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Celebrity Inspired Valentine’s Day Hairstyles For Your Date Night

Some people call this day a product of commercialization, some call it vague and some dismiss the idea of this day at all. But deep inside everyone knows that it’s special and single or not, expects someone to do something unusual for them. It’s the 21st century and people have finally started accepting the idea of love across the world; openly expressing and celebrating Life with their loved ones. Single or not, everyone has that someone they wish to be with and to make them feel loved! 

February 14th people! Valentine’s day! Or the V-day as most people call it. Apart from the roses, hand-crafted cards, perfumes, chocolates, soft toys, wallets, ties, and whatnot, there’s one thing that’s simple, affordable & easily doable! Dolling up to the occasion girls! 

Not everyone has to dress up for their hot V-Day date. It could be the girl’s night out or even a family outing, you still need to choose that perfect outfit, glam hairdo, and on-point makeup. Outfits are not so easy to choose. We wrote a complete LBD guide for the ones who wish to make a statement. Today’s piece is about hairdos’. We are to help you with 20 hairstyles that you can choose to have this valentine’s day and impress your love of life (or maybe some crush of yours or for the love of yourself) Don’t tell us you were planning the same usual hairstyle that you have had your entire life. Ready to dive in? Here’s your guide to some amazing hairstyles that can change your look for your special day.

Hairstyle for Valentine’s Day!

We have curated a list of some celebrities’ inspired hairstyles for you! You can copy them and rock the hairdo better than them too (winks) 

”Tum kisi se kam ho kya?”

Winters are the best to experiment with your hair as no sweat can harm your hairdo!

Bookmark these hairstyles for this valentine’s day and make your Instagram pictures look more aesthetically pretty.

Sleek hair, curly hairdo, charming waves, sexy hair buns you have plenty of ideas to choose from regardless of your hair length and your styling skills. Let’s see what we got for you!

1. Top Knot Bun

Topknot bun can never go out of style! You may try it with your curtain bangs or let your front hairstyle slay. If you have an oval-shaped face, this hairdo will look the best on you. This valentine’s day, try this hairstyle, and don’t forget to wear hoops. Tada! You are ready!!

2. The Side Partition look

The combination and partition between open hair and sleek hair will make your look fascinating. Ananya Pandey’s look is perfect for your valentine’s date. To complement this hairdo, you can wear an ear cuff on one side. We love this hairdo, so if you want a subtle hairstyle that is not loud or doesn’t divide attention from your outfit. Then this is a hairstyle for you.

3. Low Buns

We all love messy buns but if you want to experiment with that messy bun, just make two! Yes, you read it right. Straighten your hair and tie your hair in a bun. This hairdo is quirky yet looks pretty!

4. Half Up Half Down Ribbon

You are familiar with the half up and half down hairstyle but by adding a long scrunchie around half up tied hair, you can add an element to this regular hairdo. So next time, if you are going out shopping. Do buy some beautiful ribbon scrunchies for this hairstyle. You may try this in short or long hair with no limitations! 

5. That Emily Wavy Look

Who doesn’t love wavy hair? Looking for a hairstyle that is nice and easy? Grab your favorite hairpin and clip it on your curly/wavy hair. Emily looks super gorgeous in this hairdo, isn’t she?

6. Sleek Braided Hair

Deepika Padukone is slaying in this hairdo with a sleek braid. You may have tried a sleek ponytail but this valentine’s day let’s try this one. If you have short hair and are tired of doing the same hairdo for every event. You should bookmark this hairdo for this valentine’s day.

7. Cute Bangs

A cute option if you’re going for something a bit more classically romantic, this hairdo by Emily (Lily Collins) is going to be your favorite. If you have bangs, then fine if not you can create your bangs. Grab a long ribbon, tie it around your head and let other hair 

8. Loose Hair with a Hairband

If you want to wear your hair down this V Day, you cannot go wrong with this hairband style. This playful look is the best option if you are going out with your girls. You all can try this same hairdo with different headbands. (Bff goals). 

9. Cinderella Look

Well, flirty and fresh yet classic, Bhumi Pednekar, cascading half-tied hair is as pretty as can be. It’s the perfect natural look for a special night out on the town.

10. Something Sleek

So, tell us. What are you wearing this V Day? No off? No holiday? We feel sorry but we have got something for you too. If you are going to the office on this day or even working from home. You should try this combo of formal outfits and sleek open hair. This will make you look like you are in working mode yet need a holiday for this day. Your boss might give you an off (winks)

11. Half Tied Hairdo

2022 is all about sleek looks! A tad more elevated than that half-up, half-down look you’ve been wearing for years, this V Day top knot is all about sleek twists. 

12. Flicks and Braid

The most charming hairstyles look both done and naturally messy. Do you remember this braid hairstyle of Alia Bhatt at an award function? She stole the show by styling her nude makeup with a braid and front flicks. You can try this fishy braid if you want to tie your hair and have a bad hair day! 

We love this hairstyle, so if you are going to try nude makeup this valentine’s then you must try this hairstyle for sure 

13. Cute Minnie Buns

Going to a party or meeting up with your friends? These Cute Minnie Buns will help you shine out along with giving you a super cool look. This will never be out of fashion adding waves to the open hair will be a cherry on the top, you can flaunt your open hair with small buns giving a clean look to your face. You can add this hairstyle with high waist trousers and a crop top, this will give you a perfect look for the moment. Go rock it, girls!

14. Classy Round Bun

Our favorite look, a classy round bun will make you look elegant. You can do this with a wide range of dress-up including sarees, classic shirts, satin shirts, and many more. Adding jewelry to this look will make you walk on the runway of your own.

15. Curl up!

If you have colored hair and wish to slay this valentine’s day then try this hairdo. Simple and amazing! Curly hair, very fair (if you do remember the rhyme)

16. Red Roses

Red roses with red lipstick! It will give you a Sparky and lovely look on your special day. Your better half would be impressed. Especially, if you are planning to wear something white (Saree) then this dazzling hairdo will look the best.

Don’t forget to apply red lipstick.

17. Lazy Messy Bun

This hairstyle is going to grab your attention if you are a lazy person but don’t want people to know that. Try this messy hair bun on short layered hair. Deepika is slaying, so will you.

18. Braided Headband

This boho-chic braided headband will elevate your look this valentine. Jennifer Aniston never fails to impress her with pretty hairdos. Upgrade all your hairstyle by adding boho-chic braids and yoga is ready! 



These celebrity-inspired hairdos are not just for valentine’s day but you can also try these on your other important event. Never underestimate the power of a pretty hairdo. We hope this article helped you in choosing the right hairstyle for Valentine’s day. If you want to read more about fashion, beauty or health do read our other articles on this website WomenXo.

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