10+ Best Plus Size Fashion Bloggers You Must Follow

Long long ago advertising outfits and makeup products used to have romantic leads with zero-size slim fit women. Movies showed impossibly attractive slim co-stars, having successful jobs and whatnot. But cheers to our ever-evolving fashion industry.

Gone the days when people found women with only lean bodies attractive. With the new social media movements like body positivity, self-acceptance, women have started embracing themselves as the way they are. Not only this but also some prominent well-established brands have started hiring models of plus size for promoting their products and outfits

The idea of having an ideal shape and size is no more a narrower concept. Let’s talk about some of the best plus-size blogs that women are admiring these days.

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Best Fashion Blog for Plus Size

Instagram is a good place for finding India’s best fashion blog for plus size. There are so many women out there who are creating amazing stuff and videos online. Some have started their websites while some decided to handle their youtube channel, but Instagram is still the best place to find these super talented fashion freaks. These daring ladies smashed the patriarchy and found their ways to fight against the societal norms that are not accepted in general. Plus size is attractive and can be bold and sexy – this statement is a proven fact by such fashion bloggers. Some are working for international brands and some are entrepreneurs and working for themselves. Most of them experienced body shaming in one way or another, but they didn’t stop. These beautiful ladies turned their passion into full-time jobs. The fashion industry is also welcoming them with open arms.

Let’s check some profiles and websites.

1. Sakshi Sindwani (Styleupwithsakshi)

Plus-size model and blogger Sakshi Sindwani is a body-positive content creator. With almost 345 k followers, the dynamic influencer behind Style Me Up With Sakshi has several body-confidence-inducing videos to her credit. From being called ‘Moti’ in Delhi school to walking the ramp in a swimsuit, life has come full circle for Sakshi Sindwani. She walked as a model in Lakme Fashion Week in 2019. Not many people know this, but she has started a YouTube channel with the same name after her Instagram profile got much love. Breaking taboos and myths about plus size women are her favorite thing to do, which she does by making beautiful videos for all the women who are plus size and still worried about their bodies and clothes.

2. Neha Parulkar (Plus and Proud)

When India hosted the first-ever plus-size fashion show, Neha Parulkar studded down the runaway with full poise and confidence. Now, a plus-size model and a body-positivity influencer, Neha has been walking the ramp for four years. The way she styles her quirky outfits and combos is jaw-dropping. 

3. Varshita Tathavarthi

She is breaking all the stereotypes with her amazing modeling career. In a society where people find it difficult to accept the fact that Dusky and size women are attractive, she is a stylist and fashion influencer. She became the first plus-size model for Sabyasachi. She looks glamorous in the Women’s day campaign with Sabyasachi. 

4. Ashna Bhagwani (Beyond That Bouffant)

Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Ashna Bhagwani has done a lot of national and international projects. Her content on body positivity inspires women globally, motivating them to love and appreciate themselves. Her website with the name ‘Beyond That Bauffant’ has all the Beauty, fashion, and makeup tips with a personal touch. She reviews a lot of makeup products she used and honestly talks about so many issues.

She is known for giving some life-saving fashion tips to e women by using the hashtag #breakingmythswithashna.

5. Neelakshi Singh (Plump to Pretty)

This talented lady not only has her own blog Plump To Pretty but also teaches Fashion Styling to students at Pearl Academy. She is from Mumbai and started her blog ‘ Plump to Pretty’ in 2012. It focuses on her take on fashion trends and how she loves experimenting with clothes. 

6. Tanesha Awasthi (Girl with Curves)

She is not just a fashion blogger, but also the founder of an award-winning blog ‘Girl with Curves’. She runs her plus-size clothing label under the same name. Her Instagram is filled with trendy looks, and she has often seen sharing advice related to beauty, wellness, makeup, and motherhood. 

7. Reenita Dutta (Glam Shutter)

Glam Shutter is the space where she writes about her journey. Her long, loose clothes have been replaced by her favorite cuts and crops. Reena has taken fashion, a plus-size girl’s biggest enemy, and made it her biggest strength. 

8. Aarti Olivia Dubey (Curves Become Her) 

This is Arti’s webspace to discuss plus size fashion. Dos and dont’s. Not only this, she keeps on sharing feminist posts and the issues relating to anxiety. 

9. Luanne D’souza (Weesha’s World)

Weesha’s World is Luanne’s little diary, which is about everything that inspires her. She had made it her mission to share how clothes and makeup can enhance the lives of people. It is her way of inspiring big girls and telling them that they aren’t alone. Along with this, she is also working on the ‘KARA Women of Substance Campaign’. This campaign celebrates empowered, feminine and dynamic women like her.

10. Gia Kashyap (‘Gia Says that’)

 Gia Kashyap is in this fashion industry since 2009. Based in Mumbai, her blog is insanely amazing with the name ‘Gia Says that’. Not only fashion, but she also covers interesting reels on body image and societal norms. You will learn a lot from this blog

11. Amena Azeez (Fashionopolis)

Co-founder and editor in chief of the website www. fashion polos, Amena Azeez is known as a body-positive activist. She writes, makes videos, and is our favorite feminist fashion blogger. She is breaking all the stereotypes by clearing misconceptions regarding plus-size women.

12. Curious Fancy

Ragini will make you fall in love with her fashion sense. Not only this, she will let you be a badass chic. The curious fancy blog is all about fashion, vintage feels. Based on beautiful themes, each post is about a particular topic. How can you shoot your portrait, how to look fancy, etc. This blog is a must-follow kind of thing for all the ladies.

13. Nisha Mansharamani (theplussizewomaniya)

As per Nisha Mansharamani’s Instagram profile, she is known as ‘unbothered of the so-called societal norms’. Now you can have an idea of her blog too. Nisha wears her plus size as a badge. Her blog and style are bold and sassy at the same time. If you are ready to rock in your sexy attire, then you must check her blog for fashion tips and ideas. We love her attitude and the way she presents herself.

14. Jacqueline Kiara Ledlie

Rockstar Jaqueline loves fashion as well as the TV industry. Having participated in various reality shows like Splitzvilla and Love school, she isn’t afraid to put herself out there in her grinning glory. Check her Instagram profile to get some entertainment and beauty tips.


Plus-size fashion is not just about clothes and styling, it is more of a personality type. Such Indian bloggers are proving this right in many ways. Dressing up for a plus-sized woman is also so closely related to body positivity and acceptance. Most women look up to these women fashion bloggers who are rocking all sorts of outfits and giving us all plus-size fashion inspirations. 

Be confident in your skin, ladies! Some people have been criticizing these plus-size fashion influencers for promoting obesity among young girls. But they have been trying to explain such misconceptions and myths by making videos.

By Saakshi Pathak

Saakshi Pathak aka Iska Review girl is a blogger, script writer, book reviewer, youtuber and a show host. Her writings are often witty and layered with sarcastic comments. She makes videos on social issues and has also been working with various media houses as a freelance content creator. She loves collecting and wearing jhumkas. She's an avid book reader. She is currently based in Chandigarh and is working as a freelancer.

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