How to Become a Good Wife? 10 Qualities of a Good Wife

Marriage is one of the essential rituals on earth. Parents all over the world want their children to get married and settle well in life. An Indian woman if often looked upon as an ideal wife. A wife who knows how to take care of her husband, how to be supportive of his life choices, and how to make sure there’s a work-life balance. 

 A wife is her husbands’ anchor because of these specific attributes that make her the best wife.

10 Best Qualities of a Good Wife

1. A wife needs to be patient

A husband may feel low or impatient for some reason, but you need to be understanding enough and be patient. 

Patience doesn’t mean putting up with violence; patience means waiting for the right time. There is a time for everything, so she should wait for the right time to act, and lookout for ways to make him feel better and calm.

2. A wife should be willing to adjust

A wife needs to adjust to her husband and her new life. ost of us will say that adjustment needs to be mutual. However, to be “the best wife,” she needs to make a few adjustments. Adjustments, probably more than him.

There is a thin line between adjustment and compromise. Nobody is asking her to compromise, and we don’t think the adjustment lowers her position, anyhow. 

3. Give space to your husband

Irrespective of gender, every person needs space in his/her life. Nobody has the authority to take it away from him or her. Space may mean staying alone for some time or pursuing a passion. 

A wife should understand that wanting to spend some quality time alone or with a friend does not amount to negligence. She should allow that space to her husband and likewise. If she tries to tag along when he meets his friends, he will feel claustrophobic. She should also allow her husband his personal space to pursue his hobbies. Stress is a constant factor in our daily lives. So, it is quite natural to want some me-time.

4. She should be an active listener

Even men need someone who can listen to their emotions and expectations. Here, the wife needs to play a predominant role, and consider both of them as equal partners in everything.

When your husband pours his heart out to her, she should listen to him patiently. If she makes him repeat, he may feel that she wasn’t listening to him attentively. 

There is a difference between hearing, listening, and actively listening. Actively listening to entails listening, understanding, and responding accordingly.

5. Sharing his interests

A perfect wife doesn’t turn up her nose at her husband’s interests. Both of them are two different individuals, so they may have different hobbies. One of them may prefer reading, while the other may be an enthusiastic cook.

Being a wife, you are not expected to sacrifice your hobbies, but you can at least cultivate an interest in your husband’s hobbies.

In case you don’t share the same hobby, you could ask him details about it. Once you know the details, you could also find out what makes it attractive to him and contribute to it. It should also be evident that you are trying to understand him through his hobbies. 

When a wife expresses curiosity in the husband’s interests, he feels happy, and a hobby can make the bond stronger between the husband and wife. 

6. Interact with him often

Daily interaction helps the bonding grow stronger. Also, frequent interactions with each other help them clear a lot of misunderstandings. 

A husband may be too reserved to be interactive. The wife should find out what topics make him interact and deal accordingly. A steady communication about everything under the sun uplifts the mood and makes the husband comfortable with his wife. It also builds trust.

To be a good wife, you should make it a point to interact with him for a part of the day. 

7. Respect him as a person

Respect is very essential in every relationship. A wife must respect her husband in public and at home and same goes for a husband. Yelling at each other or humiliating each other may have a negative impact on your relationship.

No human being is perfect, a good wife must never indulge in gossiping against him with relatives or neighbors. Keeping his secrets to herself is a way of showing respect to him.   

8. Be supportive of him 

Indian Bollywood actors Ranveer Singh (L) and Deepika Padukone pose for photographers during their wedding reception held at the Leela Palace in Bangalore on November 21, 2018. – The couple tied the knot in a private family affair held in Italy on November 14 and 15. (Photo by MANJUNATH KIRAN / AFP) (Photo credit should read MANJUNATH KIRAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Here, the word “support” is not confined to “economic support”, but support him mentally by being with him every step of the way.

If your husband is stressed, you should do something to cheer him up and share his problems. Tell him that you will always better for him in everything he does. 

9. Be real

Pretending to be someone else for a long time is actually not possible. In the process of acting, you may not only lose your authentic self but the love in your relationship as well.

When a husband finds out the true colors of his wife, he is bound to despise her for being a fraud. Pretending to be what she is not, may also overwhelm her. elf. 

10. Be honest

There should be complete honesty between the husband and the wife. And if there’s no honesty, it causes a lot of bitterness between in the relationship. So, the wife should consciously ensure that she is honest to him even about the tiniest details.

Missing out the smallest detail might have disastrous consequences later in the marriage.


Marriage is a sacred institution throughout the world. If the wife is the best, it doesn’t mean that she is inferior to her husband. It means she is trying to make the relationship work, from her end. 

Edited & Published By Team WomenXO