10+ Trending Earrings for Short Hair to Give Fashion Goals

Earrings! Who doesn’t love these jewellery pieces? They play an important role in enhancing the whole look, and short hair is just perfect for flaunting them. We are stuck in our homes but that doesn’t mean that can stop us from wearing cute outfits and earrings. Work from home, zoom calls, and yes the selfies are the new normal now!

Earrings for Short Hair

These days, many women’s especially actresses and influencers prefer short, chick haircuts like pixie, crop, or bob cuts. You can effortlessly carry earrings on bare earlobes but not all of them look good with short hair. Choosing a perfect set of earrings becomes a little tricky if you have short hair even though you have a wide variety to choose from. Earrings can either accentuate a woman’s best qualities or can pull down the overall look. But don’t worry, if you are looking for what’s best for your hair and your ears then you are at the right place. Go through the whole article and let us know your favourite pair.

1. Let’s Chain It

Drooling over this look by Komal Pandey, a minimal choice of outfit and these chain-styled uni-colored earrings is all you need to do away with your Monday blues. As much as we all hate this new normal, a little time for self-love does not harm. Get all pepped up, grab this pair of earrings and show it off to your followers on social media. The extended length of these complements your short hair and the volumes are balanced. Skirts, jeans, frocks, frills, you can make these go with any kind of dress you wish to wear.

2. Whites and Pearls

Bulky long earrings would balance the short length of your hair and make you look like a Cleopatra in any kind of a social event (or at least in your selfies during these covid times).

Earrings with multiple layers would suit your personality and make your elegant side stand out. Such earrings would add volume to your face and enhance your overall look. Your look depends a lot on the choice of your earrings, so choose decisively according to your outfit. A fancy multi-coloured outfit with such earrings would be a big no-no. Get a pair and start experimenting. You would know what we mean.

3. Round Earrings

With those beautiful round earrings, you would get spotted from miles away! Be it a social gathering or a social media post, you will rock this look if the volume of your hair is less! Especially when you have a round face, such designs complement your look and make you stand out. This would go with that fancy dress of yours that you have been dying to wear since the last lockdown! Make sure you pick a pair that is minimal in design and colour as well.

4. Trending Snakes

Be a snake charmer yourself while you wear these beautiful snake-shaped earrings! This pair would go with hair of any short length. The urban vibe that these have and the vibrant colours that these come in make these a to-go pair for any of your parties or social events (if you are still having those). You may wear these with a traditional outfit like a saree and make the best of both worlds or with a nice plain top complimenting your favourite pair of jeans. These are going to be an interesting add on to your ‘Ear-drobe’

5. We Love Jhallars

Who told you that you cannot wear long-dropping earrings? Look at Yami Gautam rocking this pair of earrings with short hair. We also call these earrings ‘Jhallars’. It looks super amazing and yes let that hair loose and curl. 

6. Jhumkas are for Everyone

Volume is the key for you! Women with shorter hair always end up struggling to balance their looks. Big earrings add weight and harmony to the overall look and balance the emphasis on your face. Such earrings are easily available in any of the market places. Grab a pair and you would be ready to fashion any of your traditional or indo-western styles. Be careful not to wear these on longer occasions as they might damage or hurt your ear piercing on prolonged wear.

7. Quirky Ear Cuffs

Earcuffs have been here for a while now! These come in elegant designs crafted for both urban and traditional outfits. These add volume to your ear without pulling through your piercing. You can wear these for longer events. Such pairs look the best on people with shorter hair. A nice hairstyle, an outfit of your choice, and the confidence to carry these will make your look stand out on any occasion.

8. Loops are Love

These are lightweight and the best thing about these, they are inexpensive too! Wear the one that matches your outfit and you are good to go! When you are short-haired, these would add volume to your ears without putting too much weight on them.

9. Honeycomb Hoops

Now that we know how well the hoops go with your short hair, here’s another variant that is going to make you look gorgeous! Honeycomb multi-coloured hoops! These look amazing with any type of attire, be it western or traditional! The simple pattern adds volume and goes with any kind of hairstyle you do with your short hair! No matter what, these hoops have to be on your list!

10. Bite my Lips

Pep up your vibe with this sassy pair of earrings. While you carry yourself with the same elegance you always do, these earrings will add a touch of curiosity to your personality. It’s always fun to experiment with your looks. Wear your mood with these fun pairs of earrings and turn the tables everywhere you go!

11. Seashells on Seashore

Hoops are a great choice for people with short hair. Hoops with seashells? Even better! These earrings would not only add volume but also add a different characteristic to your look! These would look lovely with western attire.

12. Stick-a-round Earrings

Don’t you all just love Jewellery that can be mixed and matched and worn out in multiple ways? These super stylish Earrings are our favorite.

13. Hey Flamingo!

Delicate flamingo drop earrings are our personal favourite. You can wear these at your office parties, home parties, etc. These also come in pink colours but we recommend you to try these lucky golden charms.

14. One Pearl a Day

Ladies love pearls, right? Pearl earrings are must-haves for everyone. Wear small studs or a piece of pearl on both ears when you don’t feel like going all extra. These look super elegant on short hair. You can also try other designs with two-three layers of pearls on them.


Some women think that after having a short haircut, they can’t wear earpieces which is wrong. Try choosing earrings according to your preference, choice, and personality. But we can help you by giving you some tips:

  1. Avoid wearing earrings that are too overwhelming. To play safe, go for subtle pieces that can balance your haircut.
  2. If you have a tomboyish haircut, choose your earrings accordingly. Jhumkas for such a funky haircut is a big no-no.
  3. Dangling earrings are best for you.
  4. Nothing beats a pearl or stud in your earrings with short hair.
  5. You can ignore all the points written above if you want to experiment with your looks.

By Saakshi Pathak

Saakshi Pathak aka Iska Review girl is a blogger, script writer, book reviewer, youtuber and a show host. Her writings are often witty and layered with sarcastic comments. She makes videos on social issues and has also been working with various media houses as a freelance content creator. She loves collecting and wearing jhumkas. She's an avid book reader. She is currently based in Chandigarh and is working as a freelancer.

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