The Best Skincare Routine To Follow Every Morning & Night

“Twacha ka Komal dikhna jaruri hai’’, reminds us of the famous lines used in almost all beauty cream or product advertisements in the 90s. And this line, of course, made an absolute mark in our minds. No matter how hectic our lifestyle is, we do need to take care of our skin. The pandemic has also given us plenty of time to look after our skin in the best way.

Like the famous and sensuous series,’ fifty shades of grey’, we also have fifty shades of skin around us. All are equally vital and precious for us, but we need to very carefully pick the products according to our skin type. Today, we are going to share a very easy, magical, and affordable routine for all skin types. Lets, deep dive together and follow our skin routine rigorously.

We all are familiar with Skincare routines, but many of us overlook the point that skin routines take a slight shift according to changes in your skin, hormones, and age. The basics remain the same, only a few products need to change according to time, season. Let’s check what needs to remain the same and what needs to change!

We also can’t stress enough the importance of shopping for products as per your skin type, which is The.Most.Important.Thing. Here comes the basic and strongly recommended routine for all skin types:

1. Cleansing

Cleansing is the foremost step to remove all kinds of dirt or pollutants from the skin. Make sure you cleanse your face twice a day.

Note: The type of cleansers type majorly depends on the skin type that we have mentioned below in detail.

2. Toning

Toning helps us to shrink pores, to equalize the uneven skin tone, and correct dark spots. Toning is done after cleansing and done with toners.

Note: Nowadays available according to skin types.

3. Moisturizer

Very very important for all skin types and in all seasons. Whether it’s Sunday or Monday, summer or winters never forget your moisturizer. It lubricates the skin and provides the required moisture to the skin.

Note: Keep yourself hydrated to absorb the moisture. Available according to skin types and in great variety. 

Skincare routine to follow every Morning and Night

Step 1. Cleansing

Cleansing is Mandatory for every skin type, every day. 

Normal Skin: Pick the sulfate-free cleanser and gently massage to remove the dirt. 

Cleanser TypeCream, lotions, foaming bars, gels.

Oily Skin: Try to choose cleansing face wash without sulfate. It will control oil and prevent skin from drying out. Always massage with soft hands.

Cleanser Type: Foaming liquid/gel-based/face washes.

Dry Skin: A mild cleanser suits best on dry skin! Gives your skin a gentle massage.

Cleanser Type: Cream or lotion

Sensitive Skin: You need to choose your products wisely as you have sensitive skin. A gentle sulfate-free cleanser would be best. Massage softly.

Cleanser Type: Cleansing oil/cream (whatever suits you best)

Combination(Dry / Oily) Skin: Always follow the oily skin cleansers, in case you feel your skin is getting dry, jump on mild cleansers.

Cleanser Type: Gel-based or mild foaming bars

Aging Skin: When the skin gets mature, our beauty products and the way we care for our skin need to change. For aging skin,  cleansing is mandatory too. You can also apply a cream cleanser to maintain a fresh look on your face.

Cleanser Type: Cream

Step 2. Toning

Toners add an extra scoop of nutrients to our skin. Always apply them after cleansing and with clean hands.

Normal Skin: Go for an alcohol-free, natural toner, that also has hydrating ingredients.

Oily Skin: Pick the alcohol-free toner with specific ingredients like sodium PCA, witch hazel, and geranium.

Dry Skin: Choose the toner with mild ingredients like aloe Vera and cucumber.

Sensitive Skin: Look for a toner that has white tea, green tea, chamomile, and beta-glucan.

Combination Skin: Prefer the witch hazel and alcohol-free toner. Oily skin toner suits the combination skin too.

Aging Skin: Avoid alcohol-free and choose ingredients like vitamin B, panthenol, cucumber, chamomile, and hydrating elements.

Note: Toner is a must for all types of skin routines but you need to keep in mind and invest in a toner that suits best to your skin. Toner has special ingredients that other products don’t have. Therefore, it covers the skin with an additional layer of nutrients.

Step 3. Moisturizing

Moisturizer nourishes the skin but the right one gives us more reasons to never skip using it.

Normal Skin: The moisturizer with an SPF value of 30 or more would be best. You can try non-comedogenic formulated moisturizers.

Oily Skin: Yes, oily skin does need moisture too! Choose oil-free, water-based, and non-comedogenic lotions.

Dry Skin: Moisturiser is a must for dry skin as it keeps the skin hydrated. Look after ingredients like glycerine, ceramides, and dimethicone.

