The Ultimate Footwear Guide For Every Women

Who says only men are obsessed with their shoes and footwear? Ask any woman how many pairs she owns! To your surprise, there are around more than 20 kinds of heels for women. 

We are ready with another fact that will blow your mind. You might think that high heels are made for women. Is it? But the truth is that originally high heels were made for men. Yes, Persian soldiers would wear high heels whilst riding horseback, as they helped keep their feet secure in the stirrups while they stood up in the saddle to throw their arrows.

Other than this, in Europe high heels were the symbol of men’s status, wealth in society. The higher the heels, the richer the person was. 

But let’s get back to the article which is ‘what are the various types of footwear available for women!’

Types of Footwear

How many footwears are too many? Somebody, please answer this as we have prepared an A to Z guide of footwear for women. From plumps to sneakers, we have got you covered! And don’t worry, we have attached pictures and illustrations with every footwear style. Every footwear has its history but we will focus on how they are made, how do they look, and how you can style with your outfit. Some footwears are classy, some are comfortable while a few of them are fancy. It’s important to choose your footwear according to the purpose of buying a particular pair. You might know your shoe size but always try before buying one as some women have heavy ankles while some feet are thin. Poorly fitting shoes can lead to severe foot pain and other health issues. 

Things to keep in mind before buying perfect footwear

  • Right size: This is so basic that we shouldn’t even mention this point. But sometimes, women compromise with their shoe size if they can’t find the same footwear style in their size. NEVER do that! 
  • Take a walk: Always wear both footwear and take a walk. If it’s not comfortable, don’t let the shopkeeper tell you that it won’t hurt after wearing it for a few days.
  • Check the material: Leather footwears are generally comfortable but if you avoid wearing leather then you can go for PU-coated synthetic footwear.
  • Style of footwear: Save this article if you want to know more about this.

Encyclopedia of Women Footwear

1. Gladiators

This fancy footwear makes us feel nostalgic. These flat sandals come with several wide cross straps which hold the sole to the foot, with 1 wide strap around the ankle. You can style these with prints or even solid colors. Dress up denim shorts and your favorite T-shirt with not many fancy gladiators. You can also elongate the appearance of your legs by wearing heeled gladiators with your skinny-fit jeans. 

Note: Don’t wear socks with gladiators. 

2. Peep Toe 

Peep toes are footwear with an opening at the toe box from where your toe peeps and sees the outside world. Hilarious, right? Peep toes can be seen in flats, kitten heels, ankle boots, and even in high heels.

3. Ballet Flat

Can be called ballet slippers or ballet shoes. These are worn for dancing but not anymore. This footwear was specially made for the concept of dancing on the toes. But with the times, these ballet flats got popular and people started wearing them regularly. We bet you have a pair of these in your shoe rack. 

4. Flip Flops

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about the beach? Yes, flip-flops! This footwear is the perfect beach accessory that you can ask for. These are comfy, fashionable and come in various colors and styles. Summer is all about wearing flip-flops all day. 

Do you know why these are called flip flops? Because of the sound of rubber sole slaps against the bottom of your feet while you walk. 

5. Slingback

This footwear is characterized by an ankle strap that crosses around the back of the ankle and heel. They may look like strap heels, but they aren’t the same. These have a strap that goes back around the heels and is fastened at the front of the foot. Plus point is that you can adjust the strap according to your ankle length. 

6. T-Strap Sandals

Yes, T strap sandals make a “T” across your feet. This footwear is every college girl’s best friend. These are ultra-comfortable and stylish too. These come in the form of heels and flats.

7. Moccasins

These are simple shoes without heels. These originated from Native Americans. These were traditionally made from deerskin or soft leather. These look like loafers. 

8. Slide Sandals

The biggest trend going this year – Slide Sandals! These are sophisticated and timeless. These are backless, open-toed. These can have single or multiple straps that run across the center top part of the shoe. 

9. Ugg Boots

These expensive boots are made of twin-faced sheepskin with fleece on the inside.  These come in a variety of colors. Some companies have started making these boots with synthetic soles but resembling the same. You may call them fake but yes, they are still ugg boots.                          

10. Oxfords

These are the purest form of formal shoes a woman can have. But yes, with ever-changing trends and styles, oxfords can be worn as casual shoes too. This classy footwear comes with a lace-up fastening that makes it convenient to wear. 

11. Loafers

If you need to add some vintage and glamorous look, you can choose loafers for you. They are for you if you like your toes closed off from the front. These are stretchable to accommodate your feet. You can wear these with your casual wear, denim jeans, and even with your dresses. 

12. Sneakers

Sneakers have been an important part of pop culture. White sneakers are really popular these days. Most women style their midi dresses with white sneakers. These are also called joggers, trainers, or athletic shoes. Zara has a good collection of sneakers if you need a new pair. 

