

Image: Stories By Joseph Radhik

Fret not, in case you haven’t decided on yours as yet; then you are on the right page! Here is a list of 21 most latest and trendiest varmala designs for your big day that you can take inspirations from to accentuate your wedding look and wedding photographs completely.

1. A Lush Green Foliage Varmala

Image: Brides of Sabyasachi
Image: Pinterest

On a hunt for something lightweight and comfortable? A lush green foliage varmala is something you should try. They are fuss-free and extremely aesthetic in appearance. While many people think that varmalas are only made out of flowers, this would break that stereotypical trend of flower varmalas. We can’t stress enough on how luxuriant these foliage varmalas look.

2. The Merriness Of Mogra In your Varmala

Image: Priyas Flower Garlands
Image: Brides of Sabyasachi

Fill up everyone’s senses with the smell of mogra flowers in your varmala. A varmala with mogra flowers are very common during Indian weddings. They are generally made with mogra flowers tightly sewn together.

3. Varmala With A Pop Of Colors

Image: Gautam Khullar Photography

Are you having a destination or a beach wedding planned? Try a multi-colored varmala that would look like all things fun and colorful and cheerful. These look the best for theme-based weddings or those who would like to keep the fun vibe going for their event. 

4. Different Varmalas For ‘Him’ and ‘Her’

Image: lin & Jirsa

Wedding varmalas are known to be identical for the bride as well as the groom. How about this year you start your trend of flaunting different varmalas? You can wear a varmala of your choice while your better half can pick something of their choice. Incredible, isn’t it? 

5. A Boho Seashells Varmala

Video: Naman Verma Photography

Many millennial couples are stepping out of the ordinary and opting a fusion of floral blooms with seashells. This boho seashell’s wedding varmala looks outlandishly beautiful and modish. We love it! Don’t you think they are looking sea-national?

6. A Beautiful Combination Of Roses And Gypsophila Varmalas

Image: Naman Verma Photography
Image: Gautam Khullar Photography

You could beautify your wedding varmala a bit more without adding any weight to it. Just top it up with some cutesy baby’s breath or gypsophilas. They look stunning when paired with pink, red, or yellow roses in a varmala. You can choose the rose color to match your wedding ensemble or even pick a contrast colored rose to make it stand out. The choice is yours! 

7. The Ombre Effect!

Image: JD Arts

The ombre effect jaimalas are slowly gaining popularity these days among couples/ they look gorgeous and perfect for the couple who wants to strike and try out something that is not ordinary. What do you’ll think about this ombre effect varmala? Do let us know!

8. Dainty Baby’s Breath Varmala

Image: D’silva Films and Stills

One of the most trending jaimalas these days is the ones with baby’s breath in it. Well, we love it too! They are a recent rage in weddings. You can also customize the design as per your outfit by adding a little hint of baby pink flowers or white roses.

9. Depict Your Love With A Varmala Filled With Rose Petals

Image: Arjuns Tryst With Camera

A varmala with rose petals in it is one of the most traditional designs. You can add a modern touch to it by customizing it a little by adding a few buds of white flowers or pieces of the thin net over it. If asked, we would say, go with just the rose petals in your varmala as they look gorgeous by itself.

10. The Cuteness Of Tiny Rose Buds In A Varmala

Image: Wedding Nama Photography

A varmala made out of tiny rosebuds looks cute and is also fine work of art. Add little half-opened rosebuds to your varmala along with some elements of green and yellow to give your wedding varmala a classy look.

11. Bejeweled Varmala

Image: Weddings By Knotty Days

You can bling up your wedding varmala by adding the pretty jewels, danglers or beads. You can take inspirations from these images and then personalize your varmala as per your outfit, decor, and likings.

12. Surreal Pastel Roses Varmala

Image: Stories By Joseph Radhik

A varmala with big pastel roses gained popularity immensely after 2017 as Virat Kolhi and Anushka Sharma were seen exchanging it during their wedding ceremony. This varmala design looks surreal and would beautifully match pastel-colored lehengas and a coordinated sherwani. 

13. The Perfect Combination – Carnations and Roses

Image: CoolBluez Photography

Are you looking for a chic varmala design? Opt for this stunning combination of carnations and roses. It looks sophisticated and elegant and would take your entire look to the next level. We would suggest you opt for this varmala design if you have decided to wear a lehenga in the pink shades as they would both go hand in hand.

14. The Fragrance Of Festivities With A Tuberose Varmala

Image: Fotowalle – the Story Folks

Tuberose or famously, also known as Rajnigandha flower, has a very sheer and sweet fragrance. The smell of this flower fills the entire space with a festive and happy vibe. Spread some happiness and positivity around you on your big day by using tuberose in your varmala. It is an excellent option for couples looking for dainty, lightweight varmalas for their big day.

