Top 45+ Backhand Jewellery Mehndi Designs

Mehndi is an essential ritual of the Indian wedding ceremony. It is not just limited to being a sacred ceremony, but it has its glamour and fun. The greetings, all the celebrations, and the hearty laughter all across the arena is a sight to behold.

Amidst all these preparations, the bride undergoes truckloads of stress as to how her mehndi design will turn out to be, will it be worth appreciating and aesthetically appealing. When one has a special design in mind, it is extremely important to research and experiment beforehand to settle the last moment worries. Hence, we bring you a suitable list of mehndi designs that are par excellence in their specificity. 

Latest Jewellery Mehndi Design for Back Hand 

Many of you would be jewellery lovers who just cannot leave their place without accessorizing. They are the ones who would need jewellery-inspired designs even for their mehndi. A general though ‘varied in its beauty’ designs would just not suit their needs, desires, and interests. They would look for something extra, a bit of colour maybe, or a hint of sparkle. A generous amount of henna that does not look super over the top yet is not incredibly minimalistic would be their ultimate choice.

To balance it all out, we have for you a list of 45+ jewellery mehndi designs that you would want to bookmark right away!

1. The Hearty Ring

We are back with an aesthetically appealing jewellery mehndi design wherein a ring-like effect is given alongside two chained hearts. It is a superb mehndi design for those looking for a very simple pattern for their Roka or engagement ceremony. 

2. The Chained Beads

Chains are always in-trend. Those who are lovers of jewellery-inspired mehndi design would fall for this intricate mehndi look. The alternate design with a chain effect is so appealing that it looks rich and luxurious. The net effect on the finger presents an appropriate display of the modern jewellery designs we see in the market. 

3. The Hanging Bracelet 

This one is another pretty mehndi design wherein we get an illusion of a hanging bracelet with chains all over. The delicate crafting of mehndi on half of the fingers presents an impressive pattern, and the circle in the middle is another illustration of a therapy giving a healing effect. 

4. The White Mehndi Design  

Whites and colour themes would never go out of fashion. This dreamy mehndi design resembles a piece of jewellery wherein the pattern at the back and looks like a hand bracelet, and the fingertips look like rings specially meant to be worn on your special day to give that extra glamour and shine. 

5. The Rectangular Haathphool

Rectangles and geometrical shapes are a great possibility and alternative for jewellery-inspired mehndi designs. It looks trendy, stylish, yet super minimalistic mehndi design. The flower design and nets within the rectangle are quite beautiful and gorgeous as an overall look. 

6. The Floral Hype

Flowers are an evergreen design for incorporating into your special day’s mehndi options. It has a very quirky touch to the whole aura of your personality. An elegant, upbeat, new, and chic layer of henna lifts your mood. And, this will enlighten you with its lively charm. 

7. The Mirror Effect

The mirror-inspired jewellery mehndi design is a stunner and connected with chains is another spectacular pattern. It is not over the top and its beauty reflects all the shine and glam. 

Pairing it with crop tops and western skirts will modernize the whole look. 

8. The Floral Haathphool 

The little finger leading to an extended and elaborate bail design is a charming sight. The look is not so minimalistic yet is not too overboard that it turns out to be gaudy. It is a subtle balance between being elegant and glamorous, both at the same time. 

9. The Netted Jewellery Design 

The net feels all over the fingers is a crazily beautiful mehndi design. The chains hanging below the fingers is another excellent mehndi design that looks like a jewellery mehndi pattern. It is a perfect minimalistic design that you can get on your engagements or Roka ceremony. 

10. The Delicate Extravaganza 

It is another charmer with flowers in the middle with distinct dotted chains connecting those beautiful flowers. It is quite a simple mehndi look, but it is solely a jewellery-inspired look wherein the very design resembles a floral haathphool. 

11. The Drooping Ring

Mehndi: Henna Paradise

The elegance of the ring is elaborate, larger than life, and unique, and it is the most adorable pattern of this mehndi design. The whole look has a ravishing and charming appearance of some of the heaviest embellishments that have the effect of the jewellery designs that we adorn so beautifully. 

12. The Embellished Unfolding 

Mehndi: Henna Paradise

Haathphools are always trending whether we delve into jewellery-inspired mehndi design or opt for a more inclusive mehndi design. The partly-unfolded effect of the ring and the rectangle-shaped bracelet with beads is another brilliant idea for jewellery mehndi looks. 

