14 Interesting Ideas To Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

With valentine’s day around the corner, and the covid restrictions revolving around, outdoor celebrations among the youth and couples might be difficult, when celebrations are an important aspect of V-day. The new guidelines have restricted our movements and forced us to stay indoors, so indoor or virtual celebrations are the way of enjoyment. It won’t be the same with following all the rules, but why feel less enthusiastic and let the zeal fade away. If you had other plans like going for a movie date or had booked a table in any restaurant or lounge, or bar, you still have time to change plans with some indoor celebration ideas. 

The current scenario is not normal for all of us but we can make it happier for all at home via virtual or small house parties. The list we have curated tells us the ways how we can make this day special and memorable for your loved ones.

The new couples and girlfriend /boyfriend are looking for unique ways to impress their beloved one with special gifts, cakes, and roses. They can make it more worthwhile by choosing the right method from our suggestions and by strictly following all covid norms. We have brought you some interesting, simple, and economical ways to celebrate this special day by virtually or physically being close to each other. 

14 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

Valentine’s day is the festival of expressing, showering, and celebrating love with your loved one. The motto is to make your valentines happy and feel more special than regular days. But this time it’s going to be unique and fancy at home only as the new pandemic guidelines suggest. The number of ideas that we are going to share, are chaos-free and romantic enough to make the best memories for the couple. Let’s roll together to plan and select the best one that suits us.

1. Make a DIY Valentine’s Gift

Yes, valentine’s day is all about celebrating love but gifts and presents also play a vital role. You can order fresh roses and gifts but a handmade gift can make your loved one happy as well as teary for your efforts towards them. You can surprise them with any handmade card, pen holders, tie box, makeup box, bangles stand, dairy, etc, later decorate them with colors or beads or stickers. Or you can search for more ideas on YouTube. They are flooded with easy and creative DIYs which you can select. The idea might seem kiddish but the love you pour inside is purely grown-up. So try it out.

2. Plan a Romantic Meal

According to the calendar, 14th February is the first day of the week, the working Monday and if you both are working in the office or working from home, the celebration should not halt anyway. For busy couples, we suggest you can plan a romantic meal together, whether it could be breakfast or dinner. Prepare your favorite food and enjoy that on a nicely decorated table. If anyone is a good chef or loves food, this is your chance to show your culinary skills and impress your partner and make the day special and it will be more romantic if your partner joins you in the kitchen to prepare the dish together and heat up the vibes.

3. Decorate a Table at Home

We have heard that even a small gesture of love counts. If we can’t make it happen in a big way or can’t do anything extraordinary at home, then this is the way to celebrate. Decorate a table for your partner this Valentine and make them feel pleasant at home. You can choose to place their favorite flowers in a vase and scented candles too to light the romantic vibe. Enjoy any cocktail or drink or snack on that table and express your love for each other.

4. Set up a Nacho Bar

Source: The Spruce Eats

What could be fancy and cool more than the nacho bar setup at home? The weather outside predicts that you can have fun this Valentine’s Day at home with your favorite nachos, pizza, popcorn, and waffles at your favorite corner or living area of the house. You can enjoy your favorite drink and spend some quality time together. This is the best way to get to spend time and make this Valentine fun-filled. This is the easiest way with no rigorous preparations and planning. The idea is to make the aura more colorful and distinctive that your lover should remember always.

5. Netflix and Chill

And when we say this, we mean it in the literal sense! The OTT content has a different fever among youth and the idea here is to enjoy your favorite shows/episodes /movies together. You can also have popcorn and drinks to make this Valentine sugary and salty with your partner. When not possible in a theater, then feel the same at home with Netflix by creating a theatre vibe with some dim lights and good speakers. Everyone is looking for time to watch their most awaited episodes, so make it happen this valentine and bring that ecstatic feel to fall for.

6. Enjoy the At-Home Massage

A massage is always a relaxing and refreshing session. Light some candles, fill the room with some flowers or fragrance, put on some light, soothing music and you are all set to create a romantic vibe for valentine’s day. This massage session could be followed by a hot sesh for you two.

7. Order in your Favorite Meal

This pandemic has changed so much for us. From our working style to way of thinking to enjoy life and moments. A good meal on this day can make your bond special and get to know each other better. And if you are working from home and don’t have enough time to cook, you can order your favorite meal and have it together with a little bit of conversation. This will free you and your partner from going to the kitchen and will give you more time to spend with each other at the table.

8. Plan an Indoor Picnic

Source: Broma Bakery

Valentine’s day is all about making moments and giving each other the time that couples always complain of. Outdoors are not an option for us, so indoor picnics are the best idea to have a lovely time and give your memories a fresh start. You can have a lot of snacks, juices, and drinks to pass the time and click good pictures to post later.

9. Enjoy Fondue for Two

Since the pandemic If you have not enjoyed any good date together. Make that happen this valentine by taking out that fondue set tucked in that corner shelf of the kitchen, and enjoy your favorite sweets together. If your taste preference is salty, go for cheese or if you like sweet, then go for chocolate and strawberry to add the juicy flavor. This fondue date will definitely up your romance and make it more chocolaty and cheesy.

10. Play a Board Game

Even if we are celebrating valentine’s day at home, apart from romantic dates and food, games can also be a part of your planning. You can play any board games with your partner and cherish your childhood memories. Games never bore us and can be part of great fun and prize-winning moments while celebrating. And a little bit of competitiveness might spice things up!

11. Learn a Dance Together

Not a single celebration or party ends without dance, so how can valentine’s Day preparations be? You and your partner can dance with your heart out and make the most of the day learning those sexy moves. Enjoy your day with good music and a dance party at home along with good food. The best part is you can do any kind of dance move with your partner without any hesitation and restrictions.

12. Play Rapid-Fire

Ask each other questions that could be tricky as well as amusing. The idea is to recall all your special meetings and time you spent together. Also, checking on each other’s memory. Ask one another about your first date, meeting, gifts, crush, and funny moments. The time you spend together will add a fresh vibe to your discussions and make the time memorable.

13 Learn a Craft Together

Learning a new skill together is a great opportunity to enjoy and make the time productive together. This valentine you can experiment with any craft learning and give each other handmade gifts. Trying new things collaboratively will make you know each other better and familiarize you with liking and disliking.

14. Enjoy your Pictures Together

Time flies so soon that sometimes it feels like yesterday we were talking about this and next moments it’s gone. We forget many things in the hustle of life so we suggest you can do something different by taking out your old pictures and living that moment again. Take a walk through memory lane with a few drinks and snacks to munch on and talk to each other about those memories and how good/bad/ weird you were. Being true to each other will bring more respect and love to your relationship.


This valentine is already different than the usual and so are the ways to celebrate. The current scenario is bringing new challenges for us to accept this new normal and make the best possible ways out for the gifts, the preparation, and the planning. The ideas we shared with you are easy and comfortable, also, they could be incorporated easily into the routine and lifestyle. The budget-friendly and economical ways will make your day special like others. And we believe you will choose the best-given ideas from the above list and will make both of your days special. Let us know which idea brings the bling to your celebration and the relationship.

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