Your Ultimate Guide To Latest & Trending Nude Makeup Looks

Indian weddings are widely known to be colorful and vibrant when it comes to wedding decor, food, and outfits. It may not necessarily apply to your bridal makeup! If you have always dreamt about natural and subtle makeup for your special day, then you would be amazed by the nude makeup look.

To give you a little crash course and make you understand all about nude makeup, here are a few tips to ace your nude makeup look and a few shortlisted looks that you can take inspirations from and try out on your big day.

What is Nude Makeup?

Nude makeup doesn’t mean that there is no makeup. However, the artist tries to create an illusion to make it look like there is no makeup on the face through makeup. Brides opt for nude makeup as it allows them to accentuate and highlight their natural beauty.

Image: Namrata Soni Makeup Artist

The nude shade palette is minimal and varies from cream shades to browns and further deepens depending on the complexion.

Looking To Ace, The Nude Makeup Look? Here’s How You Can Do It!

Ensure that your makeup game is on point, as it plays a vital role in your overall look. From picking the right shades to making sure you have the right amount of product at the right places, all of these require a lot of skill and expertise. Here are a few things that you and your skilled makeup artist could keep an eye out for to achieve a dreamy nude makeup look.

  • Hydrating your skin before makeup is a significant step. Hydrate your face and neck with a moisturizer.
  • Apply a primer on your face matching to your skin tone.
  • Go for a foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly. Avoid picking a foundation shade that is either light or too dark than your natural complexion.
  • You could accentuate your nude makeup look by trying out a sexy smokey eye makeup look.
  • Try out a peach or light coral blush shade as they look stunning on Indian complexion and blend well.

Best Nude Makeup Look

A lot of brides these days swear by the gorgeousness of nude makeup. Spotting brides slaying in nude makeup is nothing unusual as they prefer to choose lighter shades to highlight their natural beauty and make their makeup look flawless. 

Lately, women are going gaga over this glamorous and subtle makeup trend and are trying it out for their pre-wedding functions and even on their big day! If you’re looking for some nude and dewy makeup inspirations, here you go with 17 latest and most trending nude makeup looks that you can flaunt on your big day or a special occasion. Keep scrolling to find out more!

1. Pastel Hues

Image: Shades Photography

Exaggerated brows, sensuous smokey eyes, and pinkish nude lipstick are an absolute beauty, especially for brides dressed up in pastel colors. Keeping your bridal outfit, jewelry, and bridal makeup around the same color palette looks chic as subtle as the new bold.

2. Natural As Ever

Image: Makeup By Punya Sharma/Instagram

We completely adore this bride, who is seamlessly slaying in this natural nude makeup look. The highlight of this look is the dramatic eyelashes with a maroon smokey eye shadow and nude brown lipstick. A ‘no makeup look’ known as the nude makeup, looks similar to this image.

You can try it if your outfit is of a darker shade or even for brides dressing up in an ensemble of a lighter shade.

3. Simple And Elegant

Image: Gautam Khullar Photography
Image: Gautam Khullar Photography

A lot of brides associate nude makeup with those dressing in pastel outfits. Well, that’s not the case always as this bride completely rocked this modern nude makeup look while dressed in a dark green lehenga. A beauty, isn’t she?

4. The Right Balance of Colours

Image: Beginnings For You

This bride looks no less than a princess in her pastel green lehenga, heavy and oversized bridal jewelry, along with illusional light makeup.

5. Blushing To Glory

Image: Pinterest

Brides generally opt for nude makeup as everyone these days like to keep it minimal and avoid doing things that look OTT. Nude makeup works in a way to accentuate your features and to naturally hide your little flaws, if any, in an unnoticeable way.

This bride looks gorgeous as she has balanced her outfit, jewelry, and makeup colors very well. The coordination of these three things is of utmost importance.

6. The Red & Nude Combo

Image: Hitched & Cilcked

Many people think that nude makeup is only for brides who are dressing up in pastel-colored outfits. This bride is here to break that mindset and set new standards. We can’t take our eyes off this bride as she looks no less than a doll in her bright red wedding lehenga along with really natural and light makeup that complement each other so well.

We love how red and nude look so good together.

7. Peachy Vibes

Image: Makeup by Samaira Sandhu

Have you picked up some peachy pink bridal jewelry for your big day? We’ve got the right inspiration for you. This bride matched her nude lipstick shade to her jewelry beads. A spectacular idea, isn’t it? You could try this as well.

If you decide to go for a nude makeup look, try and buy jewelry that has beads of subtle colors. You can then show that to your makeup artist for reference and try matching your lipstick shade to it. 

8. Highlighter At Its Best

Image: Aditi Maharaj

Doesn’t her cheekbones say it all? We love how a bronzer or a highlighter has highlighted her cheekbones. The USP of opting for nude makeup looks because it allows you to enhance your existing beauty rather than try to make you look like someone you are not. With cheekbones highlighted like this, who wouldn’t want to smile?

9. Mix And Match

Image: Pinterest

Dare to try something different? This bride has left behind all the stereotypical thought of matching jewelry and matching your outfit. From her pink bridal outfit to her mint green and white pearl jewelry and lastly to her dreamy and dewy makeup, isn’t she just goals?

