23 Latest Hairstyles for South Indian Brides You Must Bookmark

BRIDES are beautiful in all attires, jewelry, shapes, sizes, and particularly, in all hairstyles. When talking about South Indian Brides, they look traditional, real Apsaras on their d-day. Their exhilarating look in pure Kanjivaram saree, with temple jewelry including Kamar band, Matha Patti/Shish Patti, Baju band, Jada, and Gajras, makes them look divine. 

Do you know what is so peculiar about South Indian brides? It is their hairstyle covered with varieties of Gajras, mogra, gold Jada, floral Jada, and many more things. And this tradition of decorating and embracing the hair with all these accessories is very popular and followed religiously in southern parts of India alone, which makes them unique!

This pandemic might have switched your big fat wedding plans to intimate ones, but it has simply no effect on the hairstyle you want to endeavor on your special day. We have ample hairstylists creating majestic hairdos every day for brides-to-be. Though fashion and style keep on changing, the essence remains the same. And especially when talking about these impeccable hairstyles, we promise, they will not make you look any less than a diva!

Outfit: Itrh

We truly believe that “old is gold’’, and the hairstyles we collated below stand true to it. They have a traditional look with contemporary styles and accessories with a vintage vibe and fancy outlooks to experiment on your special day. These hairstyles are unique, trendy, and detailed to look upon. So, let’s adore these hairdos without any thought and let everyone say ‘wow’!

Latest Hairstyle for the South Indian Brides

The right hairstyle can make any woman look more beautiful and remembered. The detailed and comprehensive features of these hairstyles are classic enough to make an oomph and get you praise from everyone. Let’s start bookmarking them to recreate these bridal hairstyles on your special day.

1. Enigmatic braid in floral jada

Hair & Makeup: Chetana’s Beauty Lounge; Photo: Santhosh Gold

What can be more magnificent than this traditional hairstyle? The layering of white and gold Mogras with red flowers is pleasing to the eyes with a fully covered braid in white with faux floral Jada on it. The combination of this hairdo with pure golden Kanjivaram saree is nailing the entire look. The intricate decoration and assembling of hair are worth appreciating.

2. Gold jada with mogra bun

Hair: Ralph Daniels

Like their exquisite jewelry, this hairdo is also unique. The ethereal layering of Mogra wrapped around the bun with explicitly designed gold Jada is complementing with the bridal look. The hairstyle looks ethnic and rich simply.

3. Simple yet elegant

Photo: Roma Ganesh Photography

Many of us do not like getting hundreds of hairpins and multiple accessories on our hair. In that situation, this simple hairstyle works best. The gob of Gajra covers the upper section of the bun completely without affecting the braid which has 3 single sets of gold Jada. This is giving the essence of traditional flowers with contemporary designed Jada for the bridal hairstyle. 

4. Twisted and loose curls

Makeup: Sejal Savaliya

The beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and this hairstyle is the best example of that. This minimal hairstyle with accessories looks rich in texture. The maang tika within the twisted hair and Bahubali earrings caring for loose curls are pleasing to the eyes. They are just adoring the bride at its best.

5. The masakali bun

Hair: Aanal Savaliya

Why did we name it masakali bun? The reason is its lively look and happy Colors. This sweet, yet modish bun with the pairing of white and pink flowers is easy to carry. The pink flowers covering the middle part with the double outlining of white flowers are gracing the bun. 

6. Minimal hairdo with the heaviest jewelry/Why not mogra

Photo: Jeyash Luxmanan ; Soozana Pvan

This bride looks very fashionable. She made us believe that we don’t need the maximum of everything. The simple braid with a bunch of Mogras can also work on your special day. Her bridal beauty is multi-folded with this sober hairstyle and a dark red color saree matching perfectly with heavy jewelry.

7. The white orchids

Makeup: Anna Karapteyan

The reverence and fragrance of orchids are irresistible for many. You can try this simple hair bun decorated with white orchids at any of the ceremonies – Mehendi, Haldi, Wedding, Reception. We are all hearts for this divine hairstyle with a darker shade of blue. You can experiment with artificial orchids if you are not getting your hands on the real orchids.

8. Embellished jada with pearls

Image: Brides of Poomagal

If you are planning to rock your special day with overwhelming looks, you can go with this hairdo. The beginning of the bun with the artificial, colorful flowers tuning with golden mogras is further accentuating the overall look. The multicolored gold jada with hanging pearls and a picture of lord Ganesha arched on each of them adds richness to this hairstyle. 

9. Chained with pearls and jhumkas

Hair & Makeup: Makeover by Preethi

This pocket-friendly chained style accessory with hanging jhumkas can make your hairstyle noticeable even from a distance. You can do a half bun or a full bun to cover the Bahubali style hangins, making it look pretty for your wedding celebrations. 

