Top 35 Rangoli Designs for Diwali – Latest and Trending

This time, as we all opt for homemade celebrations during Covid, we may all adopt different ways of celebrating this festival of lights and happiness.

When we talk about the Diwali festival, what words wander in your mind? Lights, Diyas, Sweets, and Rangoli!

If you have crackers in mind, let’s replace them with Rangoli this Diwali and make colorful and vibrant Rangoli at your houses’ entrance. But this ritual of making beautiful patterns on the floor has significance. Rangoli is a gesture of welcoming the guests and Goddess Lakshmi with love and warmth.

This year we should decorate our houses with Rangoli as there is a lot of sadness and negativity pondering due to Corona. We earlier used to visit all our friends and relatives, but this year, we all must follow social distancing and wear masks, always. 

Every state of our country loves Rangoli, and has it is called different in each state. It is known as Kolam in Tamil Naidu, Mandana in Rajasthan, Khoti in Odisha, Ariana in Bihar, Chowkpurana in Chhattisgarh, and Muggu in Andhra Pradesh.

Latest Rangoli Design for Diwali

The word rangoli derives from the Sanskrit word ‘rangavalli’ and signifies a creative expression of art using colors. Rangoli is also seen as a good omen.

Traditional Rangolis looked different compared to the new designs that look mesmerizing with the inclusion of various embellishments. Every year there are new trending designs of Rangoli on the internet. People keep on experimenting with colors, methods, and patterns.

Let’s take a look at how you can make your Rangoli design unique and gorgeous. Some designs are effortless to create, and some can only be made by the creative enthusiasts who love making Rangolis on every occasion.

Love for Rangoli is eternal. Some lovemaking Diyas with colors, while some people have peacock design as their favorite. But this time, let’s try some unique and new ideas for making Rangoli. Don’t waste time and learn some simple skills and hack this Diwali.

Mostly the Rangolis are symmetrical, but nowadays, people have been experimenting with new ideas and creativity. The artist always welcomes unique designs.

Here are some designs of Rangoli which you can try at your home.

1. Glowing White

Look at this beautiful Rangoli, which instantly grabbed your attention. It is a perfect Rangoli design for your lovely house if you love minimal designs.

The combination of white color with colorful peacock petals is alluring. Isn’t it?  This Rangoli may look challenging to create, but this can be made easily by your fingers’ magic once you try.

Tip: You can use Rice flour for white color.

2. Flowers in a Handi

Made with four colors, this rangoli design would make your Instagram stories stand out from all the other ones! The hexagonal design looks like a handi annotating the festive vibe! The green leaves and the yellow outlines complement the pink in the flowers, and this color combination can go with light interiors and floors.

3. Mirror Rangoli

Who doesn’t want to look and appropriate oneself in every possible reflecting surface on a festive day!? For those obsessed with these shiny objects called mirrors and those who don’t want to spill rangoli colors all over the place, this rangoli design can save your day! Although it may take a little longer to prepare, these reusable designs can leave people in awe after looking at them. 

Get these petal-shaped mirrors cut from your nearest glass vendor. You can use glass colors to add your favorite colors to this design. Use beads and other objects of your choice to create the patterns.  Reuse this Rangoli as a wall hanging by pasting it to a strong jute cloth!

4. Marigold Ganesha

No, we can’t forget the tradition of starting everything by remembering Lord Ganesha. So this design is for all of them who love monochrome designs. And Diwali Pooja is incomplete without worshipping Lord Ganesha.

These Rangoli with the outline of Marigold flowers is a must-try Rangoli on Diwali.

5. Kalash Rangoli

You might have even bought and decorated your house with Kalash designed torans and decorative pieces. So why not attempt this captivating Rangoli. The green leaves around make it much more beautiful.

If your family has recently welcomed a newlywed couple, this Rangoli design is super lucky for you. 

6. Toran Rangoli

Don’t forget Toran Rangoli Designs, which are in trend this year. They look like the same decorative pieces that you use at your doors or gates.

You can try various Toran designs. These look like borders, so if you wish to decorate your balcony or your living room entrance. Toran Designs are pleasing. Your family is definitely going to love it!

7. Traditional Floor art

Can you feel the vibrant vibes by just looking at this Rangoli design? Elephants represent Prosperity and happiness, which is why is one of the most loved Rangoli designs.

If you also want to try and make it, start by drawing a square. Take a paper the size of the square and draw an elephant on it Cut it out like a stencil. Outline all four sides, fill with red color. Make whatever designs you want in it. But use a white outline to make it look like pearls! Make any pattern in the four edges to fill with green color. And it is ready!

8. Art on our Floors

In this new arena, everybody is experimenting and creating something by introducing art in their outfits, ornaments. Why can’t we try an art form in our Rangoli?

