Top 35+ Photoshoot Poses for Girls To Try in 2021

Nowadays, we all meet online, whether friends or potential partners. So Instagram and Facebook profiles say a lot about you. Your profile should be organized and aesthetically pleasing. And for that, your posing game should be firm. 

We are sure you need something new and creative for your profiles. But if you are stuck with the same pose every time you face the camera, don’t worry. There are so many classic poses that can make your picture look retro, but at the same time, you can also try some quirky new ideas with magazines, books, cups, flowers, or your outfits.

Let’s not talk more and look at the pictures and learn some poses for your upcoming photoshoots.

We have come to your rescue. So now go through our article and learn some basic techniques. Don’t forget to tag us.

You can try similar poses with different accessories or props.

Best Photoshoot Poses for Girls

Before reading this article, answer these questions.

Is your Instagram full of your photos with the same poses?

Do you also get awkward while posing for the camera and still want good pictures?

Don’t feel bad when you see actresses or models having great pictures. Don’t worry; it’s just about using some techniques, perfect camera angles, and proper lighting. If you ever run out of ideas, get stuck in creativity, or need some guidance, then here we are. Save this article because this will teach you some of the best poses for your Instagram profile. It will help you if you are a fashion influencer or wish to slay in your friend circle.

1. Play with your Hair

If you can’t find any other way to look attractive in your pictures, then try posing with your hands and hair. Trust us; your image will look candid and beautiful. You can use one hand to pull off your hair and the other placing it on your waist. Also, you can pretend that you are putting your hair behind the ears.

2. Look Away

If you wish to look super candid in your pictures, then avoid looking at the camera. Crisscross your legs and make subtle facial expressions while looking away from the camera. You can fold your hands or swing them away.

3. Face Resting on your Hand

This pose is every girl’s favorite one as it makes you look cuter than you are (Kidding, you are the cutest).

On the one hand, rest your face, chin up, and you are ready for your photoshoot.

4. Upside Down

This pose is fun. Suppose you have planned your photoshoot at your place then. Adorn this pose with a book in your hand. So all you have to do is to lay on the sofa upside down and smile.

This pose is cozy and cute at the same time.

5. Ready Steady Go Retro

Remember, don’t smile while doing this if you want to make it a retro pose. Put your hand in your hair and sit like the model sitting in this picture. Focus on the way she has put her foot. And last but not least, make your photo black and white while editing.

Your friends are going to love this picture, so be ready for countless comments.

6. Hands Up

If you want to make your legs and arms look longer, then try this pose. All you have to do is to put both your hands up while touching each other. The camera angle should be below the eye level. You will see the difference. We advise you to wear skin fit jeans and a crop top or white shirt for this photoshoot.

7. Ready to Travel

If you are an adventurous traveler and love traveling with your caps, you will love this pose. If you have a four-wheeler around you, then go inside and peek out from the window and look in the direction the car is taking you. It will make the photograph look candid and memorable. Wear your cap and be ready for the travel and the pictures. If you are a solo traveler, even then, you can take pictures but don’t forget to take your phone stand with you.

8. Peek a boo with the Sun

Sun-kissed photographs are your favorite. So here is a pose for you. Stand/sit near the window and place your hand in how the light is glancing inside the window. Try the subtle expressions and check your photograph; you will love the output. If you can’t find any sunshine, then there are many applications available at your play store which have a sun-kissed filter in them.

9. Winter Glow

We have called this pose ‘Winter Glow’ as we ladies love wearing oversized hoodies and high necks in the winters. So if you are wearing a high neck sweatshirt, then be ready to try this pose while holding the sweater’s neck with both of your hands. It is going to look sexy, for sure. And luckily, if your top has long sleeves, then hide most of your hands with the sleeves for a more cozy winter look.

10. Look Back

It never goes out of style. If your focus is on the photograph’s background, try this pose, which won’t make you invisible but make this picture-perfect for both ground and foreground. The image will be aesthetically pleasing. If you are visiting Disneyland or even fair, this pose is a must-try.

11. Stepping Around

This pose will create an illusion of you walking with charm. Isn’t it a subtle and beautiful way to show your outfit of the day? Just walk or try to do a moonwalk instead and tell the photographer to take the shots in between. Also, look away from the camera and give your side a look. Oh! You look splendidly professional now.

