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20 Best Poses for Instagram Photos – Latest & Trending

With social media taking over the whole wide world, what you post on your feed has almost become like a #firstworldproblem. People have now become more conscious over the photographs they post, the aesthetics of it, etc. So much importance has been given to poses, the way you click a photo, the background, lighting, etc. To reduce the burden a little from your shoulder, we have curated the top 20 most trending Instagram photo poses that are worth a shot.

Latest Instagram Photo Poses That You Must Try

Keen on striking the best Pose in photos and taking your social media account to the next level? Here are the top 20 most trending Instagram photo poses bought to you by us – The WomenXo Team. Try these out and supercharge your Instagram feed!

1. A Little Fun With Your Hair

Image: Ananya Panday/Instagram

If you are someone with beautiful hair and your fingers cannot resist but fidget and play with it, then bingo! You’ve unknowingly already mastered a must try Pose for your #instagood photographs. It happens to be our favorite and is hence topping our little list. So, you can get experimental and try out different things such as flipping your hair, brushing your hair gently back from your face, small movements with your hands touching your hair. Once you’ve got the hang of this, you will keep getting better.  

2. Take A Walk

Image: Alia Bhatt/Instagram

This Pose pretty much speaks for itself, and we do see a lot of these on Instagram as well. By adding some movement to your photograph, it would make it look very personal and candid. Walk by with your chin high up, and yes, don’t forget that confidence, ladies! You can also do a few variations in this Pose such as –   

  • Walking Towards The Camera Pose- Start with standing away from the camera and then start walking towards it while getting clicked.
  • Walk By The Camera Pose- Ask your photographer to walk parallel to you. You can also make it look more attractive by looking straight into the camera and smiling.
  • Forget it and Walk Away Pose- To achieve this click, all you need to do is walk away from the camera or walk in the opposite direction.

3. How About Putting One Foot Forward

Image: Kiara Ali Aadvani/Instagram

This Pose comes almost automatically while someone is clicking a photograph. All you’ve got to do is plant your best foot forward or facing downwards. By doing so, it will give your body is a beautiful natural-looking curve. Adding slight movements to photos make them look even more impressive.

A little pro-tip: Step on to the ball of your feet so that you are slightly on your tiptoes. It will elongate your legs, which would make you look taller and leaner. Notable, isn’t it? Give it a shot!

4. Sway, Twist or Turn – Poses With Movement

Image: Ananya Panday/Instagram

Capturing the perfect shot while moving could be a tricky one. However, it will surely be worth it! We believe that adding up a little movement to a photograph makes it look exciting and also eye-catching. Don’t be conscious; try and be as natural as possible and move in a way as if you weren’t getting clicked. 

5. STOP! Look Back At It!

Image: Alia Bhatt/Instagram

The glance, over the shoulder look, is like OMG! Try and keep this Pose as real as you can by imagining you are walking around and then just stopping to look back at something and then getting clicked. 

A little pro-tip: the best to capture is to try and think that you ask your companion to hurry up or follow you while occasionally looking back right as the camera. And so, let the photographer inform you when he or she is ready, and then you can look back and “click!”

6. How About An Interesting Prop?

Most of the time, deciding on what you should do with your hands can be annoying. But, what if you had a prop to pose? We think its an ideal life-saver!

So you ladies out there, grab a prop of some sort and click a natural snap without it looking pre-planned or awkward. You can pick any prop, such as a coffee, a book, a glass of wine, a dog, a purse, etc.

7. Forget What’s Trending & Keep It Classic

Image: Kiara Ali Aadvani/Instagram

Sometimes for the perfect shot, all you have got to do is flaunt your smile. You are beautiful just the way you are, and without trying to do something OTT, this could be the best.

8. You Just Need A Wall (or a Sofa) To Lean Against

Image: Parineeti Chopra/Instagram
Image: Sara Ali Khan/Instagram

The leaning against the wall pose will never let you down. You often come across such poses mostly in magazine shoots or even during commercials. You can use the wall to lean on, and it will also give you full support. The best part about this Pose? It displays your whole self – clothes, accessories & footwear.

