Top 30 Leg Mehndi Designs (Latest and Trending)

Mehndi is for happiness; mehndi is for beauty. Women love to apply Mehndi on their hands and legs. Mehndi is an inseparable part of Indian Culture and to celebrate joy and festivity, it a good omen to apply mehndi. The colorful hands and feet, decked up with designer attires, fills the aura with liveliness. From basic designs to beautiful creations, mehndi has come a long way. There are beautiful carvings for festivals, or weddings that looks exquisite on legs and feet.

We bring beautiful Mehndi designs for your legs. Check them out and pick what goes well with you.

Latest and Trending Leg Mehndi Designs

1. Elegant Checkered Bridal Mehndi Design

Mehndi: Henna Payal

Bridal mehndi is one of the famous traditions in India. Mehndi is considered auspicious and considered one of the essential shingaar of ‘Sohla Shingaar.’ The bride wears the most decadent designs for her wedding. It a beautiful mehndi patterned laid out specifically for brides. The checkered designs filled with flowers and patterns share festivity and creativeness. Brides check it out and mark it for a special occasion.

2. Flowers with Combination Mehndi Design

Mehndi: Maple Mehndi

Big flowers with blending designs look colorful and beautiful. It is one of the heavy methods that are great for bridal mehndi. Fingers with dots or slanting lines and leafy designs followed mandala circles with a floral touch. It is a heavy design and decorates your feet and legs beautifully. It is every girl’s dream to at least wear it once in her lifetime.

3. Checkered Peacock Loaded Bridal Mehndi Design

We are pretty sure that this fully loaded checkered-peacock mehndi is the first choice of every bride. We are presenting happiness and art in the same picture. The design showcases beautiful leaves, jaali from the tip, and leading peacocks. When neatly done, it is one of the most festive pieces of paint. So, here is a shout to all brides to have a look and finalize this lovely design.

4. The Classic Mandala with Payal Mehndi Design

It is undoubtedly the most stunning and outstanding design that we have ever seen. The lotus is painted in the center, followed by ancient carvings. The fingers are very neatly designing by using slanting and curves. The payal is painted with linning art and flowers. It is a starry design making it every women’s dream.

5. Traditional Peacock Mehndi Design

Mehndi: Shraddha Mehndi Kala

Traditional Peacock Design is one of the gorgeous designs. It covers most of your foot and lends a vibrant color – beautifully crafted peacocks on both feet to legs elegant and unique. The fingertips are done with similar designs. It is suitable for engagement and wedding functions.

6. Floral Bale Mehndi Design

This floral bale design is one of the minimalistic, simple, yet elegant designs. This design shouts the lover for flowers. Decorated with floral carves in length, it pampers your mood. It is best preferred by those who do want to wear flashy and filling designs. This delicate design is a heart winner. Such designs are suitable for bridesmaids and relatives during family functions.

7. Floral Corners Mehndi

Mehndi: Bharathi Sanghani

This beautiful design colors feet and leg corners. It looks elegant and pretty. Small and cute flowers with dotting lines bring out the beautiful dark orange color. It adds unusual tenderness. It is one of the most pampering and stylish designs, suitable for light occasions and festivals.

8. Flowers with Payal Mehndi

A band of big flowers crafted with neatness throughout the feet along with dotted payal design. Starting with a leaf is followed by beautiful flowers with a string of payal. It looks gorgeous yet simple and suitable for every occasion. You can fashionably color your feet.

9. Mandala Mehndi Design

It is beautiful is the mixing of mandala art and lush strings. It adds color to your feet. It gels well with traditional dresses matched with high heels. It is best applied for wedding functions and festival celebrations. Honestly, this design is a blend of traditional and modern art.

10. Footwear Inspired Design

It is undoubtedly a gorgeous footwear design. It looks fabulous while you are wearing Punjabi juttis. It is a floral pattern with the band. This design goes well with Punjabi Salwar Kameez. The finger ring with a dotted line looks classy and traditional. So, if you are wearing similar attire for the occasion, it is the best pick.

11. Gliders Sandal Mehndi Design

It is a fantastic, glider sandal design. Blending with jaali in various bands looks excellent in orange color. This design goes well with dhoti style indo-western dresses. It will also gel well with traditional short skirts. Try it out at festivals or bridal functions.

12. Jaali Mehndi Design

This lovely jaali design with small flowers in it is best suited for all occasions. This jaali design covers half of your feet and goes well with churidars or palazzos.

You can wear comfortable jutti along with it. It will look graceful.

13. Elegant Floral Mehndi Fingertips

Mehndi: Mehndi by Naaz

This gorgeous design paints your foot fingers with mandala and leaf flowers without covering the whole feet or legs. It will indeed look stylish with slipper sandals when paired with Indian attires like lehngas or palazzos. So, those of you who like minimal designing can pick it without giving it a second thought.

