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Top 125+ Mangalsutra Designs You Would Love – Trending & Popular

Mangalsutra is a ritualistic, auspicious thread that the groom joyously ties around the bride’s neck. It marks the beginning of married life for the couple. Just like brides-to-be cannot get over Sabyasachi traditional lehengas, bridal makeup, and august jewelry, they also desperately wait to wear refined, pricy, jewel-laden mangalsutra on their special day. It holds not just a religious or marital connotation, but it also equals the emotional affinity a woman shares with her partner. Thus, we cannot wait to present a whacking list of trending mangalsutra designs that will make all brides-to-be enrapture with joy.

Latest Mangalsutra Designs

The choices available as popular mangalsutra designs lead to a magnanimous amount of confusion as to whether short mangalsutra designs would suit us better or traditional long mangalsutra designs, gold would be a better option, or diamonds are our best friend. We would unravel these hidden complexities through the vast provision of mangalsutra ideas that would make comparisons super easy and accessible.

1. The Earthy Solitaire Mangalsutra

This solitaire mangalsutra has transformed the lofty fashion goals to an absolute towering level. The tiny, dazzling solitaire delicately hanging on the bare skin acts phenomenally for the new brides in the town. 

2. The Dropping Hearts

Design: Sampat Jewellers

The soft, pendulous heart-shaped diamond sets the whole mood for an aesthetic, rare show. The slight falling of the mangalsutra over a straight, groomed neck is a treat to the eyes. 

3. The Artistically Carved Masterpiece

Design: Sampat Jewellers

The traditional, cultural curve provided to a modern-day pick of the rose-gold base is an extraordinaire beauty. The proliferation of a two-strand chain to an all-encompassing pendant is a sight to behold. 

4. The Coined Legacy

Design: Arras Creations

The age-old conventions of elaborate Kundan-studded pendant combined with the new age trends of a minimal; one strand chain is a steal deal. The intricate embellishment of Indian gods is one of the native trending mangalsutra designs. Thus, this deadly combo will leave you awestruck with its untamed glamour. 

5. The Gold Silver Wheel Design

Photo: Pinterest

The new-fashioned generation savors short mangalsutra designs more in comparison to the long-chained extravaganza. For that ultimate sleek look, the black-beaded gold chain with a gold-silver wheeled pendant is a mindful, contemporary choice. 

6. The Modish Statement

Design: Sampat Jewellers

The exquisite solitaire look in a black-beaded gold chain is a current mood in women’s fashion. A well-groomed personality, along with this short mangalsutra, changes the whole appearance of a newly-wed bride. 

7. The Enriched Soli Trio

Image: Pinterest

Aishwarya Rai Bachhan has set fashion goals with her unparalleled choice of trendsetting mangalsutra design. The trio of solitaires shielded with a larger ring is a minimalist extravaganza relished by fashion enthusiasts all around. 

8. The Vow Inspiring Mangalsutra

Design: Sampat Jewellers

It is seemingly one of the most trending mangalsutra designs, which are conceptually created to match the wedding vibes in general. The seven diamonds (indicating the seven vows) is a stunning addition to the single or trio diamond mangalsutra designs. 

9. The Marvel Assemblage

Design: Sabyasachi Jewellery

The thin gold chain with exquisite black mangalsutra beads with an august assemblage of diamonds appears to be stellar. The idea of keeping the chain minimal and the diamonds visible is quite a smart choice. 

10. The Nuanced Extravaganza

Design: Sampat Jewellers

The leaf-shaped curve provided to the pendant, along with the traditional black bead chain, can be an easy choice for those looking for long mangalsutra designs. The little drop elevates the entire look of this conventional yet unconventional auspicious thread. 

11. The Rosy Diamond Mangalsutra

Image: Pinterest

The gorgeous play of rose gold and diamond in distinct size circles is an unconventional wonder. All the new brides would love to adorn and flaunt such modernistic ornamental designs. 

