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19 Ways to Get Slim Fast And Easily

Our health plays an unavoidable part in our lives. Covid-19 has affected us tremendously; by making work from home a new normal. It has prevented us from the virus, but our daily routine is compromised. We get up just before work. We work, or we are on call for most of our day. It has increased the amount of sitting in one place. Since we were in lockdown, most people tried new cooking skills, which made our eating habits bad. We are humans, and it is customary to crave puri aloo, bhatura chana, samosas, tikkis, Pani puri, chaat, and many more fried and other kinds of stuff. These food items increase the weight of the person. 

With all these things, we become lethargic, and the feeling of doing anything like exercising dies in our minds. With gyms being closed, people are avoiding the idea of keeping themselves fit.

Best Way to Become Slim Fast

There is no rule called 15 days of becoming slim. There is just one mantra, “if you want to do it, then you will do it anyway.” The focus is ‘you’ and ‘your health.’ Trust me, it is difficult and next to impossible to lose weight, but if you give yourself daily affirmations that you can do it, you will do it. 

There are specific steps that are personally tried and tested by my near ones. Since you are doing a 15-day test to see the results, you need a timetable. Firstly, in that timetable, add your current body weight. Then add affirmations like: “I can do this, and I will do this” Track down your daily eating habits in a “Staying Fit Journal.”. Write: Positive activities that you did regarding your weight loss, and at the end, write what you could not control (any food or negative thoughts). By following this every day, you will track down what you can avoid and what you should do. I am sure the below-listed steps will surely improve your health.

1. Reduce your Carbs

You should switch to a low-carb plan to start your fitness journey. For this, you need to cut down on starches, sugars, and carbohydrates. Instead, it would help if you shifted to whole grains. The low carb diet plan burns the stored fat and helps in releasing energy. A study shows that low carb plan worked wonders in the older population.

2. Start your Day with Lemon Water

You should start your day with lukewarm lemon water. For this, mix lemon, water and heat the water into lukewarm. It is one small step towards your weight loss journey. Make it a routine to have this every day. It is tasty and keeps you hydrated by keeping your metabolism intact. You can call it the detoxing agent. Also, it keeps you away from kidney stone issues.

3. Drink Plenty of Water

It takes very little time to consume water. We advise you to drink at least 2-4 liters of water every day. It will keep you active and not make you feel hungry. Treat water as your substitute when you are about to have a snack at an odd hour. 

4. Switch your Regular Tea to Green Tea

As Indians, most of us start our day with teas. The aroma of cardamom, cloves, ginger makes our day beautiful. But do you know consuming this kind of tea is heavy in the morning! You should switch your tea with green tea, which you can take 2-3 times a day. It is one of the best ways towards a slim body. Green tea detoxes your body through its antioxidants (catechins) by taking out the toxic oxygen and lowering the inflammation element. 

5. Eat-in Portions

When we consume food, we do not realize what we are having and what we are missing. So, it is beneficial to control our portions. Your meal should be healthy and should include veggies, proteins, and whole grains. Try to eat on a small plate to have a balanced diet. In veggies, you should take broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, kale, lettuce, cabbage, etc. For proteins, you should consume meat (chicken, lamb); seafood ( fish, shrimp, salmon); egg ( whole egg including the yolk); planted proteins (legumes, tofu, quinoa), and whole grains. Apart from this, you should not completely ignore the fats. So, we suggest you add avocado oil and olive oil to your diet plan.

6. Black Coffee, your Savior

Some people are hardcore coffee lovers. They do not understand why other sets of people love tea. Well, coffee or tea? This argument cannot be solved. But you should consume black coffee. Black coffee will taste like hell at the start, but it is better than bitter gourd juice. It burns your fats super fast. It is for those who are into coffee as tea lovers can opt for green tea.

7. Do Not Even Look at Sugar

Pastries, cupcakes, soda, chocolate, waffles, candies, ice cream, sucrose, etc., are so tempting that you cannot avoid them. But you need to for your health. Do not completely cut down as low sugar has its effects. These kinds of food items increase a fast weight gain. Also, there is a chance of a sugar rush, which can make you super active at once but lazy later on. 

8. Prepare Healthy Meals

YouTube is a storehouse of great videos. You can take the help and can prepare healthy meals like shakshuka, creamy mashed cauliflower, vegetable soup, chicken fajita bowl, etc. You can easily find these recipes, and you can type weight loss food in search type. It works like wonders.

9. No Weight Loss Without Healthy Snacks

Weight loss and desire to have a slim body do not mean that you don’t eat snacks. Meals and snacks go hand in hand. It is essential to consume snacks during such long hours of work but do not overeat.

