25 Latest & Trendy Photo Booth Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Indian couples have now started putting more and more effort into their wedding planning along with the destination. The best about wedding planning is deciding on the photo booth which is now complete hype. A quirky photo booth, being an essential element at wedding ceremonies also adds fun and spice to the whole event. There are varieties of decor options for you to choose from- from minimal string hangings for rustic feels to completely decorated rickshaws or bicycles to faux floral walls. Artsy photo booths created with décor elements like flowers, wooden crates, string lights, drapes, candles, and shimmer are refreshing to view and uplifts every mood. 

Indian weddings are all about dolling up yourself and getting clicked hundreds and thousands of pictures with a lot of poses all around the venue covering every corner of it. You can also go for DIY photo booths which are super easy and incorporate them into your festivities. To create a photo booth are per the couple’s choices and preferences, event decorators are putting in great efforts to surprise us with their unique and fresh ideas every time. And that’s where pretty photo booths play a major role and help you create memories with your pals and family. 

Decor: KV Designs

To ease your pain and prevent frequent mistakes, we have listed below few handy tips for selecting a photo booth while planning your big day-

  • Decide what type of photo booth structure will fit your requirements. 
  • Always match the style of photo booth to your outdoor or indoor wedding celebrations 
  • Find out what the elements of the photo booth look like
  • Determine the overall size of the photo booth
  • Try to set your photo booth in an open space so capturing your photographs becomes much easier
  • It always advisable to add fun and quirky elements to your photo booth so that your guests can enjoy and cherish the memories later

Latest and Popular Photo Booth Ideas

For your over-the-top wedding, we have curated a stunning list of the latest photo booth ideas from which you can take inspiration to plan your instagrammable wedding in style. 

1. The magical floral wreath

Decor: The A-Cube Project

We bet you, this is everyone’s favorite photo booth. Highlighting the entire decor. We are in love with the beauty of the wreath, so elegantly wrapped up, adorned with fresh and vibrant flowers and leaves. If you are one of the brides who love pastel or bright flowers and don’t want to spend a huge amount of money, you can pick a simple floral wreath and this beauty will a great choice for photo booths at day functions.

2. Vehicle prop for a fun twist

Design: Bougainvilla Design Pvt Ltd

Varieties of Indian vehicles like scooters, rickshaws, or bicycles with added vibrant colors, themes and adorned with flowers, beads or ribbons make it easy and affordable photobooths and adds grace to your special day. These vehicles are stunning and give an old mela feel. 

3. Aesthetic frame hangings

Decor: Fireflies

You can put all artistic and aesthetic frame hangings together along with some cascading elements and turn your pretty corner into a photo booth. To beautify your wedding pictures more, add floral additions to the photo booth set up to give it a gorgeous creative touch.

4. Handcrafted origami backdrops

Decor: Altair

If you are bored of floral decorations and you want to try something new then you must try out paper decorations-ORIGAMI. Well, origami is not limited to birthday parties and baby showers and can be used at your wedding too. They are inexpensive and are easy to DIY. Paper lanterns, colorful pom-poms, and paper fans make a great paper backdrop and will stand out from your regular floral setup. 

5. For all the ‘Social fireflies’

Decor: Vintage Nutters

Creative Instagram and Facebook hangings are fun for all those social media fireflies and are a unique photo booth set up to get yourself clicked at. These Instagram-worthy pictures will receive ‘likes’ from all the guests at your wedding. 

6. Heavenly floral arches

Photo: Jona Christina

Floral arches are a great addition to your décor. They are timeless, trendy and are the best photo booth ideas in scorching summer weddings. A heavenly fresh floral arch is perfect for your intimate wedding and does not take much of a space.  

7. Genda Phool

Decor: With Love Nilma

Garlands for Marigold flowers (better known as Genda Phool) can make your décor look more vibrant and cheerful. When it comes to wedding photo booths, floral décor is something we all look up to. You can completely cover an auto-rickshaw with orange and yellow garlands of marigold to make your photo booth more lively, peppy, and attractive. 

8. Fun and colorful Rajasthani photo booth

Decor: The Design Comrades

If you are an OTT Rajasthani bride and want to take your destination to a whole new level, then add funky elements to beautify the place. You can go for vibrant photo booths and add elements like Rajasthani umbrellas, Jodhpuri puppets, scooters, dreamcatchers, and hanging frames. This would give your guests a variety of options to choose props they want to pose against. 

9. Wooden crates

Photo: Recall Pictures

Wooden crates painted with vibrant colors make it a gorgeous photo booth and being the most unimportant element that will help you change the entire décor look of your house. To create this photo booth, you do not have to spend much. You just need to be creative and doesn’t take much of your efforts. All you need to do is place the wooden crates one above the other and decorate them with flowers, beer bottles, frames, and mason jars. 

10. Vintage trunks with floral arrangements

Decor: Devika Narain & Co.

You can create a fun and quirky photo booth with vintage trunks. Yes, the trunk your mother has been using for years to preserve her jewellery. They can be of great use to create a photo booth décor at home for your mehendi or haldi ceremony. Decorate the corner of your house by stacking the vintage trunks and showering them with lilies, rose or flowers of your choice, and some cute elements.

11. Stunning kite decor 

Decor: The Wedding Minions

If you are looking for budget-friendly photo booth décor for your mehendi function, then you can go ahead with a stunning kite décor idea. The backdrop is made of colourful kites, perfect seating, and a colourful roof that adds glam to your event. 