12. The V-Diamond Glamour

Divyanka Tripathi has effortlessly contributed to the latest mangalsutra designs through her v-shaped diamond mangalsutra. The soft diamond drop magnifies the culturally enriched design with an elaborate touch of sparkle and gleam. 

13. The Leafy Mangalsutra Design

Image: Pinterest

The detailed leafy motifs with two ornamental strands make this a modern masterpiece. Many would-be brides would be more accepting of such heavy, fancy designs that will amp up their whole look. 

14. A Cluster of Geometrical Designs

Design: Manubhai Jewellers

The geometrical detailing of a lotus and leaves around is a newer mangalsutra trend. This pendant will match almost all your divine attires without much of an overt effort. 

15. The Sleek Auspicious Thread

Image: Pinterest

The minimalist diamond look reflecting through a not-so-conventional black-bead chain is a surprise. This one is the fashion stylists’ current favorite.  

16. The Tenderly Studded Mangalsutra

Image: Pinterest

The soft, warm, tender appearance of the diamonds studded with a single chain is worth appreciating. It is quite a designer look that you can adorn with both western and eastern wear. 

17. The Zodiac Inspired Mangalsutra

Design: Usheeta Rawtani

Sonam Kapoor has always been a prolific trendsetter, and her mangalsutra design has proved the same. The couple’s zodiac sign being tied with a solitaire at the middle is pure love. 

18. The Starred Mangalsutra

Design: Sampat Jewellers

It is an artistic marvel as a mesmerizing diamond-studded constellation has been crafted with a slender gold chain. It is one of the most evergreen short mangalsutra designs

19. The Cutesy Design

Design: Sampat Jewellers

The soft wonder play of leaf-inspired design of the pendant with a gold chain is another beautiful variation to trending mangalsutra designs

20. The Floral Mangalsutra Design 

Image: Pinterest

The flowery pattern of the diamond mangalsutra design is a creative uptick to popular mangalsutra designs. The soft solitaire drop is the perfect modern rendition to make this design distinctive.

21. The Minimalistic Tradition

The thin black chain with an even minimal, petite locket is a contemporary fashion pick. It will appeal to all tastes and suit all occasions. 

22. The Trendsetter Black

Image: Beginnings For You

It is one of those long mangalsutra designs that look super adorable when worn with contrasting colors. This pink lehenga and black mangalsutra is a deadly combination to go. 

23. The Shielding Gold

Design: Papilior

The resemblance of the gold being a shield to the hanging, shining solitaire is a voguish choice for all the brides-to-be. 

24. The Dreamy Mangalsutra

Design: Kajal Naina Fine Jewellery

The radiant addition of the moonlight to the sacred thread of love and union is a must-have! The silent drop is an award-winning assemblage. 

25. The Versed Mangalsutra

Out of a whopping variety of popular mangalsutra designs, this one is a universal favorite. Your chosen verse crafted as a part of your mangalsutra is a big yes!

26. The Falling Jewel

The hanging diamonds with a short-chain look super chic yet culturally-enriched. 

27. The Butterfly Wings

Design: Kajal Naina Fine Jewellery

The butterfly pendant is a unique, distinct, and innovative touch to traditional mangalsutra designs. It will play well with vibrant western attires.

28. Let That Pearl Drop

Design: Kajal Naina Fine Jewellery


The vegan pearls dropping elegantly from a diamond pendant with a gold chain is another superb design for mangalsutra. 

29. The Infinity Mangalsutra

Design: Pipa Bella

The carving of the infinity mangalsutra with the name of your best half is a gorgeous design to adorn. 

30. The Trio of Circles

Design: Papilior

The three circles connected with delicate diamond studs are highly presentable and look incredibly modish. 

31. The Hearty Mangalsutra

Design: Papilior

The mod creativity shines through the elegant heart-shaped pendant of this aesthetically pleasing mangalsutra. 

32. The Solid Look

This mangalsutra design appears to be a rock-solid gem look. Even the single strand chain is no less than a precious artwork. 

33. The Shining Droplets

Image: Pinterest

A mangalsutra with an epic, extraordinary, dazzling effect on its jewels can be an artist’s magnum opus. And, make you grab all the brownie points!

