Top 61 Hairstyles for Lehenga That We Love – Latest & Trending

The monotony of the colorful attires’ vibrancy is undoubtedly overpowered by the right and appropriate selection of the hairstyle for the special occasion. The mismatch of one’s attire can be handled by a delicately thought-of hairdo selection that can change the day’s entire look. While one cannot go wrong with that stellar, messy bun, the game changes when it is adorned with one’s choice. Well, not all lehenga designs might go with that bun; some might even make you look Homeric, which indeed is a big no-no! So, to save you from the hassle of indulging in a never-ending mental debate about what will suit what, we have a catalog of hairstyles for every possible lehenga design that will make a choice easier for you than ever before. 

Latest and Trending Hairstyles for Lehenga

The search for looking magnificently decent and aesthetically divine does not end with selecting the wedding dress. Still, it is like an ever-continuing cycle wherein the dress selection is followed by the right hairstyle, which then further accompanies the suitable accessories. Thus, the idea of that perfect whole stands in a continuum to many aspects. Therefore, we provide you with different, unique, latest, and trending hairstyles for lehenga, which undoubtedly will give you the right direction to follow for your day. Make sure to stay with us on this virtual ride through a whopping variety of hairstyles for lehenga catered with thoughtfulness and love, just for you!

 1. The Delectably Pleasing Curls

Hair: Ritika Hairstylist

These luscious curls reflect the aura, beauty, and fragrance that the flowers would have spread worldwide. The color combination of the yellow lehenga and the white flowers is breathtaking. The delicacy of the white embroidery on the lehenga compliments the flower buds’ softness accessorized on the hair. This hairstyle is all about matching your hair accessory with the embellishments on your attire.

2. The Roseate Bun

Makeup: Pooja Khurana Beauty

Roses are a bride’s best friend. It is why they honor each bride’s beauty so gorgeously. Buns are the perfect hairstyle to play with if you are going for heavy jewelry like big jhumkas or choker necklaces. Planning to wear a lehenga with absolutely no accessory and opting for a bun can be an adventurous ride!

3. One Balancing the Whole

Makeup: Arti Nayar

This hairstyle is a specimen that buns complement heavy neckpieces, dark and bright lehenga, and a subtle rosy glam-inspired makeup. Sonam Kapoor’s entire look seems to be a collected, elegant, and unified whole, essential for the brides because who wants their look to seem haywire on their special day. Not you, right!?

4. The Blazing Simplicity With Straight Hair

Often, we are looking to glam ourselves with the most intricate hairstyles to look comely, but we forget that it is the simple things that the universe savors the most. Janhvi Kapoor’s white lehenga look is all about the right amount of effort that is put not on the styling but on the idea of how the lehenga needs to be styled. Your hairstyle should also look like an effortless effort. 

5. The Flowery Curls

Hair: Ritika Hairstylist

Gauhar Khan’s haldi look is about matching your attire with the accessory that adorns your hair. Her Haldi look is a definite inspiration for girls who want to play with their locks in a more unique, different, and classy way through accessories like flowers or jewelry.

6. The Classic Glam Look

Makeup: Face Stories By Leena Bhushan

The idea that a bride should wear a bun covered with accessories or vibrant flowers is toppled, with more girls opting for loose and intricate side curls on their wedding day. They look traditional yet evergreen, glamorous yet decent, all-over yet soft.

7. The Effortlessly Tied, Poetic Braid

We believe that it is quintessential for girls to know that gone are when you use tight braids to make heads turn. Now is the time for a change, and let beauty breathe in its vastness. On your special day, go for unconventional braids, do not allow the beauty norms to dictate you on your special day. This look is all about thinking out of the box, leaving the front soft, tying the hair at the back, and adorning accessories. 

8. The Bouquet Bun

Hair: Ritika Hairstylist

This hairdo is all about having fun with the striking colors of the flowers used as hair accessories. For those who love to carry vibrant colors, this is the perfect hairstyle for you as you can work with as many colors as you want, activate your creative instincts, and create as many different colored buns of your choice. 

9. More Than Just Curls

Makeup: Face Stories By Leena Bhushan

Are you looking for a look that looks regular but is super-chic? Do not worry! We have got some fantastic options. This particular hairstyle is nothing out-of-the-box, just regular soft curls, but the way the bride carries her locks on both sides with a tiny choker necklace, a gigantic maang tikka, and her oh-so-adorable smile has balanced the whole look for her. That is why it is more than just curls!

