25 Latest Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas in 2021

With an array of elements that makes your wedding grandeur than grand, decor is one such element that sets the theme of the event and also enhances the entire vibe. But with constant quirky ideas popping up to amp up your wedding venue, it’s quite a hassle to narrow down the best which exudes your style but worry not, because we are here to help! 

From diligently amping up the tiniest detail to centering the entire wedding around a particular theme. We have curated a vast scope of options for wedding decor ideas, that you would be spoiled for choices.

So, let’s quickly dive in!

Latest Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas

1. A Dome Shaped Mandap 

Image: Vows & Tales Decor: Event Ustaad

Being all bits of royal and regal, a dome-shaped floral mandap can amp up the vibe of a wedding venue like no other. The antique dome will ooze a rich and opulent aura and the floral backdrop and vases with sequined cushions will make up for unique looking decor. 

2. Mega Monograms 

Decor: Altair

Besides giving a personalized touch, a custom monogram can also be a great piece of the photo booth, not only the guests will be tempted to take pictures but it will also make a great piece of decor.

3. Chariot Style Stage 

Decor: Devika Narain; Photo: Stories by Joseph Radhik

To give a magical touch to your phenomenal wedding, a fairy-like element can amp up the whole vibe and leave everyone spellbound. Added to that, a heavily decked up floral backdrop and fabulous lightning will be the icing on the cake.

4. Photo Displays

Whether you wanna use it as a room divider or showcase the story of your romance, these personalized photo displays are multi-purpose and can add your hatke touch to the wedding event or you can also showcase the bridesmaid and groomsmen picture with the couple and their small messages alongside. 

5. Quirky Signposts 

From guiding guests around the venue to quirky tags embedded with signposts that speak the romance tale of the couple, it is always a good idea to inculcate this element in your wedding event. More so, don’t be surprised being appreciated for paying attention to all that nitty-gritty details. 

6. Small Vehicles 

Whether you wanna use these bicycles or small vehicles as a prop to hold your signpost or add an element of rustic vibes to your wedding, these small vehicles are a great way to decorate your venue. Added to that, this backdrop would make an amazing photo booth and allow your guests to mingle for a picture.  

7. Message Box 

A great way to grab all the eyeballs and make your guests a part of your eternal happiness is to hear their messages which can be unboxed on your coming anniversary years. Not only this statement wall would be fresh and will also matter to you in coming years from now but will also be a fun activity to engage your guests.

8. Flower Wall

Photo: Gautam Khullar Photography

No Indian wedding is complete without featuring a pretty floral backdrop, not only it is the essence of a big fat Indian wedding but also the most favorite selfie point of the guests. From using artificial blooms that are budget-friendly to vines, rose stamps, etc, that can make a rich picturesque backdrop, you have a spectrum of choices.

9. Table Runners

Decor: Altair; Photo: The Wedding Salad

The best way to accentuate those rather plain tables is to polish them with a complementing table runner. From amping up the entire decor to making it look chic, a table runner is a great way to add a touch of glam to the tablescape. While floral and greenery runners are perfect for a boho wedding, a sequin runner would rather complement a rustic set up.

10. Pretty Floral Corners

Decor: Altair

Roses never fail to disappoint us. Whether it’s put in a vase, scattered on the floor, or just beautifully kept in a jute basket to make the corners look prettier. This idea works best for day weddings, whether you can keep a mix of roses – red, white, yellow, and pink. You can choose to keep more than one basket, with a different color of roses in each basket, or keep all in the mixed color of roses.

11. Decorative Umbrella

Photo: Shutterdown Photography

If you have an outdoor wedding, this underrated prop can come in handy for multi-purposes. Whether you want to shade the walkway with decorative umbrellas that save them from the hot and blazing sun or simply use to add an element of vibrance, color, or fun, this element can be eye-catching and enchanting.

12. Fuss-Free Mandap Backdrop

Photo: Gautam Khullar Photography

Mandaps are clearly the highlight of your wedding decor. Whether you are getting married indoor, outdoor, by the beach, or in a garden, Mandap doubles your wedding beauty.  But now, you no longer have to stick to enormous or gigantic Mandap setups that take a lot of space. You can simply choose a pretty, minimal mandap backdrop and you are good to go. It will also look great in the photos, where you and your guests can get clicked.