15. A Varmala Filled Cheerful Yellow Roses

Image: Infinite Memories

Yellow is such a happy and fun color. It can light up the vibe and mood and is an excellent option if you are looking to try something other than the usual. Yellow roses also resemble friendship, and if you were besties turned sweethearts, we would recommend you to incorporate some cheerful yellow roses in your varmala design.

You could proclaim your love and friendship for one and another through this yellow varmala. We are crushing over this one. Are you?

16. Lotus Bloom Varmala

Image: Lumiere Wedding Company

Add the blush charm to your varmala by incorporating lotus in it. Lotus varmala is mostly common among the south Indian couples. This flower has always been sacred and auspicious for weddings as it is associated with the goddess Laxmi.

17. Vibrant Purple Orchids

Image: The Photo Diary

Looking to add the vibrant touch to your wedding varmala? Purple orchid would be the perfect pick. They look stunning and are also lightweight making it even easier to carry. Pair this bright purple orchid varmala with a contrast lehenga of fuchsia pink or peach shade. 

18. Thai Inspired Varmala Design

Image: Wedding Nama Photography

Flaunt a Thai inspired varmala design for your wedding, keeping it trendy and something than the usual. They are famous for the intricate work in it and are also available in various colors and patterns, making them look even more chic and graceful.

19. How About A Personalised Varmala?

Image: Ali G Studios

Add a personal touch to your wedding varmala by opting for a personalized one. Something like this is such a beauty and something that you and your guests would remember for a lifetime. Having a customized varmala for your wedding also acts as a keepsake for you and your better half. Memories tied to it would always be cherished by the two of you’ll. 

20. A Varmala Made With Shiny Pearls

Image: Maari Floral
Image: Mallika Gurnani Photography

Pearl embellished varmalas are quiet in vogue these days. They look super unique and modish. So, if you are looking to make a statement with your wedding varmala? Opt for a pearl-embellished one.

21. Sleek Varmalas For Couples That Want To Keep It Fuss-Free

Image: Infinite Memories

Your wedding ensemble itself would be so overwhelming and heavy that you could go in for sleek yet stylish-looking varmalas for your big day to balance that out a little. A lot of couples have said goodbye to bulky and heavy varmalas. We think it’s your turn now!

Things To Keep In Mind Before You Finalise On Your Wedding Varmala

After your wedding outfit, your wedding varmala is the second most crucial element of your wedding. It is also an attention-grabbing one that guests would not forget for a while. These days, jaimalas come in various designs and varieties customized based on the bride and groom’s preferences. Here are a few things listed out for you to keep in mind before you finalize on your varmala design for your special day.

1. Remember To Coordinate Your Varmala Design To Your Wedding Attire

Varmala is something that we notice at a wedding after the couple’s attire. There are a lot of values and sentiments attached to it as well. Look your best by coordinating your wedding ensemble, varamalas design, and the varmala colors. 

2. Be Mindful Of The Decor

Image: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Remember to discuss your wedding theme with your florist so that there is a right balance of colors and aesthetics. 

3. Always Adhere To Traditions

Image: Ivy Weddings

At a wedding, traditions play a significant role. With this being said, it doesn’t mean traditional cannot be trendy. You can still pick a trendy varmala while also keeping certain traditions in mind. Different communities have different things they follow regarding the flower’s color in the varmala or the size of the varmala. Please consult with an adult before you finalize as they would know the best.

4. The Season Also Plays An Important Role While Deciding On A Varmala

Image: Gautam Khullar Photography

Individual flowers are available all around the year, while some aren’t. Please speak to your florist and check for the availability of flowers with them. We suggest that you pick Iris and Dahila flowers for a summer wedding as they are readily available around summer and flowers like Lily and Orchid for a winter wedding. These flowers are the most common ones used in jaimalas for Indian weddings.

5. Get As Creative As You Can

Image: The Lightsmiths

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event. Make it memorable in every way. Get as creative as you can while deciding on your varmala. Have no regrets and hence plan well in advance and look out for various options. You can always mix and match as per your taste and preferences.


By exchanging varmalas, you and partner declare to the world that you’ll have accepted each other and would stick together through thick and thin. This Indian tradition of exchanging jaimalas is such a beautiful one, and such a lovely practice surely deserves stunning varmalas. With so many designs available these days, you can choose to mix and match and create an outline of your own choice. However, remember to match it well with your outfit as this is a once in a lifetime occassion. 

We hope you have been able to get some inspirations from these gorgeous 21 latest and trending varmala designs for your big day! We would love to know! xoxo