34. The Intricate Nobility

Design: Papilior

In today’s time, who would not love to carry a simple single chain toned down with a knotty yet elaborately polished pendant design!?

35. The Sunny Glare

It could be another variation to the moon-inspired mangalsutra design. The detailing of this mangalsutra design makes this another universal adornment. 

36. The Flowery Bloom

Design: Tanishq

This idea of connecting three diamond flowers as one whole pendant is one of the many exquisite latest mangalsutra designs available.

37. The Unconventional Golden Mangalsutra 

Design: Tanishq

This mangalsutra is a perfect example of playing with distinct colors to develop one of your personalized or customized mangalsutra designs. It will make you look beyond and stand apart from the ordinary variety of ornamental designs. 

38. The Dropping Smiles

The smiling curvature provided to the diamond pendant with the firm falling of tiny droplets deserves to be treasured. 

39. The Traditional Mangalsutra Design

Image: Pinterest

The sober gold pendant with multiple black-beaded chains is a traditional masterwork.

40. The Exquisite Extension

Design: Jewelelegance

The arty extension merged with a diamond flower at the center is a refined, subtle, modern mangalsutra design. This beauteous pendant would act more than just a ritual when worn with traditional attires.

41. The Mingling of Hearts

Design: Papilior

These delicately connected diamond-studded hearts have an all-out alluring charm that will blow your hearts at first sight! Suiting all occasions, this one is an ultimate charmer.

42. The Simplistic Charm

Those who are wandering for simple, elegant yet traditional and light designs for mangalsutra should consider this gold-silver balled look. 

43. The Timeless Beauty

The yellow gold is an earthy marvel whose glory intensifies with each passing moment gathering all the admiration and wonderment. 

44. The Exuberant Mangalsutra Design

The picturesque, elaborate diamond pendant with a heavy chain will make heads turn as pure magic. 

45. The Lucky Charm

Image: Pinterest

The heart-in-heart connection looks so minimalistic yet so trendy. This pendant style is also so “in” that it has transformed into an absolute mood. 

46. The Twinkling Stars

Design: Caratlane

It is a stunning mangalsutra design for the inherent simplicity to stand out. This one is about being decent yet snappy, elegant yet shining. 

47. The Princess Look

Design: Caratlane

This tiny, little creature-inspired mangalsutra design looks compact, delicate, and soft on the bare neck. It will suit western outfits effortlessly with little or no resources. 

48. The Floral Saviour

The trio of flowers catching hold of the falling drop resembles a victorious play of floral and geometrical designs. It is an extremely appealing mangalsutra design that has both aesthetic and spiritual value. 

49. The Loosely Held Gold

The gold pendant, its intricate rectangular design, and the black-golden contrast is a marvelous beauty. 

50. The Golden Diamond

The charming and enticing gold-laden boundary with flashy diamond studs is another splendid addition to various mangalsutra designs. 

51. The Sophisticated oomph

Image: Malabar Gold & Diamonds

It is an extraordinarily admirable diamond pendant that has an intensely sophisticated appeal attached to it. It would be liked by all those who want more of that modern, ultra-decent look. 

52. The Reverse Pyramid

Design: Caratlane

The rose-gold chain with contrasting ritualistic black beads and pyramid design is an absolute rare show. 

53. The Love Charm

These lovable creatures can be a love (lucky) charm to all married couples and, thus, is a super hit. 

54. The Antique Tradition

Design: Manubhai Jewellers

The traditional mangalsutra designs consist of distinct patterns, some of them being antique, weighty, and massive looking. They look gorgeous with rich, bright-colored sarees and a high gajra bun.  

55. The Novel Splendour

Design: Papilior

It is an excellent alternative to traditional golden pendants, which might look too over-the-top. This mangalsutra design is a great contemporary addition to a bride’s rich jewelry collection.  

56. The Vibrant Affair

The pinkish-red and emerald green gems studded in the gold and diamond pendant is a jaw-dropper mangalsutra design. 