You can take coconut water, almonds, salads, cucumber, baked chips, hummus, fruits, carrots, etc. 

10.  Switch to Non-Alcoholic Beverages

I know weight loss has a lot of restrictions. It is more of self-control therapy, and once you can control yourself, you can quickly master your mind. Those who are into alcohol should switch to non-alcoholic beverages. You can get these beverages in grocery stores and taste like real alcohol, but it doesn’t have any alcohol content. It is hard to quit your habits but remember, you are doing it for your betterment.

11. Have an Early Dinner

We suggest having an early dinner by 7 or 8. It will give you a gap of 2-3 hours before you head towards the bed. Also, it would help if you did not sleep right after eating. It would help if you sat in ‘Vajrasana’ to assist you in quick digestion of the food.

12. Take a Short Walk

After dinner, try to have a short walk in your garden, balcony, or in your room only as curfew rules don’t advise you to go out of your house. It also helps in digesting the food. It also relaxes your mind. Walking helps reduce weight, but it is a medicine for other diseases like diabetes, joint pain, high cholesterol, and hypertension, and it also keeps your heart healthy. You can use apps like 

13. No Late-Night Munching

We are in the habit of consuming Maggie, chips, or cookies during the wee hours if we are working late. It is a big no. All your hard work will go in vain if you take all these things.

14. Say Yes to a Good Night’s Sleep

Your sleeping pattern plays a vital role in your weight loss journey. You should have a minimum of 6-7 hours of sleep. It will keep your mind relaxed. I know a lot of people like me have trouble sleeping. So, it would help if you played Sleeping music from YouTube that would give you positivity. If you are trying to build a sleep cycle, then this will help you. Other apps like Sleep, Relax Melodies, Slumber, White Noise Lite, Tide, etc. These apps are available on iPhone as well as Android. When soft music is playing, you should focus on each part of your body. It is also known as self-introspection and a technique called Reiki. The theme and focus take away all your negative energy and makes you light. 

15. Pursue your Hobbies

Weight loss looks like a stressful journey, but it is not. Although you have trouble leaving certain things, this therapy helps you overcome all that hassles. If you like to read, listen to music, sing, dance, write, cook, or water your plants, etc., then you should do this. It helps you in de-stressing your mind and body. You can also do meditation, yoga which is also a form of exercise but a relieving one. It makes you feel fresh and ready for the next day. You can take it as a small break from all the stressful activities you do during the day.

16. You Can Have Cheat Days

You are following things strictly, but you can cheat one day. You can eat anything which you are craving for but remember to consume not more than 500 calories. Also, don’t eat four days together saying.” I will continue later.” It can break your routine. So, be mindful of that. You can always say affirmations like: “it is for my good.” “I can pull this off.”

17. How about Probiotics?

Our regular daily yogurt, drinks that include bacteria, comes under probiotics. Probiotics are bacteria which is useful for indigestion. It lessons the obesity and metabolic defects rate. It would help if you consumed yogurt during the afternoon, which is the perfect way to start your snack. Other items like Kefir, kombucha, Saurkrat comes under this type only. 

18. Intermittent Fasting it is!

These days, intermittent fasting is a new norm of becoming fit. In this, you must fast until a specific time where your stored fat works and release energy. In this type, you can eat calories. Make sure you design your fasting pattern in such a way that covers 7 hours of sleep, and when you wake up, you must fast for 2-3 more hours to complete 11 hours of the fasting cycle. Continue this pattern. In this fasting type, you can consume as much water as you can to keep yourself hydrated. One more thing, first try for 6 hours of fasting. Those who have any kind of disease like diabetes or any other; should talk to a registered doctor first or avoid it. It is not the hardest but not the easiest one too.


When you are on a diet and take every step to become slim, you should add this one to your bucket. We know it is super tough to ignore the frozen food that tempts so much, like salami, McCain French fries, smileys, pizza, burgers, cutlets, spring rolls, lasagna, noodles, meatballs, bistro, macaroni, pasta, potato chips. These foods contain a high number of calories, which adds to your body fat and can make your efforts go in vain. So, you should avoid taking these foods for your own sake.


These are simple and easy ways you might have known or been there in front of you, but you did not implement them. If you are reading this article, please have a strong desire to implement this weight loss journey. Always think of those slim people who keep on wearing those sexy dresses you dream of; this will be your most significant push for your trip. If you want us to add more points to it, then do share your suggestions with us. We would be more than happy to add it to the list. 

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