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23 Short Mangalsutra Designs For The Millennial Bride

Hey ladies, are you planning to get married this year or probably in the coming year? No no no, don’t be too soon to judge, we aren’t that aunt who keeps on asking the same question over and over again – when are you getting married, it’s time to get married, you are at a suitable age to get married, etc. But if you are someone who’s planning on taking the next step, then we have covered something useful for you – Mangalsutra!

‘Mangalsutra’ is said to be a symbol of marriage and it indicates a wife’s love and commitment for her husband. It carries immense significance in Hindu tradition and culture. It is a sacred thread traditionally tied around a bride’s neck by her groom on the wedding day. But, nowadays trends are changing, and just recently we have heard of a story where the bride also tied a Mangalsutra around her groom’s neck as a sign of love and equality on their wedding day.

We are amused and significantly happy seeing these changing trends and traditions and the same goes for the new styles of mangal sutra designs. You may have seen stylish actresses like Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, and many others wearing minimalist yet beautiful Mangalsutras at their weddings. And just like those designs, we have listed a few more unique and modern mangalsutra designs for your wedding day.

Health Benefits of Mangalsutra

Don’t be surprised as most of the traditions that we have been following do wonders for our health. Some traditions or practices are based on Ayurveda that helps to heal our body, mind, and soul. Mangalsutra is mostly made of pure gold thus in our Ayurveda, it is written that pure gold has the properties of healing. Not only this, but it also improves the health of our heart. 

Here are some other benefits of wearing Mangalsutra!

  • It regularises blood pressure and blood flow.
  • It helps in the development of the immune system.
  • It stimulates the Surya Nadi (Sun-channel) in the body and awakens the inherent energy in it.

Earlier, women used to wear long Mangalsutras but these days women love wearing short ones that you can wear on daily basis and with almost all the outfits. Here are some of the options for you!

1. Diamonds are forever

We couldn’t take our eyes off Deepika Padukone’s single diamond mangalsutra that stole our hearts. This mangalsutra is going to be your favorite if you love diamonds and who feel less is more. Millennial Brides these days love the fashion that comes with comfort, so if you are planning to wear your Mangalsutra every day, you can choose this delicate design every day, because we know ‘diamonds are women’s best friends’.

2. Shining Sun Signs

We are in awe of this mangalsutra design by Usheeta Rawtani who made a similar piece for fashionista Sonam Kapoor with her and her husbands’ sun sign. So now you have a choice to customize your mangalsutra with your zodiac signs on it. Check out this Mangalsutra which Sonam Kapoor herself designed. 

3. Flowers and You

If you are searching for a mangalsutra in the design of a neckpiece then this design is perfect for you. It is short, chic, and super stylish that will go with your suits, sarees, and even with your western outfits.

4. A Dropping Pearl

This piece is a fusion of modern trends and traditional styles and it is going to steal your heart. 

5. Moonshine Diamond Mangalsutra 

Design: Sampat Jewellers

Moonshine solitaire mangalsutra was designed keeping in mind the needs and choices of the modern woman. It is handmade with fancy cut marquise and princess cut real diamonds to look like solitaire. Ideal for everyday wear including at work, weddings, and other special events. Made with the finest quality solid gold and real diamonds. The diamonds are full-cut, meaning they have 56-57 facets for everlasting sparkle.

6. Octet Minimal Mangalsutra Pendant

Design: Mangalsutra by Boldiful

This fancy silver pendant cum mangalsutra is going to enhance the beauty of your overall look. It looks elegant and sophisticated. If you planning to give a meaningful gift at your best friend’s wedding, then what’s better than this octet minimal mangalsutra pendant?

7. Crescent Diamond Mangalsutra

Photo: Melissa Gayle Photography

This crescent diamond mangalsutra is most suitable for working women or brides who love a sleek design. This is a dream come true mangalsutra and will go with all your formal outfits.

8. Bow Like Mangalsutra

Are searching for a short mangalsutra that is stylish and subtle at the same time? This mangalsutra design that is fancy and unique with two triangles facing each other is perfect for you. 

9. Choker Style Mangalsutra

Look at this stunning Mangalsutra that is embellished with black beads and diamonds. It is one of its kind as you may not have seen such designs of Mangalsutra before. Traditional and trendy are two words that perfectly describe this mangalsutra design. This design is a must-have for millennial brides.

