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10 Tried and Tested Benefits of Sports Bras

There are different types of bras available in the market. A few of them are Padded Bra, T-Shirt Bra, Push Up Bra, Bralette, Strapless Bra, Sports Bra, etc. One of the most widely used and preferred bras for physical activities is the Sports Bra. While most of the other bras are discomforting, a sports bra maximizes comfort and limits the breasts’ movement during physical activity.

People who generally presume that they don’t need to wear a sports bra often tell themselves, “I don’t need a sports bra, because I am not into sports or any physical activity.” Still, few doctors, experts, and everyday women suggest wearing one regardless you are exercising or not. The first sports bra that was available to the public was the ‘Free Swing Tennis Bra.’ The Glamorise Foundations Inc introduced it in the year 1975.

There are different levels of control required for different types of breast movements while performing physical activities. Some activities require reasonable control, firm control, and maximum control. The events that require moderate control are bicycling, hiking, power walking, etc.

The activities that require firm control are tennis, soccer, jogging, etc. The ones that need maximum control are running, workouts, boxing, etc.

The benefits of sports bra are mentioned below:

1. Sports bras are very comfortable

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A sports bra removes the factor of discomfort from the breasts. Today, most complaints regarding back pain, shoulder aches, etc. are majorly due to wearing the wrong bras. It’s essential to wear the size that fits comfortably while performing tasks or wearing a bra.

A sports bra has a defined structured grip, focusing on the significant comfort movement. Activities like going to the gym, doing stretching exercises, going for a run can be very discomforting if your bra does not hold your breasts in its place. A regular bra can leave sweaty patches and give tension to the shoulders if worn during a physical exercise, causing discomfort.

A sports bra can handle movement and the motions of the breasts. So, when a person wears a sports bra during physical activity, it provides maximum support and comfort to the person at the same time.

2. Sports bra can avoid breasts sagging

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Choosing an appropriate bra can lift your breasts for a much more flattering look, though the breasts’ sagging is a natural part of the aging process. While choosing a perfectly comfortable fitted bra, you should see to it that your breasts look lifted, upright, and perky regardless of your age. If your bra cannot give you this look, it’s time for you to buy a brand new brassiere!

Sports bras can reduce the sagging of the breasts if used for the long term. According to research done, if a woman wears the wrong type of bra for a longer time, it can lead to the sagging of breasts. It is a proven fact that most of the bras are not designed to hold the breasts intact while a movement is happening, which leads to sagging. A sports bra can reduce and also help in controlling the sagging of the breasts.

3. Sports bra for the run

An irregular bra can cause discomfort, irritation, aches, and soreness and does not offer enough support to the breasts, unlike a sports bra. It is not the case with a sports bra. A sports bra can easily control the movement of the breasts and can give them maximum support.

The different designs, colors, shapes, and sizes are available of a sports bra that you can comfortably wear as a top. In today’s time, sports bra have an ample amount of uses to style up comfy leather, denim, or name any fabrics of jackets/coats/cardigans/blazers and a lot more other.

The new trends of co-ordinated sets have also made the sports bra highlight even more, where there’s an essential tights/leggings teamed up with a stylish and chic sports bra. It has made it a lot easier for sports bras to replace regular bras as it has become an ultimate fashion trend.

Also, according to the research done, it is proven that a sports bra can be worn 24/7 without any worries. It demonstrates that regular bras are the old things now, and switching to a sports bra is a new comfort. So, gone are those days, where the bra was just the thing to be worn under the clothes, because today when we see the sports bra (with a lot of variations, styles, comfort), it has taken the significant role of being the outfit of the day focusing more on co-ord sets.

4. Sports bras have become an excellent alternative to regular bras

Typically, people used to consider sports bras only for those sweaty workouts and recreational activities. But over the past few months, sports bras have become a new fashion trend which is now visible on runways and red carpets. Lately, women are preferring comfort over cleavage and making the sports bra their everyday bra.

Sports bras have become an excellent alternative to regular bras. Earlier, people had thought that sports bras are supposed to be worn only at the gym while taking a walk while exercising or while doing physical activity. But in recent times, the thinking has changed. A sports bra can be worn casually as a top, while you go to buy groceries, while doing house chores or just want to wear it and go out.

Sports bras don’t leave skin marks and provide comfort to the breasts. Hence, sports bras have become a great alternative to regular bras. 

