Everything To Know About Hot Showers – The Ultimate Guide

Showers are not only necessities but at times, luxury. A shower is best enjoyed at your home in your own comfortable space. After a long stressful day at work and busy schedules, we long for relaxation, and what is better than a cozy hot shower? A 10-minute hot shower with little soothing music can just rejuvenate you quickly. We are sure this little thought is giving you a little tickle itself. Well, it is a must-have after a busy day. The hot water just sheds off all the stiffness in your body and energies you from within. You can even start your day with a warm shower and calm down your senses.

A leisure shower at the end of the day helps to boost sleep and also helps to comfort you mentally.

What is a Hot Shower?

Most of us love to bathe with cold water. Surely, it is quite refreshing, but taking a hot shower is way more revitalizing. A hot shower is when we bathe with high-temperature water. Hot showers are preferred during winter seasons or at colder places. They are found to be extremely relaxing for muscles. Most people also prefer a cozy shower after their workout session.

Here are some well-accepted benefits of hot showers that will drive you to make time for a relaxing warm shower.

Advantages of a Hot Shower

1. Helps to Lower Down Blood Pressure immediately

If you are experiencing high blood pressure occasionally or even on a regular basis, this is one of the quick magical remedies that will help to drop your blood pressure in a few minutes. Soaking yourself for a few minutes will bring down your blood pressure. Though, this remedy is not advisable for those with heart problems. Those with heart issues have to check with their doctor first.

2. Helps lowering down the blood sugar

Yes! You read it right. A hot shower helps you to burn down calories and control your blood sugar level. As per recent research conducted by Loughborough University, it is proved that taking a hot shower is as good as walking. It helps to burn your calories and also improves blood sugar levels. So, those who want to skip walking can opt for a hot shower.

3. Helps you sleep better

Taking a hot shower before bed helps to relax muscles. After a physically exhausting day, you should opt for a 20-minute cozy shower and feel the difference. The hot water will increase the body temperature and help with relaxation. As you step out, you will be light and mentally calm. You will fall asleep quickly.

4. Moisturizes your skin

You may find it a little surprising, but a hot water shower nourishes your skin. The warm water keeps the skin moist for a long time and does not let it dry. It prevents cracking up the skin. So, a hot water bath will not only pamper your skin but also keep it moisturized.

5. Helps in improving blood circulation

Soaking in hot water for a while is a kind of exercise for the muscles. The hot water creates physical pressure and hence increases the capacity of the heart and due to this, the heart works faster. Hence, it is like a kind of exercise for the heart as well as for the muscles.

6. Helps to relieve muscle pains

After a hardcore exercise session, gym trainers suggest a steam bath. Have you ever wondered why? It is because the hot water relieves the tension and strain from your head, shoulders, and legs. In case of any pain or even strain, the hot water helps to ease it down.

7. Helps with cold or flu symptoms

People with cold or flu tend to skip their bathing routine, but taking a hot shower is quite helpful. It helps to decongest naturally. The hot water helps to ease the nasal passage. A 10-15-minute bath can relax you from the cold and flu. So, do not skip the bath, rather opt for a hot bath to soothe yourself and feel better.

8. Deal with headaches

If you have a hectic day going through a headache, then a hot shower bath will help to release the tension. The hot shower will release the pressure from blood vessels and will help you relax with headaches.

9. Gives you healthy and clean skin

Hot water is used for deep cleaning. Yes! It deep cleans our skin. It helps to open up the pores and then remove dirt. Even during facials and skincare regimes, steaming is one of the vital parts of the process. So, for deep cleaning, choose a hot water bath at least twice a week.

10. Improves brain health

As per the studies, it has been found that the use of regular hot water baths has been proved helpful to improve brain health. It helps in promoting the growth, maturation, and maintenance of our nerve cells and nervous system. This is not all, it also promotes learning and memory skills. So, it is right to say that hot showers can make you wise and brainy. Add it up in your routine and enjoy amazing benefits.

Disadvantages of Taking a Hot Shower

1. Damage hair cuticles

Regular use of warm water may damage your hair cuticles. Our hair contains keratin protein, but hot showers may damage it. This may lead to hair loss and breakage. Do not make it a routine to wash your hair with hot water. So, if you are fond of hot showers, then you restrain your hair. You may use a shower cap to avoid problems.

