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20+ Latest Shoulder Length hairstyles

The charm and elegance of the hair hanging loosely over your shoulders with that little soft twirl when the wind blows your luscious locks all across your face is unbeatable. No wonder, our hair and how we choose to style them tells a lot about our personality. There is a never-ending debate over having long-length hair or short-length hair and nobody has come up with a suitable idea of what suits what. Well sometimes, all we want is to cling onto our ride-or-die hairstyles and restrain ourselves from crossing those pre-set boundaries (not the psychological ones, though :P). But, would not you agree more than if we had like a bevy of wonderful hairstyle choices, our perplexity over the newer trends would be minimized to a much greater extent? And thus, we have got you covered. We are going to bask in the glory of some of the amazing peppy fashion ideas that are going to leave you awe-struck. Believe us, it is going to be a game-changer.

Latest Shoulder Length Hairstyles

As it is utterly quintessential to bifurcate our choices into distinct and potent ideas to make our pick easier, we are going to do the same. This piece of disquisition is all going to be about the latest neck-length hairstyles. All you short hair ladies, it is the perfect time for you to flaunt that hair and let the audience drool. *drumrolls* From vibrant locks to simple and elegant straight hair, from cranky curly hair to the vogue cover-inspired ones, we have a lot for you in-store. 

There is an age-old idea that short hair does not have a look that is appealing and lavish; it seems to appear more toned down, *too simple* ( well, we do not agree with them *flips hair*) and *too less* ( Excuse me, who decides that for you?). So, it is high time we come out of our tiny little information boxes and infuse our instincts, art, and colors to what we already have been blessed with. Get out of your comfort zone and work with that hair; make them look catchy, give them a little curl here and a tiny twist there, go for loud colors but, always remember that it is not just the hair, it is the overall appeal. 

Let us dive into some potential hairstyles even if you have neck-length locks because you are going to *love this*. 

1. Beat Bangs 

Bangs are the old style of creating unique hairstyles which can rock any length of hair. They seem to appear chic, natural, and unconventional. The social standards *phew*! Who cares about that? The look is utterly strong and vibrant that one is left astounded by looking at the rich and aesthetic hairstyle. A cozy formal suit with stilettos and this hairstyle would just oomph the entire look. Wear traditional kurtas with tight-fit denim jeans or jeggings with oxidized jewelry and you will be good to go. This hairstyle is a great choice for those who want a modern yet not over-the-top appearance. 

2. Catching Vibes with Those Curls 

We all want to flaunt not just our outfit or the hairstyle rather want the supreme focus to be on our entire look. Oftentimes, curls become a little over-the-board to handle as they are more than those simple straightened hair but once you know how to carry those beach curly waves, *screams* you got it, baby! The beachy waves have such a pretty gaze that it just becomes so hard to resist them. They require no regular touch-ups and are not high maintenance as you can easily create this hairstyle using your normal curling wand. Carry it with a traditional outfit or a hoodie or maybe, your perfect party dress, this hairstyle will never let you down. 

3. The Windy Curls 

Are you thinking about a hairstyle that seems as if some effort has been gone into creating it but in reality, what it takes to bring this hairstyle into life is so much less than creating the perfect length wing on both eyes? *you know what we mean :P* 

This hairstyle is just straightening from the top and soft curls at the end, and *ta-da* you are done. No drama, no extra care; just a hair tool and your handsome hair. 

Now, if you want to wear it with your traditional attire or a formal suit, it is a super-duper hit or you want to wear it with a casual dress, be ready to look equally flashing and dashing. This is one of the most beautiful and soft hairstyles that one can create with neck-length hair. 

4. Pioneering the Ponytail 

Gone are the days when one used to feel that short hair cannot be put into a ponytail. A new-age woman can look gorgeous and polished with almost anything that she has already been blessed with. Ponytails are generally considered to be a minimalist addition to make the personality look more unified and integrated. Delicate hairstyles always look dignified and exquisite. You can wear this look at your office or maybe, to a casual meeting. This hairdo is going to appeal to those who want to keep it uncomplicated and clean without any qualms of arranging different appliances and hair products all at the same time. 

5. Don’t Mess Up with that Messy Bun 

Do you think that short hair girls have no space for creativity and art? Well, you are wrong, Because, you can always juggle distinct styles and trends with the shortest of hair lengths. You can think of a messy bun that may be at the back or on the top. It is going to look super classy and playful. This look would mostly suit western clothes like hoodies, oversized sweatshirts, and your regular t-shirts. That slight puff leading to the messy bun is an addition that makes it even interesting and offbeat. 

