15 Must-have Makeup Essentials for Beginners

Are you also a newcomer to the Makeup world?

As you just entered the glamorous world, you might be overwhelmed by so many options and products available in the market. Our beauty market is full of new products which you may even don’t know how to use. But artists should know well how to utilize the products according to their choices and preferences. Besides learning new makeup skills and techniques, you need good makeup tools to achieve your desired look. Watch YouTube videos and follow your favorite makeup influencers but don’t forget to choose the best products for you as beginners need to be extra careful while choosing your makeup essentials. There are some basic products which you shouldn’t skip as they are a necessity. 

We have curated a list for you that you can have the must-have makeup products in your kit. So if you are a beginner and confused, this article can help you with the must-have essentials. 

Best makeup essentials for beginners

You must have seen makeup artists using a variety of products. If you want to become a pro, you need to learn basic steps and the products to create beautiful looks. We have made a list of basic makeup essentials for you.

Not only this, we made sure that the steps are in a proper sequence, so that you may learn which one to use first and later. Read the full article to get all the important information regarding makeup.

1. Moisturiser

Great makeup starts with a skincare routine. Dry skin can make your makeup look cakey, and to avoid that look, have a good moisturizer in your makeup kit. Not only for makeup, but you also need to apply this product as it hydrates your skin and aids in effortless makeup. 

  • It helps your skin to stay Young
  • Moisturizing fights wrinkles
  • Reduce the ill effects of a hot shower

You can choose a good moisturizer according to your skin type and its texture. 

Having trouble choosing a good moisturizer? This article on Best Moisturizers in India will help you find the best one.

2. Primer

A good primer evens your skin filling all the pores and notches on your face. It provides a smooth base for your makeup. Most women tend to skip this step as they don’t know what difference it makes. After applying moisturizer, you need a transparent primer. It creates an extra layer between your skin and the makeup and makes sure that other products like foundation, concealer work well and can be held firmly by your skin. You can feel how smooth your skin gets after applying a good primer. Though, there are different primers for your skin, lips, and eye. But we recommend you to buy one good primer which can fulfill all other needs. There’s another myth that women with oily skin only should apply primer, which is not entirely true. Primer control excess oil and are available for both, dry skin and oily skin.

3. Foundation

Foundation is the base of your makeup, it’s best to choose the one that matches your skin tone. And the basic rule is – buy the one shade lighter than your skin tone. It will add radiance and prevent external pollutants to soak into your skin, and make your pores and blemishes less visible. You can choose between sheer coverage or lighter coverage. But as you are a beginner, use a lighter foundation. It will cover the whole face leaving a very subtle look. 

Tip: Buy a foundation with a matte finish.

If you are looking for the best foundation for dry skin in India, we have got you covered!

4. Concealer

Beginners can eliminate the risk of the caked-on foundation by buying a good concealer whose purpose is to conceal all the blemishes, dark circles, and other spots and pimples on your face. Concealer is the thicker form of foundation, and you can apply it on areas with high pigmentation, blemishes, and dark circles. There are different concealers for your pimples, dark spots, age spots, and blemishes. 

Always apply concealer on the foundation for better results. It is available in different forms like cream, pencil, stick blemish concealers, etc. But for a beginner, stick concealer will do wonders.

5. Setting Powder

It is the most underrated makeup product. Beginners don’t give attention to the benefits of a setting powder. Setting powder is a loose powder that you can apply after using foundation and concealer. As the name suggests, this product sets your makeup so that it can remain on your face for a longer period. 

Just like we need to dry the wet ink on the paper so that it doesn’t smudge, we need to solidify our wet makeup by applying setting powder. There are two types of setting powder – Translucent and one which matches your skin tone. As a beginner, you can choose any, but we suggest you buy the translucent powder if you want to avoid many layers on your face. 

Confused about the best loose powders available in India for every skin type? Worry no more and read on!

6. Bronzer

Aside from giving a sexy golden brown look, bronzing your skin also has many benefits. Bronzer gives you a tanned or skin kissed look. But not only this, bronzer tends to conceal spider veins, unequal skin pigmentation. You may think that blush and bronzer are the same things. But here you are wrong! Blush, on one hand, gives plumpy red cheeks, while the bronzer is darker and gives a tanned tint to your cheeks and nose. If you cherish being clicked, then the bronzer on your cheeks in the photos will look amazing. 