10. Mogras strand

Sonam Kapoor not only never fails to disappoint us with her fashion style but also the hairstyle she carries with her outfits. The loose curls with one string of Mogra look super gorgeous and a perfect minimal hairstyle for your per-wedding functions.

11. Vintage gajra

Hair: Ritika Hairstylist

This hairstyle is reviving our memory of princess jasmine from our favorite cartoons. This stunning molding of hair with a loose french-like braid covering the portions with Gajras is enthralling. This hairstyle is perfect for a mehendi or haldi ceremony. 

12. Floral veil

Photo: Paran Singh Photography

The hairstyle with a long, floor-touching floral veil is giving princess-y feels. We love this extremely creative hairdo covering the hair in full length. This hairstyle definitely deserves your attention and to be bookmarked for your wedding ceremony.  

13. Floral Bougainvillea

Hair: Ritika Kadam

Covering the whole bun with different hues of roses can definitely accentuate your look multifold. This hairstyle would definitely turn heads on your most special day and is also not difficult to carry. You can pick flower petals in shade or multiple shades, can even match it with your outfit to sync better. If you go with only red petals, you can add baby breaths at the sides to make it standout.

14. Crowned bun

Jewellery: Sree Exotic Silver Jewelleries

 Assemble the hairs to the bun and let a few curls hang to make the look modish with a crown-shaped accessory. Least decorated is the Most wanted in today’s time.

15. Larger than life

Flowers: Lotus florist by Tam

These larger-than-life bun with layers of different yet colorful flowers are already making noise. Brides can slay in this with swag. So Just, go for it!

16. Mix and match

Hair: HairLamode Annette Lepcha

The fusion in the presentation of loops of Mogras around the braid with the golden Jada in between is interesting to look for. You can choose this hairdo with any kind of saree or jewelry.

17. Oversized braided bun

Makeup: Kanchana MUA

If you don’t like messy hairs, then simply choose this finely toned braided bun. This will help to hold all hairs in one grip and avoid flaring of hairs. You can further decorate the bun with any jewel, but here the layers of white roses are adding more charm to the bun.

18. Doughnut bun

Hair Accessories: Rithika Flowers

We have seen varieties of the bun, but this is something different. The doughnut-shaped bun surrounded by the simple white Mogras is on-point. You can also look astounding as she is looking in this hairdo. Sometimes a simple accessory can rock the look instead of heavily studded accessories.

19. Roses with baby breaths

Hair: Thushi Hair And Make Up Artist

If not braid, then brush your hair and make a loose curved shape bun and pleasantly decorate it with baby pink roses at the bottom and baby breaths on the upper side. This hairstyle is perfect for a day wedding ceremony and goes well with both, saree and lehenga.

20. DRAMATIC curls

Makeup: Blue Rose Artistry

If you are looking for a hairstyle that can be made in just a few minutes, then this dramatic, loose-curl braid, decorated with a twist of gajras. This goes well for any of your wedding ceremonies, and any time of the day.

21. BROOCH to beautify

Yes, a stone-studded brooch alone can beautify your whole hairstyle. You can also decorate the bun with red roses, mogras, or any other with pearls for a ‘wow’ hairstyle look. This is a simple and easy-to-carry hairdo that can help you shake your legs without any stress.

22. Hair bun adorned in a floral jaal

Photo: Prashant Kumar Photography

We are in awe of this bride’s floral jaal made of fresh mogras. The traditional head jewellery paired with this hairstyle is only making it look more gorgeous and unique.

23. Braid decorated with antique gold accessory

Photo: Deep Joshi Gallery

This antique gold finish hair accessory looks dazzling on a braid. If you have short hair, you can always go for artificial hair and get this accessory to ace your bridal hairstyle.

Why Choose South Indian Hairstyle for your Wedding?

Having a hairstyle of your choice is fine, but you should always cross-check the pros and cons. You need to consider the length of your hair before opting for a hairstyle as there are some hairstyles that won’t go well with short-length hair, and some would not do justice to your long, luminous hair. Before you decide what hairstyles to pick, we recommend you to read the benefits in detail and then make a wise choice. 

1. A good hairstyle can make or break your wedding day.

2. These hairstyles look super stunning transforming your whole bridal look. 

3. These hairstyles can complement any south Indian bridal outfit.

4. The list of hairstyles here will save your time choosing the best one.

5. They are the trendiest and turbulent in talks.

6. From minimalist to heaviest, we urge you to pick smartly.

7. They exemplify the hair accessories perfectly.

8. These hairstyles will beautify your special day and light up your wedding pictures.


Photo: LightBucket Productions

The detailing and charm of hairdos simply amp up the entire bridal look. We can have false wigs but we cannot have false hairstyles. Give these innovative and perfect hairstyles a try on your most special day.

Do comment below which one you liked the most and let us know if there’s any specific hairstyle you want us to add. 

Featured Photo Credits: Photonimage By Daran

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