Top 30 Simple Arabic Mehendi Designs

Mehendi or henna art is a lovely hand crated temporal tattoo design loved by many across. Arabic mehendi focuses neat arrangement of tiny florets, free-flowing diagonal trails moreover. These designs also include leafy trails, architecture-inspired patterns, dainty dots, geometrical figures or patterns, and a lot more beautiful motifs combined in a unique way to cover hands and feet delightfully. Arabic mehendi designs are well-known for their free-flowing trails and stylish appearance and have an unexceptional alluring charm.

Be it a wedding or a festival, Arabic mehendi designs are apt for all sorts of occasions. Arabic designs are originally hailed from Arabian countries, but now it has paved its way to other parts of the world, especially Asian countries, and has gained more popularity. These designs are unsurprisingly adored and the most preferred kind of mehendi designs among women of all ages. Girls in India swear by these stunning Arabic mehendi designs to beautify their hands and legs. 

Patterns with bolder strokes look more prominent in Arabic mehendi designs. A significant feature of Arabic-style mehendi is the empty spaces between the design, making it look classier and exclusive. The free-flowing, unique floral patterns combined with leafy patterns entangled together, gives rise to a classic trail in this style of mehendi and makes it look like life is springing out of them 

In India, mehendi is not just an artwork of drawing beautiful designs on one’s hands and feet; it also has cultural and religious importance. Not only they are auspicious but are also considered a sign of opportune Indian weddings. 

Apart from this, Arabic style mehendi looks pretty, chic, and happening emoting youthfulness to the hilt. There is an overwhelming fondness for this style in all parts of the world. 

Latest and trending simple Arabic mehendi designs

If you are on a hunt for simple and amazing Arabian designs, then your chase ends here! WomenXo has enlisted 30 simple Arabic mehendi designs, which you will adore with their captivating beauty. If you are looking for modern, stylish designs with a traditional touch, we’ve covered them all. 

1. Boho Paisleys Mehendi Design 

Mehendi: Divya Henna

How graceful is this Arabic mehndi with a striking paisley pattern? The bohemian print, paisley, has been in fashion for years and is an evergreen design. You can trace this design’s origin back to ancient India and Persia; it also has hidden meanings and symbolism, just like a mandala. You can adorn it beautifully with captivating designs, and you can highlight your fingers with statement Arabic strokes. 

2. Enthralling Florets Mehendi Design

Photo: Pinterest

We are all aware of Arabic mehendi designs drawn with lots of spaces; a flower being naturally attractive, a minute or bloomed detailing of flowers enhances the design even more and adds a beautiful carving on the one hand. This design is especially for all the ladies out there who love minimalistic yet powerful designs.

3. Lotus Motif Mehendi Design

Mehendi: Divya Patel | Henna Artist

Everyone’s personal favourite mehndi motif design- LOTUS! It is the most popular design for brides with mehndi on hands and feet. Also, mehndi artists have explored unique ways to use this motif on fingers tips, wrists, toes, etc. Lotus motifs are super easy to design, so you should add this design to your preferred list. And when this design turns out dark, it looks so amazing. 

4. Swirls with Dots Mehendi Design

This one is one of the most effortless mehendi designs to work. The detailing is precise with swirls, a lot of many dots, and motifs. This design works more on the back of the palm, primarily focussing on long fingers. Classic to apply for any occasion. If you are someone who loves extra added glam, can opt for some glitter all over.

5. Intricate Trail Mehendi Design

Mehendi: Nurah S Henna

Mehndi functions are the most essential and unfishable part of every bride’s wedding. If you are not pleased by all fancy designs and decked up mehndi designs are not your thing, you can simply opt for this simple trail pattern mehndi design. Trailed patterns which are popularly known as ‘Bel’ is an essential part of this mehndi design. 

6. Classic Trail Mehendi Design

Mehendi: Divya Patel | Henna Artist

Hey, pretty ladies, if you love no fuss or drama scenes, this one’s best designed for you. A simple trail with floret motifs, swirls, leaves, and tiny dots creates a diagonal pattern of design. This design has all the elements of classic art.

