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Top 20 Hairstyles That Look Perfect With Your Anarkali Dress

Surpassing the timeless elegance and ethnic radiance, these spectacular Anarkali dresses have added multiple functionalities of versatility and adaptability to the fashion world in the past many years. Ranging from a wide variety of floor-lengths, silhouettes, to a pool of colours combinations and fabrics to choose from, this long flowy kurta accentuates your curves flawlessly without making it look too obvious.

An outfit that originated from the voguish Mughal era and, in fact, acquired its name from the famous Mughal courtesan ‘Anarkali’. We are damn sure all the millennials must not have gotten over Madhubala’s elegant charm, who played a commendable role in Anarkali. This ‘Salwar-Kameez’ style started as a festive piece of clothing, and over the last many decades, it has evolved into a casual, breezy, and comforting part of clothing.

Right from choosing your favorite Anarkali dress to deciding on matching jewelry, footwear, and makeup, the one thing that cannot be compromised is that perfect hairstyle to crown an ultra-finished look. Now, that being said, we do not want you to go all tactless on your stellar hairstyle. It is essential to make your hairstyle a stunning reverie. With umpteen ways of fashioning your hair, you can choose a hairstyle that perfectly blends with the beauty of your Anarkali dress.

Whether it’s a tousled fish braid or the classic updos, these amazing hairstyle inspirations are exactly what you need to bookmark right-away for a complimenting ‘Anarkali’ look. You have to start pinning these already!

1. Stylishly Fish-Braided

Photo: Rhea Kapoor’s Instagram

These braids have always been every woman’s hot-favorite, and they are a bonus to chic-out just about any Anarkali dress. While a neat fish braid adds the regal factor, the tousled one is OTT. You can ornament these braids with floral or artificial accessories and make everyone drool over your top-notch look.

2. Blissfully Half-Tied

Photo: Pinterest

Whether it’s about twisted side strands beautifully tucked in the shape of a bow or a neatly done crown braid, these prettiest half-tied hairdos’ boast unparalleled magic of their own and further elevate the overall elegance of your Anarkali outfit.

3. The Contemporary Ponytail


The side-swept ponytail adds an extra modish oomph to your traditional Anarkali dress. This one is the perfect example of how a hairstyle can change your entire aura. It can be accentuated with a little backcombing to highlight a short height at the crown and minimal floral adornments or a showstopper kind of’ hairpiece that makes your side-swept ponytail stand out.

4. The Braided Buns

Photo: Sonam Kapoor’s Twitter

Wearing your hair up has always pulled off an elegant aura to complement your outfit, and elevating its beauty with different braid styles fulfills the whole mystical magic of this hairstyle. Intricate and detailed braids coupled with peppy accessories, add the righteous tint of upbeat glamour that is hard to skip.

5. The Charm of Loose Curls

Photo: Pinterest

Subdued and straightforward hairstyles have an exceptionally uplifting magnetic appeal to them. This DIY hairstyle deviates sheer comfort and elegance as they are not just super easy to manage but also a forever classic hairstyle to flaunt with your Anarkali dress. Oh! The only tool you need is a curling rod and your magical fingers to give the perfect tousle to your luscious locks.

6. The Enchanting Waterfall 

Photo: Pinterest

This amazingly eclectic hairstyle complements the flowy silhouette of Anarkali dresses. Whatever might be your hair length, this hairstyle gives you the right edge over any other simple hairstyle. By adding just a little twist to your regular manes, this hairdo can achieve marvels for you.

7. The Traditional Mogra Bun

Photo: Pinterest

It is entirely impossible to deny that a crisply and neatly pulled back traditional bun teamed up with the freshness of mogras not only defines the shape of your face gracefully but also boosts the ‘desi’ vibe of your traditional outfit. And it is not just about any Anarkali dress; this is that ‘ONE’ timelessly classic hairdo that can never go wrong with any ethnic look you plan to pull off.

8. The Multi-Braid Baubles

Photo: Pinterest

We have been drooling over this celebrity-influenced hairstyle. Two or more braids engulfed into one prettiest braid, this one is one of the easiest yet beautiful hairdo. The flawless blending of multiple cute braids not only attracts extra attention to your face but also accessorizes the tinted beauty of your Anarkali dress. Also, there is no need to overdo this hairstyle with added elements because its essence lies in its intricate simplicity.

9. The Bohemian Flamboyance

Photo: Sonam Kapoor’s Instagram

Boho fashion has lately been dominating the fashion world eminently. The idea of upgrading your hairstyles to the raw and rustic essence is overwhelming. The basic mantra followed throughout every bohemian hairstyle is ‘the messier it is, the prettier it is’. You can always outshine these hairdos with pretty tiaras, intricate braids entangled with beauteous florals, or just any other hack that works well for your boho hairstyle.

10. The Messy Updo

Photo: Pinterest

This trendy hairstyle brilliantly showcases your tresses in a messy bun along with tousled earlocks gorgeously tumbled at the front. The messy look adds spectacular volume to your locks, giving an ultra-slim contour to your face. This hairdo is your best bet to suit almost every Anarkali dress type while allowing you to flaunt those heavy earrings gracefully.

