The Ultimate Guide To Different Types Of Scarves & It’s Uses

Your look is incomplete without an accessory. Women and men, these days like to add scarves in different styles, which compliments their looks. They not only add elegance to their look but also showcase confidence to the person wearing it. Technically speaking, a Scarf is a cloth piece covered around the neckline, and you can drape it in different styles. Women wear scarves for various purposes, like sun protection, fashion, or religious reasons. 

A scarf is not a new-found term, but it has its traces from the 9th century BC. The era remarks the use of scarf as a shawl to keep it clean instead of warm. After that, the soldiers used the scarf to wear it across their neck to keep them warm as well as it was the most appreciated style statement for men. 

Types of scarves

Different kinds of scarves add class and grace to both the gender types. If women look at the epitome of beauty in a scarf, men look only handsome. Although there are many kinds of scarves, some scarves share a story. For instance, a fleece scarf reminds us of the cold winters of Canada. Whereas, Chiffon scarves are floral and give a positive vibe of colors, flowers, and the summer season. Let’s talk about the types of scarves in the upcoming paras based on their fabric type: 

1. Cotton Scarves

They are thin, lightweight, and are perfect for a pleasant slumber summer getaway. This fabric is it printed or plain, it adds a great vibe to your style.  

2. Silk Scarves

If you want an extravagant affair, then silk is the best choice. Floral hand-painted silk scarves are beautiful, soft, weightless, and unique. They tell us an artistic story of its creator.

3. Chiffon Scarves

Its origin is from the French word “chiff,” which means “cloth” or a “rag.” This type is rough, shimmery, sheer, and it gives a shiny touch to the attire.  

4. Cashmere Scarves

If you want a luxurious site, cashmere is what you should consider. The fabric Cashmere is also known as Kashmir fabric, which reminds us of cold weather. This type can keep you warm and cozy.

5. Velvet Scarves

Velvet is an ancient fabric that has its origins from Baghdad. The word was introduced as velvety by the medieval poet, Ziryab which meant smooth, soft, and creamy touch. Men and women wear velvet scarves, especially in the winter season.  

6. Bandana Scarves

You would be surprised to know that bandana, a modern trendsetter, has its roots from Persia, known as “Bandhi.” Also, this was workwear for coal miners in olden times. They make both the genders look cool and stylish. 

7. Hand Knitted Scarves

Hand knitted material scarves are woven by hand, which reminds us of our grandmothers who love knitting the sweaters, scarves for their loved ones. Canadian Flea Markets showcases such hand-knitted scarves that look adorable and keeps you warm in those chilly winds. The style makes you look lovely and elegant. 

8. Animal Print Scarves

If you are looking for a sophisticated, magnanimous look, then these animal print scarves are what you need. These prints use polyester, which makes them look fun, sexy, and stunning at the same time.  

9. Tassel Scarves

Technically speaking, Tassel is just a more elaborate accessory that you can use to decorate a simple scarf. When scarves came, they were simple, plain, but you can redesign them with tassels anytime. It gives an old scarf a new look.  

10. Fleece Scarves

Fleece scarves are my all-time favorite. They are an easy substitute for wool, in case nobody is allergic to it. These kinds are comfortable, cool, and are perfect for winters. They are trendy and create their style statement.

Different uses of Scarves:

Scarves can be used and reused in many ways. These days, many people have recreated their look using DIYs. There are 5 exciting ideas to reuse the scarves:

1. Floral Scarf Masks

Since we all are in a pandemic situation, these types of scarves not only serve the purpose of our look but also cover our face as a mask. You need to stitch two elastic type strings that you can tie to your ear lobe. I tried it personally, and it did wonders for me.   

2. Scarf Flats

Have you ever thought of adding scarf material in your footwear? Let me enlighten you with a fun DIY.

If you have a shiny flat and an old scarf, use your artistic skills. Make a bow from that scarf and stick it on the flats. It is simple and doesn’t require a lot of money.

3. Scarf Shrug / Shawl

This is very easy to create and requires zero effort in it. Just drape the long scarf on your shoulders and do a small hole for the arms. You can easily flaunt this beautifully. 

4. Wall Art

You can use scarves to create excellent wall art patterns. All you need to do is buy a frame, cut the scarf according to the structure, and hang it on the wall. It looks artistic. My roommate recently used this idea, and our room’s wall looks beautiful. 

5. Purse Accessory

We all want our purses or handbags to look classy at the same time. There is a simple trick to it. Take a plain or patterned scarf, which is slightly light to the color of your purse. Then tie it nicely on one end and make it a bow.  

6. Use it as a Bandana

You can use the scarf as a bandana on your head. You can try by folding the scarf into a triangle. Then start rolling it till the very end. After this, start tying it like a hairband on your head until you tighten it with a knot.  

7. Scarf Necklace

Instead of tying the scarf loose, you can also tie it tight to create a nice necklace look. For this style, use a textured scarf of chiffon fabric to create this look. 

8. They Make for Beautiful Curtains

The spontaneous way to cover small windows is to make a curtain of your own. Add some multiple colorful subtle scarves, join it, and tie it on the curtain rod. It gives a colorful effect to your room.

9. Wrap it Beautifully with a Scarf

Want to give somebody a gift but don’t have a gift wrap? The solution is a scarf. Well, yes, you can use a scarf in the form of a gift wrap and make it look personal. It is also known as Furoshiki wrapping. 

10. Make a Party Banner with Scarfs

One of the coolest uses of a scarf is to reuse it as a party banner. Join a couple of scarves, which are colorful, printed, and a clip to stick it to a rope and tie it. Not only this, but you can also add pictures to make them look more personal and appealing.  


I hope all these types and uses will help you enhance your look at seeing a particular thing. These ideas are just out of the box ways to see life from a different perspective. You can give yourself a chance to use these ideas and let us know how your experience was. We would be more than happy to know about it. If you have any more suggestions on uses and types, kindly share in the comments below. 

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