Top 15 Nail Polish Brands – Price, Review & Where to Buy?

Whether you are a baby girl, teenager, or an adult, nail polish is something that every girl loves.

Indian market is flooded with a number of Nail Polish brands with a huge variety in the market, and at times it gets really tough to decide which one is best and which one is not. To help you a little, we have listed below some of the best and top nail polish brands so you choose easily and get flawless nails in no time. 

Here are the Best Nail Polish Brands for you

Whether you are an amateur or a pro, a Nail polish enhances the beauty of your nails. But you need to be sure that the nail paint which you choose for your nails should be suitable for your nails. You must check the variants that each company has to offer to get you a perfect hue. The other thing that we need to check if the nail paint is in your budget or not.

1. Lakme

Image: Lakme India Instagram

One of the most renowned brands among makeup artists all over the world is Lakme. This brand is trusted by millions of other beauty enthusiasts also. You can buy a large variety from its range of Nine To Five, Color Crush, or their new collection – Gel Stylist from Amazon and Flipkart.

Price Range – INR 160 to INR 250 depending on the variants to choose to buy. 

2. Deborah Lippmann

Image: Deborah Lippmann Instagram

The brand is famous for its brightness, lacquers, and its range of glittery colors. Deborah is also used by many professionals for years. You can choose from a wide range of products available on Amazon.

Price Range – INR 1200 to INR 6000

3. OPI

Image: OPI India Instagram

The brand OPI is very famous for its colour collections and the shatter lacquers. One can buy from its various ranges like Neon, Glittery, or matte effects from Amazon and Flipkart.

Price Range – INR 700 to INR 800 for a 15 ml bottle.

4. Colorbar

Image: Colorbar Cosmetics Instagram

Colorbar has very popular products in its kitty like the Amethyst, Exclusive numbers 56 & 44, the Fearless Red. This brand provides a wide range of colours which are long-lasting. You can buy their wide range of collections on Amazon and Flipkart.

Price Range – INR 150 to INR 400 for a 9 ml bottle.

5. Ella Mila

Image: Ella Mila Instagram

Ella Mila is famous for its formula which is “Seven Free” which means it doesn’t have any harsh ingredients in it. This nature-friendly brand has a wide variety and is easily available on Amazon.

Price Range – INR 1200 to INR 5000

6. DeBelle

Image: DeBelle Instagram

DeBelle is famous for its Gel-based high-quality formula nail polish with the glittery finish and bright colours. It is available in a wide range of colours both in glitter and matte on Amazon.

Price Range – IINR 200 to INR 600

7. Lotus Herbals

Popular for its colours like Gold Mist, Plum Shine, and Mint Magic which comes in a very fancy looking bottle, Lotus Herbals is a go-to brand for all your nail polish needs.

Price Range – INR 120 to INR 150

8. Maybelline

Maybelline is a very popular and loved brand because of its quality and its price range. If you are looking for nail paint, then you must check their Color Show collection that comes in Glittery, Metallic, and Shiny variants, all available on Amazon and Flipkart.

Price Range – INR 130 to INR 180.

9. Street Wear

A popular yet very affordable brand that has various colours available in the market like the Grape Shimmer or Oceanic Blue available on Amazon. 

Price Range – INR 120 for a 9 ml bottle and INR 60 for a 5 ml bottle.

10. Avon

Avon is a very famous and affordable brand easily available on Amazon and Flipkart in a number of colours like Mango Mania, Coffee Bean, etc. 

Price Range – INR 50 to INR 350

11. Oriflame

A much-known brand for its famous quick dry variety range of nail paints like the Pure Colour Range or the Metallic range available on Amazon. 

Price Range – INR 100 to INR 430

12. Konad

The brand is famous for not only for nail polish but also for decoration materials like stamping plates, stickers, etc. You can buy their products from Amazon for about 

Price Range – INR 170 to INR 200 for a 10 ml bottle.

13. Loreal Paris

Famous for its reliable products, Loreal Paris has a very wide range of glitter and metallic hues nail polish. They also sell normal colours and one can buy their products from Amazon and Flipkart.

Price Range – INR 300 to INR 500

14. Faces Canada

Image: Faces Canada Instagram

This brand offers a variety of metallic and other basic colours. Their products can be easily bought from Amazon and Flipkart.

Price Range – INR 199 to INR 500


MTV MUAH has introduced a new range of nail polish colors that can be bought from Amazon and Flipkart at an affordable price.

Price Range – INR 199 to INR 250

How to Choose the Best Nail Polish Brand

You can choose a nail polish according to your choice, but choosing it according to the skin tone is equally important. You might choose different nail colours to adapt to your style. Like for office, you would prefer simple and elegant nail paint colors while for the party you would want to choose glittery nail paints. 

For a lighter skin tone, opt for a nude color, and for a darker skin tone, a bright red or any dark color would be preferable. You can also try fusion or nail art with different colors if you have a darker skin tone. 

Considering the weather, opt for a pink shade in summers it will look cool, and for the winter season, go for a darker shade to soothe your eyes.

Types of Nail Polish

Nail Polish is not restricted to the only color, there are many types of nail polishes available in the market or online. 

  • Creme – Creme nail paint is the most basic nail paint of all. It is a standard nail polish formula that has a slight shine and usually has a lot of colours available. 
  • Metallic – As the name suggests, metallic nail paint will leave a resemblance of metal in its finishing. This nail paint doesn’t have very large or visible glitter particles, but you can see some shiny particles which can make it look elegant. 
  • Gel – Gel nail paints are long-lasting, chip-resistant, and expensive. The gel nail paint has arrived by its name gel which gets hard under the UV lamp. Thus, it is long-lasting and looks beautiful and shiny. 
  • Chrome – Chrome nail polishes are more of a powder type that you can apply on nails. It will give your nails a mirror-like reflection. 
  • Pearl – It’s a very famous nail paint from the 90s. This pearl nail paint will give you some cool elegant nails. 
  • Glitter – You will get visible parts of glitters, stars or squares, or any other shape in a clear polish which usually adds a glitter to your nails. It will change a lot of moods and dramas when applied to the top of a solid colour. 
  • Matte-  This takes the polish out of the equation and keeps the nails coloured, but without shine. Pastel colours suit best with matte colours. 


The nail paints look cool and are known as game-changer. Whether it’s a date, meeting, or party you can always rock the show with your elegant and stylish nail paints without visiting a parlor. Go girl get that glam with that shiny and bright nails without any hustle and bustle. 


1. Which nail polish brand lasts the longest?

The Deborah Lippmann lasts longest for about 9 days and the OPI is slightly behind it which lasts for about 8 days.

2. What is the healthiest nail polish?

The Ella Mila nail polish is the healthiest nail polish among all.

3. Is OPI nail polish good?

OPI is used by most Salons and is one of the best nail polish brands.

4. Is Deborah Lippmann nail polish worth it?

Yes, the brand has a variety of long-lasting nail polishes. 

5. What is the best nail polish for natural nails?

Ella Mila as it is a “seven free” nail polish.

6. What is the least toxic nail polish?

Ella Mila is the least toxic nail polish brand.

7. Why is OPI so popular?

It is used by professionals and has the best quality products at a good price range.

8. What nail polishes have no formaldehyde?

Ella Mila has no formaldehyde.