10. The Embellished Royal Braid

Hair: Ritika Hairstylist

Always look for simple hairstyles and decorate them with beautiful and larger-than-life jewelry that will accentuate the whole look to another level altogether. Reiterating the fact, look beyond the conventional and put your creative caps on.

11. The Rosy Effect

Makeup: Ayushi Jain Makeup & Hair

Sometimes, it is not the curls at the back, but the twists turn, and the braids in the front change the whole game. This bride is giving us primary beauty goals, which undoubtedly are emboldened through her front braids more than just her back curls.

12. We Call It The Gajra Braid

Sonam Kapoor’s Mehendi hairstyle is any Indian bride’s most favorite as it is traditional with a touch of vintage vibes in the front, and the extra effort undertaken at decorating the braid with the twisting and twirling of gajras is the ultimate icing on the cake.

13. The Ultimate Messy Bun

Hair: Deepali Deokar

Neha Kakkar’s haldi look wherein she wore the unconventional, messy bun compliments her huge jhumkas. This hairstyle is the perfect inspiration for those who want to go for a minimalistic overall look with truckloads of effortless beauty and smiles.

14. The Whooping Curls Hairstyle 

Hair: Ritika Hairstylist

This bride sets the right example of balance as she wears so few material accessories and so much natural beauty. Her voluminous hair balance-outs the dropping earrings and the hanging red beads to create one evened-out look.

15. The Bun Held High

Photo: Mahas Photography

This look marks bravery, courage, confidence with a touch of delicacy and nervousness, and all this is furthered by the high bun which Pakistani actress Aiman Khan adorns so smoothly. The heavy work on the neck and the maroonish red color of her bridal lehenga beautifully compliments her sleek, high bun.

16. The Straight and Curly Hair Dance

Hair: Ritika Hairstylist

The both-side adorned straight and softly curled hair amplifies the glamour of the Kundan-studded jewelry. The smokey eye, along with the dark locks effortlessly thrown over the shoulders, highlights the bride’s face structure and gives her a more upheld look.

17. The Bejewelled and Floral Hair Bun

Bride: Ayeza Khan

Ayeza Khan looks aesthetically appealing with her drop-dead gorgeous smile, floral bun, golden passa, and yellow lehenga. Her overall look is undoubtedly the right choice for a morning mehndi or haldi event. 

18. The Sleek, Satiny Finish

If you plan to wear heavy ornaments with a dark-colored lehenga on your special day, a bun or a straight and sleek look is a big thumbs-up!

19. Let the Maangtikka Play With Those Curls

Hair: Ritika Hairstylist

This hairdo is profoundly complete as it has got the right amount of pastels and darks with the maang tikka and the color of the lehenga standing incongruence to each other, and the light curls allow the play of colors to come to the forefront. 

20. The Vintage Charm

Bride: Aiman Muneeb

Aiman Khan looks super breathtaking in the side front braid, which she adorns with square-shaped earrings and a minimal pendant that matches the dark aura of her lehenga.

21. The Crowned Princess

Hair: Ritika Hairstylist

The dark, extravagant yet so delicate hair loosely hanging over the shoulders gets camouflaged with the dark purple hue of the lehenga throwing all the light and attention to the prettily glowing face. 

22. The Paasa Hairstyle

Hair & Makeup: Simmy Makwana

Practice the act of utilizing classic ornaments to add to the overall hair look as it uplifts the whole aura of your presence on your wedding day. 

23. Let Flowers Do The Talking!

Hair: Ritika Hairstylist

This look seems that a lot of effort has been taken to doll up the bride. Well, sure! Many combinations and ideas have gone into creating a braid that sits like any other hairstyle but matching it with the floral jewelry and the hair accessory to become a part of the entire look. 

24. The Perfect Beachy Waves

Hair: Ritika Hairstylist

The lovely and swift curls accentuate the floral hair accessory’s quirky color, making this look stellar. 

25. The Clutched Curls

Makeup: Pooja Khurana Beauty

The gorgeous golden look, along with the sparkle in the eyes and a playful smile, is complemented with a calm, clutched, and curled look. 

26. The Retro Effect

Makeup: Makeup By Sonal

In a world of different braids and buns, it is a steal-deal to have a vintage, retro effect to suit the whole look’s rosy essence. 