12. Oh, the Flowers!

We can never ignore flowers, flowers in any form. Aren’t we? Floral prints, fancy soaps, and whatnot. So let’s be basic and pose with the flowers. You can try other poses with flowers, like hiding half of your face with a flower. Try to choose the flowers that have contrasting colors with your outfit and the background.

13. Portrait Blush

This silhouette image of a woman blushing is everything. You can try posing like this with the blushing face and put one hand beneath your blushing face. It’s on you whether to choose a monochromatic or a normal one. This close-up photograph will add aesthetics to your Instagram profile grid.

14. Hands in the Pockets

It is no more a manly pose. There is nothing like a feminine or masculine pose.

If you love wearing jeans, put one hand in the pocket and the other on your head. You can also keep your eyes closed while standing under the sunshine. It creates magic in your picture.

15. Under the Sky

Want a happy-go-lucky photograph? Look back and flip your hair. Keep the camera angle below you so that the sky can work as a negative space above you. Don’t forget to smile wide and let this be a mid-shot. 

16. Lazy Wall

If you can find any heritage or antique door near you, don’t miss the golden opportunity of getting fascinating pictures. Fold your legs and stand, resting your upper body on the walls. Here the rule of thirds will make this picture composed. (only if you know these terms). That door and your lazy pose are all you need to post about your vacation.

17. Quirky and Unique

Let’s use a mirror for this pose. It’s a new one, we promise. We are sure that people will copy this from your pictures. All you need is a mirror and a greeny garden. Lie down with a mirror in your hand; the rest of the work is of your photographer. Your image will reflect in the mirror while you are lying against the camera.

18. Mirror, mirror on the Wall

Look at the mirror while you are pretending that you are getting ready. It will make you look super candid yet photogenic. Note – Clean the mirror of your room for the best results.

19. Little Twirl

If you are enjoying your vacation in Goa, then this photograph is a must-have in your gallery. Twirl in a very gentle way or pretend you are twirling. One hand and a leg were swinging in the air while you are standing near the beach. Isn’t the picture look mystical?

20. The Starfish

Sit on your knees, keeping your thighs wide apart, and put both your hands on one side of the waist. You will look like a shining starfish. If you are trying something new and need a beautiful background, try some white bedsheets.

21. Look Up

Keep your camera/phone above your eye level and look up with no grin on your face. It is the perfect pose if you wish to slay your eye makeup look. Try any off-shoulder top as this camera angle make your collar bones look sharper than ever. This pose will be highlighting your eyes a lot, so this one is the must-try to pose if you have cat eyes.

22. Crossed Legs

Can’t figure out how to pose when you are sitting? Then try this pose. Sit by putting one leg up and another crossing downward. Don’t forget to smile. Position your arms according to you.

23. Winning Pout

We all women love pouts in our selfies, so now you can try combining two different poses. Sit around a pavement or ground and try out your best pout face while showing the ‘v’ victory sign. Here we go. The cute picture is ready. Don’t lay your legs straight while posing for such photos.

24. Closed Eyes

It works well with any posture you choose. For example, you can try this pose by sitting on a stool with one hand hiding your one eye and another being closed. Another one, you can complete your eyes when sun rays fall on you.

25. Very Candid Pose

Are you a shy person? If yes, then you may feel uncomfortable while posing in front of the camera. What you can do is talk to your friend standing nearby you or the person clicking the photograph. In this way, you can get perfect candid pictures. It will solve your two problems, one being your camera consciousness and others wanting a picture-perfect.

26. Professional Headshot

Want a perfect picture for your digital resumé? Here is a go-to pose for all the businesswomen out there. Fold your hands or keep both hands in touch while smiling confidently. It will add extra points to your CV. You don’t always need to be serious about such photographs; you can surely smile a little. Try looking for the same background color as your outfit for compelling pictures.

27. Butterfly Posture

Remember the butterfly exercise? Yes, the posture is almost the same, plus add a severe attitude of the frame on your face. It will look cool and stunning at the same time.

28. Anti-gravity 

This picture is from a rebook official advertisement, and we love this pose by the model. She dominantly shows her shoes, but you can see how this photograph is taken, so try and see what results you get. This pose will make your legs look longer.

29. That Half Face Portrait

The intense look with the half-face exposed is our favorite. You can hide behind a cemented wall or any building for astonishing pictures. Don’t forget to contour your face if you want a smooth photograph.