13. The Circled Jewellery 

Mehndi: Pinterest

Circles are a relatively safer option than other geometrical mehndi designs as they look stylish and in vogue. This intricate pattern looks stunning with the net pattern on the fingers. All-in-all, it is an excellent jewellery mehndi design that may also suit your wedding looks. 

14. The Hathphool Variety 

Mehndi: Himani_henna

Many would find this as a simple bail design that we can get made through any artist. Or, how does it resemble a jewellery-inspired mehndi design? The bold and epic nature of the bail that is extending from the middle finger to the wrist is a replica of an extravagant gold haathphool that might be too pricey for easy access. 

15. The Falling Circles

Mehndi: Pinterest

Chains are an elegant way of designing a jewellery-inspired mehndi pattern that will look classy and rich. These loosely hanging circles resemble luxurious rings hanging alongside each other. The whole design paints an enchanting picture for all the new brides-to-be. 

16. The Elaborate Chains 

We again come to the beauty of the chains. This design is full of distinct chain designs; one extending from the index finger and the other on the arms with a heartful of beauty and love. The flowers add that extra oomph and glamour to the whole design. 

17. The Hearty Chains

Almost resembling the previous picture, we get to have a chain-effect with hearts and dotted nets on the fingers. This one is a more minimalistic design with more visibility and breathing space while the previous one was about luxury and richness. One resembles quirkiness and the other peace. 

18. Love Connection 

Mehndi: Kinjal Shah

Hearts are the center of everything. This design consists of hearts, and the brown-colored mehndi is winning all our hearts. The hearts on the fingers look like pendants, and the floral design just below the middle finger resembles a precious brooch. This design is a big thumbs-up. 

19. The Geometrical Jewellery Mehndi Design 

Mehndi: Nurah S Henna

Jewellery-inspired mehndi design does not always need to be rings, circles, haathphools, or flowers. We can use geometric patterns to create a jewellery mehndi design. The sleek pattern of this design is a sight that warms the heart. The work on the fingers and the hanging squares; all of them are just love. 

20. The Forever Charmer 

Mehndi: Henna Art by Saida Patel

Another lavish mehndi design seems to be influenced by the different jewellery designs. The net-effect on the fingers with the floral hanging round bracelet is an absolute charmer. 

21. The Luxurious Intricacy 

Mehndi: Mehndiartist_hira

Rich and luxurious are the two words that come to the mind when we look at a mehndi design like this. The amount of effort gone into creating this artistic masterpiece and the elaborate haathphool design starting from the middle finger is worth appreciating. It is a phenomenal mehndi design that resembles the designs of jewellery. 

22. The Netted Mirror 

Mehndi: Pinterest

The netted mirror effect is also an incredible addition to the mirror designs. The jewellery-inspired mehndi designs with the floral pattern is a gorgeous design. 

23. The Connecting Mirrors 

Mehndi: Pinterest

Networks are the lifelines of any artwork. Connection improves the overall look of the design and the same has happened with this mehndi design wherein one mirror is connected with the other mirror transforming it into a bewitching jewellery mehndi design that we had to include into the list. 

24. The Rich Rings 

Mehndi: Hennageek

For those looking for a minimalist mehndi design inspired by the latest jewellery patterns, this one is for you. The Arabic style bracelet resembles a perfect design of jewellery that looks decent and elegant. 

25. The Chained Bracelet 

Mehndi: Pinterest

It is a perfect and ultimate jewellery-inspired mehndi design that would look superb with western outfits. You can plan to play with this design by going for extra fun with henna or leave just like that with gold rings on the fingers. 

26. The Minimalist Bail 

Mehndi: Pinterest

This one is another great alternative to the minimalist mehndi design that would look chic and stylish. The dotted bail looks very sleek, charming, and eye-catching. Go for this mehndi design with western outfits and bangles in hand. 

27. The Netted Haathphool

Mehndi: Henna Girl UK

The net-effect with a hathphool-like mehndi design is quite appealing as it has a very soft appearance. It seems as if no efforts have been used to craft this design; it is flawless and enchanting. 

28. The Leafy Rings 

Mehndi: Pinterest

It is one ultimate mehndi design that has a whole bunch of leaves looking extraordinarily rich and lavish. The coal-black colour of henna adds to the overall look of this mehndi design. 

29. The Triangular Haathphool

Mehndi: Pinterest

The eye in the middle finger with the hanging triangular-shaped hathphool is mesmerizing and bewitching. The whole effect is so unique and delicate that we know for sure, this will end up getting to be your favourite mehndi design too. 