57. The Squared Diamond

Design: Papilior

The minimalist trend has brought a wide variety of ornamental patterns that elevate a new bride’s entire look. This partly-square shaped diamond pendant mangalsutra design is no exception.

58. The Diamond Dew

Design: Caratlane

The diamond pendant shares dew’s appearance on the greens and thus matches the majestic role-play of nature. 

59. The Double Chain Effect

Design: Caratlane

The ultra-modern double chain effect is a modern up-gradation to the traditional mangalsutra designs. It has a classy style and a rich aura that will look super cool and fresh. 

60. The Radiating Smiles

Design: Caratlane

The semi-circle structure of the pendant is a happy smile look with droopy diamond studs. This one is a merry moment for all the newly married brides. 

61. The Three Musketeers

The three solid solitaires tied together as one whole is a new-fashioned mangalsutra design. It will look crafty, pricey, and oh-so-adorable. 

62. The Precious Jewel

It is a precious gem-studded pendant that looks rich, lavish, and graceful. 

63. The New-Age Trend

This mangalsutra design is the ultimate blockbuster. The diamond-oriented side joined with black-beaded chains looks enticingly appealing. 

64. The Grandeur of Antiques

Design: Jewelelegance

The artistic red Kundan studded gold pendant is a toned-down subtle choice that would suit all traditional attires beautifully. 

65. The Curvy Pendant

Design: Jewelelegance

The complex curvatures provided to the diamond pendant soothes the flashy looks of garden-variety of mangalsutra designs. 

66. The Eternal Light

White pearl drops with an intricate diamond pendant design is a look well-flourishing and luxurious. 

67. The Epic Circle

The traditional mangalsutra designs are not-so-common when combined with contrasting bright colors giving it the royal look. 

68. The Dome Effect

Design: Papilior

The dome effect has a divine light of the diamonds, and the gold base distends the essence gigantically. 

69. The Royal Essence

Design: Jewelelegance

This diamond pendant has a larger than life, royal appearance that sums up this mangalsutra to be a happy shocker. 

70. The Wired Effect

Design: Jewelelegance

The rose gold wiring with pretty diamond studs, and a single black-beaded chain would complement an astronomical lot of newly-wed brides. 

71. The Di-angel Mangalsutra

The straight diamond stud in a neat downward curve is an artistic specimen for the trending fashion styles. 

72. The Embracing Daisies

The delicate hugging gesture of the mangalsutra pendant is a creative art piece. It appears to be soothing and calm to adorn, casually and occasionally. 

73. The Trendy Antiques 

This intricate, complex, royal design of the pendant can be an addition to the larger-than-life cultural extravaganza. 

74. The Gorgeous Greens

The leaf-shaped diamond pendant adds the gleaming elegance to the overall mangalsutra design. New brides can wear that will make their overall look a powerhouse of beauty and fashion. 

75. The Lavish Gold Mangalsutra

Design: Neelkanth Jewellers

The bag-like august gold pendant with collective chains is an unconventional charmer. 

76. The Winged Pendant

The exorbitantly smooth cuts provided to the pendant make up a valuable mangalsutra design that will expand its whole essence and shine.

77. The Crisscross Effect 

The crisscrossing of diamonds with gold provides the final divine touch of splendor and elegance. 

78. The Heartwarming Wings

The godly wings attached to the heart sum up the whole mangalsutra design to be soulful and heavenly. 

79. The Golden Fan

Design: Neelkanth Jewellers

The heavy, broad yellow gold is an evergreen mangalsutra design with a luxe, heroic effect. 

80. The Mangalsutra Bracelet

It is one of the uttermost trending mangalsutra designs with a unique, modern, contemporary final look. 

81. The Elongated Design

This long gold mangalsutra design is an excellent addition to traditional patterns of geometrical patterns and pearls. 

82. The New Fashion Statement

The golden ball-shaped pendant, along with a short-chain, is a recent fashion choice. It also provides an extremely polished overall look. 

83. The Neat Cuts

The clear cut, detailed designs with a flower at the center is an elegant artwork that needs to be celebrated. 

