25 Latest Silk Thread Bangle Designs You Must Check Out

Tinkling, colorful, metallic, glass, plain, circular, and most important, adorned by all age groups! Yes, I am talking about The BANGLES.

These fancy, colorful, and round-shaped bangles have the heart of every girl. Especially in India, you will barely come across any festival, occasion, or wedding ceremony without girls wearing bangles.

Have you ever pondered upon how they transpire into occurrence? What is the significance of wearing bangles? How it has become this huge treasure for all females?

Since ancient times, the tradition of wearing bangles exist. It is believed that bangles stabilize blood circulation, bring prosperity and good fortune to females. It is also seen as a sound ornament for married ladies, as it signifies good health and the long life of their husband. Hence, it is considered as one of the solah shringar of females in India.

The beginning of civilization has witnessed females with broad metal bangles, then came gold, silver, and glass bangles with a variety of colors and designs in these. But the contemporary world sees a slight shift in innovation. Nowadays, we have an enormous market for bangles, where we can find a number of new designs, colors, materials, and crafting. From glass to metallic to silk, there are endless designs in bangles that we can wear on different occasions.

Latest Silk Thread Bangle Designs

These bangles have silk thread on a metallic or glass base and lots of variety in designs with stones, kundan, sequins, plastic flowers, golden beads, pipe beads, ghungroo, jhumkas, pompom, etc. Let’s look together at the best 25 silk thread bangle designs.

1. Sorbet hues

These yellow and orange color bangles look summerish. These bright and sunny colors can be worn at a Haldi ceremony or on any intimate occasion. The stone, gold pipe beads, and sequins engraved are making them look more beautiful. You can wear them with sarees, suits, lehengas, or kurtas.

2. Look, here’s a rainbow 

This set of multicolored bangles are the perfect pick for every day or even you are visiting someone. They are versatile in use and look very lightweight. You can wear this set with any kurta or suit. You can also purposely pick your outfit matching the color of one of your bangles. 

3. Mix and match

This set of three bangle designs is a complete package for wedding events. This rich design shows the pairing of thinnest with a little broad to the broader bangle, which gives variation in the presentation. They are going to spread the vibrance through colors and designs. The whole design consists of a background of one color with stone, thread along with gotta Patti, and mirror. This design gives a heavy look which makes it ideal for big fat occasions. 

4. Pretty pink affair

This elegant set is a combo of plain and studded bangles. The simple grey thread bangle is like a leaf of coriander on the top of your most favorite meal. All pink bangles look stunning with thread and stone spotted on them.

5. The floral story

This design makes my heart go garden, garden! Looks very colorful and joyous. This design is majestic with the one plastic flower-studded bangle along with a colorful thread bangle. This pair shines with a single silver bangle in it. Ideal for haldi or mehendi functions. 

6. Candid copper 

Studded with kundan and the layer of thread at the back giving a sharp appearance. They look good with the dazzling dress of shimmer. You can also pair this with a lehenga or gown. 

7. Looks like a choora

This set of bangles looks similar to choora, which newly wedded girls wear on the day of their marriage or after marriage. Bangles covered with kundan stone give a glitter look and the rest are plain in appearance. This pair is not for all dresses or colors. Choose to wear it only with the off-white or not-so-dark red shades.

8. Royal black and gold

This is perfect for evening or night events, parties, and festivals. You can wear this with any black or gold dress. It has one metal stone spotted bangle with black thread bangle crafted with gold balls over it. It’s complete in its looks but if you want to match with plain gold thread bangles, you can do that too!

9. Pink romancing with orange

The thoughtful and very clear look of this design is good to try with the tinge. These pearls, gold bead chains, and square shape transparent stones are making these bangles look more beautiful. Good for day or night events, parties and festivals. 

10. Sky full of gold and white

These cool colors can magnify the cool look. These are soft and light in appearance and can be worn for day and night events. This set is a combination of metallic bangles with kundan studded kada and silk thread bangles. They have golden flower-shaped beads with jhumka hanging on them.