14. Floral Mehndi Anklets

It is one of the sophisticated and simple designs. You can paint a big flower patch over your feet. The design is completed with a floral anklet with fingertips done with shaded flowers and dotted lines. It is a minimal design that goes well with juttis and sandals.

15. Bridal Elephant and Peacock Mehndi

Another exclusive design is added to the bridal collection. You can choose from this traditional one with a creative bend. The elephant motif signifies baraat along with peacock design. It is a full coverage mehndi symbolizing festivity, positivity, and happiness. Brides, don’t ignore this; it will gel up with your lehnga and occasion too.

16. The Unique Architectural Pattern Mehndi

This architectural marvel mehndi design is unique, and it is exceptionally creative. It is the bold architectural patterns that fully cover the beautiful leg mehndi design. It is best suitable for brides who are not happy with traditional designs and want something very different. This design is stunning, and you cannot get over it quickly.

17. The half-n-half Jaali Mehndi Design

Mehndi: Henna by Divya

This half-n-half Arabic mehndi designs apart from the rest. The jaali mehndi, along with the thick borders and minimal work, is an attractive foot mehndi design. There are bold patterns and also the deep, dark shade of the mehndi to bring out the real color on feet. It is an attention seeker and makes you want to stand out in the crowd. You can wear jutti, and the design will come out brilliantly.

18. The Eloquent Mehndi Design

It is an eloquent beauty. It is a gorgeous and unique mehndi design for feet! Set with the line patterns and blend of mandala art, it brings out the color and uses the spaces. This glider design goes well with Indian attires. It is suitable for engagement functions. It’s a must-try exclusive design if you love patterns.

19. The Flowery Sky Mehndi Design

It looks beautiful, with heavy fingertips and carving patterns. The whole foot is covered with flowers. It looks bright and stunning design that is perfect for festivities.

You can wear a jutti along to complete the look.

20. Bale Pattern Leg Mehndi Design

Mehndi: Sonias Henna Art

It is a floral pattern bale design covering your whole legs. It is a tattoo-designed mehndi that lends you an ultramodern look. It is different from traditional patterns with spacing and big flowers and gels well with indo-western dresses with side cuts. It looks classy and rich. So, it’s a must-try way whenever you are wearing something with a slit cut.

21. The Classic Chand Design

Mehndi: Henna By Divya

It is a simple chand pattern. The mehndi design originally started with this and then became more intriguing designing. It is a plain round chand encircled with a mandala. The fingertips are painted simply with a bordering pattern. It is for those who love light designs. It turns out well with sandals and juttis.

22. Personalized Mehndi Design

The feet covered with a personalized mehndi design looks really unique.

23. The Twin Band Mehndi Design

Mehndi: Henna by Ameena

It is a modern design that goes well with jeans and pajamas. The double band, one at the fingertips and the other on foot, is created with line patterns. The board jaali’s and dots look beautiful. It is connected with a string of small flowers. The design lends a very modern look. It is a must-try for occasions like karwachauth.

24. The Minimal Mixed Patterns Mehndi Design

Mehndi: The Henna House by Angela

This Arabic design combines many elements, including arches, vines, and paisleys that are pleasing to the eye. This splendid Arabic mehndi design lends a floral cum line pattern for the toes. It highlights the floral vine. The design is delicately laid out on the top of the foot. The empty spaces bring out the design nicely.

25. The Finger Toe and Chain Inspired Mehndi

The shape of toe rings highly inspires this unique design. This simple foot mehndi design is a graceful pick. With the combination, pretty lotus. It turns out nicely.

26. The Half Mandala Mehndi Design

It is a beautifully minimal design. The half-foot semi-mandala-style foot mehndi is one of the hottest mehndi designs. It will make your feet look dainty! The exclusive design is anklet inspired deep design. It looks fantastic with the traditional lehenga.

27. The Lotus Anklet Mehndi Design

It is an accomplished new pattern. It is not traditional or modern. It features the classic lotus and mandala motifs and a dotted design in the front that lends a contemporary look. It is very sophisticated and goes well with juttis and sandals.

28. Simple and Stunning Mehndi Design

Mehndi: Samiras Henna Designs

It is very straightforward and simple and yet impactful. This one seems to be liked by one who loves to keep it traditional and effortless. Its design, when done with pure neatness and detail, looks beautiful. Brides who favor minimal designs can opt for this particular one.

29. Magically Lotus Mehndi Design

It is a whole string of lotus from feet to legs. The lotus symbolizes purity. This beautiful leg mehndi design focusing on lotus motifs looks like a bride would prefer at the start of her new life. It is an exquisite pattern, especially for our lovely brides. Please keep it on your shortlist.

30. Mirrored Mehndi Design

Last but not least is our mirrored design. This design is everything that balances the symmetry could be a perfect choice. The design is exactly like the jaali-like or meshed patterns on this beautiful design. It is best suitable when you are wearing Indian attire. Try it out!


We gave you 30 exclusive designs to pick from. This unique Arabic design for legs lends you a lot to choose from. Go through and let us know your favorite one!!

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