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Top 10 Hair Colour Trends For Every Women (With Price & Info)

“Invest in your hair; it’s the crown you never take off!”

Colouring your hair is a great way to change your overall appearance. Some of you would like a subtle change, whereas others would want a drastic makeover. And adding highlights to your hair is the best way to get that long-pending makeover done.

There is something super enticing how these ribbons of lightness do so much for your complexion and make you look like a Glam Goddess. Highlights can accentuate your eye colour, show off your hair cut, make your hair glossier, shine in the sun and give an illusion of fullness. 

Choosing the right colour for your hair requires a lot of analysis as we Indians are a group of people with varied coloured skin tones and face shapes. Indian women don’t realize that, what works on others, may not be suitable for our skin tones. There are a few things that you must consider before you choose to get highlights for your hair because one wrong route and the look can turn lifeless or trashy very quickly. We have also mentioned a few pointers below to be taken into consideration while opting for Hair highlights.

Here are the Best Hair Highlights for Every Women

1. Wear your Crown of Glory with Honey Coloured Highlights

Image: Disha Patani/Instagram

It’s best suited for natural tan skin. And if you have wavy hair, honey-coloured highlights also add volume to your look. 

This shade of highlights makes your hair look warm and shiny. You can add 3-4 streaks of red for the extra drama in between, giving it a gorgeous multi-tonal effect.

L’Oréal Paris excellence fashion highlights hair colour in the shade of honey blonde is the perfect colour to work with and costs Rs 350/- only.

2. Power Play with Plum Red Highlights

Image: Pinterest

It is often said that blondes always get noticed, but the redheads are never forgotten. The possibilities with red hair highlights are endless, simply because the palette is broad, so red highlights are very trendy in India.

This bright red with pink undertones is perfect for people who want to make a statement but don’t want to go over the top. A balayage to subtly brush on the vibrant hue of red is exactly what you should be aiming for.

To attain this vibrant shade, go for Garnier colour naturals Crème ultra hair colour in plum red that costs Rs 199/- only.

3. Chocolate Glaze For You

Image: Pinterest

The chocolate brunette is one colour that will never go out of style!

Brown coloured highlights look naturally great on Indian skin. You can choose to go with lighter shades by choosing creamy caramel colour to those fiery red browns. This will give your hair a whole new sense of vibrancy. 

To get that natural sun-kissed look, you can start with a warm brown closest to your root colour and go lighter as you reach the ends.

Aishwarya Rai compliments this pretty shade, and ultimately L’Oréal Paris excellence crème hair colour has named it as 4.25 Aishwarya’s brown that costs Rs 620/-

4. Reign your Workplace with Blonde Ombre

Image: Pinterest

When you think of Blond Ombre, imagine Carrie Bradshaw’s hair in SATC. This look is perfect for people who want to change their hair colour, but don’t want to experiment or go over the top.

Streax Cream hair colour in the golden blonde shade helps achieve the sassier Carrie look. You can buy the hair colour priced at Rs 30/-

5. Green Dip-Dye Hair Colour Highlights     

Image: Pinterest

We have all been there gazing continuously at the shade card while sitting on a salon chair, our eyes slyly wander the lanes of blues and greens, yet we choose to settle for safer browns. 

Not many know this, but greens complement dusky skin tone like no other colour. Yes, it really does!

Go green and opt for dark green, emerald, peacock green, or forest green to make a personal statement, make everyone go green with envy! 

Streax offers such beautiful playful colours in Hold & Play funky colour in the shade glorious green priced at Rs 450/-

6. Go Big with the Blue Colour Highlights

Image: Pinterest

If you want to have your entire look changed, there is nothing better than going blue! But picking the right shade of blue is super important.

Midnight blue highlights on straight hair or those waves of icy blue peeking out from your hair look effortlessly chic and beautiful.

You can easily buy this from Streax ultra highlights gem collection in the Shade blue sapphire for Rs 160/-

7. Warm Sunset Colour Highlights

Delicate bronze lowlights matched with dazzling light highlights gives a smooth and supple shine that is sure to light up your day. When picking mixes, ensure that they are all in the same colour family to make this delicate look enhance more.

Gold, beige, bronze, orange, and copper all pleasantly complement each other. Apart from looking gentle, they are anything but super easy to keep up and maintain as well!.

You can quickly achieve this colour using L’Oréal Paris casting crème gloss hair colour in the shade Mahogany for Rs 550/-

8. Wild Copper Dip Hair Colour Highlights

Image: Pinterest

Sumptuous and staggering yellow and orange highlights combined with a rich copper base are brave and fun. This look is perfect for darker hair.

This colour is sure to knock some people’s socks off and draw all eyes your way! Pair it with a little bit of kohl and see the boldness as well as the fierceness!

Berina Fitz Hair colour cream offers a beautiful rustic golden orange shade in just Rs 165/-

9. Icy-ash Grey Ombre Highlights

Image: Pinterest

These soft highlights will give you a starry night haired look. It will provide an edge over others, setting you apart from everyone else. This colour will add that sheen to your hair and make it look ultra-rich always. Definitely expect some definite head-turning!

These soft hair highlights by the brand, Indus Valley, gives you 100% botanical organic hair colour – Ash Blonde for just Rs 599/-

10. Keep it Natural with Burgundy Highlights

Image: Pinterest

Warm, brilliant highlights concentrated with royal purple hue’s finishings convey royal and boldness to speak to every girl with brown hair. 

