Top 20 Stylish Earrings you Must Have in your Collection

Whether you are going for a party, outing, or attending a wedding, stylish earrings are inescapable!

You can go without hairpins or hairstyle but, definitely not without earrings. Open hair or tied hair, earrings are the cherry on the cake! We girls can never compromise with our beauty, especially when earrings add +1 to our looks. We can go with anything like, studs, jhumkas, baalis, hoops, danglers, climbers, etc, to match with our attire like a PRO!

And talking all about earrings, makes us miss about these famous songs that are made especially to honor the beauty they add to our looks – ‘’jhumka gira re bareilly ke bazar main’’ and “kaan main jhumka, chal main thumka, kamar pe choti latke, ho gya dil kaa purza purza lage pachasi jhatke’’ from old Bolly movies! It feels like these songs are also pushing us to revive the love for earrings forever.

Wearing earrings is seen long back from ancient times. The style of piercing keeps changing but the trend never goes off-site. The piercing in the ear lobe is valued very much in our Indian culture, as it is believed it brings financial stability and social status in the lives of females. Before looking for the most stylish designs, let’s find out what all types of earrings are there:

1. Studs

Studs are very classy and small to wear. They can be worn with any dress and looks cool. They are lightweight and easy to carry and make the look sober. They are placed directly on the earlobe and held with the fixture at the back. Widely used for your everyday looks.

2. Jhumkas

Jhumkas or Jhumkis are the most loveable type of earrings for Indian girls. This style is very famous in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Mostly worn with Indian suits, sarees, or gowns. They make you look very ethnic and desi and are available in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes.

3. Baalis

Baalis took us down to memory lane as the first earring most of us wore as a toddler is the gold wire baali with a red pearl in it. They are very traditional in their appearance as we have a variety of designs in them. These days baalis comes with pearls, stones, beads, seashells, and plastic flowers. They are hanging in appearance and fill the face with grace. Baalis suit with Indian attire and western dresses too!

4. Danglers

Danglers are contemporary in looks and loosely swing and sway from ears. They look aesthetic with western wear and rock the party looks every time. Danglers are reasonable in price and nowadays come with diversified designs and colors.

5. Climbers

Climbers add extra shine in the looks if worn with a gown or one-piece dresses. The latest style of earrings is with stone studded on metallic surfaces or the designs on the metal itself. Crawlers or climbers are new and stylish earrings that don’t need multiple piercings. 

6. Hoops

Hoops are somewhat like Baalis but the size varies. They are a big circular band made of metals or other material. Hoops look cool with denim or any western dress. Nowadays we can see the variety of hoops with two or three layers in between. Even at Cannes, we can see the hoop going gorgeously with the dresses.  

7. Teardrop Earrings

These earrings themselves define the meaning in terms of their shape, they are especially studded with stones or kundan but like a teardrop. Usually makes you look elegant and rich.   

8. Statement Earrings

Very eye-catching in appearance and make the statement by the giant and bold looks. This is the reason why they are called statement earrings. They are bigger than the usual size and shape.

These are the types in which we have an immense variety of earrings – styles, shapes, sizes, colors, and designs.

20 Most Stylish Earring Designs

1. Hanging Pearl Earrings

No matter what your hairstyle is, what are you wearing, or carried your makeup, pearls make you look extra gorgeous. They add royalty and boldness to the outfit. Any style of pearl earrings like studs, tops, crawlers, hoops, baalis, etc, you can have in your jewelry box. They not only go with western wear but also with the Indian attires. You can find these on any online shopping website, nearby shops, or markets.

2. Silver Jhumkas

Most of our Indian Bolly divas, bring out their ethnicity with silver jhumkas. During Diwali, we can see their graceful looks with these pair of stylish earrings. They are a must in your collection, as you can wear them with Indian kurtas, kaftans, suits, or sarees.

They add a natural tint to the stare. Silver jhumkas match both plain or colorful dresses and are only available in jhumka style.

3. Oxidized Earrings

Another stylish pair that is a must for your collection is oxidized earrings. They are fashionable and easy to carry, can match with all outfits, and available at reasonable prices. Nowadays, local markets are flooded with oxidized earring varieties like stud earrings, jhumkis, mandala style earrings, and shapes like square, triangle, round. So, next time you visit the market, don’t forget to add buy these beauties.    

