Top 25+ Indian Wedding Hairstyles To Bookmark RN!

Accept the fact that we all wait for our favorite season of the year. And the good news is that the wedding season is already here.

Do you prepare yourself a month before you are invited to the wedding, or are you familiar? It all starts with choosing your lehenga, visualizing yourself with stunning makeup, choosing Mehandi designs and juttis. It is not just about the bride. All the bridesmaids need to look beautiful.

Due to this pandemic, celebrations are planned on zoom, guest lists have shrunk. This new way of living in this virtual world is paving the way for the wireless world of e-commerce to emerging as a popular alternate.

But let’s talk about Bride now! Where do they turn for their wedding hair and makeup?

Womenxo has been trying to help you with all the covid time problems. So here are some of the elegant hairstyles we scouted on the internet so that you can try to look magnificent without consuming much time and without visiting a salon.

You can recreate these hairstyles as well. Let’s take a look.

Latest and Trending Indian wedding hairstyle

These hairstyles can be tried by the bride or even if you will attend your loved ones’ wedding. Don’t just again go for the classic bun decked up with flowers.

1. Floral Twists and Braids  

Hair: Orange The Salon

If you have long, voluminous hair, this hairstyle with a combination of flowers, braids, and some rolls and twists is a perfect pick for you.

It will surely give you a casual and a different wedding look. Love for flowers can never fade away.

2. Ornamental Ponytail Braid

Hair: Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

This hairstyle is easy to create but looks gorgeous when added a string of pearls.

Even if you have highlighted hair, this hairstyle will bring heaven on earth.

3. Wrapped Bun

Hair: Pinterest

This twisted wrapped bun is graceful to carry on weddings. This twisted, wrapped bun is subtle yet irresistible.

It would be best if you tried this hairdo for sure with or without any hair accessories.

4. Neat Sleek Bun

Hair & Makeup: The Styles By Sha

A Near slick bun is an epitome of elegance. Pair it with beautiful long earrings, and you are ready to look glamorous and classy.

Minimalistic fashion still prevails anytime, anywhere.

We have seen Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma in various functions and weddings with the same slick hairstyle.

5. Donut Bun

Hair: Pinterest
Hair: Azad Khan Hair

Look at these ladies rocking in a classic donut bun paired with ‘Gajra’ or any other flowers.

You can try messy, neat, or slick donut buns according to your choice of outfit. This unadorned donut bun looks ravishing.

6. Gajras are Forever Love

Hair: Orange The Salon

You can wrap garlands of Gajras entirely on your bun or if you like it minimal, then add some jasmine flowers around any bun you make.

Hair: Aishwarya Makeup

7. Bun and Half Tied Hair

Hair: Sejal Savaliya

Look at this beauty!

You are going to love this semi-traditional look at any of your wedding. You can also try these at wedding reception parties.

8. A Big Rosette 

Hair: Hot Hair Balloon

This hairstyle adds glam to the next level. Twisted hair made in a rose is aesthetically so beautiful that we can’t stop ourselves looking at it.

If you love to slay your long hair but at the same time need something which can accentuate your hairdo, then let them open and add a rose at the side tuck. And your hair looks so exquisite.

9. The Retro Look

Hair: Blue Rose Artistry

The side-parted loose hair with curls looks classy if paired with lovely hair accessories. If you don’t like tying your hair locks, add some soft curls, and attach a beautiful jhumar at the side tuck.

These two compliments each other so well, and you are ready to dance to retro songs.

10. Braided Bun

Hair: Natasha Khalid Lakhani

Braids can never go out of fashion.

When you were a kid, your mom used to braid your hair for growth. You grew up to be a bride now; why not try the same braids with a twist.

Braided buns are loved by Indian brides a lot. You must have seen some brides experimenting with the same.

11. Earrings for your Hair

Hair: Blue Rose Artistry

Don’t be confused; this hairstyle with heavy earrings creates an illusion of tying your hair.

Half tie hairdo with wavy curls and don’t forget to grace this look with a Mang teeka. You will surely love this hairstyle.

12. Flaunt your Luscious Hair

Makeup: Shradha Luthra

If you are ready to rock at a wedding or a reception function in a very casual way yet need to slay, then you can choose this look.

You don’t always feel like adding extra elements to your hair. If you need to flaunt your luscious curly hair, then add some curls.

If still, you think it’s very minimal, then add any hair accessory to it.

13. The Slicked Back

Image: WeddingNama Photography

If you want to make a bold fashion statement at a wedding with some drama, then opt for this hairdo. It is taken as a red carpet look, but it can add vibes to the attending wedding, especially if you are a bridesmaid.