12. Patterned frames and origami pinwheels

Decor: Purple Tree Events Solution

This the oldest and most popular photo booth setup. Go for Parisian square-patterned or metallic frames in pastel shades along with origami pinwheels in bright shades to add a classy look that will make your wedding look more sophisticated. Hang these elements with laces to make an Instaworthy photo booth and get your friends to have fun.

13. Beautiful wall of umbrellas

Photo: Sam & Ekta Photography

Bright and cheerful umbrellas make it a stunning wedding décor. They are available in the markets in different varieties like zardozi, rice paper, bamboo, and lace. Create a fun tropical theme by designing a wall with multi-hued umbrellas and place them however you like them. You can install these umbrellas for beach weddings, outdoor weddings, mehendi, or haldi ceremonies and impress your guests with this quirky photo booth setup. 

14. An eye-catching backdrop of ribbons and paper rosettes

Decor: With Love Nilma

Make your wedding photo booth pop by adding an artistic flair with colourful flowy ribbons along with paper rosettes and is a good way to add a lively vibe to your event. This is a simple yet elegant setup and looks attractive when at the venue 

15. Drapes with ornate frames and antique lamps

This photo booth looks gorgeous with soft drapes and patterned frames that will perfectly fit into your dreamy wedding. A bicycle or rickshaw covered with marigold flowers is a total game-changer and the charming antique lanterns will make the setup prettier. You can also play with colourful drapes for your indoor wedding. 

16. Artificial bottles and painted wheels

Photo: TheConArtists

A backdrop made of colourful artificial bottles and hand-painted wheels makes it a fantastic pair. Adorn the artificial bottles with flowers of your choice and you can also add additional elements like umbrellas, dried trees, and earthen pots to enhance the beauty of the setup which makes it a beautiful corner at the venue. 

17. For all sassy nucleya fans

Photo: Divine Mantra

This sassy photo booth design is for someone who loves jamming on Nucleya’s tracks. The upbeat vibrant and bizarre setup adorned with fresh marigold flowers will make your guests excited and click those swag pictures against. 

18. Flower power

Photo: Memoire

Flowers work wonders for your wedding celebrations- be it roses, lilies, purple orchids, or traditional mogras and marigolds. You can always curate photo booths for every occasion with all fresh flowers to add colour to your wedding photographs. A floral wall is all that you want for your wedding event if you have been debating over a floral or non-floral backdrop. It just feels so dreamy like you stepped into a colourful paradise. 

19. Rustic and vintage hanging frames

Rustic hanging frames with floral arrangements are trendy décor elements and this photo booth can be curated for outdoor mehendi or haldi occasions. Brides along with your pals can pick up floral frames and pose against the setup to add quirkiness and fun to your photographs. 

20. Go all earthen to jazz up your Haldi vibes

Decor: Momento Events Pvt Ltd

A colourful backdrop placed with vibrant earthen pots embellished with poring garlands of marigold is a fabulous and creative photo booth idea. This contemporary design will satisfy your artistic sensibilities. 

21. Giant lit monogram

Photo: Hitched & Clicked

No bride and groom will ever say no to a fancy and unique backdrop lit with a larger-than-life monogram. Placing the monogram photo booth set up at the entrance or around your venue will make it look fascinating and also a personal touch to your wedding event. For an intimate wedding, you can also DIY this setup at home and you will find your guests clicking pictures against your initials. 

22. A punjabi truck for the swag

Decor: A Cube Project

A typical Punjabi ceremony is all about vibrant drapes, glittery embellishments or strings, and other quirky elements like tassels or a giant truck decorated with traditional marigold flowers. All these elements don’t involve much of your energy and are good-to-go for your mehendi or haldi ceremonies. 

23. Tropical hashtag game

Photo: Hitched & Clicked

If you are someone who is hosting your wedding in the tropical season, then this photo booth idea is totally for you. Use colourful flowers with palm leaves to keep your photo booth minimal yet elegant. Add your quirky hashtag frame and place it on the tropical photo booth and the perfect photo booth is ready to get clicked against. 

24. Balloon backdrop

Photo: Pinterest

Let’s not forget balloons either. This artsy and magical photo booth would look fantastic for indoor or outdoor ceremonies. Create a photo booth with balloons, ribbons, and confetti that will add a playful mood to all your pictures. You can always go for balloons tied in an archway that is simple, bright, and a beautiful composition that will suit every wedding mood. 

25. Fairy lights Floral wreath photobooth

When it comes to romantic decor, one prop that instantly clicks our head is fairy lights. A backdrop of string lights will add a rustic feel to the scene and will dazzle your guests. Its complementary warm glow makes the photo booth stand out and is a perfect element for every wedding decor. Adding few strings of fairy lights around the venue can make a huge difference to your soiree. 


Decor: Finesse Decor Company

Ranging from traditional to rustic to earthen to floral to glittery which photo booth design you would surely ideate while planning your wedding day. Pick the one that matches your wedding theme and your ideology. You can be innovative with these ideas and add your elements to take it to a whole new level. 

Let us know in the comments below if you have created an over-the-top photo booth with your creative thoughts and be a source of inspiration for people who are planning their wedding. 

Featured Image: Shutterdown Photography

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