10 Thoughtful Ideas To Make Your Mom Feel Special This Mother’s Day

Our life has been perfect all through our childhood. Every event would flow accordingly one after the other without any fuss. School, football classes, dance class, park time, TV time, homework, family time, and bedtime routine are all set perfectly on time. All thanks to the great planner our Mom. As we grew up, things started to get into our own control and we started losing that perfect time out. But don’t lose the time planning ahead for mother’s day. When she was so up to date for us, why do we have just last-minute plans for her? 

So this time plan in advance from the great list we have curated for you to choose from. And don’t worry, we have segregated the choices based on your mom’s personality. So go ahead and find the best thing to surprise her. 

Gifts For Your Mother

Just like all of us, our moms have their own personalities, their own aura. Yes, it’s true that we often don’t have time to know what they like or find their best interests and end up generalizing moms. So this time remove the curtains of generals and find out what your mom really likes and plan the best day for her. 

Here we are presenting you with a list of options for every kind of mom.

1. The Nature Lover Mom

Moms who love nature and love spending time with nature enjoy gardening, sorting eco-friendly stuff, nature walks, serene places, and art n craft related to reusing the best out of waste. If your mom is one such then you can try the following options.

  1. Take her out to a nearby riverside, lake, mountain, or hilly region.
  2. Order her an eco-friendly product like steel straw, foldable cups, eco-friendly cloth bags, eco-friendly beauty products, etc.
  3. Make a nice wall hanging with waste products available, and stick some photos. Prepare any DIY.

Check out this link for some cool DIY ideas. 

2. The Travel-Friendly Mom

Mom who enjoys traveling is the best traveling partner. So why not take this as an opportunity to plan a nice getaway with your mom? This mother’s day plans a relaxing weekend at the nearby hill station with your mom and enjoys your time with her. If you are from Mumbai and Pune then  Lonavla, Matheran, Mahabaleshwar, and Khandala are the best option, Ooty, Kerala boathouse is a serene beauty in South India, Mussoorie, Darjeeling, Shimla, Kulu, Srinagar are at their best traveling time. So don’t miss out on the weekend fun at the hill station this summertime. 

3. The Salon Spree Mom

If your mom enjoys getting pampered and loves spending time on self-care then some salon time is the best gift for her. Even if she doesn’t do it but you feel she needs it then don’t hesitate to book some self-care private time for her. Some amazing options are

  1. Pedicure and manicure
  2. Spa and massages
  3. Hair makeover
  4. Beauty treatments like botox, permanent eyebrows, chemical peels, vampire facial, etc.

So let her feel relaxed and have her body rejuvenate this mother’s day. 

4. The Netflix and Chill Mom

If you and your mom enjoy spending your day in PJs and ordering pizzas with Netflix and chill time then it’s the best thing to do on mother’s day. Keep your kitchen close for a day, order some pizzas of course of her choice, drinks, and binge-watch some series with her. Be it an old classic movie marathon or some latest Netflix or prime video show, let her sit back and relax.

5. The Date Night Kinda Mom

Romanticism is not just for couples, you can arrange a date for your mom too. If you had not been on a date for a long time due to various reasons or she never had an idea of an ideal romantic date then it’s the best time to show her one. Either with your dad or yourself, plan a perfect date night for your mom. Begin by buying a nice outfit with matching accessories with a lovely handwritten note. Let her get dressed up, shower her with some flowers or bouquets, buy her chocolates and take her out for dinner. Book a rooftop or poolside hotel with an amazing view or just take her to a riverfront, seashore, etc. Trust me this experience will surely make her feel so special. 

6. The Homelover Mom

No matter what, we still have some moms who prefer home to everything else in the world. Don’t worry, let’s not force our idea of fun on them. You can make your mom feel special at home too. Decorate your living room, order a cake, and some gifts. Give her a holiday from the kitchen and cook a nice meal. Arrange a beauty treatment service at home. Put on some music or movie and have a relaxing, peaceful day at home. Don’t forget the ice cream at the end! 

7. The Shopaholic Mom

 Shopping is every woman’s favorite. A fun shopping day will be the best gift for your mom if she’s never tired of matching her dupatta with the lace and earrings. Take her out to a local shopping market or a mall if the summer heat is unbearable. Have a nice time together finding matching stuff and creating your own designs. End your day with a nice dinner at the on-the-way restaurant or chat marathon local market. I’m sure she will be delighted to have you as a shopping buddy for a day and yes don’t forget to pay the bills! It’s your turn now…..

8. The Family Lover Mom

Be it her birthday, mother’s day, or any other day some moms can’t do without having the entire family around. So to make her feel happy, call the mom’s around your families like your grand mom’s, masis, and aunts and celebrate a Mega Mother’s day. With all your cousins together you guys can do a lot of stuff. Arrange for food, music and also a photographer. Call for mehndi artists, beauticians, and masseuses for some relaxing time. Watch old family wedding videos, albums, etc, and have a good family time together. Arrange for gifts, games and lots of food and drinks. All the aunts will be fascinated to have a lovely time together. 

9. The Foodie Mom

One thing that makes everyone happy is food. Good food is a part of every celebration. If your mom loves food and enjoys eating out then a buffet is the best place for her. Bonus will be that she will surely pick some dishes and ask for recipes to make at home and say, yeh toh mai ghar me bhi bana leti hu. Another option is to take her to try cuisine which is new to her. Asian, Lebanese, French, or Italian. Let her enjoy the fine taste from around the world. If nothing works out then the local market is the best place to visit, hop on the chat options one after the other from every shop and have a delightful tummy day out. 

10. The Tech-Savvy Mom

For the moms who are millennials and enjoy having every latest gadget then finding a gift for them is very easy. Look on Amazon for a nice deal on a nice smartwatch, a headphone, the latest mobile, or a video game too. Amazon deals will be your savior. If you want to make her life easy then buy a robot vacuum, Alexa, or a dishwasher too. If she enjoys reading then a nice latest edition Kindle will make her happy. An iPad will be super cool if she’s into graphics or drawings. Gadgets can also help her to take her talent a step ahead. 

11. The Dads Who Are The Moms

This mother’s day, don’t forget the dads who are your mom’s too. Most of us miss our moms who have left us for the heavenly abode or parted with us for a new life but we forget how our dad silently took over that missing part of our life. Such dads have done everything a mother would have done for you along with their fatherly duty as well. To celebrate mother’s day with your dad. Cut a cake, with a nice message, write a letter, sing him a song and take him out. Decide what your dad loves doing or simply have a hearty meal at home or a restaurant and make him feel special. 

12. For The New Moms

We celebrate mother’s day with our moms but we often forget the new moms whose kids are too young to celebrate for them. Being a new mom is overwhelming as well as very difficult for them. In this case, if you are a part of any such woman as a brother, husband or father don’t forget to make them feel special too. Let them feel how special it is to be a mother. You never know if your gesture can help a woman deal with postpartum depression too. So go ahead and plan something nice for a new mom around you. 


So what are you waiting for? Mother’s day is just around the corner, choose the best option and start planning to make this day special. Always remember not money but your gesture counts. So how little it is, just do your best and show your love. More than everything your mom deserves your love and respect. Don’t just make it a daily thing but keep her happy and make her feel respected always. Happy mother’s day. 

By Namra Shaikh

Namra is a teacher by profession and has a personal connection with neurodiverse children. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and traveling. She loves the seashore. Currently, in Mumbai tending to her two-year-old, she works with brands and creators. She is exploring freelance opportunities, as according to her, motherhood in itself is a full-time job.

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