13. Pumps

The most popular and loved heels are pumps. Isn’t it, ladies? Pumps are not just party wear but you can wear casual dresses and even with an outfit that is your office ready. 

14. Ankle boots 

Investing in a good pair of ankle boots is always a great idea. They look great with a pair of tailored trousers or a midi summer dress. These are versatile as well as classy. Winters are almost here, so go and get a pair of ankle boots. 

15. Mules

Mules do not have heel support. These give more support than flip-flops and are fancier versions of them. This backless footwear comes in a variety – Loafer mules, Bootie mules, Clog mules, and high heeled mules. 

16. Dad Sandals

This travel-friendly footwear is called dad sandals that you might have worn once or twice in your teenage times. Love them or hate them, you can’t ignore these pairs because of the ever-changing trends. Which is getting attention from 2020. 

17. Kolhapuri Sandals

We didn’t talk about what to wear with your traditional suits and Kurtis. But here we are! Kolhapuri chappal is a must-have if you love wearing suits or other traditional outfits. They never go out of fashion. 

18. Long boots 

These are known by various names such as thigh-high boots, over-the-knee boots, or just thigh boots. These boots are a combination of shoes and leggings. Wear a sexy, short dress and style it with black over-the-knee boots. These boots are everyone’s favorite, especially in the winter. The recent trend of wearing thigh-high boots on skin-fit jeans has been the best. 

Note: Buy black thigh boots and thank us later.

19. Mary Jane 

Do you remember your school shoes with buckles? Yes, Mary Jane’s shoes are almost the same but are more stylish and trendy. The shoes secured a strap over the instep and fastened with a button that appeared in the 20th century. And there is no going back. So many styles are made by companies for modern women. This footwear is named after a character from the Buster Brown comic strip named Mary Jane who wore them in the comic. 

20. Wellington Boots

Rain Boots are called Wellington Boots. This footwear is made of rubber or plastic. These come in various colors and save you from wetting your feet. 

21. D’orsay

These are the footwears in which the inside, or both sides, of the shoe, is cut away thus revealing the arch of the foot. These are the special kind of shoes/heels/flats that exposes one of the most underrated parts of the feet: the arch. Wear them to the office, party, or with your regular jeans. 

22. Types of Heels

“Heels are a woman’s best friend”- Marilyn Monroe. Let’s walk through this article with high heels!

1. Stiletto

Also called high-heeled shoes, stilettos give the optical illusion of a slimmer leg, smaller foot and usually make you look taller than usual. These are a kind of heel worn for flexing the calf muscles and they make the bust and buttocks more prominent. The length of the heels can vary from 2.5 cms to 26 cms. These heels can be found on shoes, sandals, and other footwear. 

2. Kitten Heels

Those who love wearing heels every day and want some comfort with the style, then these kitten heels are for you! You can also call these ‘walkable, on the go’ heels. You can style it with various kinds of outfit that includes T-shirt’s, midi dresses, co-ord sets, and power suits. 

3. Block Heels

The chief advantage that block heels have over other heels is the fact that they bring height without putting much strain on your feet 

These heels provide more support for the area of your heels and make it more comfortable for you ladies! These heels are an essential choice for formal occasions. Try these heels with your formal office dress and give your presentation. You are going to nail it. You can get various heights in block heels. 

4. Platform Heels

These heels can help you and your outfit if you need some dramatic looks. These heels are the most comfortable heels out of all the options. You can style platform heels with your gowns or long, bootcut jeans. These heels have thicker soles. There is also less height difference between the toe and heel part of the shoe. You can also try your ethnic dresses with such heels. 

5. Wedge Heels

Heels that extend from the front or middle to the back of the sole. Italian designer Salvatore Ferragamo created wedge shoes in the 1930s. These heels look good when paired with casual outfits, maxi dresses, or skirts. Women with thick ankles look great in wedges as they make your ankle look thinner. 

6. Spool Heels

These heels are wide at the top and bottom and narrower in the middle, which gives the illusion of an hourglass or a cotton spool. These were popular in the 1860s and 1950s. These are the shoe heels that provide you with comfort and style. 

7. Cone Heels

These heels are almost like stilettos, but with a different thickness and shape. These heels, as the name suggests, are in the shape of an ice cream cone. These are more comfortable to walk around than stilettos. Oh wait, we shouldn’t compare any two forms of heels here as each footwear serves its purpose. 


Beautiful and comfortable footwears are like a cherry on a cake. Investing your time and efforts in looking for a good pair is important. Discomfort in the foot can cause serious issues too. 

Footwear shopping is not as easy as you think! But now, we have provided you with all the information you need to know. So next time, while shopping does keep in mind the names of the footwear you see and ask if the shopkeepers know! Yes yes, pulling your leg!

We hope you enjoyed this article. If you did, share with your friends and pull their feet (leg).

By Saakshi Pathak

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