2. It can worsen certain skin conditions

In case your skin is facing certain skin conditions like eczema. The hot showers may increase the breakouts in the skin. Furthermore, it may cause itching. So, if you like hot baths, then opt for lukewarm water. It is advisable to first check your skin and then prepare for the bath.

3. Not suggested for people with high blood pressure

For those who are suffering from high-pressure problems or cardiovascular diseases, it is better to avoid regular hot water baths. The hot water pushes your blood pressure, so it is better not to indulge in hot baths.

4. May affect fertility

As per recent researches, it has been found that regular use of hot water showers may affect your fertility. So, it is not that you cannot take hot showers, but with the regulated temperatures and proper timings. It should not be more than 15 minutes in any case.

Hot Shower After Exercise

After a rigorous workout, it is important to cool down and relax. A shower after the gym session is highly recommendable.

It helps to maintain hygiene and also to relax your muscles. A hot shower is an amazing way to relax your tired muscles. Are you wondering for how long you can shower after exercising? We will share all the details. You cannot immediately go to shower after your exercise session as it’s important to plan the shower.

What exactly are you supposed to do? First of all, when you are about to finish your session, shift from high intensity to some easy and stretching exercise. Carry it out for the next 10-15 minutes. This will help your body to cool down and get back to a normal pace.

Once you finish stretching and your heart rate is normal, then you can take a shower. Always start your shower with a little higher than lukewarm water. This will help further to relax your body.

Also, there are many benefits of showering after exercising listed below:

  • Keeps your skin bacteria-free: Getting a shower after a workout is one of the best habits. It helps to remove all the sweating and keeps your skin bacteria-free. It also lessens the chances of fungal infection and keeps you neat and clean.
  • Helps to boost your immunity system: Taking showers regularly after your exercises helps to boost the immunity system better than before.
  • It helps to reduce clogged pores: Hot showers open up the pores and remove dirt or impurities from your skin and keeps your skin fresh and prevents infections.

Ideal Temperature for a Hot Shower

Many people feel hot water showers are very uncomfortable. They find them very hot and unbearable to have a good bath. Well, hot water does not mean boiling water, it should be at a particular temperature to get benefit out of it.

Honestly, there is no particular rule for a hot shower, one can choose as one like and as per their preference. Some people may like absolutely hot water but on the other hand, some may prefer a little more than lukewarm.

As per the dermatologists, the ideal temperature ranges from 98°F (37°C) to 101°F (38.3°C) but as hot as you may like it should not go beyond 105 °F (41°C)

Also, the best time to have a hot bath is 1 to 2 hours before sleep. This hot water bath will relax you and revitalize your body. It will enhance your sleep.

You can also take a hot bath as recommended by your doctor or as you prefer. It is highly preferred even after a workout session.

For How Long you Should Take a Shower?

We all like to stand under the water and relax, and at times we are in a hurry to just quickly shower and come out. Both ways are incorrect. An ideal should not be too long and even not be too short.

A 7 to 10-minute long shower is ideal to rinse and clean yourself. A maximum of the 15-minute shower makes you relax.

Long showers may give rise to various skin problems. It may lead to breakouts or other dry skin troubles. If we expose our skin to hot showers for a long time then these problems may arise frequently.

Who Can Take Hot Showers?

Well, everyone can take a hot shower. There are no ifs or buts about it. Those who have a healthy heart and proper blood pressure can freely take hot showers. Those who are suffering from heart diseases and high blood pressure issues can take hot showers but in a limited way.

They create a proper regime for the same. They can opt for it once a week and rest with lukewarm water.

Also, children are not recommended to have very hot showers, it may burn their soft skin. For them, you can use lukewarm water.


Hot water can be a little difficult as compared to cold showers, but the advantages outweigh the uneasiness. Hot showers can be very relaxing and rejuvenating, especially on hectic days. If you make it a weekly routine, you are rewarded with well-hydrated, deep-cleansed, nourished skin. It helps to improve your muscles and nervous system.

We suggest you make it a regular regime after your gym and exercise session. You will see the visible difference.

You can also mix it up with natural essential oils or follow it with relaxed scrubs to pamper your skin. Enjoy your hot showers and stay blessed with healthy skin and an improved nervous system.

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