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Top 20 Hairstyles for High Neck Dresses

Everybody wants to look stylish and fashionable whenever they are in the public eye. There are many ways to look smart – like wearing trendy clothes, flawless makeup, and how you wear your hair. Everything should be in sync from head to toe. Your hairstyle must compliment your dress. Choosing the right hairstyle is something that you should consider as it can make or break your look.

The life that we are currently living in is hectic, and we are always on the go, so our beauty regimen, especially the time it takes for us to do our hair, should be quick, easy, and not very difficult to maintain. However, though it is low maintenance, our hairstyle should not look super dull or underwhelming. The way you wear your hair depends on your mood or the occasion that you are dressing for.

One of the primary rules when deciding on how to wear your hair is by considering your dress’s neckline. The hairstyle should flatter the neckline of the clothing that you are wearing. High neck dresses are something that will never go out of style. The best way to wear your hair is by showing your neck as the material wraps around the nape to show off your neckline. Keep on scrolling as we have curated some of the latest and trending hairstyles that go with high neck dresses!

Hairstyles for High Neck Wedding Dresses

Your wedding dress is, of course, going to be the focal point of your entire bridal look. Therefore, it is essential to match your makeup, hairstyle, and jewelry to your gown or your lehenga so that the perfect wedding look is achieved.

1. An Elegant Top Knot

Show off your neckline and your jewelry by wearing your hair in a top knot.

Avoid tying the bun too tightly and for a gentle look, pull out a few wisps of your hair that will frame your face naturally and beautifully. If you are wearing a saree or lehenga, you can add in a rose to your knot or if you are going the western way, go for simple hair accessories that enhance your hairstyle for the better.

Using too many clips and jewels on your hair will make your hairstyle look cluttered and overcrowded.

2. Side Part Updo

Keeping your hair away from your face by pulling it back will show off the beautiful and delicate work done on your wedding blouse as your dress will be the thing that is going to capture all the attention.

Please take a deep side part from the start of your hairline and pull it into an updo with the bun sitting right in the middle of your ears.

3. Dutch Braid

This hairstyle looks amazing with Indian wedding dresses as it keeps the hair out of your face and gives your neck space to breathe.

A Dutch braid is done exactly like a French braid. Instead of crossing the strands over each other, you have to cross them under each other. It works on almost all hair lengths. You can add some roses to the braid, and there is no limit to the number of roses.

You can go overboard as they look great!

4. Waterfall Braid

Image: Ritika Kadam Hairstyle

If you have short hair or if you want to keep your hair down but in a way that it is away from your face, the waterfall braid is the best choice. It is a half-French braid where some part of the hair is braided while the rest of the hair is left down to give the illusion of a waterfall.

Hairstyle for High Necked Dresses

The ideal hairstyle for this neckline is one where your neck would be visible. If you have concise hair, then you cascade your hair down. However, if you have long hair, you can try these hairstyles with your high necks.

5. Sleek Wrapped Ponytail

Wear your hair up in a high or mid-length ponytail, and it pulls back your hairline accentuating your cheekbones so that they look sharp and sleek when paired with a high neck dress.

Once you tie your ponytail, take a wisp of your hair from the ponytail and wrap it over your rubber band to take it to another level.

6. Messy Updo Bun

Messy updos look effortless but spectacular. It is a perfect hairstyle for high necked dresses, and you can wear it for a casual day out, maybe to run errands, go shopping, or for brunch with your girlfriends. Backcomb your hair to achieve that messy hair texture, spray on some hairspray to control the loose wild strands, and voila, you are done.

7. Twisted Bun with Head Band

This hairstyle looks beautiful and complicated, but it just takes 5 minutes to do. Part your hair in the middle and put a nice headband or tie a bandana as a hairband.

The next step is the central part. Just take thick chunks of your hair and wrap it on the hairband until all your hair is twisted and covered with the headband.

Hairstyles for Boat Neck Dress

The neckline of the dress is shaped like a boat showing off your neck. It also offers a sneak peek of your shoulders. Try out these hairstyles and show off those collarbones, girl!

8. Low Bun

If you are wearing a boat neck blouse, there is no better hairstyle than a low bun. It looks elegant and sophisticated and also does not drive attention away from your beautiful neckline.

You can make your bun tight for a sleeker look or let it be a little loose for a more romantic and playful look. You can also add a floral accent to look a bit more traditional.

9. Half Bun

If your boat neck shows more skin, you can go for a messy half-bun sitting on the crown of your hair as high as possible. This hairstyle has a youthful look to it and will look great with a boat neck top and some jeans.

Hairstyles for V Neck Dress

A V- neck dress looks super classy, and oomph hairstyles with your locks cascading down will look the best with such necklines.
The hairstyle should be such that allows you to show glimpses of your skin without the hair interfering with the neckline of the dress.

10. Half Up Half Down Pony Tail

Channel your inner Ariana Grande with a high half ponytail. The higher the pony, the better. This hairstyle looks chic and also angles the v neckline to look much softer.

You can either straighten your hair or leave it in waves as you can never go wrong with this hairstyle. It looks good on everyone, no matter what the hair length is.

11. Side Swept Curls

Use a curler to curl your hair into soft wavy ringlets, part your hair to one side and let it sit on your shoulders so that the V neckline is clearly visible.

This hairstyle is super feminine and is great to wear with v neck dresses. Hairstyles for High Neck Dresses with Sleeves with such attire. You want to highlight your neck as much as possible. Updos are the best way to go for dresses that have high necklines along with long sleeves.

12. Updos

Be it a high updo, mid one, or a low bun, all three work well with high neck dresses. If you want to notch up your updo, you can do a fishtail braid and go for a slightly messy look.

Hairstyles for Turtle Neck Dresses

Turtlenecks are one of the most popular necklines, especially during fall and winter. The turtleneck usually gives off formal vibes, so it is best if the hairstyle is playful. To make your neckline noticeable, the hairstyle needs to be a little relaxed and look as if you have put zero effort into it.

13. Crown or Halo Braid

This hairstyle will take all your hair up and off your shoulders, making your turtleneck entirely visible to everybody. Style your hair into a braid that looks like you have a halo or a crown over your head.

It looks straight out of fresh parlor blow but super easily achievable look for you to try.

14. Sleeky Straight

You can also wear your hair down to pull off a turtle neck. Just make sure that your hair is pin-straight and parted down from the middle.

We recommend you to use a hair spray to tame the frizzes for a super sleek look.

15. Messy Ponytail

Nothing looks more relaxed than a messy ponytail. It contrasts the rugged look of a turtle neck in the best possible way.

Image: Natasha Salon

Work your hair by embracing your tresses into a messy high or low ponytail. This deconstructed hairstyle is low key cool.


However, when it comes to hairstyles, there are no rules! You can try out these above-tested hairstyles or go for something different, and maybe it will work for you! Beauty is all about trial and error, and that’s why we have put together 15 of the best and trending hairstyles that would go with different types of high neck dresses — Consider these gorgeous creations as your inspiration!