11. The Subtle Straight Hair

Photo: Instagram

This one makes up for a super chic easy-to-go hairstyle and has been a never-ending legacy since the beginning. A simple center parting infuses an ultimate zest to this effortlessly charismatic hairstyle and can also be teamed up with a minimal maang tikka to ace those festive baubles marvelously.

12. The Side-Swept Manes

Photo: Pinterest

You can add truckloads of drama to those primary loose waves or curls with multiple side braids or a solo braid swiping your hair off to the other side with perfection. The glamorous finesse of this coiffure is worth spilling over.

13. The Vintage Essence

Hair & Makeup: Daniel Bauer Makeup & Hair

Exactly similar to the way Anarkali dresses have evolved over the years while keeping its roots intact. In place, vintage hairstyles have exponentially grown over the years and are now known as ‘vintage-inspired hairstyles’ with their customized persona change.

Be it the old retro waves, beehive bun, bob haircuts, or the typical old-fashioned bun, the classical antiquity of these ageless hairdos can strikingly amplify the stunner Anarkali you decide to don.

14. The Classic Pouffe Pony

Photo: Pinterest

Do not miss out on this elegant yet convenient hairstyle that phenomenally adds a western edge to your traditional look. The edgy pouf attracts maximum attention to your face while making your elementary ponytail stand out in the crowd like a showstopper. Also, you can easily tutor yourself online to achieve a quintessential pouf look.

15. Luscious Fake Bangs

Photo: Esha Gupta’s Instagram

If you are not the person who is sure of risking haircut experiments, these fake bangs are your best shot at trying and testing the look on your face shape. Just simply part your hair from ear to ear and tie them into a ponytail and then bring the lengths of this ponytail towards your forehead while adjusting them as per your comfort.

Style the rest of your hair with a pretty headband, and voila, you’re all set to don this flourishing look.

16. The Bubble Ponytail

Photo: Pinterest

This offbeat hairstyle has been quickly emerging as a significant trend, and women have been falling for its uniqueness. As the name suggests, the multiple bubbles can be conveniently achieved with the help of various bands, and these deviate that extra volume to your regular ponytail.

The only tools required to achieve the best of this hairstyle are a straightener, wet spray, and a bunch of elasticated bands.

17. The Crimped Saga

Photo: Kriti Sanon’s Instagram

You simply cannot deny the fact that crimped hairstyles are becoming a trending obsession rapidly. Be it the regular slick crimping or the hair pulled back in a crisply crimped-up ponytail. The fashion runway has always been the biggest inspiration behind this increasing obsession.

The crimping effect can be naturally attained at home with a simple ‘sleep to bed with braids’ formula; however, remember to keep your locks a little moist during the braiding process.

18. The Floral Strings Attached

Hair & Makeup: Namrata Soni

Could a hairstyle get anymore prettier when accessorized with the refreshing beauty of flowers?! A loosely done simple braid when embellished with marigold strings or mogra brews excessive beauty and is a perfect fit to suit all your festive Anarkali dresses. Isn’t it amazing when the only investment required for this hairdo is a bunch of fresh blooms?!

19. The Braided Headband

Photo: Pinterest

This voguishly trendy hairstyle works wonders for both western and traditional looks. The understated yet tranquil beauty of this naturally done braid swept from side-to-side like a pretty headband at the crown is something you must bookmark to induce a cool accent to the regular looking hairstyles.

And FYI, the flexibility to achieve this romantic hairstyle is super compatible with varied hair lengths and textures.

20. The Lively Pigtails

A little too casual, still an exquisite pick. These adorable piggie braids have much-added versatility to how these can be adorned or decorated with florals and embellishments alongside your favorite Anarkali outfit. This hairdo stands out in all its glory and brings out the best of your style quotient.


When it’s about deciding a suitable hairstyle to suit the fun and whimsical aura of Anarkali silhouettes, there are many styles to experiment with. The experimentations are not just limited to the cues; you can always go out of the box and stylize your manes with a mix and match of perfection. Every hairstyle has an unmatched charm of its own to impart, depending on the Anarkali outfit you dig for.

The basic idea behind picking the right hairstyle is to ideate the kind of texture you want for your locks, whether it’s slick straight, stiff curls, beach waves, or crimped manes. It can be further accentuated and supplemented with intricate detailing or embellishments depending on the extent of customization you require. Each of these hairstyles comes with a significant bonus of its own, i.e., their ease of timelessness. These amazing crowns can be easily achieved for your luscious locks by saving loads of money and effort as well as strictly adhering to a ‘save a trip to the salon’ policy.

You must keep in mind that you must crucially analyze your hair type so that your hair game can come up as brawny as possible. For instance, women with naturally super straight hair face many difficulties in executing natural curls for longer durations. The ones with too curly hair oppose the idea of struggling to straighten their hair. You also need to give a thought about your face shape and accordingly choose more accentuating hairdo’s.

Now that you have been loaded with abundant inspiration, you must try these out and deck up your hairdo with your favorite Anarkali dresses to flaunt an effortlessly exquisite traditional look.

By Arshita Nagpal

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