10. The Classy Mangalsutra

Priyanka Chopra is known for her style and fashion and when she chooses to very this very different mangalsutra by Sabyasachi that’s not only modern but traditional as well, all eyes were on her.

A cluster of diamonds with a drop-shaped diamond along with three small size diamonds in a pendant with gold and black beads for your mangalsutra looks ravishing.

Who else wants to play classy?

11. Double Chain Mangalsutra

Do you love experimenting with your jewellery as you experiment with your outfit or hairstyle? This mangalsutra design is a perfect blend of creativity and subtleness. This is one of our favorite Mangalsutra out of all we listed. This double-chained look-alike neckpiece comprises of black beaded chain and a simple sleek chain joined to form a single masterpiece. 

12. Dual Tone Mangalsutra 

Design: Sampat Jewelers

A beautiful mangalsutra handcrafted with real marquise and princess cut diamonds set on solid gold is a fine choice. The good news is that these dual-tone chains are available in different lengths, colors, and chain types. 

13. Minimalistic Mangalsutra

This exquisite piece is delicate and flamboyant as you are going to fall in love with this gorgeous Mangalsutra. You might get confused about whether it is a fancy pendant set or a Mangalsutra. If we see the meaning of ‘Mangalsutra’ then the constituents say Mangal – Auspicious, Sutra – Thread. 

14. Starry Mangalsutra

For those who like the concept of minimalism, this could be the Mangalsutra for you. Not everyone likes the idea of wearing a heavy piece of jewellery all the time after the marriage, so this could be it! Get the small beaded mangalsutra with the pendants that suit your personality and length according to your preference.

15. Three-layered Mangalsutra

Most of us want to follow our traditions but in our own ways. If you are looking for a mangalsutra that doesn’t look like a mangalsutra, then this might be the design for you. The three layers and the pendants are all in harmony with each other. This mangalsutra is auspicious and looks beautiful too. It can go with different types of dresses and not just the traditional ones.

16. The Moon Fantasy!

If you are a Selenophile and look at the moon person, then we have something for you! This moon and the star with small black beads look dreamy. 

17. His Name on Mangalsutra

One of the biggest buzzwords for everyone over the past several years is customization or personalization. Almost all the products these days can be customized, your outfits, footwear, and even your mangalsutra! So if you want his name around your heart, go and get a customized Mangalsutra.

18. Is this a Mangalsutra?

This simple black beaded neckpiece with a gold-plated diamond pendant is simply elegant and intriguing. This Mangalsutra looks more like a pendant set and goes well with your traditional outfits. If you are tired of scrolling through boring traditional designs, then this one might be the one for your lovely neck. 

19. The One with Thick Thread

So far you have seen the mangalsutras with sleek and thin chains but not all ladies love such designs. If you are the one who loves wearing heavy or bulky things around your neck, you will love this design.

20. Tri-bead Meenakari Mangalsutra

Even in this era of modernism, staying connected to our roots gives us a feeling of solidarity and comfort. Not everyone wants a modern design and neither is everyone a fan of minimalism. This Mangalsutra design solves the purpose for lovers of traditional wear. This bewitching meenakari mangalsutra design is traditional but unique in itself.

We particularly loved the tri-bead along the Mangalsutra chain.

21. For Soap Opera Fans

Divyanka Tripathi chose dainty Mangalsutra to flaunt at her wedding to Vivek. She chose to slay this design with a single diamond piece with some studs.

22. Eye Catching Mangalsutra

Now that you have already seen so many trendy Minimalist Mangalsutras in this article. But this is something that will convince you to design your mangal sutra in a very decent way. Not only this looks classy but its ritzy design is the eye-catcher for the women who love wearing teeny-weeny jewellery or don’t like wearing anything at all.

23. Spiritual Mangalsutra

Aashka Goradia’s Mangalsutra carved with ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’ is very unique. It symbolizes her love and dedication towards God Shiva.


From solitaire mangalsutra in distinct settings to sleek designs that can double up as a necklace, there’s so much to Mangalsutras for the millennial bride!

By Saakshi Pathak

Saakshi Pathak aka Iska Review girl is a blogger, script writer, book reviewer, youtuber and a show host. Her writings are often witty and layered with sarcastic comments. She makes videos on social issues and has also been working with various media houses as a freelance content creator. She loves collecting and wearing jhumkas. She's an avid book reader. She is currently based in Chandigarh and is working as a freelancer.

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