These burgundy colour baby highlights look perfect on significantly darker shades of hair. You can also get lowlights done in the same shades of burgundy. It will look stunning!

Burgundy is the most versatile shade and easy to find, but we recommend using L’Oréal Paris casting crème gloss hair colour – 316 Burgundy that costs Rs 550/-

5 Points to Consider Before Choosing a Hair Highlighter

1. Know your Skin tone

The colour you choose is up to you, but there are some general guidelines for achieving the most flattering hue for your complexion, knowing your skin tone. 

Is it warm or cold? If your skin turns red and you get sunburnt, you’re probably cool. If you tan, you’re warm. 

Another way of knowing your skin tone is by checking the veins in your arms: If you have green veins, you are warm-toned, and if you see your veins look a little blueish, you are cool-toned. The best way to choose is to select a colour that is either a little lighter or a little darker than your hair’s natural color.

Don’t ever have your highlights so light that they match your skin tone, as this will make you look washed out. You always want a contrast between your skin colour and your hair colour. If you want a natural look, then your highlights shouldn’t be more than 2, 3, or max 4 shades lighter than your natural hair colour. If you find it difficult to decipher your skin tone, you can ask a hairdresser, makeup artist, or local salon beautician for help.

2. Choose your highlight type

There are different types of highlight techniques in the market, and you can choose the one you like as no matter which approach you use, it is bound to end up looking great on you! The most commonly used highlight techniques are:

  • Lowlights

In this technique, you can colour hair using shades that are darker than your original hair shade. This technique is in opposition to traditional highlights which were a lighter shade than the original one. Lowlights work wonderfully on all hair shades and add that beautiful depth and dimension to your hair colour look.

  • Baby-lights

These are called baby-lights because they are delicately created using excellent strands of hair to give natural, subtle, but beautiful results. You can divide your hair into tiny sections, and every part is carefully coloured with the highlight shade so that it represents the way a baby’s head will look.

  • Ombre

This technique gradually shifts from a dark hair colour at the roots to a lighter shade at the tips, using your middle colour at the hair length as a transition shade.

  • Balayage

It involves the use of three or more hair colours. While streaks stand out, balayage style highlights look a lot more natural in its appearance. In this hair colour style, the highlights are hand-painted in a casual way to add depth and dimension to your hair. 

  • Dip–dye

This hair colour style uses two hair colours to create a stark, bold effect. Dip-dyed hair has a dark hair colour at the roots and a light shade on the front. The interesting fact that there is no middle hair colour shade to create a smooth transition makes it different from the ombre shade. 

3. Choose your colour type

Depending on the occasion or the look you are going for, you can choose how long you want the colour to stay in your hair. Below are some of the most common types of colors you can go for when getting hair highlights!

  • Temporary Hair Colour

Temporary hair colour does not penetrate deep into the hair shaft and works only on the hair’s outermost layer. You wash your hair twice, and it’s gone. Temporary hair colour highlights are great for theme parties and other similar occasions.

  • Semi-permanent Hair Colour

Semi-permanent hair colour lasts for about 4-6 hair washes. These colours have no ammonia content in them, thus making it fade quickly.

  • Permanent Hair Colour

With proper care, permanent hair colour can last till your new hair emerges. You can mix the ammonia and an oxidizer for long-lasting results.

 4. After care

Once your highlights are done you need to take care of it like one of your most prized possessions. Using a proper hair colour protectant shampoo and a similar conditioner helps retain the colour for a long time while still allowing you to maintain the glossy hair effect. 

Deep conditioning your hair once a week by applying a teaspoon of coconut oil to the hair while it’s still damp for 15 minutes, and then washing it out will help. 

Lastly, wear a hat or a scarf if you are going out in the sun; an umbrella will also do. The sun has the potential to fade the colour of your hair quickly!

5. Price range 

The most important feature to consider is the price range. Hair highlights cost anywhere between Rs 3,000 to Rs 30,000 or could be, even more, depending on the type, salon, or highlight you choose.

 If you wish to colour just 2-3 strips of your hair, then the price ranges from Rs. 150 to 500 per strip. 

There are varied factors that decide your hair highlights’ cost– the salon (whether it is a big brand or a local one), hair length, the hair colours used, and the hair highlight technique used.

Choosing a hair colour can be confusing, but if you are looking for a little something to transform you into a modern age Glam Girl. Be it with blonde baby lights or face-framing copper brunette pieces, scroll through to get inspired and flaunt your dark hair with highlights all day every day!


Colouring is fun, but many worry about the amount of damage it does to the hair. Hair highlights use chemicals like ammonia and oxidation agents, which can be harmful to your hair if you don’t follow the proper care procedure. When you get your hair coloured, use hair products that are meant for color-treated hair only.

Image: Sara Ali Khan/Instagram

Second, use hair serums to protect your hair colour against UV rays and to avoid any discoloration. Though hair damage is part and parcel of this colourful journey, there’s nothing that a good hair care routine can’t handle!

Balayage on dark hair is something that is trending like crazy now. There’s a lot you can do with your mane. The choices are endless! 

Do not ever again be saddened over your dark tresses! Now that you have many color ideas and inspirations with this highlights look-book, you can now walk in the salon with confidence and slay any colour you like! But always remember to keep your personal needs and style in mind, and, of course, don’t forget to have a little extra fun while you’re at it!