Female Condoms – Pros, Cons & Everything Else You need To Know!

Female condom? Did I hear it right? Aren’t condoms supposed to be a man thing?

I am sure most of you might be giving similar expressions. Some of you might feel we have mistakenly put these words together, while others might have reached here to do a bit of their research after hearing the word. Well! we understand why most of us would react this way. Lack of awareness, non-availability of female condoms at general stores or a pharmacy have kept this product out of our reach and knowledge.

But now that you are here, we would like you to know all that is required to use this product. As most of you must be aware, condoms are used during sexual intercourse to avoid the risk of getting pregnant as well as transmitting STDs. By now, most of us would know how markets are now flooded with different types and flavors of condoms to make our lives spicy. 

Of course, Sex isn’t just about babies. It’s about making love, having fun, and spicing things up. It has a much more deep meaning attached to it. It helps you create a bond of intimacy like no other thing. For some people, it’s like sharing their souls with their partner while for others it might be fun or a bodily need. It doesn’t matter how you look at it but one thing is for sure. And that is, unprotected sex is neither cool nor fun. Unprotected sex can invite a lot of unwanted problems. From sexually transmitted diseases to unwanted pregnancy, the consequences of unprotected sex can be grave. Condoms come as a rescue to all these problems along with providing all the pleasure you desire for. Condoms are considered to be the best contraceptive product as, unlike pills, it does not play with your hormones. It is free from any side effects and has proven to be one of the most effective ones. Generally, condoms are considered to be 95-98% effective against the risk of getting pregnant.

A traditional condom, that most of us might be similar to, is generally worn by a male on his penis. Initially made of rubber, today almost all condoms are made of latex. It prevents pregnancy by blocking the semen from entering the vagina.

Now, let us introduce you to Female Condoms. Having the same purpose as male condoms, female condoms are a bit broader on both ends and have a broader ring at one of its ends as compared to the other. While male condoms have one ring, a female condom comes with 2 rings on both ends. Female condoms are referred to as Internal Condoms as they are to be pushed inside your vagina in the body.

The purpose and working mechanism remain the same for both. Female condoms also work by creating a barrier that prevents semen from entering deep inside the vagina to fuse with the egg. In male condoms, the barrier is placed on the penis whereas here the layer of barrier is from the side of the vagina.

How to use female condoms?

Well, this is a bit tricky. Along with the lack of awareness, one more thing that keeps people away from using it is its usage. Females are very skeptical about how to use it or insert it properly and hence drop the idea of buying them. Compared to male condoms, they can be difficult to use at first but with a little practice, you can easily put them to use. 

As in the case of male condoms, one end of the condom is closed and the other open. The open end has a broad ring so that it sits right on your Labia (vaginal lips). After putting the ring on the lips, you need to push the closed end inside the vagina with the help of your finger. Keep your thumb on the outer ring so that while you push it in, the ring doesn’t slip inside. Push it inside as far as possible.  

Now when it’s time to remove the condom, you need to hold the outer ring placed on your labia and twist it. After that, pull it out. And you are done! 

Two things that you should be extra careful about while applying the condom are:

  • The outer ring of the condom does not slip inside the Vagina.
  • The penis doesn’t get into the space between the condom’s outer side and vaginal opening.

It might seem a little scary to use but it isn’t. It’s just like using a tampon. And if you have used Tampons, it will seem quite simple to you. Even if you haven’t, a bit of practice would do. 

Why should you use a female condom?

All the advantages of a male condom apply to a female condom as well. These include:

  • Prevention of transmission of Sexually transmitted diseases including HIV.
  • Prevention of unwanted pregnancy
  • They don’t alter the hormonal system in females. 
  • It has no side effects. 
  • It does not impact your fertility unlike some contraceptive pills do.

Another question that might strike your head would be if they have the same advantages as that of male condoms, why should you make a shift towards female condoms? 

Apart from the above-stated benefits, there are some other advantages too that a male condom might not be able to provide. These include:

1. They are not made of Latex 

Almost all male condoms are made of Latex, but what if your male partner is allergic to it or it isn’t suiting him? Then, in that case, you must take the lead and get yourself a female condom. Female condoms are generally not made of latex but polyurethane or nitrile polymer. 

2. The penis doesn’t need to be erect all the time

Male condoms are curated in a way that they are put onto an erect penis. But it might happen due to some reason or the other, for some moments in the beginning or in between, the penis isn’t that erect. In such a case, a male condom doesn’t provide you with a great fit and starts to slip. But if you are using a female condom, there won’t be anything to worry about. As the condoms fit inside a vagina, your partner doesn’t have to be under that pressure of being fully aroused every single second.

