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7 Important Things to Discuss With Gynaecologist Before Marriage

The wedding not only brings love, laughter, fun, and excitement, but it also brings nervousness, tensions, confusion, and chaos to the mind of a bride. Everyone tries their best to pacify the new bride with their own experience or experiences of others. So, before the wedding, all the aunties, friends, cousins will give you much advice to do this or that, or would say things like ‘don’t worry it hurts the first time, do discuss the family planning beforehand, will you be getting your full body waxed?’

They will also share stories of their time and help you with some handy tips as to how to make your married life exciting and pleasurable. How to maintain body hygiene, and friends will build up your expectations of out-of-the-world experiences. While the rest of the clan will be busy giving you a do’s and don’ts list, you will be sitting coyly and quietly and thinking about what is going to happen on your first night. You would have multiple questions despite the numerous tips from everybody around. 

Things to discuss with your gynaecologist before marriage!

Rather than listening to everyone and overthinking about all the possibilities and getting baffled about ‘what ifs’, it is better to consult a gynaecologist and ask all that you have in mind. Yes, Only a gyanecologist can save you from all the confusion and mental chaos and clear your doubts, if any! 

Listed below are a few important things that every girl must discuss with a gynac before getting married. 

1. Will it pain the first time?

The biggest fear a girl has that will she experience physical pain the first time she has intercourse? Is the pain going to be unbearable? Some people will say, it’s going to be very painful, while others would say it won’t pain as much, but it’s a gynae who would give you the right answer.

2. What if I don’t bleed?

One thing that is important to understand here is – bleeding is not a sign of virginity. Even if you are a virgin, chances are that you may not bleed the first time you have sex. Your body goes through a lot of hormonal changes, and physical activities like playing sports, doing swimming, or even cycling can break the hymen way before you have your first intercourse. So even if you don’t bleed the first time, it’s really OKAY!

3. Periods on your honeymoon or wedding?

Hindu weddings take place after finding the auspicious date or mahurat, but your periods don’t rely on any mahurat, they come when it’s their monthly time. So there is a large possibility that your periods may clash with your wedding date or while you are honeymooning. And we understand that no one wants to spoil the fun and excitement of being on your first holiday as a man and wife. We suggest you consult your gynae to delay or prepone your periods so you have a wonderful wedding or honeymoon. They are many homemade remedies or medicines that can accelerate your periods without being harmful. 

Tip: Make sure you consult your gynae as soon as you realize that your wedding or honeymoon is clashing with your periods because it takes time to prepone or postpone your periods, it doesn’t happen overnight. 

4. Family planning

After marriage one is sexually active, and people avoid unannounced and unplanned pregnancies, so it is important to consult a gynaecologist for the right type of protection and contraception that won’t do any harm to your body and health, how safe it is, and what are the risks involved.

You must ask your gynae to examine your body beforehand who can then advise you when is the right time to start thinking about family planning. 

5. Hygiene guide for a healthy body

Some girls can experience urinary infections after marriage. Make sure you are very well aware of all the probable internal infections you might experience after marriage that can cause health and the best person to guide and give you the desired solution is your gynaecologist. Just like we keep our surrounding neat and clean, we must also keep ourselves, including our vagina clean and hygienic so we do not get any infection. 

6. Get yourself tested

These days premarital sex is pretty common, so, it is advisable to ask your doctor and get tested for STDs if required. 

7. Should I get it waxed there?

With all the wedding preparation chaos, butterflies in the stomach, and the nervousness of entering into a new life, a bride wants everything to be perfect. She not only wants to look beautiful but feel beautiful for the wedding and even, after the wedding. Brides go for many beauty treatments before the wedding, including facials, body massages, body scrubbing, full-body waxing that also includes bikini waxing, etc. 

Full body wax or bikini wax is something most of the girls are scared of because it pains a lot. We recommend trying it at least 2-3 months before the wedding once if you have never tried bikini wax because you don’t know how your skin is going to react. You can also consult a gynae and share your apprehensions regarding the risks and safety involved in bikini waxing.

Why should you consult a gynaecologist?

1. A visit to a gynaecologist is not only needed during your pregnancy but also before getting married to understand your body, the changes that will happen in your body post-marriage, and how to manage it. 

2. Sometimes there are certain things you feel shy discussing with your mother or a friend especially around sex, condoms, etc, and in that case, it’s better to have someone who not only has brilliant knowledge regarding your questions but also someone who is not related to you. This will help open up your feelings or emotions with them in a better way, rather than someone whom you know.

3. They say, never lie or hide the truth from your doctor or a lawyer. A doctor-patient relationship is based on mutual trust and comfort. It is a very intimate relationship, but a gynaecologist is a professional person who follows all medical codes of conduct and ethics, so you are assured that all the information about you is confidential.


Even after the consultation with a gynae, there is one very important thing that we all must follow and that is to stay happy! Don’t stress about the wedding planning, your outfit, your makeup, or what could go right or wrong, just focus on being happy, rest everything will fall in place.

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