12 Tips To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

No matter what people say or think. If you love your partner and are ready to be in a serious relationship. Then believe-‘ long-distance relationships work.’

It’s not easy to find the one you love and deserve, but you should never do things that can ruin your relationship when you get someone. But there are certain situations when you people need to live apart. You are separated by miles and miles of distance.

It can be because of your career or other opportunities. But don’t feel bad about it. Long-distance relationships do work.

Instead of feeling sad about it, be proud that you are both going to make it work instead of any odds. No doubt, it needs special attention and efforts to work, but you are ready to make things possible when you love someone.

If you face some issues maintaining a long-distance relationship, then Womenxo has some tips to make it work.

Tips to make a long-distance relationship work

Long-distance relationships are not just about arguments or insecurities, but it’s also about virtual dates, support, and understanding, and here are some tips to help service a long-distance relationship.

1. Try different modes of communication

Gone are the days when we used to wait for someone’s response. Now, technology has made us stay more connected than ever. All these social media and video calling apps make it easier for you to connect to your partner at any time, any day.

If using the same mode of communication becomes monotonous and boring, try the older, romantic ways of communication like sending handwritten letters to your loved ones or send gifts as a reminder of how much they mean to you even while sitting miles apart. 

We are sure they will cherish these efforts forever!

2. Communicate in the right way

‘Communication is the key to all the Relationships’; this statement is essential for every relationship. But it is more important to understand what is the right way to do so.

Texting your partner the whole day can make both of you burn the candles at both ends. You need to understand – ‘Less is More’.

Some people like being connected every hour, but some find it tedious to talk after every hour. It’s best to understand your relationship, and don’t force your partner to talk to you every minute of a day.

3. Be there and support

Even if you are not there physically, try and support your partner over calls and videos calls, and make them feel you are always there. 

Long-distance relationships are not everyone’s cup of tea. There will be some days when you will want to break up or find it challenging to maintain the long-distance relationship.

Questions like ‘Do you still love me?’ , ‘Will you be with me forever?’ are frequently asked by you or your partner when you live apart and feel emotionally weak. Well, it’s perfectly okay to feel like that!

You must respond to such questions with all your love and assure them that everything is fine, and you both will be together again, soon.

4. Enjoy your personal life

It’s not only for the long-distance relationship but also for any other relationship. Spend time with your friends on weekends instead of being on the phone with your partner all the time. 

Let them enjoy to the fullest. Give space, and respect their life too. It’s okay to be clingy sometimes. But give your partner some space to breathe.

Grow as an individual too. Don’t make yourself feel that you have nothing to do. You can pick up a new hobby or passion, work on it.

5. Do similar things

It’s not easy to maintain a relationship without meeting them frequently. Recommend tv shows, books, to each other and then discuss. Express your opinions about a particular movie you guys watched together, being on the different sides of the world. 

Go on virtual movie dates with your partner. Watch ‘Before Sunrise’ on Netflix at the same time. Text in between when you find some relatable scenes.

We are sure, it’s going to be super fun!

6. Know each other’s schedule

It’s beneficial to know when the other person is busy or free so you can drop a text or call them at the right time. It is especially essential when you both are living in different time zones. You wouldn’t want to disturb your partner when he/she is in the middle of a meeting or work.

If you haven’t done this, then prepare a time table for your partner and yours as well.

7. Respect the reason as to why you guys live apart

Sometimes out of anger, you may blame your partner for not living at the same place. But we recommend to never ever do that. You both have taken this decision together and now accept and respect it.

Long-distance relationships need a lot of maturities, and if you go through this, you can pass every test of love and come out as a  stronger couple.

8. Understand the limits of physical touch

There are virtual ways to mimic the intimacy of physical touch and spice things up. You might even be tempted to make some impulse decisions like quitting your job or your school to meet the love of your life.

Respect and focus on the positive aspect of your long-distance relationship, not everyone can afford to maintain such Relationships.

9. Plan your End Dates

People generally romanticize a long-distance relationship. It feels best when you meet your partner after so long. 

Plan your end dates or even give them a surprise visit. You guys can also visit a place where you first met or his/her favorite place.

10. Be confident in your relationship

Insecurities and doubts can ruin your relationship forever. Don’t commit such mistakes.

Be confident of yourself and in your relationship. Don’t overthink what if he/she meets a new and a better person than you. If you are meant to be together, you will be!

Insecurities can lead to breakups or people indulging with other partners, which isn’t healthy. It’s better, to be honest about your feeling and say what you feel. 

11. It’s okay to face these issues in a long distance relationship

  • ‘You have got nothing to talk about’ 

Most people feel that there are no topics left to talk on, as they are almost growing apart and independently.

  • Putting your life on hold

Couples feel that they are putting their life on hold as they miss their partners so much.

  • Different time zones

It is a significant challenge when you want to connect to your partner, but they are busy working.

  • Jealousy

It’s okay to feel jealous when your partner is away and has an entirely different friend circle.

  • Stonewalling

Using silence as a weapon. When some people feel bad, they stop talking to their partners 

  • Cheating

The bitter truth is when some people don’t get enough attention from their partners; they tend to cheat.

12. Fix it

You need to work on fixing the issues rather than just complaining about the same. Give yourself and your partner some time to fix all the issues.

Here are some romantic ideas to spice up your relationship

  • Virtual Dates

Some people often complain that they don’t like getting ready as their partners live far away. But what about virtual dates?

Plan a weekend date; wear your best outfit. Organize and decorate your date table with some flowers. Fix proper time, and don’t ruin the date by getting late on the video call.

  • Play games together

Prepare a questionnaire of 50 questions to know each other better.  Make placards and enjoy.

Give each other points and decide on a gift for the winner. Isn’t it interesting?

  • Stalk your partner on social media 

Naah, it’s not creepy at all, like your partner’s old post and comment to make them feel that you still adore them so much and no one can replace them.

  • Make a video

Nowadays, there are many online apps for creating videos for your love. Convert your message into a video and see their reactions.


Long-distance relationships require a considerable amount of open, straight-forward communication to work correctly. It would be best if you were empathetic and should have a strong power of imagination to feel and visualize what your partner must be feeling at their place.

Accept that ‘the long-distance relationships are difficult to handle, but not impossible.’

Love makes life so much better and interesting. Think of all the right moments you guys have spent together!

By Saakshi Pathak

Saakshi Pathak aka Iska Review girl is a blogger, script writer, book reviewer, youtuber and a show host. Her writings are often witty and layered with sarcastic comments. She makes videos on social issues and has also been working with various media houses as a freelance content creator. She loves collecting and wearing jhumkas. She's an avid book reader. She is currently based in Chandigarh and is working as a freelancer.