9. The Mirror Selfie Pose

Image: Alia Bhatt/Instagram

We love these mirror selfies, and they drool-worthy. It is the hassle-free way to grab a snap with you and your outfit in it and, of course, leaving behind all the other fuss.

A little pro-tip: Sometimes, you could do a full mirror selfie or sometimes crop off your head and take snap focusing on the outfit. Keep in the account of placing the camera a little lower between your midsection and chin as this will help avoid stumpy looking legs.

10. The Sideways Glance Pose Is Love

Image: Disha Patani/Instagram

Posing while looking sideways, always turns out to be a very flattering pose. You get a very nice profile of yourself without trying too hard. You can also enhance this Pose with an effortless hair flip. What say? We love the idea and can already imagine it!

11. In Doubt? Look Down!

Image: Sonam K Ahuja/Instagram

This Pose of looking down will never let you down. Trust us, it works for everyone, and you’ll get some fantastic clicks in this Pose.

12. Don’t Look At Me Pose

Image: Alia Bhatt/Instagram

Cover your face with your hand or hair or any other prop and click a snap. This way, the photograph’s entire focus will be on your background and your outfit rather than your face. It is a great pose if you are looking to shift the focus away from your face.

13. Hands In The Pocket Pose

Image: Sonam K Ahuja/Instagram

A perfect ‘I Don’t Care’ Pose. It takes away the confusion of what should you do with your hands while clicking a photo as sometimes your hands end up looking limp or awkward. So, slip your hands into your pocket and get clicking. Well, this only works if you’ve got pockets!

14. Jump In Joy Pose

Image: Amyra Dastur/Instagram

This Pose is an absolute stunner as it looks beautiful when clicked. Jump in joy and get snapped and remember that it is hard to control your expressions when in the air, making your photo look unique. 

15. The Hand On The Chin Pose

Image: Deepika Padukone/Instagram

It is another variation to a classic and straight forward pose. Angle your chin up and rest your head on your hand. Boom, you’ve mastered a complete Instagram model pose.

16. The Hips Don’t Lie Pose!

Image: Diipa Büller-Khosla/Instagram

Those hips never lie, girl! Place your hand on your hip bone as this will accentuate your waist. Then, create a triangle with your arm. Triangles look beautiful when it comes to posing. You could also try and turn your wrist over to make a dramatic hand on your hip look.

BTW you can also try this Jacqueline’s sexy pose at the beach!

17. Make The Best Use Of Stairs

Image: Deepika Padukone/Instagram

You can use stairs to add a unique background to your pictures. It is also one of our personal favorites. You could try leaning on the railing, sitting down, or even try a pretty sideways shot! Stairs can also be a great place to show off a flowy dress by spreading it out all around you. Beautiful, isn’t it? 

18. Kick In The Air

Image: Diipa Büller-Khosla/Instagram

Movement in photos always does the trick. Sit down slightly in a sideway angle and kick out one leg. All you need to do is stick one leg out and no crazy ninja kick, swing your leg out, and no higher than waist level. 

19. Add Your Favorite Person

Image: Sonam K Ahuja/Instagram

Grab your best friend or your boyfriend and shoot with them. Have one person look right at the camera while the other person looks at whoever they’re shooting. For example – Person A looks at the camera, while Person B looks at person A. Get trying and shooting this would also be so much fun.

20. Your Fun Side-Out Pose

Image: Parineeti Chopra/Instagram

Make some funny faces looking at the camera or while posing. It would add a little fun element to your photo and also liveliness to your Instagram feed.


We hope you’ve already got inspired by the above list of poses and are all super excited to go click, click and click! These displayed above aren’t the only poses that you can slay in your Instagram photos, but they will help as a vital ingredient in your fantastic photographs if you take some reference from these. If consciously posing makes you feel uncomfortable or unnatural, try one of the above with a little bit of movement and an element of your own. 

Do let us know which Pose did you like the most, and also, if you do try any of them out, we would love to see it! Until then, Happy Posing !!