30. Pose with your Bestfriend

Are you ready to pose with your best friend? Enough of those cliched kissing poses with them, right? Then try this one while wearing outfits with a contrasting color scheme or even a right analogous combination.

Cross over your hand with your friend’s with your best friend’s hand and post it with the caption #bestfriendsforever. 

31. Hear the Laugh

It is my favorite pose. As I am sure, you can hear this picture laughing. Look away from the camera and try laughing at your friend’s lame joke. Place one hand on your shoulder while laughing. Here we go. I got the real photograph of you laughing. You can also see the girl is standing against the natural light giving it a tinted effect.

32. Basic Pose

It would help if you were known for this posture. Placing your hand on your waist makes it look curvy and attractive. So especially when you are wearing a gown or skin fit dress, try clicking the picture with the same pose. Ugh, do we always have to remind you to smile?

33. Rachel Green Pose

It must be reminding you of Rachel Green from ‘FRIENDS.’ It is going to be your favorite photoshoot in your most comfortable clothes at your most comfortable place. Magazines, books, and a cup of coffee will complement the picture. Rollover your eyes and wear your favorite pair of shades. See, we are also giving you beautiful ideas for your next photoshoot.

34. That Sad Look

If you want to post a photo with a sad caption for your picture, then pose like Alia in this photograph. 

35. Hiding the Face Game

Suppose you want a picture where you don’t want to reveal your face. Then let’s play a little pretending game where you have to read a book by placing it precisely in front of your face with another hand busy holding a cup of coffee. Tadaaa! Another pose for your shy girls out there.

36. Against the Wall

Place your elbow on the wall while holding your jacket in the other. You can slay in that look with this posture. Note the detailing, the level of the elbow should be equal to the status of your face.

37. Make Chair your Prop

You need to be a little bit flexible to frame this posture. You have to make a half ‘S’ while placing your hands on your foot on the chair. This curvy posture is a new and creative pose if you have a wooden chair with you. And you can look away or on the camera while posing the same.

7 Photoshoot Tips for a Better Photo

You are all not professional when it comes to posing for photoshoots. But you can follow some rules and get the desired results.

  • Pull the chin forward – When your face is relaxed, no matter if you are thin or healthy, the double chin shows up. All you have to do is to pull your chin forward. It is sometimes called turtling. So for better pictures, try this technique and thank us later.
  • Lift the arm – When you usually stand, you stand with your arms placing flat at your sides, making them look larger and thicker. Also, it looks awkward on the camera. So you can correct this by lifting your arms some inches.
  • Don’t show the whites of your eyes – If you are posing away from the camera look, try not showing whites of your eyes, which doesn’t look dreamy at all. Find a spot nearby and concentrate on the photograph. 
  • Hair – they should be behind one shoulder or in front of the other for better pictures.
  • Occupy your hands – if you are taking a mirror photograph with the phone in one hand. So try to make another hand busy. It will surely make your photo better.
  • Create space between your body and arm
  • Accentuating and minimizing curves with posing – Remember, anything closer to the camera looks bigger than actually, it is when photographing women.
  • Don’t try low angle shots if you don’t want your double chin


You have learned enough poses for your next photoshoots and yes, mention not 😀

But always remember to wear your confidence because that is the sexiest thing you can ever try in front of the camera. It’s not only about the poses, good pictures blended perfectly with camera angles, shots, and proper lights, also makes for good photos. If you are camera conscious, then try these poses before the actual photoshoot, in front of the mirror when there is no one. Practice, it makes your poses better.

Another tip that you can thank us later for would be, don’t feel inferior or complicated when you see models in lean bodies with no stretch marks or double chins. Be confident in your skin and what you are wearing, because most of the time, the pictures you see online and in the magazine are the work of professional photographers and editors. If you are going for closeup pictures or closeup portraits, then it’s your choice to apply makeup or not but try putting on some makeup for smooth photographs. So are you ready for your next photoshoot? We bet you are!

Stay happy and keep on taking pictures.

By Saakshi Pathak

Saakshi Pathak aka Iska Review girl is a blogger, script writer, book reviewer, youtuber and a show host. Her writings are often witty and layered with sarcastic comments. She makes videos on social issues and has also been working with various media houses as a freelance content creator. She loves collecting and wearing jhumkas. She's an avid book reader. She is currently based in Chandigarh and is working as a freelancer.

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