7. Blush

Blush is used to give a pinkish-red color on the cheeks for a cherry effect that makes your face look young and beautiful. It can be your favorite product as it gives you a very vibrant look. While choosing a blush color, pick something that gives a natural blush. If you have a lighter skin tone, choose the pink or peach color, and women with darker shades can play with mauve or maroon blushes.

Choose from this list of Best Face Blushes according to your skin tone and your budget.

8. Highlighter

Highlighters reshape your cheekbones, thus creating an illusion of puffed-up cheekbones. Don’t forget to apply this to your nose to make it look slimmer. It is generally two shades darker than your natural skin tone. You should have a highlighter if you are a party animal and love partying in the evening. You can be a game-changer if you use this product in a perfect amount.

9. Makeup Brushes

To apply your makeup finely, you need to have the right tools. Yes, we are talking about makeup brushes. Choosing the best makeup brushes can be a difficult task, but they are an investment. One of the best ways to get your basic makeup brushes is to buy them in a set.

We suggest you buy a makeup brushes kit, but a small one. There are so many options available in the market with so many kinds of brushes. But don’t get confused, buy a basic makeup brush kit that contains a blusher brush, eye makeup brushes, and brushes for blending purposes.

Save your time and efforts, and check this article on the best makeup brushes in India to buy the one that suits your budget.

10. Eyeshadow Palette

Eye shadows are the soul of eye makeup. If you love creating new eye-makeup looks then the eye shadow palette should be there in your list. You must create a smokey eye look that is trending these days. Start with a nude eyeshadow palette, and then go for other bright ones. Once you know how to play with the eyeshadow palettes, then keep on exploring new ones. Your eyes are the most important part of your face, thus, the eye makeup should be on point to get compliments from your friends. Here are some of the options if you want to buy an eyeshadow palette right now. (Plus, this article has proper guidelines for choosing a good eye shadow palette for you)

11. Kajal

We know you already are a kajal lover as it has always been in your purse. It’s just a reminder that you shouldn’t forget your best friend while you are embarking on a new journey with makeup products. You will also find kajals in whole new variants and vibrant colors for you to experiment with.

If you are still confused about which Kajal you should buy for yourself, check out this article on Best Kajal Brands To Buy in India with their detailed review and price.

12. Lip Sticks

You can’t deny that a lip shade can save your day. A Nude and a Bold red lip color are must-have products for your lips. A nude lip shade is one of the favorites for beginners and professionals. They love collecting every shade of nude and peach. But of course, you will also need red lipstick to rock at some events. Choose according to your preferences as lip shades come in liquid, semi-liquid. Also, there are lip shades with a glossy look, and some are matte. As a beginner, you might love matte lip shades, but we suggest you try both. Here’s a list of some best lipstick brands perfect for every woman.

13. Eyeliner

You may have trouble in creating the perfect winged eyeliner, but practice will make you perfect. Start by applying shorter wings but keep trying until you succeed. But eyeliner is a must-have product as it makes your eyes look bigger and beautiful. There are eyeliners with other than black options. So you can go with colorful eyeliners too. There are many ways of using this product, but our favorite is to apply a thin line on upper eyelashes and wing it the way we love. Finally, if you are tired of messing up with liquid eyeliner, you can try a pen eyeliner to make your work easy and effective.

14. Mascara

Hey beginners, skip the part where you wish to use false eyelashes. Look for a voluminous mascara that can make your eyelashes look longer and voluminous. There are good mascaras available in the market that comes with easy-to-use brushes. Curl your lashes a bit and apply mascara to get beautiful and long eyelashes.

Womenxo has already made a list of the best and most affordable Mascaras available in the market for you. 

15. Compact

You should know the benefits of compact powder. It is applied after the makeup is done to absorb all the excess sweat and oil from your skin. This powder is known as finishing powder and will ensure that your makeup lasts longer than your toxic relationships. It will give you a matte finish. Don’t think twice before buying a compact powder that matches your skin tone.


Now, we suggest you make a list of products that are not on your vanity. Never compromise with the quality of beauty products because these come in direct contact with your skin. As a beginner, you need to focus on the techniques and steps more. Do keep experimenting and learning new things while you create beautiful looks. You are an artist, trust yourself and never underestimate your art. Start by collecting basic tools and products, and you will end up having the best of both worlds.

Keep creating, ladies!

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