30. The Sleek Leaves 

Mehndi: Pinterest

It is an excellent choice for all our accessory lovers. You get the effect of a sleek jewellery illusion which looks fancy and in-trend. Wear this with western or Indian outfits, it will suit both. 

31. The Flower Beauty 

Mehndi: Pinterest

The flowers always add a touch of elegance when incorporated into any design. Mehndi designs are filled with floral love and leaf patterns. This one looks like a hanging bracelet of flowers from the index finger to the ring finger that is quite romantic. 

32. The August Bail 

Mehndi: Pinterest

The huge, rich, and ultra-lavish designs have an alluring look that seems to be in-trend forever. The bracelet and ring designs look super voguish and glam. You can style this one with eastern outfits. 

33. The Detailed Chains 

Mehndi: Leeds Mehndi

The intricate detailing of this design with the chain-like effects is a big charmer. It looks remarkably glamourous and soft. 

34. The Double Chain Effect 

Mehndi: Pinterest

It is another minimalist jewellery-inspired mehndi design that would suit engagements or Roka ceremonies. Pair it with a western gown or a traditional Anarkali and bangles to amplify your overall look. 

35. The White Mehndi Design 

The modern tradition of utilizing whites in your mehndi designs is a unique concept. The design looks quite alluring to the eye as the chains are giving an illusion of real accessories. It is a perfect design for those who are obsessed with jewellery mehndi designs. 

36. The Peacock Effect  

Mehndi: Pinterest

Another great alternative to the white colour is new and unique mehndi designs. The loosely hung chains are a great mehndi pattern for the Roka ceremony. It would look good more with western outfits as compared to the eastern ones. 

37. The Traditional Finger Art 

Mehndi: Pinterest

The green coloured nail art accentuates the henna design crafted by the artist. The fingertips and its net pattern is a beautiful mehndi design influenced by the trend of accessories or jewellery. 

38. The New-Age Look

Mehndi: Anjali Henna

It is another beautiful mehndi design made out of the motifs of leaves and the dome-like structure in the middle. The bracelet on the wrist is intricate and delicately placed with a very soft and tender appeal. 

39. The Starry Night 

Mehndi: Pinterest

Sleek designs are always pretty to the eye. They have an appealing nature as the delicate lines with star-studded motifs all-in-all look perfect and heartwarming. They will suit both western and eastern attires effortlessly. 

40. The Bracelet Design 

Sweet gestures of love on the wrists in the form of bracelets have a modernized look. They look elegant and decent when paired with western outfits. You do not need any other hand accessory with this sort of a mehndi design. 

41. The Single Bail Design 

Mehndi: Sara Henna

Are you looking for a simple mehndi design that is inspired by a variety of jewellery-inspired designs but is not too glam.? Give this design a shot! It is a super cool mehndi pattern that resembles jewellery and does not have much of an apparent glam appeal. Yet, it looks charming and beautiful. 

42. The Lotus Rings 

Mehndi: Pinterest

It is an enchanting mehndi design that would suit all the new brides-to-be. You can flaunt this mehndi design with the pastel-colored gown and pair it with contrasting nail art. 

43. The Floral Bail 

Mehndi: Pinterest

It is another variation to the white mehndi design that is inspired by the distinct jewellery patterns. It is a flower design connecting the ring at the tip of the finger. It is an incredible mehndi design that would suit western attires perfectly. 

44. The Floral Connectivity 

Mehndi: Pinterest

The floral accessory is the new trend these days, and all the brides are going for these floral accessories for their mehndi event. The idea of beautifying your hand with a henna-inspired accessory design will make you look unique and different from the lot. 

45. The Glam Look 

Mehndi: The Henna House By Angela

This mehndi design is a remarkable net design that would suit all the attires beautifully. The starry net is an excellent addition to the vast variety of jewellery mehndi designs available, and it looks super gorgeous. 

46. The Initial-Inspired Mehndi Design 

Mehndi: Keval Amit Gohel

The initials written over your hand filled with henna is a traditional ritual, but it gets a modern appeal with this hanging initial-inspired heart design. It looks like a falling pendant with two hearts connected with one’s initials. 


If you are a henna fan and have gone through this detailed list of top 45+ jewellery mehndi designs, we hope you would have found your perfect mehndi design for your special day. And, we wish you good luck in your future endeavors. 

By Sumanya Sehgal

Sumanya Sehgal is an avid creator of random thoughts, Urdu shayari and English poetry. She is an ardent Romantic drawn to the idea of channelising one’s emotions through writing to create a world of her own. Reading and makeup being the ultimate recreation for her, she dreams to travel the world with an open and receptive heart.

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