11. Magic magenta

This set of pink bangles with different sizes and designs is a must-have for you. And the hanging jhumkas are just enhancing the beauty of this already gorgeous bangle set. These would look classy if you wear them with a lehenga, suit, saree, or anarkali for a wedding or festival.

12. The mirror party

These designs can work with multicolored outfits at any ceremony. This design has grey, blue, green, mustard, orange, and magenta color with drop and round shape kundan stones. 

13. Pom pom flowers

This fashionable and cute design is utterly appealing to the eyes. These bangles have pom pom flowers with golden leaf beads and a big stone on them. Get your hands on them asap.

14. The bright red and yellow

Light up the mood with the spark of colors, diamond-shaped mirror, and flower beads. These broad kada like bangles will add more charm to your ethnic dresses. 

15. Can’t-miss this bold combo

Simply signifying the beautiful look with three colors in it. The magenta, pink and green combo is rocking purely. The bangles have ribbon, kundan, and a little diamond on them, you can wear them to get the fancy look.

16. An exciting pair of orange, green, and mustard

These dark color bangles are adorable. They have the same color kundan stone on all of them. Prefer to pair them with dark makeup and a good hairstyle. Above all, it can go with most of your Indian outfits. 

17. Pinks and poetic pearls

The combination of pearls and pinks is superb. They have plain color bangles, along with a kada engraved with kundan stones and pearls. It’s a very sober and blush design to wear for perfection. 

18. The cyan effect

Why not have these bangles in your jewellery box that is creating the cyan effect. This set of bangles have stones, one metallic Kada covered with a diamond stone, and bangles mix of green and blue thread. This zig-zag design is cool for summer parties and without a doubt, they look fusion in design. 

19. Our favorite mustard

Mustard goes with any shade of yellow. This single color is fantastic with its glitter. They have stone and golden flower beads on them that you can carry at any event. These are an ideal pick for a haldi ceremony.

20. A tranquil green

This huge kada like bangle designed with kundan is perfect for larger events. They can cover all the arms wrist with its design. Never hesitate to show off with this pair. You can add plain bangles in between and make it look more enlarged. Perfect for your or your BFF’s mehendi ceremony. 

21. An enduring orange

This neon orange gives perfect look with golden beads, chain,s and flowers along with thin stone studded bangles.

22. Royal blue to sky blue

These heavily studded bangles with pearls, stones, and colorful chains have their own charm. They look super amazing with Indian outfits. You can choose to wear them anywhere, anytime with matching outfits.

23. Customization at its best

You can have any design or your name carved on the bangles too! These red customized bangles with mirror jhumkas and hanging ghungroos are making it all look vibrant. You can experiment with any color or design of your choice.

24. The world of neons

This very glisten set of silk thread bangles is only for night events. These can go with kurtas, suits, or even western dresses. 

25. A trio effect

It’s cool to try trio as singles or sets. You can also add simple colorful bangles in between the set to overshine. This design is really impressive, even when it only has a stone on them.

Benefits of Silk Thread Bangles

They are super trendy and striking in fashion. With the happening variety of designs and colors, they have a lot of benefits to share:

1. These bangles don’t sting in touch.

2. No redness or skin problems.

3. Best for sober or stylish looks.

4. Unbreakable and easily managed in a box.

5. Traditional feel in contemporary times.

6. A vibrant beauty.

7. Lightweight and easy to carry.

8. Something different to wear from day-to-day bangles.

9. Can be used as singles, pairs, or a set.

10. Matches almost with every or any Indian attire.  


Reminiscing the bangles collection of childhood, let’s add up some more in the cart by choosing the favorite one from the above-mentioned designs. Admittedly, these fancy pairs are going to make some noise about your outlooks, wherever you will go. They can help you look sassy or classy with just the right pick.

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