Best Hair Color For Women As Per Your Skin Tone

Color color!!! Which color do you want? I want……. How easy was this game until we started choosing colors practically in our life? From the outfit color to the lipstick shade, we know it’s hard! But do you know what is harder? It’s choosing the right shade of color for your hair!! 

Isn’t it? With a variety of hues and shades of each color, how do we settle for one? The one that will enhance our look and make our styling suit us. Well don’t worry girl, we have a secret for you. You can now easily choose the right one based on your skin tone. Yes, you read it right. Selecting a hair color based on your skin tone will not only suit you without a doubt but also enhance your overall look. 

Guide To Decide The Right Skin Tone/Undertone

Before we start talking about hair color, let’s first confirm our skin color. We all have a different skin tone and undertone and that plays an important role in choosing the right color for our outfit, makeup, and also our hair. For all those of you who are confused, we have selected the easiest ways to decide your skin undertone. So just follow the steps given below

Step 1. Wash your face to clean all the dirt and make-up.

Step 2. Find a natural source of light like sunlight near the window.

Step 3. Look at the veins on the inside part of your wrist.

  • If it’s blue or purple then you have a cool undertone.
  • If it’s green in appearance then you have a warm undertone.
  • And if you can’t decide if it’s green or blue then it’s a neutral undertone.

Not yet sure? We have another easier way too.

Just think about how your skin reacts to the sun.

  • If you tan easily and your skin rarely burns then you have a warm undertone
  • If you don’t tan easily and your skin burns then you are into the cool undertone

Now that you have decided on the skin undertone so without any further delay let’s go ahead and have a look at all the options that we have curated especially for you.

Best Hair Color As Per The Skin Tone

Hair Color for Fair Skin Tone

I have once heard an aunty saying – Gori hai to Soni hai, sab jachega. No man, who told you this aunty? It’s just a myth. For fair skin tone, you should go for dark colors. Dark colors will compliment your look. Avoid light colors as they will get merged with your skin tone. Following are a few options of hair colors for fair skin tone.

1. Blonde 

Blonde and Fair skin go hand in hand, imagine all the sun-kissed hues of gold on your black hair. Wow, I’m already fallen in love.

Just like Kareena Kapoor, blonde will naturally look good on your skin tone. Different shades of blonde like dusky blonde, strawberry blonde, Champagne blonde, and Ash-blonde will go with warm undertone skin. And 

Caramel blonde, Chestnut blond, golden blonde, and dark blonde will go well with cool undertone skin. So whatever is your skin undertone go with the opposite shade of color? 

2. Brown

If you love color but don’t love drama and want something safer then Brown is your go-to color. Brown will change your look and also not going to scream aloud *I’m the color here, look!*

Different shades of brown like honey brown, Ash brown, caramel, etc will enhance your look natural without any effort. 

3. Quirky and bright options

Source: Adah Sharma

If you enjoy being different and like bright loud colors then red, lavender and electric blue will give you a sassy look. Imagine the energy you will carry with your hair with these colors and just one flip will make anyone look twice. 


Don’t use light colors like platinum blonde or Ash with fair skin tone as these colors won’t be able to stand out. Where is the Aunty now?? Let’s read this to her.

Hair Color for Wheatish Skin Ton

Wheatish girls look fabulous with the hues and shades of red and brown. You get many options to be away from the mainstream blonde and try different colors. Apart from global color, highlights give a very nice subtle look to wheatish skin tone. So get the flip right and check your options below. 

1. Red & Brown

A lovely combination of reds and browns like wine, cinnamon, Auburn, burgundy, mahogany, and chestnut will make your locks stand aloud. Try these colors if you want to have global hair color. These shades will make your hair dance. C’mon, you deserve it girl! 

2. Highlights

Long gone are the days when Indians would highlight only blonde streaks. Now we have a variety of highlight options that will make you love your skin tone even more. Highlights of warm gold, copper bronze, etc will match your skin tone fabulously. 

Hair Color for Dusky Skin Tone

 Bipasha Basu has given us a major brown color goal. So, Dusky beauties have you thought about changing your look? Well, you will be surprised by the options that we have for you. 

1. Shades of brown 

Rich brown hair color like espresso, chocolate, and chestnut gives amazing results on a dusky skin tone. What do you say about the combination of dark clouds at night? Amazing, right? In the same way, brown goes very well with the dusky skin tone. Well after this option you will surely agree that Love is actually in the hair! 