13. Pretty Colorful Ceilings

Decor: Altair

These hanging frills played with the wind looks like a painting. It will look stunning for a day wedding, lifting the spirit of the event. You can choose to go for the frills in your favorite colors or florals or have them printed.

14. Blooming Flower Vases

Decor: Devika Narain and Company

Creating a floral feature by placing miniature flower vases on the table-top and giving it a yet stylish look or simply, decorating the entire entry walkway with blooms on each side, flower vases are a must-have modern wedding element.

15. Add Colors to your Wedding Decor

Decor: Altair; Photo: The Wedding Salad

Just add colors to any of your wedding ceremony and your decor is done! A lot of couples are doing a Holi cum Mehendi party and we cannot be happier than this. You can play with colors in a lot of ways – make them centerpieces, make Rangolis, use them at the corners and fill up empty corners, and if nothing else, why don’t we – let’s play Holi?

16. Tabel Setup

Photo: Shutterdown Photography

The charm of pretty tables remains a classic. Whether it’s your mehndi ceremony, sangeet, wedding, or reception, tables decorated with flowers, elements, or pretty fabrics make your venue look complete and beautiful.

17. Lights

Decor: Altair

Whether it is the timeless candlelights, fairy lights that compliment the twee decor, or the exposed Edison lights, lightning can make or break the entire vibe of the wedding, make sure to give it an utmost priority as it adds to the atmosphere and mood of the event. If you have a night wedding, we suggest fairy lights on poles and trees, and for a day wedding, you can opt for chateau styled candlelights on the tabletop and a massive chandelier inside 

18. Massive Chandelier 

Decor: Altair; Photo: Hitched and Clicked

What better way of illuminating the space, than adding a massive chandelier that displays a fairy like feel to the event. This element alone can make your wedding look rich, pricey, and royal. Go for it, without a doubt.

19. Grab Eyeballs with your Entrance Decor

Photo: Gautam Khullar Photography
Decor: Atisuto

Wedding entrances are the first thing that one notices while making our way to a wedding. They do grab the eyeballs for sure and make us want to pose then and there only.

20. Statement Chair

Photo: Beginnings For You

Meticulously embellishing the finest details can make a huge impact on the guest, one such element that can grab all the eyeballs would be adding a little quirk to sitting space. From the floral chair, Chiavari chair, clear chair to rustic, you can make your pick according to the theme of your wedding.

21. Canopy of Colors

Decor: Altair; Photo: Hitched and Clicked

Whether you want to add a vibrant vibe to your decor with drapes or lanterns, adding a kaleidoscope of color can make the venue look fun and emphasize the interiors even more.

22. Personalize your Wedding

Decor: Altair

Nothing better than adding personal elements to your wedding, especially reusing the CDs. Little notes about the bride, groom, how they met, their love story, etc make it all the more interesting for the guests to know the couple and be a part of their story.

23. Hanging Decor Elements

Decor: Devika Narain and Company
Decor: Devika Narain and Company

From flowers, frills, lights, kaliras, to umbrellas, and tassels, hanging wedding décor is an effortless and elegant way to make your venue look fuller & prettier.

24. Little Brass Bells

Decor: Devika Narain and Company; Photo: House on the Clouds

Little brass bells on the customized ceremony cards are one of the best ideas we loved! Can’t wait to see more people opting for this!

25. A Pathway to Gorgeousness

Photo: Hitched & Clicked

What better way to make your bridal entrance or couple entrance in a pathway full of flowers that looks nothing less than a dream.


Surpassing the typical standards of wedding interiors, these were some of the ideas that will not add a hatke and personalized touch to your wedding, but, also, make the heads turn at the flamboyance of Indian wedding decor. Do let us know which was your favorite idea that you would inculcate in your wedding.

Featured Image: Gautam Khullar Photography

Co-written By: Simran Keswani

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