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20 Easy Ways To Rebuild A Broken Relationship

As we all know, life is not always a bed of roses, and the same goes for our relationships. Relationships are not meant to have a happy and well-healed time together. We also need to sail our boats through the bad times too. Efforts are always welcome in any relationship. Trust, communication, and understanding each other are essential elements in a healthy relationship.

There are infrequent relationships where people don’t fight, argue, or commit mistakes. The important thing that you always need to remember is that you still have the option of mending your mistakes and rebuilding strong relationships.

If you once had happy moments together and then either of you made mistakes, knowingly or unknowingly. You don’t have to worry and work towards rebuilding your broken relationship. Movies and books have set our expectations too high. We expect too much from our partners and sometimes sit there and expect everything to be fixed on its own. Spoiler alert; It won’t help.

How to rebuild a broken relationship

Don’t worry if it seems that your relationship has reached a dead end. Don’t lose hope, a little effort, and you might end up with a more robust, more profound connection.

Trust, love, empathy, communication, support, and honesty are elements of the recipe called a ‘Healthy relationship.’

Let’s find what you can do on your part to be back with the person you loved so much. We have listed a few tips that would help you get back with your partner.

1. Communicate

Every problem has a solution. We are all already aware of the fact that communication is the key to a healthy relationship.
Because of communication breakdowns, people always tend to move apart; they fight, argue, and give up.

Always take the initiative and communicate when it feels like certain emotions need to be addressed or acknowledged. It would be best if you talked to your partner about anything and everything. Ask them if anything is bothering them. Whenever something doesn’t feel alright, share it with them, communication builds a healthy relationship.

2. Forgive

If you know that your partner made a mistake and you see them apologizing for the same, you need to take a breath and forgive them! Keeping grudges in your trunk can make you even sadder. If it’s apparent that your partner understands their mistake and wants everything back to normal, you need to give them a chance. Sit together and talk about it. Just make them know about your expectations and forgive them. Also, be careful that they don’t commit the same mistake again.

3. Express your love

There’s a simple rule; if you love someone, you have to tell them. Even if it gets a little too cheesy, say it! Expressing your love to your partner, giving them your undivided attention can do wonders.
It’s okay to express how much you love and adore them as a person. Even when life gets too busy, we should make beautiful gestures that once made your partner so happy!

Go back to the time where the relationship started! Fly the same butterflies all over, bring that spark back to your relationship! Gifting something as small as a rose flower can put a wide smile on your partner’s face!. Go on a date, have another of those romantic movie nights. They’ll love it for sure!

4. Never take each other for granted

Talk, appreciate, make them feel wanted. When you are together, make every moment count! Never let your partner feel as if they are just another option for you. They are not an option; make sure that they know!

5. Don’t invade their privacy

Here’s the thing, We all can be insecure about our partners at times. They might have broken our trust by lying about certain things or may have done something that led us to be unsure about them. But that still doesn’t mean we can snatch their personal space. As much as they need to acknowledge and apologize for their mistakes, we need to respect their privacy. Rebuild that trust by sharing whatever makes you feel insecure about them. They will surely understand. They love you, after all.

6. Embrace the change

Reconciliation after a breakup isn’t always possible. If you get to get back together, you can’t expect that everything will be the same. Life is a dynamic phenomenon, and so are our relationships. They keep on changing and evolving. Don’t try too much to make things as they were. Experience the change. You might end up liking it even more.

7. Always Listen

At times, we want to explain our side of the story and tell our partner how we feel, but we often forget to listen to theirs. Always listen to your partner, let her/him complete what she/he has to say. Be patient with them. Listening is the key to effective communication. Half of our problems will get solved if only we listen correctly.

8. Apologize and Accept

Even if we know that it’s our fault, we won’t prefer saying sorry. We won’t accept our mistakes. It can even lead to the end of our relationship. So be cautious of hurting the feelings of your partner. If you have realized that you made a mistake or broke the trust, don’t be afraid of telling them. Feel sorry, and say sorry. Apologize for your mistake, and promise them that you won’t repeat the error. They will surely forgive you!

