20+ Latest Wedding Jewellery Trends For The Experimental Brides

The pandemic has altered the concept of Big Fat Indian Wedding. All of us have been embracing small and minimalist weddings for the past year. So what’s different about 2021 weddings? Bridal looks have become more experimental and peculiar with intimate and virtual weddings. It’s now time to discuss all the things that will rule the wedding industry in 2021 as it is a year of hope and celebration for many.

Wedding celebrations are not just about attire anymore. An Indian bride purely does not invest in her bridal lehenga while deciding her ensemble but also invests in a legacy that she creates by compiling some of the most quintessential elements of new styles. The modern Indian bride is rediscovering her tradition this wedding season. Indian bride’s jewellery collection is now all about incorporating the old-world styles with Indo-western contemporary designs and styles and each piece has its dignified place in every bride’s trousseau.

For every Indian bride, jewellery is an essential accessory and has emotions attached to it. Their love for jwellery is enduring. Indian jewellery is graced with fine craftsmanship, minute detailing in designs, and has endless choices. As soon as you think of bridal jewellery and lehenga you start to visualize- what kind of look you want, the exact pieces you want to invest in.

Latest jewellery trends in 2021 

We know you are eager to know the latest bridal jewellery trends of 2021, so we have rounded up some of our favourite latest jewellery trends that will make your heart melt. Whether minimal or elaborated these jewellery trends make all the difference to your final D-day look and are worth all the attention and be a trendsetter this year.

Indian Bridal Jewellery Trends for Neck

1. Adorning delicate choker sets

Jewellery: Purab Paschim Photo: Shutterdown

We all love beautiful statement choker neckpieces. Choker sticks to your neck tightly and gives a classic look. It gives a subtle yet royal look to your whole wedding attire. It is a highly versatile neckpiece and the finely detailed elements in the neckpiece crown the neck gracefully.

2. Captivating heavy kundan necklace

Photo: Oragraphy

The beautiful art of Kundan jewellery has been originated from ancient kingdoms Rajasthan and Gujurat and is most adorned in today’s time. Even though kundans are traditional, it still looks beautiful with uncut stones and gold foil carving. If you are a bride who loves to experiment with jewellery, then kundan sets with tassels, beads, and mandala-like design fit perfectly in your jewellery list. It is an exquisite combination of royal detailing and a modern look and is something you should invest in. A millennial bride who wants to keep something traditional yet modernistic, kundan set is a perfect pick.

3. Exotic temple jewellery sets

Photo: Crew6 Projects

Over time, the timeless and classic allure of temple jewellery sets has been an integral part of wedding trousseau, especially in the southern part of India. This chunky jewellery is primarily made of gold and embedded with precious stones and gems. Beautiful and artistic forms of this ethnic Indian jewellery features large motifs of goddesses, royalty and dancers taking days of labour. They look regal with Kanjeevaram saree.

4. Maharani style haar

Photo: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Indian brides love to elevate their looks by adding huge pieces to their bridal jewellery. As we are a sucker for minimal jewellery sets, few brides have left us astonished and equally smitten with big maharani style haar. Get the royal look on your big day by layering it with choker neckpieces, satlada, and collar neckpieces.

5. Multi-layered pearl neckpiece for the modern bride

“How much layering is too much layering”? questioned no bride ever. Multi-layered neckpieces have made their way into Indian ethnic accessories and have set to be a game-changer in the street style fashion. Kundan neckpieces layered with minimal gemstones will surely give you a luxurious look and will make you feel like a million-dollar bride on your wedding day.

6. Nizam style thick neckpiece

Jewellery: Kishandas & Co.

This double-stranded thick piece has been originated from Hyderabad and the Nizams were famous to wear this style of neckpiece. It seems like this jewellery trend is here to stay. One thing is for sure when you plan to wear this thick neckpiece you have to tone down the amount of jewellery you are wearing to make it look more appealing and less gaudy.

Astonishing Headgear Jewellery Trends for Bride

7. Maatha Patti

Jewellery: Sunita Shekhawat Photo: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Embedded with glittering stones and inspired by the Mughal way, maatha patti gives an elegant and royal look to a bride. It makes you feel like a queen with sheer grace. Maatha patti is an alluring version of a sparkly crown, so what are you waiting for pretty lady? It’s time to embrace your pace and put on the glamorous crown and rock your look.

8. Maang tikka

Makeup: Natasha Moor

Maang tikka is one of the favourite jewellery pieces of any bride. Ornamentally, they are considered to symbolize womanhood and feminine powers. Maang tikka was just a basic statement piece worn by the bride, but now it has come a long way and is available in countless designs, styles, and colours. Always find a maang tikka as per the size of your forehead and the shape of your face. Try to minimize the wedding look and overdoing can be a wrong idea.

9. Elaborate paasa 

Photo: Stopstyle

Something is stunning about Paasa and it is that one accessory that stands out giving you a royal look and makes you look as bridal as bridal can be. Brides today have made it a fashion staple and slaying their bridal look. Indian brides commonly accessories paasas with maang tikkas. According to the modern trend, it can also be paired with different bridal ensembles and are perfect to style them for sangeet or mehendi.

Indian Bridal Jewellery Trends for Earrings

10. Enchanting chaandbali style earrings

Jewellery: Sunita Shekhawat

Timeless chaandbali earrings are the latest trends that we cannot stop mooning right now. You can match these earrings with literally everything- from saree to lehengas to ethnic gowns to stylish kaftans and it is hard to resist the beauty of crescent-shaped earrings that have been in trend since the Mughal era. They make a great statement piece on weddings and festive occasions. You can now find them in different varieties like gold, silver, and oxidized. We are pretty sure brides love them in all styles- traditional, contemporary, simple, or dramatic.