Sensitive Skin: Shop for fragrance and chemicals free moisturizers as you have sensitive skin. 

Combination Skin: Pick any lightweight and mattifying moisturizer for your skin. It works superbly for combination skin!

Aging Skin: Moisturizer is like ghee for aging skin. Go for a moisturizer that has aloe Vera and glycerine as ingredients. We also recommend you use a fragrance-free and hypoallergenic moisturizer.

Step 4. Serum

A serum is like the cherry on a cake. Only used according to the requirement. It adds an extra layer of nourishment but only if used appropriately.

Normal Skin: Use antioxidant serum rich in vitamin C.

Oily Skin: Use serums rich in retinol and AHA/BHA. If you have acne-prone skin then tea tree oil and salicylic acid work fantastic.

Dry Skin: Use antioxidant serums rich in vitamin A/C/E.

Sensitive Skin: Use serums that are hydrating and calming in nature.

Combination Skin: Hydrating serums work best for combination skin.

Aging Skin: Use anti-aging, light, and non-greasy serums.  

Step 5. Sunscreen

No matter what your skin type is, sun rays affect everyone in different ways. To protect from UVA, UVB rays, and suntan, a layer of sunscreen should not be missed at any cost. 

Normal Skin:  Sunscreen with SPF 30value and PA+rating goes well for normal skin. Don’t forget to carry a bottle of sunscreen in your bag, just like you carry sanitizer these days.

Oily Skin: Sunscreen with zinc oxide ingredients works fab for oily skin.

Dry Skin: Sunscreen with SPF 30 and PA+rating works magically. If you have dry skin, we can’t recommend it enough to never forget the sunscreen protection because it also keeps the skin hydrated.

Sensitive Skin: Sunscreen with zinc oxide is like a phenomenal addition to your skin.

Combination Skin: Sunscreen with SPF 30 and PA+rating is a must-have for you.

Aging Skin: High SPF and PA+rating and water-resistant is a golden serum for mature skin.

Night Skincare Routine

The following steps of cleansing, toning, moisture, and serum will remain the same in the night, only at the place of sunscreen, apply a good eye cream that suits best under your eyes. Eye creams are not mandatory, but if you have dark circles and some patches/marks under the eyes, only then it should be used. The best time to apply them is before going to bed for effective results. 

Note: In case you are having any skin issues, it’s strictly recommended to consult your dermatologist before using any kind of cream, gel, lotions, etc.

Normal Skin: There are many good organic and herbal under-eye creams available in the market. Olay ultimate eye cream also works well for normal skin. Try to pick an eye cream that was formulated for only dark circles and puffy eyes.

Oily Skin: Under eye area is the most sensitive area, so for oily skin, it’s recommended to pick oil-free or water-based night cream.

Dry Skin: It is advisable to pick the night cream which has peptides as it helps to diminish the lines on the face and boost the skin cells to make you look more flawless.

Sensitive Skin: Always choose the fragrance-free and hydrating product for sensitive skin. Night cream with ingredients like vitamin e and chamomile works great on your skin.

Combination Skin: Try to pick eye creams that suit best according to your requirement. For combination skin, organic or herbal eye creams would act best.

Aging Skin: Shop the one that has anti-aging ingredients and formulas. The best time to apply is at night, every day for the best results.

Benefits of following a skincare routine daily

Every skincare routine makes a difference in our skin texture, smoothness, and a number of other benefits such as:

1. Rejuvenating the skin: It brings extra shine, air, and smoothness to the skin.

2. Good skin means good confidence: Our confidence is boosted when we have flawless skin.

3. Overcome the basic skin issues: Following the skin routine rigorously can help us overpower the basic skin problems like dead skin, shrink pores, marks, acne, dryness, and dullness.

4. Shimmery & Shiny Skin: Following a skin routine is going to make us more beautiful, and shinier as we remove the unwanted particles regularly.

5. Maintains the sassy and healthy skin texture for a long time and brings magical results.

6. We can’t say it will slow down the aging process but following a skincare routine will make your skin look vibrant even at an older age.


A skincare routine is going to work for everyone bringing magnanimous changes to your skin texture. It will make our skin more vibrant and glowing every day.  We recommend you invest in a good skincare routine that will boost your confidence to another level.

It’s time to seriously follow the skincare routine we mentioned above in detail as per your skin type.  Let’s come out more gorgeous and shinner than ever because skincare is equal to self-love. 

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