Top 21 Hairstyles for College Girls – Latest and Trendy

If you are looking for some significant changes after the lockdown or itching to break the monotony with a subtle transformation, you have landed in the right place. There is no better way to attain it other than giving your hair a makeover with just a tad bit of effort. From long, sleek, mid-length to short pixie hair, we have got all the styles covered. 

Whether you have a square face shape, diamond cut, or round shape, there are various options to choose from that will help you flatter your face shape and stand out with style. 

Latest hairstyles for college girls

College is probably that time of life when either we are looking out to explore our style or found what enhances our look. Whatever your motivation is, we have many inspiring styles to choose from. Let’s cut the hassle out and start scrolling some ideas. 

1. Simple High Ponytail Hairstyle

A clean, chic look or what you would instead name as Deepika Padukone’s signature look, this neat, clean ponytail is a perfect fit for girls with medium to long hair length. You can easily attain this hairstyle by tying a high and tight pony around the crown area. Use some hair spray or serum on the brush and comb your hair high to keep the baby hair flies at bay.

This look works best with a diamond or heart face shape. Perfect for evening parties and events. Adorning an off-shoulder or bodycon attire can make you look more put together and bring out the best with this look.

2. Half Bun Hairstyle

This easy-breezy look is all over the trend and requires minimal effort. Whether it’s at a red carpet event or a press conference, celebrities have been making statements in this look. Extra points to this hairstyle for keeping frizz and cripled hair at the back seat with just a simple half knot. All you have to do is tie your crown hair in a bun and leave the remaining at rest and, that’s just about it! 

Works best with straight hair type and oval-shaped face cut 

A college event, beach party, or casual outings, this effortless look can be your go-to style for them all.  

3. Beachy Waves Hairstyle

This universally trending and flattering look is one of the most beloved hairstyles. The effortless look can be attained by bonding with your tools or only an overnight beauty sleep. Yes – an attainable look while you sleep. Put your hair in a regular braid at bedtime and leave the bottom hair casually, secure the braid with an elastic, make sure it’s not too tight, and voila – you just attained an “I woke up like this” look.

It’s time to get your hands on the hair tools; an ironing tool is all you need. Start below the crown area and take the strands at medium length and curl them inwards. Simply shake them out and leave the bottom ends straight. That’s it. You are ready to ace in style.

Pro Tip: Use a heat protectant hair before any styling 

4. Crown Side Braided Hairstyle

Popularly known as prom or dance look, this cute trendy hairstyle can instantly elevate your entire look and give an illusion of lifting the face’s dimension. This feminine look is alluring and will surely make people turn their heads. Starting from taking strands around the sides of the crown area and securing it by clipping backward, this effortless look can make you stand out and look OTT with minimal effort. Even though it seems a tedious task, but it’s simple. 

Work best with Wavy hair types. Can be your go-to look for sangeet or engagement events 

A bold eye makeup look and flare flowy dresses will amplify this style 

5. Side Braided Hairstyle

An amalgamation of cute and sexy, this elegant look is top trending and extremely eye-catching. If you like to keep your hair straight, this look can be the most ideal for you. The only difference between crown braided and side braided hair is tying a dutch braid only on one side of the hair and keeping the other partition merely straight.

This look is inspired by the emo style and can make you look like a bad-ass. Black smokey eyes, high boots, and the leather dress is one look that is tried and authentic with this hairstyle and is sure to make everyone gazing and gawking.

6. Two Braided Tails

The cutesy girl look, which is perfect for your Friday lecture. Twin ponytails are adorable and make you look minus five years of your age. Its clean, fancy, and extremely attainable. Part your hair down the middle and continue to the back of your head to create even sections. Make a dutch braid on each side along the end of your hair, leave a small area casually, and secure the before braid with an elastic.

This hairstyle is a little time-consuming, so make sure you have extra minutes in hand before trying it out.

7. Short Wavy Hairstyle

A minimalist hairstyle that will also work with short and medium-length hair. The short wavy hairstyle is low maintenance, and all you need is an iron rod to acquire this look. Begin by curling your hair inwards and outwards consecutively.