7. Dual Trail Mehendi Design

Mehendi: Nurah S Henna

Want to highlight your chosen Arabic mehndi design? Then you should consider this dual trail mehndi. The design on the first and last fingers looks alluring. The beauty of an Arabic design doubles when it compromises two definite trails, each drawn with minute detailing. 

8. Motifs with Simple Rose Mehendi Design

It has to be that last-minute design. This design is super easy peasy to be created by anyone and everyone. All you have to do is, create a simple rose and around it keep adding any particular motifs of your choice like flowers, swirls, or circles—a perfect design to look out for hustle-free art.

9. Daisy Trail Mehendi Design

Mehendi: Nurah S Henna

One of the prettiest floral motifs- DAISY! Delicate daisies in Arabic mehndi design looks so contemporary and modern and leaves a beautiful daisy trail on the back of your hand, making it look gorgeous. Every woman would love to have her hands designed with unique patterns and designs, and this design is one of the most effortless mehndi designs. Also, those daisies look fancy on your hands. 

10. Simplicity with Elegance Mehendi Design

Mehendi: Divya Patel | Henna Artist

It is yet another gorgeous design to work on. Elegant yet simple, has to be one of our personal favourites too. An Arabic art made with simple motifs and a beautiful trail mix of flowers, squares, spirals, or anything that you would wish to add of your choice. The design being so detailed and minute, you could add your personal favourite humans name too. ☺

11. Sheer Elegance Mehendi Design

This littlest, simple, and wide-spread is a sheer delicacy. The semi-circle pattern, along with decorated dots and leaves on the wrist, is done so delicately. However, the line on the fingers with dots is the highlight of this charming mehndi design and is worth swooning. 

12. The More the Merrier Mehendi Design

Mehendi: Divya Patel | Henna Artist

If you are someone who loves darker, thicker strokes with full-fledged art, this works the best for you. The strokes are in the form of a 3-D effect. This design is a perfect combination of traditional and modern. Small dainty florets and tiny swirls on the fingers never looked this cuter.

13. Oh So Minimal Mehendi Design

Photo: The Cheesecake Project

It’s quite ordinary to have mehndi designs on the feet! Minimal Arabic designs on the feet seal the deal in utmost grace. If you love to keep it elegant yet minimal, you should pin this design to your go-to list of patterns. It is a simple tattoo design with some playful strokes. Don’t forget to wear an exquisite anklet that will highlight your minimal design to the next level.

14. A Mix of Darker-Lighter Strokes Mehendi Design

Mehendi: Sara Henna

Suppose you don’t like working on with only darker strokes, this one is exactly for you. Pretty motifs are drawn with a mixed trail of darker and lighter henna strokes, this art is more of thicker border outlines with the detailed inner filing of lighter strokes. Such mehendi design could be applied or loved by anyone and for any occasion.

15. Leafy Trail with Intricate Patterns Mehendi Design

A flowing leafy trail with intricate patterns looks chic and edgy. This Arabic design is prominent bridesmaids for occasions like haldi, mehndi, and sangeet. It is simple, but you can variety of elements such as leafy trails, stripped patterns, and dainty dots. Also, floral motifs are note-worthy and you can highlight them with bolder strokes. 

16. Haath Pan Effect Mehendi Design

You must have come across many ladies flaunting dainty jewellery hath pan pieces on the back of the palms. If you are not a big fan of those jewel ideas, we have got you covered with something similar that is more fun and chic to wear, and that is this classic cute henna art resembling the jewel design. An added advantage is that it could be created in any style and suited for any outfit or occasion. We love this!

17. Gorgeous Yet Simple Arabic Mehendi Design

It is prevalent to have Arabic mehendi designs imprinted on the backhand, but that does make it less attractive when printed on the palm. This stunning design looks so pretty, and you will love it. You can use a combination of well-formed equal checks with Arabic patterns to keep it simple yet elegant. 

18. Minimalistic Mehendi Design

Mehendi: Henna by MK

Yes, we know not everyone is an ardent fan of henna art, but sometimes we do feel the need to apply henna or sometimes just be forced by the people around. For all you such people, we have the most relatable design selected for you. Simple cute spirals, dots, or roses, or you could make any other flower or designs of your specific choices.