This Artistic Rangoli is our recent favorite. Aesthetically, it is fascinating. You need to have some stencils and subtle colors, and that’s it.

9. Flower Rangoli

Originally, Rangolis were made with rice flour, powdered wood, sandalwood, and flowers.

Some people still prefer Rangoli made with flowers. You can also place colorful hand-painted Diyas to complement this kind of Rangoli.

Let’s not use harmful chemicals that are being sold in the name of Rangoli colors.

10. The Footprints

In our culture, there is a practice of making Shripada which means footprints of Goddess Lakshmi on the occasion of Diwali.

This subtle design also has ‘Charan’ of Goddess Lakshmi, a symbol of Prosperity, money.

11. Vibrant Petal Wheel

This Vibrant Petal wheel with red, orange, yellow, and a little green color is pleasing to the eyes. We are loving this Rangoli and hope you love it too.

No, it’s not at all easy to make this, but there’s an effortless technique. Try and have fun.

12. Happy Rangoli!

This text craved Rangoli has unique vibes. You can write, Happy Diwali, Welcome home, Wishes on Diwali, etc. Use your finger to write the text filled in the circle filled with colors.

The outline done with the green color is making this design stand out. Your friends, guests, and family are going to love this Rangoli.

13. Dreamcatcher Rangoli

Dreamcatchers hanging on your doors look pretty, right?

Dream catchers are all over the place! Often seen hanging in cafes & restaurants, dreamcatchers are believed to catch bad dreams and bring good ones. This rangoli design is for all the dreamcatcher lovers out there! The dream catcher’s inside the frame can be filled in a traditional style or with a relatively modern rangoli technique. Spread the color in heeps connected within the frame and, with the thumb, carefully trace the heap towards its tail. You can make frames and threads using a single color, and you can use vibrant colors to create colorful shells. You can also use a pen refill to mark the dividing line for the covers.

Then why not try your hands on Rangoli designed as a Dreamcatcher.

14. Everything Festive

Who doesn’t love lehengas on special occasions? And what is more festive and unique than Diwali?! Show your love for this traditional outfit and try this beautiful rangoli design! Perfect for corners, you can decorate this with small mirrors, pebbles, seashells, leaves, and whatnot. Try this design in specific rooms where you want to utilize the corners for a rangoli as it beautifully fills up the corners and makes a beautiful sight when decorated with diyas during the evening rituals. You can add the elements of your choice for jewelry and gota-kinaris of the lehenga.

15. Keep it Minimal

Monochrome has been the design trend of 2020. This timeless design trend is not going anywhere soon. While suitable for darker floor colors, this design suits most of the modern interiors. The dias look very elegant with monochromatic Rangolis. The yellow-orange color of the flame adds weight and value to the overall design. It would be the go-to design for all those who are in love with minimalism. People who have lighter shades of the floor can use dark and vibrant colors instead of white and show their love for minimalistic designs.

16. Our Favourite Peacocks

Peacocks are the most popular birds in India. When one thinks of rangoli designs, peacock designs are the first thing that comes to one’s mind. No colors can ever match the beauty of the vibrant, glowing feathers of a peacock. You can notice the blue, green color mixed with festive orange and pink even from the moon (just kidding!)

Mix and match the backgrounds and elements of rangoli with the peacock blue in the center and peacock green for the feathers. You can use innumerable patterns and techniques to make a peacock rangoli design. All this decorated with Dias is going to be a treat to the eyes.

17. Filling Edges

Thick textured Rangoli may look complicated, but the reality is the opposite. Make circular designs or circularly spill some colors and using a stick make the designs as shown in the above picture. This combination of Footprints, flowers, and leaves is simple yet beautiful.

Don’t forget to make footprints patterns, which is a specialty of Diwali.

18. Spread Love

Never miss a chance to spread awareness on social issues. While the social media feeds are flooded with posts from festivities, extend your support by spreading the LTBTQ+ awareness through this design. The colors being representatives of these ignored communities can help dilute the taboos associated with them. This quick design in the shape of a dia serves two purposes at the same time!

19. Eco-Friendly Diwali

This Rangoli based on ‘Save Trees, Save Environment’ is the town’s talk.

Dear Readers, stop burning crackers in the name of celebration. You can do much more than this and feel happy about the same. Our earth deserves much better from us. So this Rangoli can be a message to everyone. Happy and Celebrate Green Diwali, everyone.

20. Chakri Rangoli

We recommend you to try this Rangoli in the corner of your lobby or room. It will be the center of the attraction that we promise you.

This Rangoli looks like the cracker which every child loves. Yes, the ‘Chakri’ cracker which burns and dances in rotation, giving us the illusion of rotating Chakri. We are supporting green Diwali through almost every Rangoli!

21. Ladoos

Are you able to spot some laddoos with the image of Lord Ganesha? The circular design looks like treats to Lord Ganesha.

