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15 Latest Tips & Ideas To Dress Like A Model

Right from having your eyes glimmer with their voguish runway looks to amazeballs’ over their ‘off-ramp’ casual clothing, the effortlessly chic yet dynamic wardrobe of a model is pretty much the herald for each of our fashion fantasies.

We have all faced our share of the morning stress of trying not to ‘repeat’ everyday clothing and ace a unique look for each day. However, Instagram undoubtedly curtails our closet concerns by showering all the supermodel ‘off-duty’ glam and inspiring us. Unlike the big-time influencers and runway showstoppers, we cannot pull-off a stylish look for each day of the month; however, what we can inherit is to create a ‘wardrobe boost’.

Fashion is a kind of yoga practice in itself, a calmer way of communicating and creating a punctuating identity amongst everyone through garments and not words. Imagine getting to reveal your fiesta mood with those badass accessories or a statement tote for people to drool over the persona every-time you walk through. This bombshell confidence is hard to drift apart.

But before you get all spiced up for these fashionable choices, we have prepared these imperative cues to nail that voguish supermodel look ideally. You got to start prepping notes already.

How to dress like a model?

1. Keep your fundamentals right

Spotting ‘off-duty’ models donning a white button-down, a pair of skinny jeans and a statement belt to accentuate the basic look is a flattering outfit takeaway. Basics simply never fail to illuminate your body shapes.

Those long-lost hidden pieces of your wardrobe can dig for that extra polished oomph for your everyday looks.

Image: WENN
Image: Pinterest

2. The All Black Classics

For its absolute versatility, boldness & timelessness, black ensembles help pull an OTT look super-flawlessly. From a classic ‘Little Black Dress’ to any black-on-black combo, this colour ensures justice for all measures.

However, according to the latest fads, trend-minded models prefer carrying a monochrome look instead of an ‘all-black’ one.

Image: James Devaney

3. Invest in that ‘It’ bag

What’s more attractive than a bag that completely fits your overall personality and makes you look classy?
Ranging from savvy slings to eclectic totes, straw/ beaded potlis, fanny packs, candy-colored leathers, and many more are spotted carrying these coveted classics.

With a massive yet refreshing range to choose from, a bag is that one essential you simply cannot do without.

Bag: Barneys
Bag: Christian Dior

4. Add the ‘Leather’ edge

It is never too late to upgrade your look with a chic jacket. Layered with a primary button-down, floral T’s, embellished blouses, or elegant dresses, this wardrobe staple is itself an heirloom to pass on to generations.

You can try out its mystical magic with V-neck basics or experiment in different colours for a runway approved look.

Photo: Skyler2018

5. The Bright White Sneakers

Rapidly emerging as a runway staple, these white sneakers have encountered a complete fashion baptism amongst the fashion-forward world. These bright pair of trainers have seen a precise amount of ‘glamour-world’ acceptance compared to the high heels causing sore toes.

The elementary whites tend to spark up your casual, everyday outfits with a peppy pop while keeping your style statement trendy.

Photo: Christian Vierig
Photo: Tyler Joe

6. Super-Oversized chunky sweaters

In the past many years, we have never witnessed this flattering statement piece going out of style. Whether its spring, summer, fall or winter, a comfy, cozy yet casually chic pullover would never go out of fashion.

Not just off-duty models, but we have seen a lot of celebrities carrying these ultra-oversized sweaters as a dress excited with a signature belt and sharp footwear.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Hailey Baldwin

7. The Undying Love for Heels

High heels continue to be an essential fashion staple belonging to every woman’s closet. With the ongoing innovations, these have become a luxurious imperative, something that women simply lust over.

Supermodels have been quite a pro at donning these beauties not just on the ramp but also with their relaxed everyday looks. But it’s the continuous years of practice it takes for them to ace that graceful walk while keeping the painful element a bit low. So, take some time out and get your feet in a healthy relationship with those gorgeous pair of heels.

Photo: Splash News

8. Let the headgear add that extra glam

If you are stuck with a tee and jeans’ boring combo, a righteous headgear can ultimately add a top-notch value to your overall look. However, a lot of thoughtfulness goes into deciding that perfect headgear. With a wide array of options to choose from, one big-time cue to be inherited from the glam-world is to keep things subtle and in sync with the vibe of your outfit.

