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10 Best Hair Care Tips for Summer Season

Usually, the sun is dangerous to the skin, as it may damage your outer coat of skin by making it brown. We often use sun lotions and other cosmetics to solve this problem, but what do we do when the sun also damages your hair by making it oxidative, making your hair dry, stiff, and brittle.

Summer season is the time to let your hair free and embrace the loose, natural beauty while taking care of your skin and hair due to this climatic change. Ultraviolet radiation present in the sun can reach your cortex and degenerate protein present in hair, and because of this, severe damages may happen.

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According to a recent study, they say that the sun will not burn your hair, but it can break your protective film, which is present in your hair after exposing your hair entirely for three days. To protect, people should follow some essential summer hair care tips to maintain their hair, healthy and strong.

Things to take care before using any hair product

Scalp Type: For all the people this scalp type differs, some people may have itchy, dandruff, and some people may have dry hair and some medical conditions.

Hair Type: You must also notice your hair type; it may be curly, straight, straightened, wavy, and someone may colour their hair. Depending upon your hair condition, you can choose the preferred summer hair care tips given in this article. 

Some useful summer hair care tips to follow this summer:

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1. Cover your hair to avoid exposure to UV rays

You can use lots of cosmetics and conditioner to make your hair smooth and silky, but before using any product, you have to check whether your hair is suitable for using that particular product or not. 

It avoids split ends, and it contains many benefits. Covering your hair retains your moisture in hair and prevents breakages. 

2. Use a conditioner with sunscreen

Using a conditioner with built-in sunscreen will avoid your hair from exposure to sunlight. Sunscreen property helps in protecting the layer between the UV rays and shaft.

3. Use a moisturizing serum

After washing your hair, you can use the moisturizing serum to make your hair semi-wet. People roaming out should apply this serum for hair growth and create a protective layer in your hair.

What are the Natural Treatments to Protect your Hair?

You can use an artificial method to make your hair soft and silky, and it must be suitable in many cases. The natural process is always a bit more forward than using artificial conditioners. This method lets you grow your hair and maintain it during the summer season without damaging or side effects. We have listed some easy summer hair care tips and tricks to avoid hair loss in the summer season.

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1. Treat your hair with pure egg

Eggs are rich in protein and minerals. Specifically, eggs are rich in B-complex vitamins. This treatment is suitable for people with dry and brittle hair. You can treat your hair with the entire egg to condition your hair. It helps in curbing your hair, and it also helps in growing new hair. The only thing you have to do is apply a half-cup of raw egg in your scalp and hair. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse your hair with cold water. After trying this method, you will feel some difference in hair; it will be soft, reducing dandruff in your scalp. This method is one of the most essential summer hair care tips followed in hot weather. 

2. Keep your hair clean

Dandruff and itchy scalp are the two reasons for hair fall. It happens, especially in the summer season. You can wash your hair at regular intervals and can keep your hair neat and clean. It will avoid roughness and can improve your hair growth.

3. Use cold water

Some people may wonder that even after using many summer hair care tips and tricks, they face issues in maintaining their hair. It is because they think that hot water is safe to use for hair. But the truth is that it damages your scalp and gives a way to split ends. Hot water can rupture your safety layer in hair. Coldwater can be used to wash hair, and this will make your hair feel like a feather, and it avoids damages.

How to Protect Your Hair from Excess Heat?

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Your hair is exposed to heat in the summer season, so avoid using hot tools that include hot dryers, hair straightness tools, and other kinds of hot tools you regularly use to dry your hair. After taking a shower, leave your hair as it is for twenty minutes to make your hair moisturized and maintain your hair in a better way.

1. Drink adequate water

Body heat will also make your hair dry. By drinking plenty of water, you can get rid of this central issue. You can also make your hair healthy by taking some vitamin-rich liquids. You can add some glucose because you will lose lots of glucose in the form of sweet in the summer season. 

2. Try and avoid using the dryer

By using the dryer in the minimum temperature, you can avoid damage. Because stopping the use of dyer is impossible in today’s situation.

3. Use aloe vera gel

You can also use aloe Vera or aloe Vera gel to make your hair grow. It is rich in vitamins and essential minerals.

Follow This Simple Routine to Protect Your Hair From Any Damage?

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Start Your Summer with a Fresh Haircut. It will reduce hair fall dandruff, and it gives you a refreshing look. It is the time to shorten your hair as much as possible because persons with short hair suffer less from split ends. Regular hair cuts in 2-4 weeks will make even a damaged back to life. 

1. Apply lemon juice

You can get rid of dandruff by applying lime juice with baking soda in your hair. You can rinse your hair with cold water after 20 minutes.

2. Apply onion juice

Onion juice is rich in vitamins and minerals, and when you apply raw onion juice to your hair, it removes dandruff and gives strength to your hair. You get soft, shiny hair after using this onion juice. 

3. Use yogurt as a hair conditioner 

You can also mix egg and yogurt for protein-rich conditioner. Apply this mixture and wash your head after twenty minutes. It acts as a natural sunscreen. Most people find it challenging to get rid of dandruff in the summer season. This method is also a vital summer hair care tip to get rid of dandruff and give a protective layer to your hair. 

Tips to Get Strong & Healthy Hair

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You can make your hair healthy by applying coconut oil, almond oil, aloe Vera oil, etc. It helps in strengthening your inner roots and makes your hair glow. You can use this technique to reduce hair fall and split ends.