19. A Modish Trail Mehendi Design

Mehendi: Henna by MK

This exceptionally and intricate fashionable trail is always trendy in simple Arabic Mehendi designs. You should try this intricate Mehendi artwork!

20. Geometrical Mehendi Design

Unlike the usual everyday patterns, this henna art is for all geometric figure lovers. Too many shapes with minutely detailed designs of squares, circles, swirls. Expressive highlights to borders with darker strokes. A lot simpler and a lot more elegant.

21. An Arabic Anklet Mehendi Design

Can we just look at this beautiful design for a little longer? Anklets tattoos should include a lot of curves, diagonal strokes flowing like a trail to give a complete look. This one is perfect for beginners to try their hands on such simple designs. 

22. Foot Art Mehendi Design

Photo: Cupcake Productions

We have come across too many exclusive henna arts for foot, but not everyone is a fan of foot art. This one is quite pretty and elegant to look at and create. Also, if you love creating mehendi but you are not an expert, you can still practice this design on the back of your fingers. Pretty motifs and little square crisscross have our hearts.

23. Well Detailed Checkered Mehendi Design

If you are looking for a traditional yet modern Arabic design, then this one is for you! In such Mehendi designs, floral motifs of various flowers like lotus, roses, or you can combine other flowers to complete a fascinating and elegant floral Mehendi design. Also, floral trails paired with geometric looks add a spark to this design. 

24. Circular Trail Mehendi Design

This specific design or henna art features easily doable circular strokes. The easiest thing to play around with is creating too many detailed minute motifs for extra fun and making the design more beautiful. For a glamour touch, you can quickly pour in some glitter all over the art to make it look more attractive.

25. Simple Circular Mehendi Design

The carefully done circular design on the palm has hooked us at first sight! These circular mandalas look classy, eye-catchy, and are for someone who wants to keep the design minimal. The pre-eminence of mandala in mehndi design decorated with dainty dots and few floral elements makes this artwork stand out. 

26. Sweet, Simple Art Mehendi Design

Draw any basic motifs of any preferences from flowers, strokes, circles, dots, or add the initials of your specific person. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, this is one of the most exciting and creative designs.

27. Peacock Motifs Mehendi Design

Photo: Fotowalle – The Story Folks

Do you imagine a beautiful peacock feather? Why not get a mehndi design of it? It’s sophisticated, elegant, and entirely modern for those looking for a traditional style. Mini peacock motifs are core parts of an Arabian mehndi design, and peacock motifs accompanied by several other intricate patterns form a perfect treat to the eyes. 

28. Multiple Concepts Mehendi Design

Mehendi: Henna Lounge

Many of us have crazy admiration or love for mehendi designs. Well, this one’s precisely for all of us who love applying henna art with heavy designs. There’s so much to work on here, including darker to lighter strokes, circles, dainty dots, multiple florets, shaded florets, paisleys, geometrical angles, and swirls. If you love various designs, then this henna art will match up best with your personality.

29. Distant Mehendi Design

Mehendi: Divya Patel | Henna Artist

Distant Arabic mehndi designs are minimalistic and can be drawn in a way that partly showcases your skin, and some part of your hand is covered with the design. This contemporary and astonishing mehndi design is a go-to for every occasion, not a trail, nor is it all-about paisleys. These designs are beauteous Arabic tattoos imprinted at a noticeable distance, which makes it look more appealing.

Also, the stunning patterns on the fingers are drool-worthy. And this design is most loved by the bridesmaids. 

30. Mandala Mehendi Design

Mehendi: Henna By MK

Do you love minimal art or need to apply henna on your own hands or with a friend? Worry not! We have got you covered. Pretty to look at and super easy to create, this mandala design is here for you and easiest to work. Starting with swirls to petals around to beautiful flower petals filled with tiny square crisscross and ending the final touch with mixed flowers crowned with small little dots. 


Do not wet your hands with water once henna is applied. To darken the color of the design, slather a paste of lime water with sugar. Once dried, henna will start scraping off on its own. 

After the dried mehndi has come off, you can rub generous amounts of Vicks over your colored hands to make it appear darker and make it last much longer.

We hope your search was fulfilled with us, providing you heaps of options of mehendi designs to choose from.