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13 Best Lipsticks To Go With Your Green Outfit

We all have a different colour of dresses including the most uncommon ones like neon yellow, neon orange, and other neon colours, Burgundy, violet, green, etc. Sometimes, it isn’t easy to choose the right shade of makeup and especially the right shade of lipstick for such colours.

Out of all these colours, GREEN is one of the colours that we have a hard time choosing the right shades of lipsticks and cosmetics. A green dress can be an excellent idea for an important event as it is a very catchy and attractive colour. A good thing about a green dress is that it compliments many skin tones very easily.

The shade of lipstick needs to compliment your dress; otherwise, the whole look will get spoiled due to the wrong choice. Various shades and colours look good and suit on a green dress. Do we all not face different struggles finding the perfect shades of makeup for that flawless dress we want to look good?

Here are the best shades of lipstick for your green outfit:

1. Brown Lipstick – Maybelline 

We recommend using the Maybelline New York Colour Sensational’s Creamy Matte Lipstick in the shade of brown. Its called Nude Nuance – 657.

Brown is one of the top choices for a green dress and will compliment your dress. 

2. Red Lipstick – Lakmé

Who does not like the right shade of red lipstick? Red is a colour that suits all skin types and looks good on almost everyone. It is a colour that even looks good on green dresses.

We recommend using Lakmé’s 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Lip Colour. It’s called MR10, Red Rebel. Lakmé is one of the most known brands, and a Lakmé lipstick can never be a wrong decision. 

3. Green Lipstick – Maybelline

It might not be the first choice for most people, but a green lipstick can go very well with a green dress. 

Go for Maybelline New York Sensational’s Matte Metallic Lipstick – Serpentine, number 55. The only thing to take care of is to choose the right shade of green lipstick. 

4. Dark Brown Lipstick – Colorbar

A lot of you would think it’s impossible to pull off a darker shade of brown lipstick that almost looks black, but it’s one of those colours that complement almost all the colours. 

Try ‘I Am So Fancy!’ from Colorbar’s Velvet Matte Lipstick range.

5. Golden Rose Lipstick

A lovely shade of a Golden Rose lipstick can go hand in hand with a green dress and give you a nice look for a casual outing like a friend’s get-together, or a family dinner.

Go for ‘GR’s Golden Rose Velvet Matte Lipstick’, shade number 16.

6. Nude Lipstick – Elle 18

A Nude shade is the right choice of lipstick if you cannot decide between a dark/bold colour or light/soft colour.

We recommend that you try ‘Nude Fix – N51′ from Elle 18’s Color Pops Matte Lipstick range.

7. Pink Lipstick – Miss Rose’s Professional

We all use different shades of Pink for all our outfits daily. Pink is one of the colours that look good on a green dress too. 

Try ‘Belle Pink – shade number 31 from Miss Rose’s Professional Bullet Matte Lipstick. 

8. Wine Lipstick – Faces Canada

Wine is a beautiful, dark colour that is absolutely amazing and widely used, especially in winter and even in the evenings.

Go for Faces Canada’s Weightless Crème Lipstick, Wine Drop – shade number 20. This deep, darker shade of lipstick looks ultra-glamorous on a green outfit.

9. Maroon Lipstick – Lakmé 

We all are aware of greens and maroons being one of the best combinations that a person can pair up or look onto. 

For a green outfit, we recommend you going for a ‘Maroon – M455’ from Lakmé Enrich Satin. 

The combination of a Green dress with a Lakmé Enrich Satin maroon lipstick is the stunning dynamite glam to your sophisticated enriched look.

10. Dark Peach Lipstick – Colorbar 

Peach coloured lipsticks are one of the few pretty colours that look relatively great as they stunningly complement a person’s skin colour. We recommend that you use ‘Peach crush lipstick’ from Colorbar’s Velvet Matte collection. 

If you like a simple look with glam definition, you can wear this shade anytime.

11. Burgundy Lipstick – Sugar 

Burgundy and maroons are often confused with being from the same family, but they are two different beautiful colours if you look into details. Maroon is a bit darker shade, whereas Burgundy is considered to be one shade lighter than Maroon. 

Go for a ‘Brazen Raisin’ from Sugar Cosmetic’s Smudge Me Not Liquid Lips. This is best if you want to try a deeper hue of burgundy shade. 

12. Coral Lipstick – Faces Canada 

Coral is one such colour that goes completely unnoticed, but it’s a great payoff colour that suits very well with many outfits. 

We recommend this perfect shade of a coral coloured lipstick from Faces Canada’s Weightless Matte Lipstick. The name of the lipstick shade is Rusty Orange (Coral), and the number 26.

Not over the top or neon, Rusty Orange rather compliments warmer skin tones and doesn’t wash out

A Coral shaded lipstick gives an amazingly pretty look if worn dramatically and will work very well with your green dress. 

13. Chocolate Brown Shade – Coat Me Bonjour Paris 

Brown being a universal shade defines the bold look to amp your celebratory style.

We recommend you to try ‘Satin Matte Lipstick’ from Coat Me Bonjour Paris. The name of the shade is Chocolate Brown.

A Chocolate Brown Lipstick is the right choice for any occasional parties, brunches, or precisely aping a no-makeup look.


It is sometimes challenging to choose the right shade of lipstick and match the perfect makeup color according to your dress colour. 

Generic Advice: The know which shade of lipstick works best with your outfit, it’s best to apply a bit of the lipstick on the wrist and see if it compliments your skin. 

The lipstick shades mentioned above would go well with a classic green dress and enhance your beauty to give you a flawless look in no time.