You can choose this look to flaunt at a pre-wedding ceremony or a reception party.

14. Braids with Oversized Flowers

Hair: Zara Gul Makeup Studio

Braids with some little flower hairstyles are already very common among brides or bridesmaids. But replacing the small flowers with giant flowers can be a little bit quirky.

If you want your hairstyle to stand out, you must try this hairstyle.

Hair: Amrit Kaur Artistry

You can try this look at a Mehandi function or even at a Haldi function.

15. Messy, Frizzy Hair

Hair: Natasha Khalid Lakhani

Girls with frizzy and curly hair don’t straighten their hair daily. So why not keep your hair real on your special day?

A loose bun will work the best to flaunt your frizzy, curly hair. Please keep it simple and let a few strands loose for a striking look.

16. Quirky Hair Accessory

Hair: Amaya Salon & Academy

Nowadays, everybody goes gaga over customized or personalized products. What you can do is. Make a low bun and add quirky gold jewelry to it.

‘Ladkiwale’ or ‘Bride’ customized written on a headgear will look fabulous.

17. The Trendy Ponytails

Hair: Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

Ponytails can create a magical look in many ways. You can go from a low lying ponytail embellished with a hair clip to a high one with a rosette.

You can add your favorite colored hairpiece or hairpins, or even flowers.

Hair: Sejal Savaliya

This look is perfect for you if you have planned everything about your look for a reception party but couldn’t figure out what to do with your hair. These ponytails will create magic and complement your Long Gown Look.  

18. Side Tucked Hair

Hair: Simran Takkar

Side tucked hair with the rest of the mane left in loose waves looks stunning. We can call these hairstyles a little underrated.

19. Boho Dutch Braid

Hair: Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

We love this hairstyle.

This Boho Dutch Braid adorned with florals look super classy. It is a dream hairstyle which any sissy missy can do.

Isn’t it heart throbbing?

20. The Charm of Braids and Curls

Hair: Jasmine Beauty Care

On special occasions, you may need something different to carry as Indian weddings are very long: pre-wedding functions, mehndi, Haldi, pheraa, and reception parties.

This hairstyle is a blend of some curls and braids, twisting and twirling, which is attractive. You can try and recreate this hairdo at any of your wedding functions.

21. Open Hair with Matha-Patti Crown

Hair: Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

Loose hair with the beautiful Matha Patti Crown looks surreal on this bride. Designed Matha Patti Crowns are now available in the market.

There were days when there was a tradition of wearing the family’s old Matha Patti Crowns. But now you can choose them according to your choice.

 Don’t just think that, if it’s only a month for the wedding, go and choose some of the beautiful matha Patti crowns and wear them on the special day.

22. Princess Look

Hair: Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

If you want to channel the magic of Princess into your look, then we recommend this beautiful hairstyle.

A braid moving from left to right emblazoned with beautiful pearls or clasps can create a magical look.

You can add curls or waves for enhancing this hairdo.

23. Wow Bow Look

Hair: Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

We love to experiment with clothes, patterns, colors, and whatnot.

The same goes for our mane. We have seen fashion influencers and actresses flaunting various bow hairstyles lately.

Now is the time to try this bow hairstyle decorated with minuscule accessories.

24. Messy is Sassy

Hair: Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

A messy hair bun will instantly elevate your glam quotient for sure. You can try this with ethnic lehengas or even with your gown.

Messy is always sassy; keep it in mind!

25. Mumped Up 

Hair: Simmy Makwana

It’s incredible to see how a simple bumpit can transform the most basic hairdo into something extraordinary.

Insertion of a bumpit on the crown with loose curly hair or even a bun can make you look extraordinarily heavenly.

26. The Tiara Look

Hair: Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

The glance of loose beachy waves topped with a Tiara is looking bewitching. She is nailing this sexy hairstyle, and so can you.


Hair: Hot Hair Balloon

All you pretty ladies, get ready to slay in the upcoming wedding functions with these gorgeous and easy hairstyles.

The perfect hairdo for your chosen outfit will let you enjoy more as your confidence will elevate your personality. You can choose from any minimalistic style or the extravaganzas as per your overall look. 

Happy styling.

By Saakshi Pathak

Saakshi Pathak aka Iska Review girl is a blogger, script writer, book reviewer, youtuber and a show host. Her writings are often witty and layered with sarcastic comments. She makes videos on social issues and has also been working with various media houses as a freelance content creator. She loves collecting and wearing jhumkas. She's an avid book reader. She is currently based in Chandigarh and is working as a freelancer.