2. Light color highlights

We accept that you and we may not always agree. If you don’t find clouds and night awesome, it’s okay! #selflove is more important. If you still wanna go for the light color then try highlights. Highlights of golden brown, butterscotch, etc will make you happy without making you regret your decision later. 

3. Quirky Ombre

We love the Daredevils in you and we support it wholeheartedly. Go girl have some fun with the bright colors too. If you really wanna change your entire look with some bright colors like red, blue, etc then Ombre has come to your rescue. Ombre will make sure that the hair color is beyond your face line and it will not correspond to your skin tone thus giving you the freedom to explore more. 

Reasons to Color Your Hair

Colouring hair is not permanent, as your hair will grow surely. After haircutting, you can get your natural color back someday. But coloring is a major change to your look. Some of you may be here but still, your hand is touching your lovely tresses, caressing it with a doubt in your heart. Why? Why do I really need a hair color? Yes, nature is beautiful but change is awesome too. 

1. For healthy-looking hair

 You might be wondering why hair color and healthy hair don’t go hand in hand. Well, they do, with the advanced technology hair color comes with the right ingredients which will lock your cuticles for healthier hair. Besides, hair color will tame your fuzzy and frizzy locks and make them lustrous with added shine. Isn’t this enough to just run to the salon right now? If not, 🙁 then read more.

2. To compliment your skin tone

Yes, we never thought how amazing we will look if we match the right skin color with our skin tone. Not everyone is born perfect but we can become one. The right shade with the corresponding skin tone will enhance your overall look because looking fabulous is our birthright too. 

3. To cover grey hair

If you are still not convinced then what’s more genuine than covering Greys? If you want to cover the Greys why would you want to again go with the same color? C’mon change it, girl, try something different you are anyways coloring!

4. Because it’s trending

Yeah, simple, when Instagram reels can trend and all of us start dancing the same steps, why not the hair color? Hair color has an era too. Styling has changed from highlights to blonde to browns and you don’t wanna stay stuck. So have a look at the latest one and get a makeover soon. 

5. Just for #selflove

We all need some self-love and we often keep thinking what do we really wanna do for ourselves? Try hair coloring the next time you feel a bit out of focus and need reassurance in life. These bubbly colors will immediately add a spark to your life and make you uplift your mood. Coz, Life can be boring but colors, naah. So go ahead, and add more colors. 



1. How long does a hair color last?

Hair color lasts on three factors.

  • Brand
  • Hair growth 
  • Maintenance

A good branded hair color will make sure that the shine and look stay as it is for a longer duration. Besides how you maintain using the right shampoo and conditioner and keeping them away from further heat-based styling can increase your color life. Of Course, hair growth will eventually let you have the hair cut and slowly the color will disappear.

2. Can I further style my hair using heating tools after my hair color? 

It is always advisable to go for a permanent straightening solution like keratin, cysteine, etc weeks before your hair color. You don’t want to damage your hair further by ironing them again and again. But if you can’t resist then use a good heat protection spray.

3. What are the side effects of hair coloring?

How good a dyed hair looks, also comes with a price. Apart from hair damage due to the relaxing of cuticles, hair color can also cause temporary discomfort like conjunctivitis and may also lead to serious diseases like Asthma and Cancer. Always read the label carefully and choose the best hair color brand for your safety. Always run an allergic test to rule out the allergic reaction beforehand. 

4. Explain the right hair color based on the skin tone in short.

Yes, to summarise it all, go with the opposite. Choose dark colors for a cool undertone and light colors for warm undertones. When in doubt try Ombre as it will not correspond to your skin and is a safer option. 

What is the difference between a highlight, ombre, and balayage?

  • Highlights are streaks of hair color done using the foil technique. It gives a look of colored stripes on your natural hair. 
  • Ombre is done towards the end of the hair. It’s done using tints and shades of color giving a light to dark hair color look.
  • Balayage is a naturally done highlight without using the foil. It gives a natural look and it’s done freehand by the stylist. 

By Namra Shaikh

Namra is a teacher by profession and has a personal connection with neurodiverse children. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and traveling. She loves the seashore. Currently, in Mumbai tending to her two-year-old, she works with brands and creators. She is exploring freelance opportunities, as according to her, motherhood in itself is a full-time job.

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