10. Perfectionist!

Image: Pinterest

This bride is a blend of all things beautiful and surreal. Such a delightful mix of colors put together in a frame. We love how the nude and mint stripes on her lehenga are beautifully complimenting her royal jewelry, along with her peachy nude makeup. She is a total inspiration for all the brides this season. Are you willing to try out something like this?

11. As Neutral As Ever

Image: Sultana Ahmed Makeup

Are you looking for makeup inspirations for your nikkah? Bingo! We’ve got your back on this one! This bride wore her jewelry and her makeup with total poise. From matching and even contrasting colors to sultry looking eyes. A neutral look that you should try if you are also planning to wear heavy statement jewelry.

12. The Quintessential Look

Image: Shubhdeep Gill Makeup

This quintessential bride looks unimaginably gorgeous in this makeup look. From a thick black eyeliner to nude lips, her look is the perfect combination of bold and elegant. Modern-day brides, this look could be rocked by you. Do let us know what you think about this nude makeup look.

13. Oh-So-Pretty In Mint

Image: Deo Studios

Mint and nude pair up so well. This bride ditched a bold makeup look and went for a soft nude makeup look, and she is slaying in this look. These days you get a variety of shades in nude that would perfectly match your taste and complexion. You can choose to go deeper or lighter in the same shade. Also, shades of nude are not restricted to browns as you can also find peach and pink nudes.

14. Ravishing Pink

Image: Hitched & Clicked

Isn’t this entire look so pretty? Nude makeup topped with this gorgeous pastel pink lehenga. Hands down, by far, one of our most favorite looks for millennial brides. If pink is on your mind, do not forget to bookmark this look. 

15. The Goodness of Ivory And Nude

Image: Natasha Moor Makeup Artist

This bride dressed in an ivory gold lehenga along with kohled eyes and nude lips is stealing the show. Green and ivory is also a great combination as it balances out the dark and light palette of shades that a bride generally wears on her wedding.

16. Classy In Blue And Nude

Image: Cupcake Productions

Another nude makeup look on a bride who looked her classiest best on her big day in a pastel sea blue lehenga along with subtle and natural makeup. With times now, quiet is the new bold among brides.

17. Let Your Cheekbones Do The Talking

Image: Pinterest

Do not miss out on highlighting those cheekbones. With the ‘no makeup look,’ you can always use it to accentuate your best features. Why not then? 

Celebrities Who Aced The Nude Makeup Look On Their Weddings

From Deepika Padukone to Anushka Sharma to Sonam Kapoor and even Mira Rajput, all these beauties opted for the ‘no makeup look’ for their big day. The nude makeup look gained popularity ever since then. Here is a glimpse of a few of these looks.

1. Deepika Padukone 

She rocked her wedding looks with utmost grace in nude makeup and bold outfits.

2. Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma carried her no-makeup look flawlessly with a pretty pink pastel lehenga.

3. Sonam Kapoor

Image: Reels and Frames Photography

For one of her wedding day, she wore a red lehenga and finished it beautifully with dewy and neutral looking makeup.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Nude Makeup

Nude makeup can be sexy and, at the same time, also very tricky. Nude makeup has been raging among Indian brides as they look flawless on Indian skin tones. These days, many brides are opting for this nude makeup look as it allows the bride to enhance her natural features rather than hiding them.

Image: The Wedding Journals of India

To help you achieve the best nude makeup look of all times, we have curated a list of a few do’s and don’ts of nude makeup. Be screenshot ready!

The Do’s For A Flawless No Makeup Look

  • Always blend your foundation well. You should always pick the right shade of foundation as per your skin tone.
  • The magic of facials oils – there are several facial oils available in the market. Use it to prep your skin before the makeup as it will give you a nice dewy finish.
  • Get a sun-kissed look by highlighting your cheekbone with a gold or rose gold bronzer or highlighter.
  • Opt for neutral-toned eyeshadows to up the oomph factor and make your eyes look appealing.
  • Makeup experts also recommend using cream-based lipsticks rather than glossy ones.
  • Pinkish or peach nudes look fab on Indian skin tones.
  • Enhance and highlight your features minimally to avoid looking at OTT.
  • Use cream-based products over powder-based products as they work well for nude makeup looks.

The Don’ts To Ace The Nude Makeup Look

  • Avoid over-contouring your skin as it will take away the natural look of your makeup and instead end up looking muddy and unpleasant.
  • Currently, every skin tone can easily find a nude shade that suits them best. Hence, avoid picking something that washes you out and instead goes for a nude shade that highlights and brightens your face. 
  • Remember to highlight one or two most loved features of your face rather than keeping your nude makeup look too muted.
  • An excessive amount of contouring can take away the minimalism of this makeup look and avoid over contouring or highlighting.
  • Always pick a foundation shade to match your skin tone accurately rather than going for a shade lighter or darker.
  • Avoid the no-makeup look if your outfit or jewelry is too subtle as it will give you a very washed-out look.

We hope these sets of do’s and don’ts will help you to decide on your nude makeup look better and even let you ace it at all your special occasions to come!


Image: Safarsaga Photography

Your makeup is as important as other elements in your bridal ensemble. Go for something that would enhance and elevate your beauty rather than diminishing it. Do not miss out on bookmarking your favorite nude makeup looks of all times. Bookmark or screenshot the ones you awe the most and show them to your makeup artist for better referencing and understanding. 

We would love to see you all glammed up in these mesmerizing looks, do tag us @WomenXo if you try any of these looks!!