84. The Happy Drops

The diamond pendant appears to be an enchanting variation to the di-angel mangalsutra design. The floral drop that enhances the ap pealing factor of this mangalsutra design is a beautiful addition. 

85. The Ghungroo Design

The golden ghungroo intensifies the magnificence of the gold pendant and the minute carvings within it. Ghungroos should be considered for their beauty before picking the desired mangalsutra design. 

86. The Gleaming Diamond

The extended diamond look of a pendant is equally alluring compared to the wide variety of mangalsutra designs. 

87. The Hanging Bridge

The golden bridge of falling diamond studs is an exclusive, premium mangalsutra design that would suit all attires and ceremonies. 

88. The Ringed Bracelet

The three ringlets in the form of a bracelet mangalsutra might entice many brides and influence fashion trends. 

89. The Master Mangalsutra

Design: Manubhai Jewellers

The antique gold globe-oriented design is a total winner. 

90. The Marvellous Gold

This gold pendant is another enormously refined, super hit traditional mangalsutra design that will tremendously suit ritualistic ceremonies. 

91. The Diamond Wheel

Design: Papilior

The distinctive diamond wheel design acts as an ultimate pendant pattern that will add sparkle to your whole look. 

92.The Godly Glow

Image: Pinterest

The god-inspired coined gold pendant design is a spiritual as well as culturally rich mangalsutra design. 

93. The Symmetrical Threesome

Design: Sampat Jewellers

The three-solitaire(s) collectively designed to be a luxurious pendant acts as a presentable, symmetrical mangalsutra design. 

94. The Double Coined Mangalsutra 

The two balls, globe-like gold drops appear to be that flawless, perfect beauty to touch and adorn. It would be an impeccable traditional choice that would go with western and eastern attires. 

95. The Fiery Look

Design: Caratlane

The diamond drops and gold drops accentuate the bold, fierce, queenly aura that will take the world by storm. 

96. The Crowned Glory

Design: Caratlane

The sparkling pendant has a vibrant essence whose everlasting twinkle shines through ages. Wear it with a beauteous smile and rock all events!

97. The Intricate Design

Design: PNG Jewellers

The thin chain with a gold wheel and red-colored studs is another atypical variation to the vast lot of minimalistic mangalsutra designs. The delicate feels provide a touch-me-not vibe, which makes it distinct from the easily accessible mangalsutra designs. 

98. The Drooping Antiques

Design: PNG Jewellers


The antique tradition has brought another variation to the drop design mangalsutra pendants. This one is different, unique and quite light and can be styled with traditional outfits for special occasions.

99. The Citrusy Vibe

Design: PNG Jewellers

The eye-catcher diamond pendant with orange drops and studs give an extraordinarily perfect modern appeal to all newly married brides. 

100. The New-Age Aura

Design: PC Jewellers

The diamond’s extravagant radiating essence at the center and the quirky curve is a classy, famous, and elegant mangalsutra design.

101. The Age Old Unconventionality

Design: PC Jewellers

The conventional gold pendant is upholstered with a lightly polished gold effect that is less on sparkle and more on calm, soothing effect.

102. The Temple Inspired Mangalsutra

Design: PNG Jewellers

Temple jewelry designs are quite popular in the fashion industry, but when intricate, delicate, and pretty patterns are crafted with love, they create beautiful rare classics. 

103. The Armour Feels

Design: PNG Jewellers

The ritualistic black beads are distended to the diamond pendant, polishing the overall mangalsutra look to a more unique, trendy, pricey design. 

104. The Sacred Reds

Design: Caratlane

A little hint of bright colors never disappoints anybody. The red drop to the diamond pendant provides an unsaid augmentation to the mangalsutra’s ethereal beauty. 

105. The Check Design

Design: Tarinika Jewellery

When arranged in a check design, the square-shaped diamond studs bring another master mangalsutra design to the forefront.

106. The Concentric Feels

Image: Pinterest

The soft, beauteous feel of diamonds is amped up by the distinct designs they are exposed to. The magical delicacy of these patterns makes us all swoon with happiness. 