5. Sports bra has a storage capacity

A lot of sports bras have now come up with storage capabilities. The new experimentation with sports bras has resulted in them having maximum storage to benefit from the sports bra. Designers of sports bras have designed them to take along things with them while strolling around or maybe for just a run or any physical activity. They are designed to keep keys, small MP3 players, and many other such things in them. 

It has been a boon for the mothers who are always in the long run while taking care of short controls for their toddlers.

Also, while walking /jogging late at night, it could help women by storing them in a small pocket knife for safety purposes. The stress of always having to carry, because the pockets are usually invisible. 

6. Sports bra look very fashionable

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The Renaissance of a sports bra is all upon us. They are the new crop tops, and it’s nailing the lingerie market. They have become fashionable and trendy. All the major brands like Nike, Adidas, etc. have designed sports bras to look trendy and stylish. They come in different colors, shapes, designs, etc. that have proved to work successfully amongst the Indian market.

The most important reason for a sports bra becoming so fashionable and trendy is that you can wear them for many reasons. For instance, you can wear them to a gym, supermarket or even for an outing. 

7. Doctors recommend wearing a sports bra

If a person has got into an accident or has undergone any cosmetic surgery, they should wear a sports bra. After a person suffers a breast surgery, their breasts start to swell up and start aching. Even after facing an accident, if the breasts have been affected, they start to pain a lot.

To ease with the pain and the swelling up, doctors here recommend wearing a sports bra instead of a normal one. Sports bras help in better and faster healing after undergoing cosmetic surgery or after getting into an accident or any other uneventful circumstance. It can help in getting rid of the injury and prevents the swelling up of the breasts.

8. Sports bra maintains the shape of your breasts

Sports bras help in maintaining the shape of the breasts. As mentioned earlier, normal or regular bras used for the long term can lead to sagging, resulting in them losing their way. Wearing a sports bra can hold the breasts in its position, lifts them, and helps them better the shape.

If a person wears a sports bra for the long term, it results in the betterment of the breasts’ shape. We recommend a sports bra to prevent irreversible damage to the ligaments that can cause premature shape issues. 

9. Sports bra soak up sweat and odor

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Sports bras help in regulating sweat and temperature. The fabrics used in the making of a sports bra and regular bra are quite different. Everyday bras are made from materials that do not soak up the sweat or odor emitted from a person’s body.

On the other hand, sports bras made from a fabric that automatically soaks up the sweat and helps control the body odor by letting the body breathe in the material used to design the sports bra. It helps a person feel refreshed and confident even after an extremely exhausting workout or any other activities.

10. Sports bra keeps your breasts intact while doing physical activities

A sports bra has numerous benefits. For instance, while performing vigorous physical activities, it helps give the best performance by having the breast stay intact and avoids those sweaty patches, which could be the primary cause of embarrassment.

A Sports Bra comes in with a significant advantage here as it also helps control the body odor due to the presence of high technologies while making the fabric to use. And due to this, many such other problems could be eradicated. A sports bra can help in improving the performances and makes one feel more confident and attractive in its form.

How to take proper care of your bra

Well, bras do have an expiry date, and they only last for six to nine months – depending on the size of the breasts, how well you wash it, and how you store your bras. Firstly wearing the wrong size bra, most frequently and everyday bra mistake made by women is that they wear their bras for too long.

It compels the bra to stretch and weaken in time, as it creates a lot of pressure. We advise you to keep replacing your bras regularly if you want to uphold your breasts and not look saggy tightly. 

We have got you one easy hack while choosing a bra of your size. The hack is: To get the full benefit of your bra, purchase a bra that fits on the loosest hook. As your bra stretches, you can go down to the tighter hooks to prolong brassiere life. Remember, you should never put a bra in the dryer as heat damages the elastic band, causing the bra to lose its support.


This article states all the significant advantages of wearing a sports bra but limiting to these, but there are also a lot more advantages that have been tried and tested. To sum up all the benefits of wearing a sports bra, we can say that they are most comforting than the regular bras, they can help them lift and reduce the sagging of the breasts.

They also help in reducing the discomfort caused after rigorous workout activities. The most significant advantage of wearing the sports bra while working out, especially, it helps in keeping those uncomfortable stares at bay. Also, there are multiple purposes of wearing a sports bra, like one of them being them maintaining the body temperature by regulating the body sweat. For growth, various sections or forms of sports bra availability are available to choose from a variety. One should always look out for broad straps for the comfiest shoulder support.

It is necessary and an absolute must to invest in the right sports bra to reap the maximum benefits.