If you want to slay with neck-length hairstyles, this one just does the job. 

6. Twist Your Hair and Turn the Rest into Air 

These days side braids are also a lot of fun. They provide you with the space to enhance and amplify your whole look. This side waterfall braid and the loosely handing hair on the other side is a hairstyle at its best. This style is super easy to create. Just a few twists on one side and placing the leftover hair on the other. That is the beauty of fashion; you get to choose what defines your personality well. This hairstyle would suit a lot of women who have to dress formally for different events. 

7. The Modern Magnificence 

There is a greater need to indulge in more unconventional, unique, and modern fashion trends. This neck-length hairstyle is the most fashionable and exciting aspect of the entire look. This seems to be so out-of-the-box and unexampled. You can flaunt this look with traditional attires as well as western ones. You can always wear some silver or junk jewelry like heavy earrings and rings and it is going to suffice your entire appeal. Though it requires a lot of daring ability to be able to get this hairstyle done once you are confident with this one, you are going to be a head-turner, for sure. 

8. Bolden Your Braid 

Braids are an integral part of the hairstyle game. You can flaunt your dress with any hairstyle and especially if it is a braid. Though there are tonnes of braid-inspired hairstyles that you will find readily available in the fashion and makeup industry you will have to see which type of braid will suit which attire and occasion. If it is your wedding day, you can try this broad braid at the back which would look gorgeous. And, those curls below the braid are a bonus that ties the entire look together. 

Put in efforts to make your hairstyle look messy yet stylish and trendy. 

9. Side Swings 

There are moments when we have sophisticated and decent poker-straight hair and we want to add a glimpse of work on that hairstyle and we choose a braid for that. This twist-and-braid hairstyle would suit your formal dresses and even party wear. When we look at this side braid and straight hair, we can only think of the ultimate cuteness that this hairstyle carries. There is so little effort put into it yet the outcome is super flourishing, adorable, and engaging. *aww-some* Create this hairstyle and live the life of your dreams. 

10. The Vintage Appeal 

Well, we all have heard the most-famous phrase that ‘old is gold. This hairstyle proves this statement to be true. A little color touch-up(s) here and there with a bold curl at the end of the hair is a stunner. You can adorn this look with almost every adornment and for almost every occasion like an official meeting or a high-tea and even an evening party. This hairstyle is one of that vintage, an epoch-inspired work that is utterly pleasing and handsome. It is a pretty little hairstyle that is enticing, rich, and nice-looking. 

This can be that one style that will just take everyone’s breath away. And, all of us deserve that, don’t we? 

11. Let the Hair Teach You their Oomph Factor  

Are you ready? Because, girl, we are going to make swoon in love. This color-inspired hairstyle is young, bold, and luxe, all at the same time. This one is going to require truckloads of guts, a lot of thought, and also, a bucket full of ingenuity. Just imagine, you are walking down the streets with a blazer on, a black skirt, and black stockings complimented with heels and a bold, rich berry lip shade, just imagine! *screams* You are going to steal so many hearts with your oomph factor and this hairstyle will take your hair game to another level altogether. We cannot wait. 

12. The Whooping Whirlpool 

Buns look super gorgeous and subtly expand the full hair appeal as they look high-end and luxurious. Brides can also adorn this look as they will have their hair tied up, neat and intense and the whole look would appear super effortless. This whooping hairdo seems to be a whirlpool wherein which one twist leads to another remains unknown and ironically, that is the beauty of it. This is perfect for an evening party with a sizzling attire that will complete the entire appearance. 

This whooping whirlpool hairstyle is most suitable for engagement parties and dancing nights. 

Bedecking in this hairstyle will only make everyone go crazy for you and your whole look. 

13. The Flick and Braid Hairstyle 

We are here yet again with a twisting braid that looks like a natural embellishment. This is a hairstyle for college-going girls which you can wear any day and anytime. Your regular traditional kurtas with jeans or your casual outfits would just look wow with this side twist braid. Though it is a regular, unchanging, and unwavering hairdo, like a hairstyle of all times, if you have a smile on, who can stop you from slaying.?. This would just make it the best deal that you would never regret creating. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go and get yourself this hairstyle done! 

