15 Best Makeup Tips For Girls With Dark Hair

Looking good is always appreciated and admired. How do you look? How you present yourself to society matters a lot. You cannot wear shabby clothes or just leave your hair undone. A well-maintained look lends you the confidence to face the world.  A well-dressed lady, with proper make-up and attitude, is always admired. 

Make-up is an important part of your look. It defines your personality. A confident and bold personality can achieve anything. You cannot go wrong with your makeup. Many of us do not have the luxury of time to get ready. Well, there are quick tips and tricks you may use to experiment with your makeup and find out what suits you the best. 

For a vibrant look always opt for makeup that complements your natural features. There are endless products to enhance your beauty. There is an array of beauty products to choose from. Do not mindlessly go after advertisements. You should pick and use makeup according to your requirements. You should be well-aware of your skin tone, hair color, and eye color, this will help you choose the products that will bring forward your natural beauty. 

Best Makeup Tips for Dark Hair

Hair color plays an important role in creating your look, but it just isn’t enough. You should choose products that gel with your skin tone as well as complement your hair color. Dark Hair is the most common color found in the world. 

If you are one of those who flaunt dark hair then read out to find exclusive makeup tips that blend well with your hair color.

1. Daring Lips

Ladies! Do not shy from bold or dark colors. Bold lips can never go wrong with dark hair. It brings out the beauty of your lips and enhances your natural beauty. The classic red or vibrant pink are the best ones for a sassy look for a person with dark hair.

You can even gloss for a sexy date night. Experiment with reds, pinks, or browns. A well-done bun with playful bold lip shade is absolutely classic for your dinner dates. This trick is very easy to create and requires minimum effort.

So, girls pick up your favorite dark shade and amaze everyone with your new look. 

2. Glittery Eyes 

If you are getting ready for an occasion, you need to look different. Glittery eyes with dark hair embrace your beauty. Using a light pink color on your cheeks and lips for a subtle look, add glitter to your eyes. It will make you stand out in the room. This look goes well with formal family functions. You can pick from golden glitters to other vibrant colors for a dramatic look. 

3. Cat Eyes 

If you have dark hair, then nothing looks sexier than cat eye makeup. Yes, it gels well with dark hair concentrating on your eyes. Though it is not an easy task to create perfect cat eye makeup. You can learn to create the look with different products or can use pencil or eyeliner or liquid eyeliner whatever you are comfortable with. This eye makeup goes along with casual outings. It creates a perfect look when stepping out for shopping or coffee with friends. So, try this lookout, and you will be appreciated. 

4. Sultry Eye Vibrant Look

Generally, the eye shadow color is in coordination with your outfit. But if you have dark hair you may drop this worry. A dark eyeshadow goes well for the ladies with dark hair. It lends a focused and sultry look. A good smokey eye is a perfect trick to practice this look. It absolutely goes amazingly well for casual occasions.

5. Go With Complete Bold Look

Going bold and vibrant is the best idea for cocktail parties or friends’ nights out. The bold look will flaunt your dark hair and lend an edgy look to you. For this, opt for a burgundy lipstick and brighten it up with a lip gloss. 

Paint your eye shadow with a little sheen over the matte base. Complete your bold look with matte blush. You will look entirely a different person with this completely bold look.

6. Subtle & Sober look

If you are not a fan of bold makeup, then you can simply opt for a subtle and sober look. A sober makeup will be a dark and light combination with your dark hair color. Opt for a creamy light pink or nude lip shade and a similar color in eye shadow. You can complete your look with a natural pink shade. Only a little color will do the trick. Try not to use lip gloss as it will be a mismatch with eye makeup. For a business meeting or just shopping, this look goes a long way. 

7. Go Pink For Day Makeup

If you are getting ready for a day outing, you can opt for soft pink makeup that will enhance your dark hair. Opt for natural pink eyeshadow and blush. Complete the look with a glossy pink lip shade or a bold pink matte lipstick. Pair this look with a white or light-colored dress. You are so ready to have a perfect early evening. 

8. Do Not Ignore Your Eyebrows 

With dark hair, you need to match dark eyebrows. At times you may have light eyebrows. Any difference in eyebrows and hair color will make you look odd. So, whenever you are applying makeup, always brush your eyebrows with a pencil that is similar to your hair color. This trick also applies well, if you have changed your hair color to a darker shade. Use a similar color pencil to define your eyebrows. It will enhance your beauty and also lend a complete look to your makeup. 

9. Match-up With Your Skin Color

Dark hair is a blessing. They bring out your natural beauty. Everything goes well with dark hair except the mismatch of your products. Whenever you apply makeup, it is important to match the products with your skin tone. If you use a higher or lower tone, it will fade off your whole look. 

For natural makeup, always check your products before buying. If you are not aware of the various, do take help and buy BB creams or foundation and base purely gelling well with your skin tone. A lighter or dark shade will not go with your dark hair as well as you will be having patchy makeup. 

For even and smooth makeup only use appropriate products, it will help you to cover blemishes or dark circles and lend even and flawless makeup. Also, it goes well with dark hair. 

10. Bring Out Your Natural Beauty 

Flaunt your strongest feature with your dark hair. This is the best look you can have. If eyes are your most beautiful feature, opt for an eye-focused look. If lips are a strong feature, then you should opt for bold or vibrant color lip shades. Red, dark brown, and bright pink can never go wrong for brighter lips. Embrace your natural beauty to create a distinctive and attractive look. So, check the occasion and then decide your look. 

11. Enhance Your Eyes 

Even if you are not opting for bold eyeshadows, enhance them with heavy mascara or a beautiful glittery eyeshadow. Dark eyes do look good with dark hair. So, never leave your eyes untreated. Even if you apply simple kajal that will also help you to complete your look. 

12. Get Creative With Your Hairdos 

Whenever you are getting ready, plan your hairdo. Yes! It is not only about the makeup, a hairdo completes your look. You can make a side-partition bun when going out for a formal outing. You can opt for soft curls when having a casual affair. Both these hairstyles look well with dark hair color. 

13. Go for Glowing Skin 

Well, if you have dark hair, then you need to keep your skin glowing. Dull skin leaves you looking tired, whereas glowing skin lends you a vibrant and chirpy look. So, opt for makeup products including bronzers and highlighters that share a glowing touch with your skin. Also, keep your skin hydrated in natural ways. Never miss your day and night creams. Keep up with your facial routine to have healthy and glowing skin. 

14. Do Not Go Blingy With Tan Skin Tone 

If you have dark hair and tan skin, then we advise you not to use blingy or golden tones for eyeshadow. It may not simply go with your skin color. You can opt for a bronzer that will add shine to your skin. 

15. Add light Color Streaks 

If you have naturally dark hair, then for a change you can add light color streaks to your hair. It will lend a chick and you will enjoy the change. 

Quick Tips to Take Care of Dark Hair

  • Always use color-enhancing shampoo and conditioner. This will make your color last longer and keep your tresses dark and shiny. Using normal shampoo will make it dull. 
  • Try not to use many dryers or ironing or curling rods. Your hair will lose strength. So, always use heating stylers in limit. 
  • Oil your hair once a week at least. You may blend different oils including coconut and castor oil for healthy, dark, and thick hair.
  • Do not use a comb in wet hair. It will lead to breakage. 
  • Avoid chemical products. It will damage the hair color as well as your hair. 


Dark hair is very common with Indian girls. Some ladies have a special love for this hair color. So, if you have naturally dark hair or have dyed it, make full use of it to create stunning looks with our tips. We hope you go through all the tips and pick the ones that you like the best! We wish you beautiful times.

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