4. Kundan Earrings

In India, Kundan jewelry was mostly seen in the portraits of maharanis who used to wear Kundan stone in rings, necklaces, huge haars, and long earrings. They have the traditional vibe associated with them. But in today’s time, they are also seen in weddings or gala events looking all graceful with Indian sarees, lehengas, and Anarkali suits. They are available in various types like studs, jhumkas, danglers, teardrops, and hangings, and are available at varied prices.

5. Tassel Earrings

These earrings are in the wave of the most stylish earrings. They are hard to escape, yet, ultra-modern in emergence. Meant for western dresses and gowns. You can see how Deepika and Kareena are glittering in tassels. Now, we can see the fusion in the designs of the tassel, but they are classy to have in your collection. And can be worn at parties and while you are traveling. Easy to carry and flaunt, when needed 😀   

6. Marble Earrings

Though marble is known for self-control and stability, here they are putting in extra radiance. They bring distinctive fascination if worn with flare dresses or frocks. Easily available in markets with different sizes, shapes, and colors.

7. Thread Work Earrings

These are every girl’s favorite, as they seem very colorful and youthful. You must have these earrings in your collection because they are never going out of fashion. They match with all dresses and hairstyle and you can easily get these in all local markets at a reasonable price.     

8. Feather Earrings

They look super rocking with a kaftan and beach gowns. Can be worn with denim too! They can readily make for your day-to-day looks and easily available in online stores and local markets. Best part? They are pocket-friendly.

9. Stone Earrings

They are a piece of elegance and grace that enhances your look. If you can try them with deep neck dresses, they’re going to work superbly. You can have long hangings in any color or style as they are available in many designs and sizes. In the stone earrings, you can have studs, danglers, chandelier.

10. Beads Style Earrings

Most trending in the category of stylish earrings. They are colorful, unique, sober in looks. They are the origin of India and locally made by craftsmen. The markets are full of beads, designs, styles, colors, and shapes. They are going to work with Indian attires as well as western dresses. These pairs you should have in your collection. They are not so expensive or hard to find. 

11. Chandelier Earrings

Photo: Khush Mag

Fancy one for the parties and mega-events. If you ask, why you should have these in your collection, the reason is very simple, it changes your look completely. They suit more with a high bun or stuck hair. They are available in the online stores and are a little expensive than others. 

12. Bahubali Earrings

These you should have in your collection to give yourself the ‘paaro’ look. They are specially meant for weddings and festivals. You can overpower your beauty with Bahubali earrings that are designed in the way that they cover the ear as well as hairstyle. They are available at affordable prices and styles.

13. Silk Thread Earrings

They are also one of the unique and very minutely designed earrings. These earrings show very fine crafting and design. These you should have in your jewelry collection. They create magic with Punjabi suits and are easily accessible in the market. 

14. Teardrop Earrings

You can’t put on long and heavy earrings all the time so for a lightweight and simple look, you can have these teardrop earrings. They match with all dresses and are easily obtainable in the market, with not so high price range.

15. Rattan Earrings

These are the chics for summer. Purely made from rattan fiber. They are an inspiration behind the bohemian look and are very demanding in your collection. They are lightweight and effortless to carry. 

16. Raffia Earrings

They are handwoven and colorful. They are hands-on in various styles like tassels, danglers.

17. Gold Color Statement Earrings

They are ultra-modern and super noisy in the collection. They are statement because they are bigger than the usual size and give extravagant looks. They help in making focus all over you. They are unique and can be purchased only on an online store. 

18. Meenakari Chandbali Earrings

You can find double to triple-layer in these earrings. They are only for traditional looks, widely seen with sarees and lehengas. They are available everywhere in the market.

19. Seashells Earrings

They are going to revive your memory of beaches. They are natural in their form and design and highlight the style. They look cool in summers with western attires especially. You can find these in local markets and online stores. They are handy and at a moderate cost.

20. Boho-style Earrings

They give us a hippy feel and vibrance. They are ethnic and mostly multicolored. They can be matched with regular as well as travel looks. Trending in the stylish wave, they are mostly liked by girls. 

Where to get these stylish earrings?

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Earrings complete our look with just a hook, so be the first one to pick. Let’s collect all these in your collection or the ones you liked the most and make us look more vibrant and glowing. 

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