7 Signs You Still Miss Your Ex Even After Marriage

First love is always special, something that you will always remember, even if you haven’t spoken for years, even if the other person has broken your trust, your heart that you so lovingly gave with utmost love and trust.

But people leave and that’s the harsh reality. Not everyone is going to stay in your life forever. Friends become strangers, lovers become ex-lovers in no time, though we may pretend that we have forgotten them, but it’s not as easy as wiping a blackboard clean.

Even though you will move on, and not stay in touch, you will still take them forward with you, as a feeling or as a fleeting memory that will live in a tight corner of your mind.

Everything about your first love is special because there are so many firsts attached to it. The first time you ever lied to your parents, the first time you sneaked your house to be with him, the first time you went on a drive with him and felt goosebumps, the first touch, the first hug, the first kiss, the never-ending promises to be with each other forever and even being jealous for the first time.

There will definitely be second, third, but nothing like your first whose memories you still hold so close. Whenever you see a movie that you two have watched together, or went to a place that you both liked, or while listening to his favorite song, everything reminds you of him/her.

There are chances you may miss your partner, even if your husband/wife is all that you ever wanted and he/she loves you to bits. There are these signs that say you still miss your Ex even after marriage:

1. You revisit your memories: Maybe check his photos saved in a hidden folder of your phone or laptop. Or just by thinking of all the good times, you two have spent together.

2. You stalk him on social media: Whether you are still in contact or not, you make sure to keep a track of his/her whereabouts via FB, Instagram, or probably on Snapchat too.

You are constantly worried about his whereabouts even if you two do not talk often.

3. You miss him whenever you are alone or have a fight/argument with your current partner.

You remember the times and all the sweet gestures your ex used to do just to make sure you are okay and no longer angry with him/her.

4. You miss him while having sex, or worse, you imagine him with you right at that moment. Caressing you, touching you gently, and hugging you like no other.

5. You miss him when you visit or even pass by the same restaurant you two used to meet for your dates. The food there used to taste better with them.

6. You miss him while watching his favorite movies. How can you ever watch the same movie again, while not holding his hand or leaning onto his shoulder?

7. You hide your tears while listening to his/her favorite song. I remember my boyfriend singing ‘Meri Zindagi Ch Khaas Teri Tha Sochi Na Tenu Dilon Kadta’. Trust me, every time this song is played on Radio, my eyes get teary.

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