From significant statements like berets, fedoras, beanies, turbans, and bucket hats, you just need to pick on ‘the one’ that completely elevates your look.

Photo: Julien Boudet
Photo: Splash News

9. Dig for that classic blazer of yours

A pretty hued blazer can help you grab eyeballs. Paired with a camisole top or an embellished/ busy T-shirt, this non-negotiable wardrobe essential ensures an attractively simple yet polished look.

You can make your everyday looks stand out by adding a pop of colour, printed drama into the blazer you opt for. Slung over a dress or layered over a bright sweater, this one is a relief for the free-spirited dresser inside you.

Photo: Jeanette Madsen

10. Invest in the right pair of sunglasses

Have you ever captured any supermodel stepping out without their favourite pair of trendy sunglasses?! And oh boy, the paparazzi they attract. This small accessory can do wonders for your Monday morning looks when you cannot escape those stubborn eye-bags after a weekend full of overnight partying.

Also, not just that, the right pick highlights the shape of your face while being the perfect shield from those harmful rays.

Photo: Jeremy Moeller
Photo: Caroline Daur

11. Go for those crimped waves

No matter how casual your outfit appears, those tousled waves would 100% add an extra flair to your overall look and make you seem to be coming right out for a casting call.

The easiest way to achieve this hairstyle at home is to sleep with two French braids and unlock them in the morning for that refined look. You can also pair this up with tinted cheeks and nude lipstick.

Photo: Gigi Hadid
Photo: Bella Hadid

12. A pencil skirt is always a great option

Driving emphasis on every woman’s naturally defined curves out there, this eclectic piece of garment has always been increasingly embracing its timelessness.

With multiple prints, sultry fabrics, and captivating hues to choose from, this iconic piece has endured numerous rounds of evolution to suit a corporate setting and that casual street look or the perfect outfit for your evening date.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Collage Vintage

13. Look out for a headscarf

Our social media has many supermodels/ influencers carrying these light-weight breezy hair accessories in various colours, patterns, and shapes on and off runways.

From a simple wrap-around style to the high ponytails wreathed with scarves, this fashionable trend suits almost every hairstyle and protects your hair from damage.

Photo: Christian Vierig
Photo: Edward Berthelot

14. Do not overdo the ideal fits

Longer lengths, baggy fits, and oversized pieces add that extra bit of drama to every casual look. The last thing you would want to be concerned about is a flashing bum or unpleasant see-throughs.

After all, fashion is everything about accentuating your existence and not going OTT to flaunt an edgy alien style.

Photo: Karodall
Photo: Enis Wardrobe

15. Opt for high-waisted trousers

This figure-highlighting 80’s silhouette has always been on the rise. Based on their versatile use, there is an endless number of ways to reinvent these with different combinations of outfits to wear daily.

This waist-defining trouser looks super chic when hugged right below the belly button reciprocating an hourglass shape for yourself.

Photo: Christian Vierig
Photo: Getty Images


To conquer it all, stack your wardrobe effectively with these fashionable staples while keeping in mind the evolutionary trends that our style muses swear by to nail that ‘just got out of bed for a party’ kinda look.

With fashion brands like Zara and H&M, making the runway glamour accessible to us, lookout for that perfect power dressing mantra to suit your femme personality.

Do not forget to pick on that one element that makes you feel fashionably confident and enhances your features by multifold.

A statement belt, signature heels/flats, a neat pulled-back hairstyle, oversized hoops, or a crisp button-down, go for that one piece that brings out the best of your aesthetic. Runway fashion is also about being experimental in terms of garment choices. Being able to ace that ultimate confidence of pairing unusual combos, is achievable. But do not forget to opt for options that uplift your comfort too.

For instance, sore feet due to uneasy heels or discomforting troubles of plunging necklines majorly hinder your self-assurance from pulling that superhero costume righteously.

With wise use of all these helpful cues, a phenomenal ‘runway’ inspired trousseau can be curated to satiate your’ supermodel heart.

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