27. The Soft Side Twists

Makeup: Sara Salon and Spa

The side twists in the front leading to a flare of curls at the back are beauty par excellence. This hairstyle looks like a song with a musical rhythm, and this is precisely how you would want to look, right?  

28. The Ruffled Oomph

Hair: Amit Thakur Hairstylist

Think in all possible directions, go all out with your creativity. If you do not like soft looks yet have a taste for light colors, you can take inspiration from these hairstyles as the hair looks naturally spread, however, so poised and elegant. 

29. The Magnificent Floral Hairstyle

Hair: Hair Stories by Mariyam

Nagma Mirajkar proves that we can play with our hair as we want, and she looks phenomenal in the pink attire with contrasting floral hair accessories on her lightly braided and curled up hair.  

30. The Rose-Studded Bun

Hair: Ritika Hairstylist

The timeless, ultimate, and classic rose-studded hair bun can never fail to intensify the whole look. 

31. Do it Like a Queen

Photo: Dipak Studios

No hairstyle can go wrong if you have an effervescent smile. Look at her; she has got just the regular curls. It is undoubtedly her rose crown and that genuine, beautiful smile that makes her look like a queen. 

32. The Ultimate Bouncy Curls

Photo: Dipak Studios

A happily ever after is so intricately expressed through the magnificent, long, soft curls dancing over her shoulder, making it the perfect pre-wedding shoot.

33. The Symmetrical Braid

Hair: Ritika Hairstylist

One does not need complicated, tricky, and playful braids all the time. It is often a calm, harmonious, symmetrical, and soothing vibe that does the job for us. Remember, the brighter the lehenga, the less complicated the hairstyle. 

34. The Classic Gajra Bun

Photo: Dipak Studios

We need to bring the age-old traditions of gajra buns back as they look so trendy yet so rooted that they can make up the whole wedding mood. 

35. The Double Braid Curls

Hair: Ritika Hairstylist

Play with as many braids as you want and let the hair open and flowing. I am sure you will not be disheartened. Wait! Do not forget to accessorize those locks.

36. The Evergreen, Traditional Braid

Hair & Makeup: Simmy Makwana

Classical traditions will not leave us anytime soon as they look so quirky, crazily beautiful, and amp the whole look. A bright red bridal lehenga and a braid at the back, how can you even miss it!

37. You Can Never Go Wrong With a Soft Ponytail

Hair: Ritika Hairstylist

Remember, the more heavy jewels you adorn, the more collected your hair should be. It could be a bun, straight, sleek hair at the back, or a loosely tied ponytail. It makes you look one whole, and each aspect of your beauty, from the ornaments to your lehenga, from the makeup to your hairdo, gets the much-needed attention and highlight. 

38. Soft, Loose Curls

Hair and Makeup: Simmy Makwana

This hairstyle is all about the play of colors. No extra pomp, just the right hint of purple accessory, melted down curls, and the gorgeous flare of the lehenga. Juggle with colors, girls!

39. The August Braid

Hair: Ritika Hairstylist

Create hairdos that are epic, the ones that make us stand in awe of their beauty. It could be done either by jewels, floral accessories, or the style of hair. This hairstyle is all about the gems and the color combination of yellow lehenga and the hair’s ornament. 

40. The Multiple Braid Look

Hair: Ritika Hairstylist

Another great master-styling where multiple braids are made, one is leading to another, splendidly. Well, we cannot stop gushing over the little pink flowers delicately placed all over the hair. 

41. The Side-Parted Locks

Hair: Ritika Hairstylist

Too confused about the style, go for large, bouncy curls and a voluminous side parting along with a not-so-heavy maang tikka to complete the look. 

42. The Majestic Play of Braids and Curls

Hair and Makeup: Simmy Makwana

This hairstyle looks so explicit in expression and imparts liveliness and glory with a golden ornament and the mix and match of the braid with the curls. 

43. That Butterfly Feeling

Hair: Ritika Hairstylist

The lavender butterflies and flowers look heavenly while complimenting the light, pastel-colored lehenga. The whole look is a treat to our eyes. 

44. The French Braid Inspired Curls

Hair: Ritika Hairstylist

The french braid and curls imitate the crown shining over a princess’s head and contrast the orange and yellow attire soothingly. 

45. The Baby Braid

Hair & Makeup: Simmy Makwana

The delicacy of the white flowers and the soft handling of the twisting braids resemble the hearty giggles of a child. Thus, this hairstyle would suit every girl as it instantly exuberantly amplifies the joyfulness and quirkiness. 