We are totally in love with the choice of colors and hope you also love it.

22. Colorful Feminine Rangoli

We all started with flowers Rangoli, and then we started using floral designs to make Rangoli with colors. And now art has been playing an essential role in the designs of Rangoli.

This Rangoli is an example of such art. Making portraits and face Rangolis are also in trend.

If you want to thank your mother for making your life beautiful, please surprise her with this Rangoli.

Tip: Make this Rangoli at women’s day or Mother’s day.

23. 5 Minutes Rangoli

With the simple and easy hacks available on the internet, people make beautiful Rangolis by such tactics. There are so many DIY rangoli designs for you if you are a beginner.

So don’t worry if you haven’t tried your hands on Rangoli before. Simple hacks such as using a spoon or bangles are in trend.

24. Mandala Rangoli

This mandala rangoli design is perfect for spaces that require more volume in an aesthetic sense. You can use as many colors as you want to fill this aesthetically pleasing mandala pattern.

It gives the illusion of a 3D pattern.

25. Not So Square Rangoli

This minimal not-so-traditional design can be your choice for the celebrations. This small, simple, and unique design will make your home look even more beautiful. Add magic to this design by lighting diyas alongside your rangoli.

26. Something Extra

If you also need some extra this Diwali and have space that you wish to fill, save this design. You may need more colors for this design as this Rangoli occupied extra space.

If you love painting in your drawing book, don’t worry; it will be effortless to make.

27. What to do with the Corners?

If you are worried about the corners of your house, you should try this simple showery Rangoli.

Come on, who loves empty corners? If you have some colors, go and try this ravishing Rangoli. Corners deserve our attention, let’s not make them feel isolated.

Try this Rangoli to fill up such spaces.

28. Prosperous Diwali

Try out this Rangoli of Goddess Durga made in the shape of the sun. The orange color signifies warmth, energy, abundance, and security. You can make Rangoli for any festival, whether it’s Navratri, Dussehra, or Diwali.

Sun shaped Rangolis are very popular among the people who love making Rangolis.

29. Foot Mat Rangoli

It is a foot mat designed Rangoli, not a foot mat. 

It is made of garlands of marigold, and you can try it at the side of the walls. You can complement it by placing yours in house plants.

Place some mirror ornamented diyas to take this Rangoli to the next level.

30. Bouquet Rangoli

You have seen so many floral Rangolis still this Rangoli with so many flowers looks different from others. It just looks like a Bouquet on your floor.

Pick a different color for different flowers or make it monochrome; it will look super amazing. The truth is we never get tired of floral patterns in Rangoli.

31. Diya Jale

Diya is surrounded by white flowers outlined in pink color. The blue color is complementing the overall presentation. So we recommend you not to change the colors and try this design as it is.

We do love symmetrical things, so nothing new in the Rangoli Designs. The patterns surrounding the flowers is making this Rangoli a must-try.

32. Shimmering Ganesha

This Rangoli looks so beautiful surrounded by diyas. Even at night, this is going to look enthralling. Use blue color to fill in Lord Ganesha. 

Oh, look at the white tusk. Embellish it with mirrored diyas.

Your friends and family are going to love this Rangoli design when you put the stories. Don’t forget to tag us.

33. Swan on the ground

As much as we love adding peacocks in our Rangoli, Swan design is also much loved. You can use a variety of colors, patterns to fill the swan.

This design looks ravishing, embellished with Diya at the center. Swan symbolism is linked to love, Prosperity, grace, and beauty. Some other designs which need your attention

34. Flowers in Quadrants

35. Hawan Kund Rangoli

You must be aware of ‘Hawan Kund’ where Poojas and weddings are performed. This Rangoli design looks exactly like that.

Placing Kalash and diyas will brighten up the area where you chose to design this Rangoli.


The best way to celebrate this most awaited festival of the year is to fulfill your house and your life with love, lights, colors, and happiness.

Green Diwali must include the creation of beautiful Rangoli designs at your footstep.

Your Instagram feed also must be filled with Rangoli pictures. Who made what kind of Rangoli at their place. So we gave you so many beautiful ideas and designs of Rangoli. Now you are ready to flaunt with your Rangoli.

Plus, don’t forget to put your innovative and creative ideas in the designs. We also suggest you buy only chemical-free and environment-friendly colors, thus celebrating safe Diwali.

Happy Diwali, celebrate it with utmost care!

By Saakshi Pathak

Saakshi Pathak aka Iska Review girl is a blogger, script writer, book reviewer, youtuber and a show host. Her writings are often witty and layered with sarcastic comments. She makes videos on social issues and has also been working with various media houses as a freelance content creator. She loves collecting and wearing jhumkas. She's an avid book reader. She is currently based in Chandigarh and is working as a freelancer.

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