11. Lotus motif earrings

Image: Pinterest

Lotus, which symbolizes fertility, prosperity, and beauty is an auspicious flower used greatly in Indian weddings. Renowned designers use the lotus motifs of these captivating blooms to create the most beautiful bridal baubles. They blend effortlessly with modern as well as traditional attire and will make any bride stand out at her wedding. From heavy necklaces to dangling earrings to bridal bangles, lotus is gaining a symbolic status and it’s sure to roar in 2021.

12. Shoulder dust earrings

Unlike chaandbalis and lotus-styled earrings, shoulder-dust earrings ooze modernity. For modern Indian brides, these flirty and statement earrings are a perfect pick and are an absolute hit with the younger generation. Shoulder dust earrings paired with diamonds are classic for brides who want all things trendy. The gentle sweep of earrings on an open neck or off-shoulder gown at sangeet or reception will help you look graceful and stylish than just traditional jhumkas.

Indian Bridal Trendy Nose Rings

13. Traditional oversized naths

Makeup: Shubhdeep Gill

Over the years, nath has lost its significance which was and is still considered as an important part of every bride’s solah shringar, the tradition of wearing naths has been diminishing gradually among the new-fashioned brides. With diversity in styles and designs in naths, it seems like brides are going back to their roots with a contemporary twist to this style statement piece and are spoilt for choice. Big naths made with gold and kundan are back in trend this wedding season. Always keep in mind your face shape and size before deciding on your bridal nath.

Indian Bridal Jewellery Trends for Hands

14. Bridal bangles

Jewellery: Manubhai Jewellers

Well if there’s something that every Indian bride should know for a fact is that no bride’s outfit is ever complete without her hand jewellery. Brides love to customize and amp their look in every way possible. Bangle stacking will surely compliment your bridal attire. Traditional bangles have always been a part of Indian heritage and are a fine example of art, culture, and artisanal skills coming together. An alluring kada embedded with kundan and pearls adds a fresh dimension to a usual bridal bangle stack.

15. Contemporary cuff and bracelets

Image: Pinterest

Dainty cuffs and bracelets with fine detailing with a contemporary twist aren’t just statement pieces but are also traditionally considered auspicious. Splendid handcuffs embellished with diamonds and precious gemstones are certainly going to be the most minimalist yet luxurious approach to Indian bridal accessorizing trends in 2021.

16. Cocktail rings 

One thing brides love about their bridal jewellery collection- Cocktail Rings. A stunning and chunky cocktail ring would be a perfect accessory to make a style statement and enough to make heads turn. Indian brides love cocktail rings as they add glamour in a subtle way when wore on delicately manicured hands and are more than eye-catching. The more elaborate design and sparkling, the more memorable the ring is. While buying a cocktail ring, make sure it blends well with your attire and while wearing it, tone down the use of other jewellery.

17. Kaleeras 

Kalire: Free Rani

If you are a bride and believe in the mantra “It’s all in the details” then you just cannot miss kaleeras in your bridal jewellery collection and can’t them for granted. Often seen as one of the auspicious ceremonies in Northern Indian, beauteous kaleeras are an integral part of the overall bridal look. This timeless and traditional ornament seems to have had a makeover and has evolved with the trend. Right from the kaleeras with pom-poms to the ones that make style statements, we are in love with every bit of it.

Indian Bridal Jewellery Trends for your Feet

18. For the love of kundan anklets

Jewellery: Purab Paschim

To all the pretty brides, don’t forget to add glamour to your ankles. Traditional foot ornaments anklets or payal (pajeb) have a traditional aesthetic value and are considered an integral part of Solah Shringar. The colourful Kundan anklets can be matched with your bridal lehenga giving you an ethnic as well as royal look.

19. Swoon-worthy floral anklets

Image: Henna Lounge

Floral jewellery is winning everyone’s hearts. We are sure that you will go crazy over floral anklets. They add a lot of grace and poise to the entire look of the bride. Floral anklets are a game-changer when it comes to enhancing the beauty of dark Mehendi feet.

20. Oxidized silver anklets 

Jewellery: Tjori

Just a mere look will be enough for you to fall in love with pretty oxidized silver anklets and it traditionally has its charm. If you love traditional designs and Indian-style anklets, then an oxidized silver anklet is the best choice for you. They are truly durable and light in weight. Oxidized anklets embedded with stones or fresh flowers look pretty.

Bridal Waist Belt Trend

21. Significant makeover with a kamarbandh

The trend that we are currently obsessing over is wearing a bridal lehenga with a stunning waist belt. This typical South Indian jewellery piece, Kamarbandh, got a significant makeover and is popular amongst other brides as well. You will find umpteen patterns if you start hunting for a perfect waist belt that matches your bridal attire. You can experiment with super sleek, fabric, leather, or heavily embellished zardozi belts.


Embracing ethnicity is quite a new outlook for bridal jewellery accessorizing and is also a unique approach to comfort. Style trends keep changing now and then, keep yourself updated with the latest jewellery trends and ace up the jewellery game and look like a diva on your D-day. We hope these stunning jewellery trends were able to inspire you to keep your look authentic and timeless this wedding season.

Which jewellery trend are you planning to steal from the list? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured Image: Manish Malhotra

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