9. Express gratitude

When relationships start getting old, we forget saying phrases like, ‘Thank you’, ‘I am proud of you’, ‘I am grateful to have you’.

To have the needed spark back in your relationship, you need to say such phrases more often. Not as a method but as an expression of gratitude towards them.

10. Give them space

It’s hard to face reality sometimes, but it’s necessary to grow as a person. Giving someone their space doesn’t mean you are going to lose them. Let them reevaluate what they need and what they want.

Don’t keep on forcing yourself on your partner. Give them their needed space and let them come back to you.

11. Compassion

Instead of assuming that the other person intentionally did something that hurt you, try and think from their perspective. Show some concern. Wear their shoes and try to understand how they feel. Compassion solves a lot of relationship problems.

12. Don’t make fake promises to save your relationship

If you want your relationship to work, make promises that you can fulfil. Never say those things which you might not do to save your relationship. Such promises can make your situation even worse.

13. Rebuilding Trust

You must set some specific goals together. Recognize the fact that rebuilding trust takes time. Be kind enough to yourself to forgive or to be forgiven. Make a conscious decision to love and to let go of the past. While achieving such goals may take some time, committing to them is the key.

14. Understand

You must understand that your partner is a different person. They might have their own choices and likings and would want to live life on their terms. Don’t stop or force them to stick around you. They might get caught up in other things as well. Let them enjoy with their friends and choose what they wish to do, even if that means liking something you don’t like.

15. Stop Taunting

If your partner has done something wrong, but they have will-fully accepted their mistake, stop taunting them about what went wrong in their past. Move on. Sarcasm is as bad as shouting. Sarcasm and taunts in your conversations will make things worse.

16. Be positive

Stop making mountains out of molehills when you realize that your relationship is falling apart or you can’t do anything to make it right.

Be grateful for a few of the things you may often take for granted.

17. Spend time together

It doesn’t matter what you do, so as long as you do it together. Binge-watch – This is us on Hotstar.

Do activities like puzzles, gardening together. Being in a relationship doesn’t only mean you have to support or help each other. Play together; be a kid again. Love live laugh together.

18. Avoid passing the bug

Most of the relationships fall apart due to the blame game partners play. It starts with blaming the person for a single thing, and when it crosses all the limits and the person who is at the receiving end feels fed up, the relationship enters rough waters.

Stop playing the blame game if you are interested in fixing a broken relationship and handholding the other person in the relationship.

19. Make peace with your partner’s undesirable traits

You people chose each other. Never forget this thing. You both created beautiful memories together. If you know your partner has some habits which can be bad for you, accept or talk to them. Your partner may also think the same about you.

20. Check if your partner wants you back

Ask him/her or observe if your partner wants to get back together in a relationship with you.

Even if you are putting all the efforts to rebuild your broken relationship, it’s not working. Then stop blaming yourself first. Maybe your partner doesn’t want this back and not at all putting any efforts.

It’s time to rethink and let it go.

21. Better to move on

It’s not at all okay to be in a toxic relationship. Even if you love the person so much, sometimes it’s better to move on to better things. You deserve much more happiness. Be strong, and let them go.


“A relationship is like a house. If a light bulb goes out, you fix the lightbulb; you don’t go and buy a new house.”
Well.If your relationship broke at a point. Always find ways to mend it. Try all the points mentioned above. We are sure you will be back together.

But even after putting all the efforts, if you get nothing. Try moving on.

It’s best for both of you.

By Saakshi Pathak

Saakshi Pathak aka Iska Review girl is a blogger, script writer, book reviewer, youtuber and a show host. Her writings are often witty and layered with sarcastic comments. She makes videos on social issues and has also been working with various media houses as a freelance content creator. She loves collecting and wearing jhumkas. She's an avid book reader. She is currently based in Chandigarh and is working as a freelancer.