Top 15+ Women Fashion Influencers To Follow In India

There are a lot of different ways to celebrate and honor the power and courage of women all around the globe. This year, ours is a little special. We plan to honor and cherish all the work done by our young and amazing women fashion influencers. They work all day in and out to present us with newer trends and ideas. There should be a day to celebrate their presence as we do not know how easy our lives have become with the blooming community of fashion influencers. Every year on 8th March, we celebrate International Women’s Day but we need to remember, cherish and empower each woman who is working hard towards her goal with each passing year. There are a lot of bifurcations to how and who needs to be celebrated? It is about each woman who lives around you; each woman who works for you; each woman who serves you smiles and laughter and each woman that makes your life smoother and happier.

For us, this year, the fashion industry has topped the list and thus, we are here with a list of the top 15+ women fashion influencers who have transformed the area of fashion through their hard work and charm. 

Women Fashion Influencers 

Imagine how difficult dressing up would be if we did not have fashion influencers on social media? We would not have the basic knowledge of the distinct paradigms of fashion. Each year the fashion quotient changes and this aspect is highlighted and brought forward through the fashion influencers. Don’t you think how hard it may be for the women who might be a mother, a daughter, or a wife to juggle up with their social media expectations and family expectations? How hard would it be for them to maintain that clear balance between private life and public life? Yet, how beautifully they manage both the worlds and present the happy picture always. They make your life easier by presenting newer fashion trends and even provide various ways to use the minimum that you have.

This year and every year, they and their work need to be recognized, cherished, and celebrated with utmost dignity, perseverance, and honor. We, at WomenXO, have brought top 15+ women fashion influencers who have changed the fashion game to another tangent, made the dynamics of fashion easier for the common man, and presented an easier and achievable version of the high-street mod.

1. Santoshi Shetty 

If you are looking for a fashion influencer who can change the rules of fashion, then she is the one. Santoshi Shetty who is a co-curator at @theexpressiontribe is a phenomenal fashion influencer who can put forward some rare trends. You will see her in different colors from neons to purples and nudes. She can ace any look with utmost simplicity and decency. She is one of the most followed fashion influencers in India and we cannot stop gushing over her Instagram posts and fashion ideas. 

2. House of Misu

House of Misu is a company of two young, beautiful, and eloquent ladies, Mitali and Summaiya. One is the artist and the other being a fashion designer; they plan to rule the fashion industry by their newer fashion trends and goals. Starting their virtual journey from Facebook and taking Instagram by storm, they plan to remain the biggest Indian fashion influencers. They provide insights not just for fashionable and voguish trends but also on travel, food, baby, home, lifestyle, and beauty. Their strength lies not just in their knack for unique details but also in their strong friendship. The bond allows them the space to think out-of-the-box and transform the rules of fashion with different stylish fashion ideas. Popularly known as @houseofmisu on Instagram, their website provides great tips and tricks on fashion, travel, and beauty. Their eloquence and well-versed nature with their work provide them with the impetus to win all of our hearts. Connect with them at their Instagram handle and dive into their eccentric blogging life. 

3. Diipa Büller Khosla 

Diipa Büller Khosla has been the founder of an NGO called the ‘Post for Change’ wherein social media influencers try to bring about a social change to the best of their abilities. She has received the influencer of the year award thrice, TEDx twice, has got her name covered in the most influential Indian list twice, and has 16 covers. What else do you expect? Having so many accolades already in her bag, she still works hard, thinks of newer fashion ideas, and tries to present the best possible stylish tips to her audience. Known by @diipakhosla on Instagram, she is a boss woman. With more than a million followers, she rules social media like a queen with her sparkling crown. 

4. Komal Pandey 

Well, who would not know Komal Pandey? She is one of the most influential fashion bloggers who also owns YouTube like a boss. She is the same girl you must have come across on Instagram who teaches how to transform a modern corset into a blouse for an ethereal saree. She is the pretty, spectacularly chic fashion influencer who holds the power to put a plain dupatta to 10 modern ways of styling. A name well renowned like Komal Pandey has changed the fashion fame altogether and provided it with a whopping height of unconventional modernity. Her Instagram feed is pure love. 

5. Pooja Mundhra 

Pooja Mundhra is also known as @thecozyvibe has tremendous positivity that radiates through her Instagram feed. We get all the cozy warmth and vibes through her fashion ideas, her travels, and the unique ways of getting clicked. Her Instagram feed is more about peace, love, and light. Her preoccupation with sunsets, travels, music, concerts, and clothes gets reiterated with her newsfeed. The impressive part is that her Instagram feed resonates with her Instagram bio. If you love those positive vibes all around you, visit her page on Instagram and witness it yourself. 

6. Kritika Khurana (That Boho Girl)

Kritika Khurana or @thebohogirl has changed the fashion scenario with her Indo-western fashion outfits and antique silver jewelry. The looks that she creates are phenomenal, classy, and chic. These are outfits that one can easily find in their wardrobe or even if you go out to buy stuff that she promotes, it is not going to affect your pocket. All the fashion ideas are utterly relatable and easy to pull off for a common man. That is the power of her Instagram profile that she can build the association with her audience through podcasts, Instagram reels, and YouTube very easily. 

7. Neer Jai Singh

The idea of using the minimum that you have to create extravagant outfits is a difficult task to undertake. Neer Jai Singh also known as @i_am_neer with 79.5K followers on her Instagram account, brings out the best fashion trends with one single piece of apparel that one has. She can provide ten different ways of getting ready with one single article which is an amazing idea to have. Who wants three different things when you can style one adornment in three different ways. 