This effortless look is very chic and sophisticated and will add dimensions to your face. This look has thicker and fuller curls than beachy waves and looks more high toned

8. Side French Braid Hairstyle

To put it in better words, a french side braid is an upgrade to your average regular braid. This look is suitable for people with oval faces and diamond face cuts. 

Hairstylist: Ritika Kadam

9. Messy Bun Hairstyle

From a rather laid back hairdo to the all dolled up red carpet look, this hairstyle is extremely versatile and is seen in different events, depending on how you carry it. Yes, it can be a next-door girl hairstyle, but you will also see many celebrities having it with class.

Whatever your event be, this is an extremely attainable hairstyle, and this is how you can do it – Put your hair in a tight ponytail, divide it into sections, wrap the sections around on one another and wrap your hair around the hair tie and you are done. 

10. Poofy Ponytail Hairstyle

Adding a poof to your ponytail looks exceptionally classy and edgy. Besides given an added dimension to the face, it also adds the right amount of formality so, whether it’s a formal college event or college fest, this look is safe as houses.

11. Ponytail With Beach Waves

Instead of a regular ponytail, amplify the look by simply tying a knot to your beachy waves hair, which can be attained by using a straightener or naturally putting your hair in a braid overnight.

The beachy waves hair n a ponytail looks flirty and fun, so whether you are getting in a gown or palazzo pants. This look will undoubtedly be awe-inspiring.

12. Five Strands Braid Hairstyle

Inspired by Disney princesses and fairy tales, this look is extraordinarily artistic and unconventional. It can be a great hairdo if you are bored with your basic hairstyle and want to try something new.

The good part is that it goes with most of the face shapes and can try it for many events.  

13. Box Braid Hairstyle

Inspired from Afro style, also predominantly known as a boxy or protective style. This hairstyle was also considered a symbol of wealth and power, mainly because it required a significant amount of time and effort in styling.

Even though it’s quite a tedious job to attain this look, it oozes empowerment and grace all over.

14. Soft Curls Hairstyle

While some people are blessed with naturally curly hair, some require heating tools. Soft curls look straight out of the beauty parlor and are exceptionally equipped.

If you have an oval or square face shape, this style must be just right for you. 

15. Straight Hairstyle

There is nothing sexier than the most basic pin-straight hair look; it makes you look chic, clean, and neat. The best part is, anyone can pull off this look, and it’s likely to work with almost all your outfits.

So whenever you are in doubt, you know what you have to do.

16. Lazy Side Ponytail

This is another way of giving your basic ponytail a new aspect. This hairstyle is a go-to for girls with short or medium length hair, Comb your hair at one side of the partition and then fold it within a pony, and you are done — a simple chic look all set to make people widen their eyes.

17. Mermaid Tresse Hairstyle

Inspired by geek style, this look is a perfect fit for medium to long-length hair. This hairdo is exceptionally alluring, and amping it up with the right kind of accessories can make you look already and jazzed up. it those goes with all face shapes and can be just suitable for a casual event at college

Hairstylist: Orange The Salon

18. Messy Romantic Curls

Most appropriate hairstyles for girls with short and medium hair lengths; the hairdo requires minimal effort. Works well with curly hair type, but if you have straight hair, no worries, use a barrel curling iron, and you surely will get an alluring look.

19. Side Bun with Bangs Hairstyle

This hairstyle works just right with a round face shape. Make a middle partition of your front hair, part it onto one side, take the rest of your hair, put it in a low bun, and do it.

This hairdo will make your round face just as cute as a button.

20. Braided Knot Hairstyle

As cool as it sounds, this trendy girl’s hairdo only takes two minutes. Just put your hair in a fish braid / dutch braid, twist it up in a bun, and secure it with an elastic. 

21. Retro Hairstyle

Yet another variation to a basic ponytail. The ’90s inspire this look, and many celebrities are seen spinning this look at almost all events. Take an elastic of the same color as your hair, put it in a high pony then, take small sections around the base, wrap it around the elastics, and then finally secure it.

Now you look authentically out of the ’90s.