46. Be The Jasmine To Your Aladdin

Hair: Ritika Hairstylist

The puff with soft curls over one side and the silver head chain, along with the delicacy of the dropping earrings, makes her look no less than a princess of an altogether different world. 

47. The Classic Braid

Hair and Makeup: Simmy Makwana

This bride is an excellent inspiration for all those girls who want to keep it simple yet stylish and contribute to the minimalistic trending approach. 

48. The Twisty Braid

Hair and Makeup: Simmy Makwana

This one is another option for those wanting braids on their special day. It is an outstanding alternative to regular bridal braids. 

49. Curls All The Way

Hair: Ritika Hairstylist

The chic curls look mesmerizing over the peacock-green velvet blouse that seems effortlessly pleasing to the eye. 

50. The Wavy Curls

Hair & Makeup: Simmy Makwana

Light, wavy curls all across the jawline and contoured cheeks with subtle, glowing makeup is a modern addition to hair styling. It would suit occasions like Mehendi, reception party, or haldi ceremony. 

51. The Flowery Tale

Hair: Ritika Hairstylist

The dreamy white flowers adorn the braided curls like a boss! The twists in the front leading to a long braid and flowing curls back with a white touch look so magical.

52. The Puff-Inspired Hairstyle

Hair & Makeup: Simmy Makwana

A balanced side puffs on the top with curls at the back is a traditional yet contemporary hairstyle preferred in general and suits many people. 

53. Let the Hair Root for its Roots

Hair: Ritika Hairstylist

The white and pink contrast of the flowers on the braid is honoring the intricate embroidery and handwork done all over the lehenga, and the play of blue, pink, and white on the dupatta tugged at the back so smoothly looks bewitching. This hairstyle is a classic for brides who want to stick to the roots.  

54. A Lot Like Victorian Braid

Hair & Makeup: Simmy Makwana

It can be your go-to hairstyle with puffy sleeves and pastel colors, as this looks super charming and enchanting. 

55. The Unconventional Hairstyle

Hair & Makeup: Simmy Makwana

The traditional braid mingles with the loosely hanging curls making it to be a fascinating sight to behold. You can wear this style on your mehndi or haldi function. 

56. The Easy Breezy Look

Hair: Ritika Hairstylist

This hairstyle would suit almost all face structures, attires, and ornaments. It is super cute, stylish, and effortless to master. The bride looks ravishing in the floral lehenga with contrasting jewelry and those soft curls. 

57. The Organised Braid

Hair & Makeup: Simmy Makwana

This hairstyle might look a lot over the top but is so brief, uniform, and organized. Each small braid within the larger braid is significantly visible, which would undoubtedly suit varied lehenga designs.

58. The Floral Crown

Hair & Makeup: Simmy Makwana

The white baby flowers made into a beautiful headband look bedazzling with the play of greens, turquoise, and blues in the makeup and the lehenga. 

59. The Loopy Hairdo

Hair: Ritika Hairstylist

As the hairstylist Ritika Kadam says, it is “loopy updos studded with dainty baby’s breath,” this one hairstyle is a go-getter for all those who want to look a little more glamorous and out-of-the-box on their special day. 

60. Feathery Soft Curls

Hair: Ritika Hairstylist

The light purple tone of the lehenga is providing the space for the curls to adjust themselves to the overall look, making it appear super tender, delicate, and awe-inspiring. 

61. Pastel Hair Vibes

Hair: Ritika Hairstylist

The bride looks stunning in predominantly golden attire, and to top it off, the pastel affair on the hair bun stands in conjunction with the red-coloredlehenga bangles (chooda). Overall, she looks no less than an angel. 


We would love to see you in beautiful attires with the most happening of the hairstyles, but before you take on the task of choosing one for yourself, we would like you to keep certain things in mind.

If you cannot play with the hair, play with your accessories. If you want to keep it simple, contrast it with colors. If you keep your attire and ornaments sober, keep your hair collected and unified. And, always remember to carry it all with a smile. 

By Sumanya Sehgal

Sumanya Sehgal is an avid creator of random thoughts, Urdu shayari and English poetry. She is an ardent Romantic drawn to the idea of channelising one’s emotions through writing to create a world of her own. Reading and makeup being the ultimate recreation for her, she dreams to travel the world with an open and receptive heart.

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