107. The Sparkly Affair

The wired gold with diamond studs gives a firework effect that looks quirky, fiery yet enchanting, and divine.

108. The Epic Traditions

The majestic beauty of a pearl with kundans and gold is an exquisite adornment. It will go well with heavy traditional attires and professional makeup. 

109. The August Gold

Image: Pinterest

It is another enormously lavish mangalsutra design crafted with all things beauty; pearls, gold, and diamond studs.

110. The Diamond Petals

Design: Anuradha Art Jewellery

The petal-shaped diamond pendant is exceedingly uncommon, elegant, and contemporary. This artwork is one of our favorite mangalsutra designs. 

111. The New Beginnings


The clasping hearts effect giving birth to a solitaire at the middle with a touch of gold is an absolute stellar concept. 

112. The Rare Diamond Pendant

Design: Anuradha Art Jewellery

The extravagant, luxurious feels provided by the diamond pendant gets full points from us. 

113. The Lavish Mangalsutra Design

DEsign: Fateh Chand Bansi Lal Jewellery

Gold pendants never become ‘too-old,’ and this mangalsutra design is all about being classic, evergreen, and trendy. 

114. The Magnanimous Beauty

The exquisite cuts provided to the diamond pendant bring forward the gem’s inherent beauty and radiates its shining light with delicacy and love. 

115. The Double Diamond Globes

Design: Anuradha Art Jewellery

Another hit variation found for the double-coin gold pendant is the double-diamond pendant. We believe that it is juggling with different patterns that create the one perfect design, which we call the trendsetter design.  

116. The Path of Glory

Design: Papilior

The majestic curvature of gold and diamonds leading to the sought-after solitaire is quite a noble pick.  

117. The Diamond Buds

Design: Papilior

The soft placing of solitaires as if blossoming of buds is a well-crafted presentation for an auspicious ornament like mangalsutra. 

 118. The Floral Coils

Design: Papilior

It brings us to another brilliant gold pendant design with coiled floral work. It is a modernistic approach provided to the formidable variety of mangalsutra designs at easy disposal and is a go-getter.

119. The Awesome Threesome

Design: Anuradha Art Jewellery

This mangalsutra design looks immensely chic, calm, and a real craze. It is an elaborate take on the double diamonds and gold. 

120. The Queenly Magic

Design: Papilior

The ultra-glam and extraordinarily voguish is this queenly magic mangalsutra design. It is a perfect amalgamation of traditional and contemporary ornamental designs.

121. The Jaw Dropper Masterpiece

Design: Charu Jewels

The sophisticated diamond affair is an aesthetically appealing mangalsutra design. Wearing this with solitaire earrings and sleek hair would accomplish a jaw-dropping look. 

122. The Blockbuster Rendition

Design: Papilior

The heroic rendezvous of gold and diamond is an intricately involved blockbuster. Flaunt this lovely mangalsutra design with confidence and bliss. 

123. The Colourful Pendant

Design: Papilior

The multi-colored pendant is a novel idea to the mundane mangalsutra designs. It will suit all occasions and will look super stylish and trendy to flaunt.

124. The Golden Glaze

Design: Papilior

It is one mangalsutra design with a feeling of intellectuality and that elite feel that will radiate its glory forever.

125. The Vehicle Full of Gold

Design: Papilior

The vehicle full of the gold pendant is an enticingly intelligent concept that intensifies the wearer’s complete personality. And it sure looks drop-dead gorgeous.

126. The Droopy Beads

Design: Papilior

The gold and drooping diamond beads impart a subtle shine and poise that is hard to find and super sumptuous to keep.Conclusion

We hope you loved the rare masterpieces. Tell us in the comments which one is your favorite?

By Sumanya Sehgal

Sumanya Sehgal is an avid creator of random thoughts, Urdu shayari and English poetry. She is an ardent Romantic drawn to the idea of channelising one’s emotions through writing to create a world of her own. Reading and makeup being the ultimate recreation for her, she dreams to travel the world with an open and receptive heart.

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