8. Daizy Batra 

Another beautiful and charming fashion influencer Daizy Batra owns Instagram handle @the.vogue.vanity with her partner Ankit Arora. She presents unique makeup ideas and traditional fashion trends through her social media handle. They showcase not only their artistic skills but also their travel diaries with the audience. Their whole Instagram feed is lively, vibrant, spontaneous, creative, and open to all the fashionable people around; people who want to know more about the different fashion ideas and makeup trends. 

9. Masoom Minawala Mehta

Her innocent smile will win your hearts in split seconds as she is one of the cutest and gorgeous fashion influencers on Instagram. Known as @masoomminawala, she presents fashion trends in an immensely subtle and decent manner. She glammed the European streets with her traditional Indian attires. She has started #SupportIndianDesigners which allows her to help the Indian designers during difficult times by presenting their outfits on social media handles. She has a style of her own and she owns pastel pinks and whites as they are her colors. Go, have a look at her Instagram handle, and enjoy the new mod. 

10. Sejal Kumar 

Her bio reads as “I like to create! Don’t put me in a box!”. This pretty much gives an idea as to how creative she is. Her Instagram handle @sejalkumar1195 may have enormous amounts of followers yet she is grounded and presents the best that she has to offer. The best part about her is that she presents fashion ideas that are needed regularly for the young women out there. The different ways to style a denim jacket or four different ways to style a purple skirt are stunning and quite informative for the fashionable lot around. This provides them with better insight into the dynamics of fashion and they can dress better.

11. Juhi Godambe

The founder of @arabellaaofficial Juhi Godambe whom you can find on Instagram as @juhigodambe is another beautiful fashion influencer. You will be able to get all the fashion ideas and trends through her spectacularly informative posts. Not just her clothes and accessories are the ones that will create the modish look but also the poise with which she gets clicked. Her looks resemble the definition of unconventional beauty and glamour; decent and sophisticated. Even her website would provide you with distinct attires and accessories that are boho-inspired, classy, and elegant.

12. Riya Jain

Popularly known as @caughtinacuff on Instagram, Riya Jain can spread positivity, smiles, and laughter whenever she interacts with her audience. Her Instagram feed is filled with colorful attire and happy pictures. She inspires women to get ready with the minimum that they have and always carry it all with a smile. Her effervescent smile amplifies her whole personality and her confidence is her jewel. She is an unconventional woman with distinct abilities to rule the world with her passion and hard work. 

13. Shreya Jain 

Another fashion and beauty influencer would be Shreya Jain. You can go through her Instagram profile at @shreyajain26. You will come across a vast and distinct variety of makeup tutorials that are easy for a common man to achieve. This is the best thing about her makeup tutorials that they are not hard to achieve and are immensely subtle and decent. Her makeup tutorials seem to be a proper ‘tuition’ sort of a tutorial as girls can relate and practice along with the influencer itself which is a big thumbs-up.

14. Nilu Yuleena Thapa 

Nilu Yuleena Thapa also known as @bighairloudmouth on Instagram is a powerful, courageous, and playful sensation for the fashion world. She knows how to grab that attention with her trending outfits and the ‘colorful hair’ that she adorns as her crown so beautifully. Whether it be denim outfits or frilled white saree, she knows how to style them the right way. Providing enough fashion ideas, she is a solid inspiration for all those girls who hold their dreams close to their hearts and want to rock the fashion world. She knows how to ace the bold burgundy lip look with so much ease and simplicity that one instantly gets hooked to that trend of hers. Getting her hair colored multiple times has helped young girls come up with the audacity to live their dreams and follow the paths of fashion influencers like Nilu Yuleena Thapa. Follow her on Instagram and see some phenomenal photographs or posts that will blow your mind and make you go all crazy over her styling masterpieces. 

15. Gia Kashyap 

Gia Kashyap is an Indian diva who brings out subtle and new glam ways of dressing up. The art of styling is refined and the game is upped by her unique trending fashion ideas. The skill lies not in following the trend but creating one; she has the artifice to bring the level of fashion to another pedestal altogether. Not only do we see fashion-related posts on her Instagram profile; we also come across various skincare ideas and reels which are a great help for people dealing with skin problems. Decorating the whole Instagram feed with colorful and vibrant photographs, the profile is intriguing, interesting, and eye-catching. She is undoubtedly one of the most versatile fashion influencers that we have. You can become a spectator to her makeup ideas, fashion trends and follow her amazing feed on Instagram at @giasaysthat. You will love her just as much as we do. 

16. Roshni Bhatia 

Another great influencer who provides an in-depth knowledge of not just fashion but also about skincare and makeup. You will get to see some ravishing posts on her Instagram handle @thechiquefactor which resonate well with everything beauty, lifestyle, and fashion. From the newest trends in the beauty industry to the unraveling paradigms of fashion, Roshni Bhatia presents an unprecedented amount of hard work towards fashion and beauty. Her presence on social media can be felt out loud with her glamorous posts and the huge number of followers. If you want to get acquainted with her beauty and the ongoing trends, you should visit @thechiquefactor on Instagram and soak in her charm. 


Although each day is meant to be women’s day but this international women’s day, we celebrate the intellectual strength, abilities, and capacities that each of us women has regardless of all social boundaries. We have the power to rule and change the world with smiles, laughter, and utter wisdom. 

We hope that you loved our way of honoring the women who empower other women to be the way they are, always and forever, and would give this article a big thumbs-up. Happy reading!

By Sumanya Sehgal

Sumanya Sehgal is an avid creator of random thoughts, Urdu shayari and English poetry. She is an ardent Romantic drawn to the idea of channelising one’s emotions through writing to create a world of her own. Reading and makeup being the ultimate recreation for her, she dreams to travel the world with an open and receptive heart.

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