1. Avoid excessive use of cosmetics

By avoiding cosmetics, you can make your hair healthy because excessive use of cosmetics will damage your hair and may have some extreme side effects.

2. Take steam baths

By taking steam baths, you can make blood flow constant. You can cure all the problems by taking a set of hair therapy.

3. Brush your hair properly

By properly brushing your hair, you can reduce hair loss. You should first remove tangles. In your hair by combing your hair from the bottom. After this process, you can brush your hair.

How Eating Healthy Can Help in Hair Growth

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Proper intake of food and fluids will reduce the loss of hair, not only in summer it helps you in all weather conditions. Adequate intake of healthy foods can provide you with lots of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other essential nutrients.

1. Eat healthily

You can dry fruits, vegetables, fruits like apples, orange, etc. It helps in maintaining your hair in a better way.

2. Take lots of liquids

Proper intake of liquids in the summer season will make your body cool, which will help maintain moisture. Moisture content helps your hair to remove dryness. 

3. Avoid eating junk

Avoid oily foods and junk foods to make your hair and skin glow in any situation. Because of junk foods, your hair may stop receiving adequate energy, and because of this, hair loss may occur.

How to Take Care of your Colored Hair?

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If you have color-treated hair, then you have to take extra care for maintaining your hair. Chemically colored hair, when exposed to sunlight, will cause maximum damage to hair with dryness. You can only use the products that are specially designed for color-treated hair.

1. Avoid direct sun exposure

If you wish to color your hair or change the actual color, you can do it before the sun hits our land with extreme heat. If you recently colored your hair, you should try to avoid direct exposure of your hair to the sun, leading to split ends and damage.

2. Do not shampoo your hair every day

Avoid regular usage of hair shampoos and conditioners as it may remove your hair color. You can use shampoos and conditioners twice a week after coloring your hair.

3. Use a cap before going out in the sun after coloring

In case if you are in a situation of going out after coloring your hair, then use a cap, or you can start using a soft cotton cloth that covers your head.

How to Take Care of your Hair during Water Sports?

The saltwater and chlorine that is present in swimming pools may cause some damages to your conditioned hair. It gives your hair a different shade that is mixed with a greyish and greenish color. When you expose the mineral and chlorine present in water to sunlight, your hair may become brittle.

1. Always use a swimming cap

You can use a swimming cap that is available in most of the sports shops. Use this method for covering your hair, and it can avoid the dryness and color change.

2. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo

Washing your hair in good water using a mild shampoo will make your hair retain the gray color, and it removes dust from hair.

3. Make your hair wet using a mild conditioner

If you plan to swim, you can make your hair wet using soft water and a mild conditioner. By following this method, you can avoid exposure of hair from sunlight and chlorinated water.

DIY & Easy Deep Conditioning Mask to Get Shiny Hair?

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Olive oil, almond oil, and other oils can reduce your hair damage and give you healthy and silky hair. Add one cup of mayonnaise, ½ cup olive oil, and three egg yolks. Mix everything and apply the mixture in your hair, especially in the end, to remove split ends. Cover your hair using a thick towel and leave it for half an hour. Use cold water to rinse your hair. Just try this method, and you will be amazed at the results.

1. Add coconut oil

You can also add coconut oil and other types of oils for the mixture. Instead of adding mayonnaise, you can add banana because it tends to soften your hair. It protects natural elasticity.

2. Use honey and olive

You can use honey and olive to make your hair soft. They hydrate your hair and make it strong and healthy. Add three spoons of honey with one spoon of oil. Adding egg yolk is advisable as it is rich in protein. This mixture acts as a mask, so apply it and wash your hair in cold water after 20 minutes.

3. Eat food that is rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin-c is good for hair because it provides iron and allows your hair to grow. Strawberries are rich in vitamin-c. You can mask10 fresh strawberry fruits and a spoon of mayonnaise to make the mixture smooth. Apply this mixture and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse your hair in cold water. It should be followed especially in summer, and hence, it is the most essential summer hair care tip. 

How to Protect your Hair By Using a Wide Tooth Comb?

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Avoid combing your hair when it is wet, because it may cause damage to roots. Combining your hair in wet conditions loses lots of hair, and you can view it visually if combed. Usage of wide tooth combs must be kept in practice because it reduces damage, and reduces the chances of pulling your hair because of using a wide-tooth comb

1. Make sure your comb is clean

You can use any comb after cleaning it using a new brush. The dirty comb may cause hair fall, and it may deposit some dust deep inside the roots.

2. Brush your hair regularly

Use your comb to brush regularly when the hair is dry. It helps circulate blood in your head, and on the hole, you can improve your hair growth.

3. Use a wood comb for hair growth

Usage of wood combs is advisable because it has some medicinal values that make your hair grow properly. This method will reduce split ends and enhance your hair growth. 


We have discussed various summer hair care tips to condition your hair in hot weather. Now the choice is yours depending upon your hair condition and type of hair, and you can choose the preferred treatment method to make your hair grow. We have also listed some techniques to make your hair soft and glow. You can always prefer the natural way of treating your hair as it may benefit you more than an artificial conditioner or shampoo. By following the steps, one can maintain their hair even in hot weather.

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