14. Accessorize Your Braid

Why should hairstyles be limited to just curls, twists, and braids? Think creative! Accessorizing your hair is also another valid option available to make it all look as one whole. Though accessories are like appendages for your hair, precise attention should be shown to which embellishment would look good with which sort of a hairstyle. Your final ensemble would look downright sensational with the right hair accessory. The messy braid with a floral addition is enticing as we cannot take our eyes off this new and fresh look. 

Carry this one with grace and you would look no less than a celebrity. 

15. The Queen Braid 

Did you forget that we told you that we would bring for you a multitude of creative braids? This crown braid is just another contemporary artwork that is created out of a lot of thought and ideas. Straight hair with a twisted and puffed-up braid is an alluring change to the overall hairstyle that is going to leave everyone in awe of you and your look. Hairstyles should be modern and effortless so that it is easy on the eye. This is another college hairdo that would not take much of your time yet would look chic, trendy, and unique. 

16. Dive into the Circle of Twists 

We have been reading about distinct braids for ages and this circle of twists braids is just another example of the line of braid hairstyles that we have covered for you. 

This circle of twists in a braid form is an ultimate attempt to create a royal hairdo. You can even add hair accessories to this circle of twists. The hairstyle is like an evening star. It would make you glow and glisten in the beauty of the twists. And, those curls hanging across the ears look drop-dead gorgeous. This will turn out to be an epic hairstyle for a grand celebration. 

17. The Perfect Poker Straight Hair 

When we first looked at this hairstyle, we could not control ourselves from saying that one-word ‘SLAYYY’. This poker-straight hair look is not just limited to a simple hairstyle that can be worn anywhere but that bright yellow color at the end is such a great extra that does not look *extra*. You can flaunt this look as a modernist inclusion and break the social stereotypes that colored locks become *a little too much*. The amount of precision and focus that went into creating this utterly decent, simple yet so pure, and beautiful hairstyle is beauty beyond measure. 

18. The Waterfall Hairstyle 

Bringing forward yet another neck-length hairstyle that appears to be super cute and gives us those happy vibes. And, we all want that, right? We want to radiate good and happy vibes around so that we can stay jolly and content. This hairstyle has an air of love, purity, and childlike innocence which makes it look all the more tempting. We have been waiting to present this hairstyle to all of you as it is super soft and easy and is perfect for any event. 

19. The Contemporary Curls 

Have you forgotten that bold curls are always in? They upgrade your fashion sense and look extremely decent and intellectual. If you are working at an arena that requires you to keep your look minimal, this one’s for you. These curls will look good with modern attire and would also work with Indian dresses like your salwar-kameez and Anarkalis. Always remember to carry it with the right amount of confidence and you will just love your look. Own your look and trust me, you will start crushing over your persona. 

This hairstyle is a reasonably good pick for an everyday get-ready session.

20. The Avant-Garde Appeal 

This hairdo is a look that introduces a modern woman to this new world of technology, individuality, and glory. The two buns on the top of the head with straight hair are a fabulous addition to a normal hairstyle. You can always create looks that are grand, quirky, and playful. It makes you appear utterly confident and sure about your presence. Out-of-the-ordinary and unorthodox looks always leave an imprint on people’s minds. This is a great alternative to everyday hairstyles that you can easily wear to colleges and universities and also, to the different events happening around the city.

21. The Timeless Bun 

Can we ever get tired of the conventional yet modern tight buns? They are so classy, timeless, and elegant that we just cannot say ‘NO’. *makes sad face* This classic bun can be worn with your sarees, suits, hoodies and even, tight-fit gowns. They are the perfect ones to have when you want to go extra glam and show those bold red lips. *ah, gorgeous*

How can you forget statement jewelry with a bun or floral hair accessories? It will accentuate your overall attire and make you feel effortlessly beautiful. 

22. Why Give a Damn When You Are Glam!? 

Keeping the best one for the last.! How can someone let go of such delicious wavy curls? They look so delicate, soft, and exclusive that we just could not skip them. Wear it with a western dress like a gown or a formal suit and believe us, neither you nor your people will be able to get over the whole look. It will look expensive, polished, and different which, my lovelies are super important. 


This list has dropped some crazy neck-length hairstyles that you are going to adore. With a hairstyle for every occasion, we hope that you have enjoyed reading as much as we did in curating this for you. Let us know how you found it and tell us which hairstyle you added to your bag. *virtual hugs*

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