3. Can be worn till 8 hours before having sex

Unlike male condoms that are to be applied just before having sex, female condoms can be worn for up to 8 hours before you have sex. So if you feel you are going to have a great date night and things might spice up, you can be well prepared before you leave for the date.

4. Fits every penis

The fit of a male condom remains of utmost importance. If the condom isn’t well fit, it might be a cause of worry as it might prove to be ineffective. Hence, it becomes important to look for a condom of your size. Sometimes it becomes a problem as people are not quite sure about which size they would fit perfectly into. With female condoms, you don’t have to worry about it. Female condoms are big in length and work perfectly with all penis sizes.

5. Can be used be with a lubricant 

It is always advised to not use a lubricant along with a condom. Male condoms are lubricated in themselves and are asked not to be coupled with another lubricant for effective use. However, the application of lubricant is not an issue with female condoms.

You can happily use any lubricant with them. This makes it a more attractive option than male condoms, especially if you are trying anal sex. 

6. The extra pleasure with two rings

Male condoms have just an outer ring, while female condoms have both an inner and outer ring. While these are basically to prevent the flow of semen and keep it intact but they have an added advantage to them. These rings can increase your pleasure. While the outer ring sits near the Clitoris, the inner ring stands towards the tip of the penis. The rings can help increase stimulation for both of you.

Which female condoms are the best? 

We believe looking at these advantages would have inclined you towards buying one. By now, you might be convinced of getting one of these for yourself. You might also be confused about where to get these and more importantly, which one to get?

We have made your work easy here as well. There are several female condoms but all of them might not be available and accessible to you. We suggest ordering them online as there is very little chance of getting them at a store. Below are some options that you can give a try. 

1. PEE SAFE Domina Female Condom

PEE SAFE has recently become popular owing to the women’s products it offers related to menstrual health and hygiene. One of the most easily available female condoms available on common websites such as Amazon is Domina Female condom.

Price: Rs 125 for a set of 2 

2. Moods Velvet Women Initiated Contraception Pleasure Condom

Available in a pack of three on Amazon, this female condom can prove to be a good choice for your exotic night.

Price: Rs 125 for 3 

 3. OSQUI Extra Lubricant New Technology Female Condom

You might be aware that male condoms have a lot of variety to offer. Different flavors, different styles like dotted and ribbed. You will be happy to know that these choices are available in female condoms too. These female condoms are dotted to provide extra pleasure to both of you. 

Price: Rs 300 for 1 piece

What holds us back from buying a female condom?


We would be lying if we say that there are no cons to a female condom. After all, there is rarely any product that has all good to it without any disadvantage. Every product has its pros and cons. What matters is which out of the two sides dominate and what suits your priorities.

Some of the drawbacks of using these condoms include:

1. Expensive

As you might have observed, the above-listed female condoms come at more than 4 to 5 times the price of their male counterparts. Maybe it’s because they are not much in demand as of now, but the fact remains that they are quite expensive as compared to male condoms that you easily get at Rs 150-200 ( pack of 10).

2. Application is tricky

Well, there is no doubt to the fact that applying a male condom is quite simpler as compared to a female condom. A male condom is very easy to put in even for an amateur, but it takes some practice to correctly insert female condoms. 

3. Can be uncomfortable 

Since these are internal condoms to be put inside the body, they might occur to some as really uncomfortable. And even the thought of having sex without comfort might turn you off.

4. Lack of availability

From the beginning of the article, we have been stressing the point that these condoms are hard to find in any stores or pharmacies. Forget about small cities, there is a very rare chance to find them in stores of metropolitan cities as well. We hope they become more and more available as and when their demand increases.

5. Effectiveness

While it cannot be said with certainty, different studies prove that male condoms are a bit more effective than females. The reason might be not a proper application of the product as it’s a bit tricky. While there is not much difference in the effectiveness, still male condoms hold a little upper hand here.


We have listed all the significant aspects of using the product. You must prefer whatever suits you the most and seems comfortable to you. At last, the most important thing is to be comfortable and enjoy your sex life. If any product hampers that, you must look for alternatives. Last, but not least, a safety tip for all of you. Never use both condoms together. It might cause friction damaging the condoms and defeating their entire purpose. So stay safe while you enjoy.

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